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so when you're in Islamabad and you want to do  a little bit of a luxury shopping it's really   The Centaurus Mall that uh comes to mind wouldn't  you say I think so yep yeah there's all huge it's   a mega mall it's just all the way up so we're  pretty excited to go in check it out there's   a few restaurants I know we want to hit and do a  little clothes shopping yeah so a few of you are   noting that I keep wearing the same outfit over  and over so we are going to check out a few uh   close options yeah see some Pakistani traditional  clothes would be kind of fun I think that's for us   my history what minions we want to watch a big  drawing okay Forrest has his heart set on watching   Jurassic Park so uh we'll see if we can't swing  that too all right well we'll head into the mall   and kind of show you what it's all about yeah yeah  first thing on our mind is really food it's uh   almost it's almost every Excursion with food total  breakdown so we had a basically no breakfast uh   this morning so it's already noon so everybody's  pretty hungry I did see signage for a Cinnabon   so that may be kind of a fun way to uh treat the  kids yeah yeah they'll have coffee there yeah I found the ice cream oh the ice cream yeah Baskin  Robbins will bypass that because you know no one   wants ice cream for lunch but cinnamon sugar  that's that's much much a much better choice   all right so uh let's see well again the mall  is quite fancy and quite large you can see   it goes up at least at least five six layers  something like that uh but quite they're quite   I mean quite beautiful it's it's a to-do Mall no  doubt right yeah okay sixth level Cedar says cool   so the food courts are usually up the sign said  cinnamon this way though um but we'll definitely   check out the food court while we're here I'm  sure it's stacked but this is definitely a great   place to resupply on clothes and everything you  might need I think though for us if we do some   shopping we want I want like a traditional yeah  I want anything Western no no I might even get a   scarf yeah that'd be pretty yeah yeah something  where we can blend in a little better with the   locals and I have we're doing minimalist traveling  right yes I have four I only brought four shirts I   can clearly see we have made it to Cinnabon so  let's head in you guys cinnamon roll yeah they   might have Savory stuff too I don't think it's all  sweets like don't have an egg thing I don't know   I'll take a look oh they got music going so  we'll have to uh edit this down for the old uh   the old uh copyright stuff but I can see the menu  it all looks flights quite delicious so we're   gonna sit about it up but with the music I'm gonna  mix on the camera so we'll see you here in just a   little bit all right so now uh Cinnabons totally  uh in there we're all got the sugar jittery so a   perfect time for clothes shopping so as we explore  them all really what we're looking for is like the   traditional clothing like the women's clothes that  you typically see some of these men's clothes but   the goal is we don't really want to spend like  an arm or leg we just want sort of like the   inexpensive version of that so Kelly what do you  think any good cortas yes these are all beautiful   okay is there one that's uh screaming your name um  we can always shop around there's so many stores   that sell the traditional Pakistani clothes okay  I'm gonna keep looking okay all right so while I'm   shopping I noticed they typically don't let you  try these things on in a fitting room so they'll   measure our shoulders and then they'll measure  the Garment to see so this one is say 21 20 20   yes all right 18 and a half okay so this fit me  okay that's a large medium okay he says medium   but I generally like it a little bit baggier  so I'll probably go with the large anyway okay   yeah well I guess so they wouldn't let Kelly try  hers on but I'll just pop this on over my clothes I think again I prefer a little bag here all right Kelly thank you that's pretty  good I think I'm definitely a large it   actually looks like it fits the pants looks  a little small but the pants look a little   small now I think this large that's good  is that what size is that medium medium sizes check it out in the mirror see how it looks  yeah hold down the back so that's uh that's   looking pretty good looking looking I like  this one a lot I like the colors so I think   I'm gonna get this one but I need the pants the  trousers to go with it like that the long pants   I'm only wearing shorts with this thing so  uh we'll see about what the next step is to   get pants but this looks pretty good the guy  the guy took off so I don't know um but this   one this one's pretty good all right so the way  the pants work he's actually got just a bunch of   drawers of pants down there so White's best color  Yes okay this side is medium medium okay can I   pop those over my shorts it's okay all right  I'll hold them up I'll hold them up let's see if anything any medium this is medium that's  medium yeah that's good that's good okay I'll take medium I'll take this yes where  should we where should we go for him what shop what what floor second second floor okay that's  this floor this is the second floor okay we'll   go there for our Granite sizes yeah but that's  great so I'm I'm checked off the list no problem   thank you sir one down four yeah one down four  to go uh should be should be perfectly fine   I total priced her my outfit a three thousand two  sixty that's with uh the full outfit including   the pants so up next we still have Granite  Cedar forest and Kelly one out of five okay   catch up with Kelly she's at Cambridge and  it looks like she said there are a few sizes   that she likes or cuts that she likes she's  over here College fine oh good good you can   probably pop it right on just like I did in that  store in the one store they didn't want Kelly to   try it on but uh you know I think if you just  pop it over your clothes you should be fine that's pretty yeah hey hey cool it looks great  everything yeah it's looking good the kids are   all hopped up on sugar so maybe we should  get them out of here immediately yeah maybe   we shouldn't feed them Cinnabon before yeah  good idea all right so the guys in here are   great in Cambridge uh this gentleman's helping  us find the right sizes for Kelly for Cedar   lots of great colors for the little girls oh see  there that's pretty what size is that its size   is called like eight to nine years eight to nine  years oh okay by age here so I would say I like   this one the best okay yeah this is a three piece  so it has a nice guy get it done don't even think   any more about it perfect and the trousers yeah  how much is this one uh six I think six that's   great with all three pieces yeah okay and it's on  sale done even better shut up sales all right you   think you're gonna get that one so we got Cedar  Kelly me dynastious forest and granite the next   uh the next Shoppers all right I'm gonna go  double check everything all right all right   see what I end up with okay so Z was a success  Zine is where you shot I thought it was Cambridge   but they share a store so Dean yeah Zine for you  and Cedar yeah I got from ideas so we only need   two more granite and four the two wild cards he's  gonna look so cute in a little suits he will be   so cute all right well I got a lead on the store  it's just around the corner let's head that way   and I see if we can't get the kids their outfits  Boris is having issues four you want to see it   come look at it look it's  got the moon in the cabin you want this one you don't want it yeah you  sure no do you want to pick one out no okay   all right well that's a typical uh Forest reaction  there this is adorable it's got a little cabinet   they were getting this one for sure it's a sign  it doesn't matter it's got Stars it's got the   moon you like that one Cedar so cute all right  so Forest is done now we'll go for granite all   right granite so for you what do you think yeah  it's it's basic but it does it is embroidered   right there but uh you like it yep well you don't  overthink it nope we have like eight more you can   try no no just this one yep done this is my kind  of shop and I like this guy okay I can't believe   it we're all finished we did it 6 700 for both  granite and Forest so we're we're all under three   thousand yeah all under 3 000 approximately  for everybody so pretty good that was kind   of our goal yeah I understood too much but uh  something nice yeah unfortunately your legs wobbly   come here wobbly guy all right yes for his  new thing wobbly legs means uh pick me up the food courts this is a nice food court yeah  it looks like okay so we found the movie theater   we found the movie theater much faster than  we did in makasar so I found it the tip of   look at the top floor paid off so we got the  food court here it doesn't look too big unless   it's around the corner here let's see so a Texas  Chicken let's just see oh fun city there's the   arcade on that side oh yeah okay so the food  court oh you see her she's McDonald's okay   the food court quite expansive yeah it's  actually like double what I just thought it was   that pretty cool yeah it looks like it's wrapping  around yes okay Cedar said it opens up over there   yeah yeah it's a big one now I can tell so Cedar  said McDonald's do you have a preference on what   we're seeing so far Granite says McDonald's okay  well they're easy McDonald's Forest is McDonald's   oh man where's he Ascension Adventure   big chicken burger or chicken nuggets  um double cheeseburger with me yeah all right total price 18.50  here at McDonald's touching base   with McDonald's Granite how's the burger ah nice pickle how do you compare it to American  McDonald's beautiful this is exactly the same   really nailed it huh yeah that's McDonald's for  you quite delicious I got it Cedar helmet nuggets yeah they taste like American  chicken nuggets from McDonald's nice   all right big guy that's the chicken  nuggets good yeah I like it yummy ketchup all right okay the old McDonald's Stacks up  huh nope so I ended up with golgappe   which is a like a chickpea type dish uh should be  delicious added yogurt they added a sweet sort of   Chutney on top I'm pretty excited about this  one all right Cedar golgappe you wanna try one   maybe later okay all right so this should be uh  pretty epic they added definitely some seasonings   and then they gave me like a dip to pour over them  all right we've had something similar in Nepal   so this is like a little sauce you pour on  top and you pop it they're all like little   uh little one bites you wanna try one later  later okay let's see if they're still around   goal Agape all right so Kelly is not back yet  with food so uh it'd be interesting to see what   she ordered so here's a spoonful of sauce  pour it on and it's a real fast one biter definitely a little spice the chickpeas  tastes uh kind of well seasoned   but that sweet Chutney matched with the  spicy seasonings that's a winner right   there quite delicious all right are you up but a tiny one how about how about  this little one right here okay ready all right go for it it's all too Tila how's it how's it going what's the reaction spicy yes and um let's take a minute because  it's hard to swallow yeah you gotta   really chew it up uh are you getting  that sweet chutney sauce in that you like it all right all right you are certainly  you're certainly welcome to have more if you'd   prefer one two three four five six so there were  eight eight in the total order so Kelly what'd you   end up with I end up with Broadway Pizza real baby  Classic Pizza I don't know I've never had Broadway   but it does sound like it's from the US sounds  like a US brand sounds like a US brand here's   the favorite video that's a mega cheese spice see  it are you jealous it wants Pizza nice oh and how   far she wants Pizza well it might be a communal  share pizza but all right so again we ended up at   the food court we got McDonald's we got um shot we  got pizza it's a good spread and uh it's a again a   massive food court anything your heart will desire  and it's a good way to spend either shopping yep   no we did Cinnabon we did shopping and like the  mega spread of food options here at the food court   yes we'll uh we'll show you what's next here in  just a few minutes so we are sufficiently filled   with uh food court food so cool there's only one  thing left to do what is it Forest video games   Fun City yes we're we're a glutton for  punishment Kelly and I so uh just like   our Jakarta Mall video games scenario  we find ourselves back in the mall fun city so much hashtag so much fun yeah  well we'll find out if that's the truth   all right so it looks like like  before different package deals 1832 47 okay I think probably what we'll do is  the same similar situation we'll buy the deal   number one but for granted for Cedar for four so  let them kind of run wild in here the number ones   three of them okay so 1800 can we have three  deal number ones please uh one card uh use uh   no no three different cars yeah yeah one deal one  deal that's kind of the easiest way to do it that   way the kids can separate and go where they want  deal one is 1500 tickets plus 300 so 1800 credit oh am I right yeah for us bye buddy see ya   Cedar you're a good sport granted you're also  a good sport so we kind of start with Forest   right let him play have some fun yay Forest  all right number five see that you're winning oh hey Grana you're coming back buddy big time number six oh a little swan yes you should be quite proud of  that Salon it's adorable yeah they got these   tallest size you can all right here you go hold  on babe we got it okay good girl hold on we got   it don't slip shooter you can do it can you  pull me ah seven seconds oh you know not bad   again all right yeah midnight  soccer is a lot of fun oh yes oh that guy's underwear first you got a hawk nice job buddy out yeah buddy let  you win ah nice Emoji cool cool emoji see there grab that little Sonic go go go hey boss I got it I see that that's  just five levels of fun for these guys Tom and Jerry you'll notice I opted to  not ride have a swing by granite and   Cedar having a great time oh boy oh that is I  would totally lose my lunch on that so much fun family racing that was a look at fun city that was fun that  was fun that really turned into a good uh time   I think what was most impressive was the amount  of like infrastructure that they had there was   so many different little activities and games  yeah so granted what was your favorite bike the   motorcycle racing you like the motorcycle  racing you visited Nepal I saw yep you got   first place alive yep I can see where that  should be right all right Tina what was   your favorite from the from the day Central  Park Central Park what did you like about it the balls what about that big yellow slide oh yeah   oh yeah it's Epic Cool all right so a fun  day come here Forest a fun day a fun city   yeah yeah all right well we all continue  on as we explore more of them all right   yeah I'm glad they had AC oh yeah yeah I think  uh I think of course it's thoroughly worn out I   think both I think all five of us are thoroughly  worn out all right well onward to more of them all   right Cal how's the henna coming it's coming along  wow they got you right in yeah so there's there's   just so many people like kind of getting henna  right now for Eid right and they got you right in so it's good yeah so many  that's like a pretty designed which one to pick something I told her imagination  cool nice looks very good good thank you   all right well I'll go check in on  Cedar okay and then go back yeah hello all right oh Cedar looks so pretty yeah  it's really coming along you excited yeah artist yeah that's gonna look that's gonna look great   when it's finished yeah Mom's  a few people down doing good yeah nice job ladies looking great we are done  don't touch it's wet so you can't yeah how long   do you have to leave it they said they're  trying about 30 minutes and then we can   kind of just peel it off okay so 30 minutes  of no touching can you handle it Seether   way to feel the middle part oh are you gonna  say the middle part for last that's so cool   yeah wow she didn't get work she good and she  this artist has the insert has oh okay yes   very cool yeah so guys the mall good  good yeah it's a good time all day it's   a full day it is now after 7 P.M we have  been here all day yeah all day today yes okay so you guys uh the ball is where it's at  yeah you recommend it highlights of the day   oh fun city fun city was Epic Theater   Fun City fun city and the coffee I had I was  just gonna say that ice Americana really hit   the spot it might be tough for round two I  think so okay so hope you enjoyed the look at   the Centura small it was a lot of fun for us yeah  and we're happy to be our green eat because yeah that's so cool so much fun okay everyone well  with that we will see you in the next episode

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