Car Camping | Living in a VAN | Making Takoyaki in the Tiny Car

Car Camping | Living in a VAN | Making Takoyaki in the Tiny Car

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We are a couple who traveled all over Japan while living in a car. Currently, we live in Hokkaido surrounded by nature. This time we will stay in the car in Muroran. First, we will go to the hot spring. I warmed up. There were many locals.

This hot spring is popular with locals. (In Japan, such hot springs are called “Jimosen.”) Do you use a hair dryer? Yes. There was a hair dryer in the hot spring, but it was paid.

So I will use my hair dryer in the car. 1146W About 470W at low speed We used 4%. We both used a hair dryer, but it only consumed 4%. Departure We'll go to buy Muroran specialty yakitori.

It's called yakitori, but it's grilled pork. lol (Yakitori means grilled chicken in Japanese, but pork is used in Hokkaido.) Here. The name of the restaurant is "Ippei" It smells really good even outside the store.

I bought yakitori. We'll go to a place where can stay in the car. The smell made me hungry. Our car will smell. lol

It should be ventilated. The toilet is here. Where would you like? The wind is strong. Prepare for stay in the car Move the driver and passenger seats forward.

Attach the sunshade to the windshield. It's by the sea so it's cold. Yes, it's windy. Let's attach it. Attach DIY insulation panels on all windows.

Move the mattress to complete the bed for stay in the car. I will use it after a long time. Was it this big? lol But with this, we don't have to close the curtains. I feel a little more spacious inside the car. OK Our house is finished. lol

I'm hungry. Let's eat quickly. Not a table, just a top plate. lol

The usual table for stay in the car is about to break. So today I will use this. This is the easy way. I'll prepare the drink.

What do you need? I'd like a drink first. Wow, the beer is cold. It's nice to have motor nerves.

OK Let's eat. I'm hungry. Sapporo Classic Furano Vintage Limited time beer and yakitori! But it's pork. lol Yakitori usually means chicken. I bought 3 types. Charcoal grilled quail eggs Quail eggs with shell.

You can even eat the egg shells. I couldn't believe it and checked with the restaurant staff. lol I'm half in doubt. This is the restaurant's signature dish. This is the pork neck.

This is Muroran's specialty yakitori. I'll enjoy having this. Let's have a toast.

Wow, the beer is really cold. Cheers! Yummy Now, which one should we eat? Let's eat the specialty Muroran Yakitori. Should I use mustard? It also comes with an additional sauce. I'll try it. It is characterized by having mustard on it. Pork and onions.

It's not even a green onion. The original yakitori is chicken and green onions. Hokkaido produces a lot of onions. This is my first time to try Muroran yakitori. Tasty! It's delicious. Even though it's pork, it feels like chicken. lol

I think it's because the sauce tastes just like normal Yakitori. Would you like to try this? Quail eggs with shell. I think it makes a sound.

Oh, I heard a sound. How's the taste? You can also eat egg shells. Is it really okay to eat? I used to think that I couldn't eat eggshells.

It is interesting. It's a texture that I've never really eaten before. Awesome. It is grilled in the shell.

It's delicious, but it feels like eating the shell. Yes, it has a similar texture to shrimp shells. It tastes delicious and strange. Do they boil the eggs and then skewer them? I don't think a raw egg can be skewered. It may be.

It tasted good. This is the appetizer. lol The main event of the day is now on. Get ready for the main event. I will open here again. Cooler bag He took out the whole cooler bag. lol

Portable power Takoyaki maker This is takoyaki flour. That's all. Today's main event is Takoyaki. I never thought the day would come when I would make Takoyaki in the car. lol Takoyaki party. I prepared the ingredients at home.

Octopus cannot be cut in the car. If you want to do it, you can do it. lol It's troublesome, so I cut it at home. OK, let's make it. Make the batter first.

It looks like you can make 32 of them. I have never measured the amount of water and flour when making Takoyaki. I can just eyeball it. We are from Osaka, so we are good at making Takoyaki. (Takoyaki is a specialty of Osaka!) What if I fail? The person who failed to make Takoyaki is not from Osaka. lol It's simple.

I'll heat the Takoyaki pan. There are 95 percent left. Heat the Takoyaki pan. I can hear it operating.

About 1150W If you use it as it is, the battery will run out in 40 minutes. 40 minutes is enough. At first it uses a lot of power. I'll grease Takoyaki pan.

It's like a takoyaki shop. Add the octopus to each hole. Add green onions, tempura bits, and red ginger. I also add Mentaiko (pollack roe). What is your favorite takoyaki topping? Mentaiko and cheese. Me too.

Add cheese. Plenty of ingredients. I added too much mentaiko. lol

79 percent left. There's still so much. Flip them over to form balls. It's made to feel good. Takoyaki is best cooked with gas fire. Keep turning until they are golden brown.

It's ready to eat. It is completed. I made it successfully. It looks delicious.

Remaining 69%. I used about 26% for Takoyaki. It's about 1/4. Takoyaki can be cooked in a quarter.

You can make takoyaki 3 more times. lol Topped with Takoyaki sauce, mayonnaise, bonito flakes, and green laver It's a long-awaited Takoyaki party in the car. lol We can use it for camping, too. Yummy. Great success.

Delicious. It is a local iconic food. Is it Genghis Khan in Hokkaido? Is it Genghis Khan? I think people in Hokkaido have Genghis Khan pan in their homes. Everyone in Osaka always has a Takoyaki maker at home. That's why I think there's also a Genghis Khan pan. Disposable Genghis Khan pan are also sold.

Mentaiko is plentiful and delicious. It's not a gas fire, so you can do it even in a tent. In winter, I always used to cook hot pot, but I have more options for cooking. Takoyaki or Okonomiyaki. lol (Okonomiyaki is also a specialty of Osaka!)

You can also make okonomiyaki using an iron plate. Thank you for the meal. It tasted good. I'm full.

I want to make it again. I also want to make it at camp. Wipe with a special cleaner. Wipe the mattress with a disinfecting sheet. Let's change our clothes.

We store all our luggage under the mattress. Blanket It's warm because we installed a heat insulation panel. The blanket may not be needed.

It can be cold in the morning. Lay out winter bed sheets. We brush our teeth and go to the toilet. The car smells like Takoyaki. lol Let's ventilate.

I'm free, so let's lie down. lol I have no more to do today. It's not that cold.

It's still okay. This is the effect of the insulation panel. There are also blankets. It's a very comfortable stay in the car. Change the lighting color. Before I knew it, I had been asleep for three hours. lol

I had fallen I'll use a sleeping bag. She is still lying down. lol

She doesn't seem to want to wake up. I can't get up. lol I fell asleep while lying down. lol Full of bedding. lol The pressure of the bedding is amazing.

There is thickness. Good night. Prepare and depart.

This time we stayed in the car using a new portable power. In the video, you can see how it was actually used. We will introduce the product in detail from now on.

Ecoflow DELTA 2 Ecoflow's most popular product has been renewed for the first time in 3 years. It has just been released. Capacity is 1024Wh.

So 1024W electrical appliances can be used for 1 hour. Rated output is 1500W So you can use up to 1500W electrical appliances. Hair dryer for home use is 1000-1200W. Electric griddle is said to be 1200-1400W. Therefore, most electronic products can be used.

More than 90% of electrical appliances can be used. We used a 700W portable power supply during our trip around Japan. So I couldn't use the hair dryer.

There were times when I wanted to use the hair dryer. For example, when there is no hair dryer at a campsite or public bath. I had a hair dryer, but I couldn't use it because there was no power. So it is convenient to use a hair dryer. Next, we will introduce how to use it.

Here is the LCD screen. The middle is the battery level. The input and output are 0 as I am not using it now.

Appears when using electrical appliances. The number on the left indicates how many hours you can use it. Remaining time is displayed when using electrical appliances.

The large screen makes it easy to see. You can charge many things at the same time. 4 USB-A ports (2 with fast charging), 2 USB-C ports USB-C is a 100W fast charging, so it is convenient for charging Macbook. And there is a power outlet on the back. There are 6 outlets. I don't usually use this much, but it's convenient in case of disaster.

It is used here to charge the portable power. Some portable power supplies are big and heavy, but this one weighs 12kg. It's heavy enough for even me to carry. This portable power supply can be fully charged in 80 minutes. It's so fast.

It can be charged up to 80% in 50 minutes. When we actually charged it, we were surprised at how fast it was. You don't need to charge the battery from the day before car stay or camping. Charging will be completed while you get ready in the morning. But it makes a loud noise when charging.

It's as loud as a vacuum cleaner. lol It's not quiet. We do not recommend charging while you sleep.

You can change the settings by linking the dedicated app. The maximum input is 1200W, so if you make it smaller, you can charge quietly. The biggest change in this renewal is the type of lithium battery. It has been changed from ternary to iron phosphate. If it is a ternary system, the battery life is 800 cycles. Iron phosphate is 3000 cycles.

In other words, it has been renewed so that it can be used for a long time. Portable power supplies are expensive, so a long life is an advantage. If you buy a portable power supply, we recommend the one with iron phosphate. Iron phosphate is also superior in terms of safety.

If you want to know more details, please visit the official website of Ecoflow. This product is recommended for both outdoor activities and disaster countermeasures. It's compact compared to its capacity, so it's also recommended for stay in the car. We made Takoyaki this time, but I want to make other dishes as well. Please look forward to the future videos as well. Thank you for watching.

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