China is Not What We Expected At All Our First Day

China is Not What We Expected At All  Our First Day

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you hear this there's not a single engine  sound how is this possible everything is   electrical totally silent traffic right now  it's a bit weird no this is one of the most   fascinating cities that we've explored in  a very long time very calm City overall   incredibly positive so far a masterpiece  almost it's like they really thought about   every square cm Blown Away how we are standing  in the middle of a Chinese City and it smells   like flowers let's give it a try ooh  crispy M oh my God that's Dangerously Delicious miow from changu China I still cannot  believe that we're actually in China this is our   very very first day of exploring around changdu  around the Sichuan province of China and we are   so so excited to be here and we are currently  walking to one of the big monasteries here in   changdu and we stumbled into the old part of the  city basically and it looks absolutely magnificent   there's a lot of hustle and bustle and commerce  going on on the side of the roads and it's so   beautiful here right this is a very stunning and  very old and ancient city that quite literally   hasn't changed its name for more than 2,000 years  there's a lot to explore and today we're going to   be giving you guys our honest first impressions  of changu City let's go and check it out I'm very   very excited to see what lies ahead of us we're  going to be here for a while and there's plenty   to see and do plenty of food to try as well wow  you guys check out this beautiful architecture   how beautiful is this we're actually on the way  to the wangu Yuan uh Monastery and uh we walked   a little bit down this street and we made it  into a completely pedestrianized street but   it's actually completely pedest I usually when  uh at least from our hello at least from our uh   experience so far in Asia when it says pedestrian  ice Street there's usually scooters going around   and stuff like this and uh it does not seem to be  the case here there is a police officer standing   at the entrance of this road and uh there's no  scooter coming through so it's really nice to be   able to walk around and not having to be scared  to get hit by a scooter very very odd feeling   sort of not having to look out all of the time if  there's a scooter coming it's a very nice feeling   as a tourist because you can just stop and uh take  it all in you can stop open up your camera you can   take as many photos as you want without worrying  about standing in the way of traffic which has   happened so many times especially in a lot of  the busier Asian cities that we've traveled in   and guys this place again just spotlessly clean  everywhere it's so well organized everybody uh   seems to be in a very very happy and positive and  uplifting uh mood a lot of people have already   been saying hello to us and I think people are  a little bit shocked that we're even here and   I love all of these beautiful old architecture  amazing gorgeous buildings like I just want to   take pictures of everything yeah you can really  see that the uh old architecture here in changdu   was really preserved even if it's just sort of  the entry way and then a modern building was   sort of built around it or maybe even into it um  by renovating the old buildings oh look at these guys how cool are they I would like to be able to  read what it say and understands the meaning but   it's incredible like you have a quite literally  like a hybrid blend of the old changu Blended in   with the hyper modern new city and it is truly  fascinating this is a beautiful place yeah it   really seems like here in uh changu at least  in the Oldtown from what we have seen so far it   really seems like the old is appreciated a lot  as you can maybe see so the old is appreciated   and sort of uplifted and then there is something  new sort of added to it and everything as well is   integrated with a lot of greenery so even though  it's a very very large city um I believe there's   something like 16 million people living here or  something like that there is roughly around 16 to   17 million people I'm not sure of the exact number  and that number is obviously growing growing and   shrinking very often but I think it's somewhere  between that this is a massive Metropolis yeah   and even though it's like 16 or 17 million people  as you can see there's a lot of greenery going on   the streets are very very clean and uh everybody  seems to really look out for each other here so uh   in overall a very very positive First Impressions  I get like a sort of nice communal uh Vibe here   so yeah I'm super excited for our time in the  Sichuan Province and we obviously have quite   literally no real expectation of what to actually  expect from changu because quite literally we've   been here for less than one entire day and this is  our first actual daytime experience in this city   but I've got to be honest with you guys so far  it's incredibly positive we've been out walking   around now for the last while and just taking in  the atmosphere of this city is just honestly very   very positive I cannot say enough good things so  far obviously we will show you anything that we   run into as always that is negative or anything  that we want to say we will be sharing it here   honestly and openly with you guys um but yeah  this area here in particular that we're walking   around right now it's truly stunning and you  can really feel like I was saying there's a very   strong contrast between old and new but they  have managed to blend them together in a way   that is just very very beautiful and all along  this street here you have vendors so you have   people selling tons of different things whether  that's food bracelets toys even uh you have some   traditional food vendors over there as well so  you can do a lot of things here they are selling a   lot of sort of intricate souvenirs obviously giant  panda themed as they should be and I do think that   we need to buy something giant panda themed in  our stay in our time in changu 100% I'm not going   to leave the city without a panda something yeah  these vendors here selling a lot of amazing stuff   hello oh I can try cool what is it she she what is  it strawberry strawberry Strawberry oh wow thank youy it's like um maybe a white nougat or  something like a nougat that's what it looks   like with cake bits and strawberry bits in it  like a strawberry cheesecake nou strawberry   cheesecake it's very good quick little sugar  fix it's good thank you thank you that's very tasty little a little bit sweet but not like  overly sweet very very tasty got jewelry here   lady is painting a panda with her feet oh she's   painting a panda with her feet feet  with her toes it's very interesting to see I could never that's incredible  I could never jewelry here oh wow   look at the Little Dragons wow  I love the dragon necklace yeah amazing wow and the souvenir  vendors go on and on and   oh my god look you have like quite  literally an entire Street of Market vendors amazing I do think we might be like in  the main tourist area of uh of changu right now oh   yeah that's for sure Town yeah and this Monastery  is in in specific was like the number one thing uh   the number one recommended tourist thing to do uh  in changu yeah so that's why we're here this is uh   usually the way that we approach a new location or  a new city is the first day that we explore we'll   go inside uh to the like most typical tourist  stuff tick everything off as quick as possible   and then go to the non-tourist area because the  non touristy places are are typically our favorite   but sometimes things are on the lists of must see  or must do for a reason so we obviously have to   see them and share our Impressions with with you  guys as well we made it to the Wu Yuan Monastery   uh there are quite a few signs I'm not really sure  what they're saying so I believe we need to walk   around a little bit with a translator and try  and understand what it says anywhere oh yeah we   have a lot we have a lot to figure out that's for  sure but this looks like very beautiful grounds in   here and we seem to have a lot to explore as  well and there seem to be a lot of local and   foreign tourist it's sort of a mix of both made it  into the Wang Sho monastery and how beautiful is   this everywhere you look um everything is sort of  intricately designed some of the older pieces of   course are protected in their own little cases but  other than that I feel like you can walk around   very very freely here oh I never saw a a child  um depicted under the elephant there that's the   first time I see something like that very cool  to see wow how beautiful is this here and um   there is no entry cost to come to this Monastery  and walk around in and it's very very beautiful   very quiet even though I don't know you can see  so many people walking around and it's still very   quiet I don't know how they do that there's so  many people why are they so quiet unbelievable   it's uh so peaceful here and like we are like we  said close to the beginning of this video around   16 million 17 million people in this city very  relaxing it's very peaceful doesn't feel like   who you don't feel stressed walking around  like even in my uh home City home uh Dublin   City where I'm from it's only roughly around a  million people but it's a lot more hectic than   this and right now we're quite literally in  the center of changu and it is very relaxing   it seems to be yeah very late back here and I  also feel like one of the big differences is   that the a lot of the vehicles here are or seem  to be I don't know it's our first day seem to be   electric vehicle so it's not you don't have  a lot of engine noises going on all of the   time check out this giant giant turtle oh you're  supposed to rub him are you rubbing him yeah oh hello maybe uh maybe for for good luck yeah Robin oh but you need to start at  the head yeah and then work your way back luk the Turtle rubber that's a new  title the best Turtle rubs yeah the best   Turtle provide rub provider in the world oh  and this seems to be where you can maybe get   a tea or something there seems to be like a Cafe  Restaurant situation oh I'm guessing uh what are   those when it comes to the turtle because like or  the tortoise maybe um if you rub it I'm assuming   it's to bring like longevity or something like  that because aren't they don't they live to be   like hundreds of years old maybe yeah and I do  believe that the uh the turtle or turtoise has   uh as a symbol in uh in a lot of Asian cultures  have like something like good luck or healthy   life meaning something like I believe we read  something like that before in Vietnam actually   we read something like that in one of the  monasteries over there so maybe that's why   the people rub that turtle and uh what kind of  a creature is this I don't know but people are   also there's a lady over there that's also kind of  like stroking its horns and she's doing the same   in the horns too it seems to be like a dragon  deer maybe let us know down below what exactly   type of uh type of creature this is but it looks  very interesting it looks like something that I   would like to get as like a tattoo or something  maybe it's a mystical creature of sorts you want   to rub him beautiful I think I should I think it's  my I think it's my turn to maybe you should give   him a r need to remove you guys from my arm the  rubbing spot was taken they're all occupied yeah the grounds of this place are just absolutely  gorgeous big beautiful trees everywhere as well spectacular them were're giving a very  thorough rub oh yeah I don't know how   to you have to basically I think start  from the horns and make your way down yeah there you go I think it might just just be  a dragon I think it's a dragon it's a dragon I'm   giving him a Massi look at his little to is  it a male or a female oh it's a female yeah   I'm not touching any male uh male dragons  no ma'am no mam no Pam no ham no pineapples nothing beautiful Green Space here and  I cannot stress this enough just how   calm peaceful and relaxing uh our experience  has been already so far today talking about   first impression of a city I cannot believe  how laid back changdu is I'm quite literally   listening to the sounds of birds in trees right  now uh this is of flowers in the air as well   scent of flowers in the air as well it smells  smells amazing smells really really amazing   air quality here by the way something I will touch  on the air quality is rated as good to excellent   depending on which source you look at so keep that  in mind that's something that is literally blowing   my socks off every day uh it's like you before we  arrived here the biggest thing that was in my mind   was we're probably going to have to wear masks  to protect our health because of the uh supposed   from Western media they permanently tell you  that the air is not good it's not healthy it's   not safe it's not the case here in changdu so  I don't know maybe in the even larger cities   possibly uh but yeah so far the experience and  first impressions uh we've been very positively   surprised and uh I there's something in front  of me right now and I'm going to turn this   camera around and show you because wow look at  the Elephant on the top this is jaw-droppingly beautiful look at this beautiful Masterpiece  just there it's an elephant on the top yeah   yeah there's an elephant up there on the  top yeah incredibly beautiful and by the   way the original Temple which I'm not sure it  could be this one right here but it is roughly   around 1,500 years old so try and wrap your  head around the amount of things that these   grounds have been through look at the Gorgeous  Flowers here that are probably freshly placed   every now and then oh yeah they're real yeah  yeah they're real flowers smell absolutely   gorgeous just look at how beautiful this  is even the sun is coming out now it was   a little bit cloudy before now even the sun  is coming out then it you can appreciate the   colors way more true the sun is quite literally  shining down on this Temple right now and it's   making it very vibrant I hope the camera is  picking it up there's a c wow yeah this is   uh exceptionally beautiful and even the things  here that are in front of the temple like this   pot that's holding all of these flowers you  have amazing sort of Engravings the detail   it's one of the biggest things that stands  out to us so far here in China the detail   that goes into things that goes into everything  the creation of these pillars for example just unbelievable like I was just speaking about guys  the level detail the detail that goes into this   and if you think think about just how old this  is just imagine the level of human effort that it   takes to construct something so gorgeous and this  is why it's so important to preserve historical   artifacts historical buildings historical cultures  Etc because people have spent so much time people   have put so much work and so much memories  into these beautiful buildings such as this one [Music] [Music] [Music] we made it to the monastery that is just next  door from the monastery that we were just at and   the entry here is also free and check out these  giant statues wow they're like really massive so   impressive a little bit scary as well kind of seem  like uh like Warriors I want to say all of these   statues here seem a little bit like Warriors oh  it's a little bit scary it's called the Hall of   heavenly Kings oh it's a sign over there that they  basically describes it but yeah it's incredible   there's also free tea what you want a free tea  yeah oh I not I did not I did not see available tea oh or do you I don't know there's a QR code you  pay hello would you like go cup tea yeah sure it's   water yeah yeah be careful oh thank you sh thank  you so much [Music] hello you're so cute oh she's beautiful that's a really good tea  it's good [Music] tea I think she   is 94 oh 94 wow very healthy that's very healthy such a beautiful lady I can't get over how  friendly all of the locals are um since we've   arrived in changu only been here for a few hours  and then we've taken hundreds of uh selfies and   spoken to many many people as well and people  are very adamant on speaking to you even though   there's uh very obvious language barrier they  don't care they'll literally just keep talking   and that's totally fine for it's very very  nice though um I do believe that changu is   not necessarily like the go-to place for maybe  Western tourists because you don't really see   a whole lot of um sort of Caucasian type people  Caucasian looking people let's say it like that   unless they are obviously married to somebody  that is from China but um other than that I do   feel like changu has a lot of um Asian tourism  so we did see quite a few people from Singapore   so far already and um I believe within China as  well that like other people from uh the rest of   mainland China basically come to visit changu  to see the monasteries to see the pandas and   stuff like that so yeah it's a very I don't know  very wholesome very nice place and I feel very   comfortable walking around here I did not expect  this uh I actually feel like I I'm already falling   in love with China which uh was not something that  I had on my 2024 uh to-do list by the way I found   a sign here and it actually says that uh the Wu  Monastery is one of the national key monasteries   of Chinese Buddhism and it's designated by the  state Council and um yeah that's probably also   why there are so many people here because this is  it says on the sign that this is the key Monastery   this is the key for Chinese Buddhism well one of  the key so incredibly significant historically   probably um yeah I'm quite l speechless to  be honest walking around it's a almost like   a it's a very emotional experience I think yeah  being able to be so deep into the culture of a   country and only being here for such a short  period of time it's incredible I also feel   like everywhere on the monastery grounds there's  a very uplifting energy like it's very um positive   sort of I don't know if I was to use colors maybe  like white energy like uplifting um it's very like   very strong very interesting and also um  there's so much nature going on around here   so everywhere you look there's something  absolutely magnificent to look at and I   I don't know I'm just blown away by by  the things you can look at like how did   they manage to design everything so sort of  hand inand beautiful um the temple seem to   be integrated into nature and uh everything  just sort of seems to fit together it's very [Music] beautiful how cool is that looks  like maybe there's some sort of   a photo uh thing going on here right now with two hi it's a two really nice looking people  they seem to be wearing like very traditional   type of uh clothing maybe it's like a pre-  wedding shoot or something that's what it   seems like very very beautiful uh suit that  he's wearing and also the the dragons just   unbelievable I love it I love that whole costume  a the think it's gone they took the dragon off dragon so all along here there's different  statues and different symbols of beautiful   meanings that a lot of people are taking photos  in front of for social media and stuff like that this is one of the most fascinating  cities that we've explored in a very long   time this here is something that I'm sure we're  going to have to Avail of at some point seems   like you can use alipe as well so  you could actually like scan this   barcode here rent some bikes  and just cruise around changdu City actually sounds like a very good idea  right now it's actually quite hot now that   the sun came out but wow that Monastery  the Wu Monastery went to Yuan Monastery   was absolutely incredible very very special  experience and I'm very glad that we got to   experience that yeah these bikes are incredible  I wonder how much they actually charge for them   it's probably like an hourly rate or a daily  rate or something like that and there is a   lot of people that I can see on these sort of  shared bikes that are cruising around changu city oh you guys check this out we found a very  very popular looking uh shop here that seems to be   selling some sort of maybe uh buns like Savory  type of buns you can see they have like a bean   jelly uh which seems to be their specialty  it says over there on the menu and there's   lots of people queuing so I do believe uh  we will have to queue as well in order to   try this right yeah I have no idea no idea  what exactly it is but I saw someone that had   like some sort of a sandwich that was like  packed full of meat and stuff and it looks   really really good so maybe we should give it a  try these women actually have sandwiches too so   let's see see what we can get and you can get  them with different types of fillings as well   some are Beef Pork Pig snouts Pig ear so very  interesting feelings I think we have to make   a decision an educated decision beforehand  and then uh get something to eat we haven't   really had much to eat today we haven't had  anything to eat today I think we're going to   uh have breakfast here at this stand it's only  quarter to 4 and we haven't had anything to eat very uh quiet interaction we're just pointing  yeah yeah we have to basically just point out   what we what we're looking for unfortunately the  beef one was sold out I went for we went for two   pork but basically what he's doing here it seems  like it's a skillet top flat top and he's kind of   like frying the bread up and then you have the  station over here where the lady is adding all   of the toppings in on top of the sandwich and then  you have oh a little oven some sort of a sandwich   oh he also has a little oven oh so he fries it  first then places it into an oven Y and then pulls   it out okay that's the way it works and these here  are all of the different options that you have   different prices as well looks good well guys we  ended up getting something along the lines of what   we wanted to order it wasn't really exactly what  we thought it was we saw a lot of people that are   kind of eating like sandwiches that are packed  full of meat and that's what we thought we were   going to order but I think we got exactly  what we pointed at so it's a little bit   of a language barrier a little bit of confusion  but nonetheless we're very very excited to give   these a try they're also very very cost effective  and there's a queue out the door constantly since   we've been here so they were eight Yuan each so  just about1 for uh one of these things that is   about the size of my face basically and and they  seem to be sort of like maybe um fried like on the   stove top they seem to be fried and filled with  probably pork because that's what it says on the   menu I assume it's going to be filled with pork  let's give it a try ooh crispy M oh yeah that's   really nice M it's like um sorry I took a very  big bite I'm so hungry I took a um it seems to   be like a very sort of floofy type of dough oh  like dough yeah yeah not quite maybe like rice   flour or something like a fluffy type of dough  and then there seems to be some leak and onions   inside and maybe ground up pork with some spices  it's very nice very good like Savory to go type of   thing one seems like it's going to fill you up it  looks absolutely massive as well it's kind of like   the size of my face is it hot very hot very hot  okay let's give it a try should be a little bit careful oh my God that's Dangerously Delicious  yeah M Pack full of pork beautiful crispy outside deliciously warm this is a winner right here t a little bit  like soy house too maybe they mix some soy sauce   into the pork or something yeah it's nice and  salty and fried it's good really honestly very delicious wow okay I am very  happy with this yeah I can I   barely like I don't even want to speak  because I just want to focus on eating this the dough it's very thin beautiful and  crispy slightly oily not too oily and plenty of   meat on the inside as well so very good value for  money and the perfect street food snack I want to say it seems to be raining just on this  one spot I don't understand where it's   coming from a lot of water there it seems  to be coming from the top somewhere yeah   there's rain coming from one just segment  of the sky so uh people are cleaning the   windows there's actually guys all the way up  at the top of this skyscraper Condo building   hanging outside the window cleaning the  windows and there water is running down   the side of the building it seems to be a  very unusual thing though because all of   the locals are also stopping and looking what's  going on so it doesn't seem to be the norm in changu this is spectacular one of my I think one  of my favorite street food dishes   that I've tried in a very very  long time honestly very very good   I'm super happy yeah I could have this for the  rest of my life every day maybe if they if you   get like different variations like one day you  get a vegetable one next one a beef next day a   pork why not rotate between your ingredients  and now we've made our way to what appears to   be a large intersection do you hear this there's  not a single engine sound how is this possible   everything is electric everything is electric  so you cannot even really hear the traffic   totally silent traffic right now it's a bit  weird no you see how many cars like you expect   the beep beep and the Vroom voms but there's no  beep beep or vom voms it's just W it's silent traffic I one beep I heard one beep W one  beep very far in the distance somewhere yep even the public buses are entirely Electric  crossing a busy intersection there's hardly any noise it's crazy neither of us can really  wrap our head around that just yet it's   going to take a while to get used to  it the noisiest person is this lady   here on the corner and I think she's giving  instructions to the people on where to move I cannot get over some of the buildings here  in changdu City this one in particular it's   the uh opera house this is the opera house  at least there was an opera here in 2023   so I assume w wow it's an opera house cool  maybe Opera and Cabaret or something theater   like a theater Arts type of thing such a  beautiful building yeah very very unique   even have a red carpet they shouldn't have  rolled out the red carpet for us yeah true   imagine walking over it nobody knows who  you are nobody's going to take a picture a check out how big and vast everything here is  there's legitimately 1 2 3 4 5 6 78 eight lanes   and one go can you believe it it's so beautiful  by the way we we just made it to Tian Fu Square   just here on the right hello and H it's so so  beautiful no no Chinese sorry very very bad you   speak English little bit it's just enough to say  hello same as we speak Chinese just enough say enj   and uh yeah we just arrived in Tian Fu Square as  you can see locals are very cheddy very happy sort   of to interact with uh other people especially  with foreigners uh I feel like people are very   interested in why we are here and what we're  doing but uh very very happy easygoing people   and uh yeah this is on the left is tanfu square  and then here on the right you see there seems to   be some sort of a monument which they're currently  working on but so many flowers you see pink and   orange red and orange there's so so many flowers  everywhere that you look it's really really nice   to see and uh yeah there's a lot of people sort  of out and about with their families with their   kids it's uh very nice to see and everything is  so vast wow so many beautiful flowers oh I H I   also saw online that uh changdu is known for for  flowers so yeah this is probably where you can   see like a little bit of an exhibition of some  of the flowers that you can find in changdu it's   super beautiful no on unbelievable quite literally  again uh the common theme I think of the videos   that we're going to be putting out here is just  going to be me being speechless uh I don't know   I don't even really know what to say words can't  really describe this it's a very beautiful Square   very calm City overall incredibly positive so far  uh on our first impressions and yeah like Naomi   said before the city is so easily walkable you  can walk quite literally anywhere you can also   take the metro quite literally anywhere it's  convenient to the Max and that's the one thing   that really jumps out about changu it's also  just so incredibly relaxing here too it's so   crazy to think we are standing on the main square  and then there is four lanes in each Direction   and here is four lanes in each Direction and uh  it's so quiet how is it so quiet in any other   city in the world this would be like so loud  so loud with so much traffic and it's also by   the way just to mention it it's a very very safe  city as well you have quite a bit of uh police um   presence uh for example here I don't know if you  can see it there in the distance I don't want to   really film it uh Too Close there is uh police  sort of setup so if you do have any issues for   example as a tourist or even as a local whatever  issue that you might have there's always uh people   around that can help you and that's very calming  and nice to know you also have in the center of   Tian Fu Square you have the Met Metro station so  that's incredibly cool hello hello you do have a   metro station that's quite literally slap bang  in the center of tanu square so if you do want   to Traverse around the city and get out here or  leave from here and head back to for example where   we're staying it's incredibly easy to access  and like I said just the convenience of it   all is really amazing yeah and also the amount  of skyscrapers around is crazy to see as well   and uh not like not like small skyscrapers  actual skyscrapers they're huge buildings   and uh everything just seems to be very sort of  I don't know it's a weird mix of very calm and   relaxing environments but still hustle and bustle  of the city but like in a positive way so sort of interesting so here we're still by the way in the  middle of theanu square underneath here is the   inner workings of the metro station so you can see  down there people coming in and out of the metro   and all the way around here you have a McDonald's  a Burger King a uni a Starbucks you have a miniso   you have a whole bunch of different stores in  there and it wraps the whole way around how insane   is that I feel like the city is infrastructurally  if that is a word in English I don't know   infrastructurally so interesting how did like how  do your PL something like this it's literally the   tanu tan Fu Square then you have another layer of  just shopping and then there's another layer of   Metro like must be so difficult to build something  like this I don't know it's quite literally like   a a masterpiece almost it's like they really  thought about every square cm of this city when   it was being planned there's really big flowers  in the middle do we have a flowers over there yeah sure impressive very impressive wow this is  massive unbelievably beautiful these are all   real flowers by the way obviously not the  structure on top but everything around here   is real and it just smells incredible I'm just  blown away how we are standing in the middle of   a Chinese City and it's smells like flowers  yeah and not artificially like real flowers   yeah it's real flowers it's a real smell of  flowers I don't know I don't my brain cannot   comprehend in the middle of a massive concrete  City this is uh yeah something very very special   for sure and just take in for a second the  sheer vastness this is just a square Tian Fu Square it's massive roughly around 17 million people yet here we are   very very peaceful and with the  smell of flowers it's amazing

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