Cape of Good Hope and End of Africa Series S7 EP.71 | Pakistan to South Africa

Cape of Good Hope and End of Africa Series   S7 EP.71 | Pakistan to South Africa

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Assalam Alekum Everyone and welcome back to the channel from Cape Town. One of the most beautiful cities in the world. Considering the landscape and location of this city. I have been here before. Whenever I come here, this city always makes me praise it.

Not only that, but it also makes me come here whenever I get a chance. This is such a beautiful city. In today's vlog, I will try to show you around this city. I will show you some interesting spots. Especially the nature here is beautiful. I will try to visit different areas and reach the Cape of Good Hope.

This is where we will end our tour today. This will most likely be the last vlog of this tour. After this, I will have to ship my bike from here.

Let's see if I can show you all that in the next vlog. The area where I am right now is called Boka. It is a very colorful area of ​​Cape Town.

The colors of the houses are very unique. Some houses are red, some are blue. There is a beautiful house behind me. Let me tell you about it. It is called Malekwater.

When the Dutch colonized South Africa, the locals resisted. They wanted skilled labor. So many people were brought here from Southeast Asia, Malaysia, Indonesia etc. They built their homes here.

The majority of the population was Muslim. It's a tourist area today. A lot of people come here to see. It's a little hilly. We'll ride from here to some nice cafe and have breakfast. Because the cafes here are amazing.

And then after visiting my favorite areas, we'll reach the Cape of Good Hope by evening. Bismillah... In the name of Allah. Prayer for the journey May Allah make this ride a success.

I am gonna show you some houses on Boka's hilly side. And go towards the main road. It's a rather interesting area. It was a segregated area during the apartheid. The culture and architecture of the areas where different communities meet is quite different in Africa.

This area is near CBD. It's not far. It's within the CBD. I am not sure.

The CBD here is relatively safe compared to the conditions I had seen in Joburg and Port Elizabeth. I was afraid to stay in the CBD after that. That's why I didn't book a nice hotel here.

There were a lot of options here. And they were quite decent. Look at this beautiful cafe. It looks like a cafe but it's closed.

It's a pink cafe. Our breakfast is here. The best thing about Cape Town is that it's a touristy city. You will find all kinds of cafes, restaurants and all kinds of food options.

You will find anything you like in a hardly 4 to 5 minute walk. For breakfast, we have smashed avocado. They have added some chilies, chia seeds and of course, cappuccino. They have also served us some dessert.

We have pecan, nuts and dates in the dessert. It looks good. I thought I'd try something different. The breakfasts we had here were good.

I did have some issues with other meals of the day though. The bread is great. I missed the brown bread. Finally, we have a good brown bread here. Our breakfast was really good. I paid around $7 or $8 for it.

It wasn't too expensive. Oh, Lamborghini! I am planning to follow this Lamborghini. We are going to visit Cape Town.

It has many beautiful beaches. We will start from Seaview Point. It's the first area right next to CBD.

We will visit all the interesting points along the way. And then we will reach the Cape of Good Hope. My favorite point is... I think it's called Clifton. There is also a Clifton in Karachi.

We will stop there. We have reached the sea point. It's a very beautiful residential area. You can see the flats here.

This area is great for sports and other activities. But the beach is almost non-existent here. You can see patches of sand here and there. This area is mostly rocky.

You can see people jogging and walking here. This area is right next to the CBD. There are waterfronts and shopping malls nearby. We will take this coastal road and move ahead.

It's a great place to live as a tourist. You can find this area almost everywhere. If I am not mistaken, the mountain you see in front of me is called Lion's Head. There is a Table Mountain right next to it.

All the houses are beautifully built on top of the mountain. Mostly apartments and high-rising buildings. You can see the view of the sea from here. The weather is great today. It would have been better if there were some clouds. The temperature here is around 22 to 23 degrees.

In the evening, it goes up to 18 to 19 degrees. So it's a little cold when it's raining or windy. Overall, the temperature is moderate. This is my favorite road in Cape Town. The way it goes along the mountain and the sea, the views from here are amazing.

Out of all the cities I have ridden a bike in, Cape Town has been the most beautiful. Personally, I feel that it's not necessary.. that the person who is making the video or traveling, and the people watching it on TV or mobile, feel the same way.

But we will try to show you the beauty of this area. And if you get a chance, you should visit Cape Town. There is a mountain behind me.

You can see Table Mountain on the other side. The iconic mountain of Cape Town. Look at that...

Where in the world and in which city will you get to see such views? On one side, the beautiful white sandy beach of the Atlantic Ocean. And on the other side, such amazing mountains. And then the way the beautiful houses are built here, roads. Amazing! The best thing about today's ride is that we had to cover some distance in the beginning.

Then we had to worry about which area we are going to. Hotel booking, cafes on the way, etc. But today all our worries are gone. So today you can say that it was a very luxury ride. And there was no ride like this in the whole tour.

I think I deserve it. After traveling for 4 months, this is the last ride in this continent. Not the last ride, but the main last ride of this tour. It's a relaxing ride that we can enjoy.

We have ordered pineapple juice for ourselves. I think they have added orange in it. But it's very fresh. And looking at the prices, I am feeling good. It's almost $2.

Let's go Rangeeli. Our next stop will be to see penguins. I think we are going the wrong way. We have to go that way.

It's almost 26 km. It's almost a 30 minute ride from the outbase. But the best thing is that no matter if you ride for 5 minutes or 30 minutes, the ride is always good and you enjoy it. This area is called Chapman Peak. Oh wow! What a view! Amazing coastal views.

We are at a great height. The cliffs are very high. Let's take a short break here.

Just see how beautiful this area is. Thank you. Bye We were lucky. The wind was so strong that my drone was about to crash. The height was around -40, -50, -60 meters.

The cliffs are very high. The wind was a bit weak. So it was able to handle it.

I have brought it down close to water. Keeping it under the mountain cover to save it. Look at this beautiful natural tunnel. The wind is very strong. The sand from the beach is on the road.

The wind is a bit stronger on this side. The wind was fine towards the city. This is an interesting town. I don't know its name and can't see it around.

But it is very close to the Boulders Beach where the penguins are. The architecture of these shops is very interesting. The area that I am passing through, I can see something different here. This is a good thing. Especially in South Africa, there is a lot of diversity. People from all over the world have come here.

They have brought their culture and food with them. You will find a mix of everything here. There was a mosque behind me. There is a church here. I think there is a church here as well.

I don't know the penguins might be hiding somewhere in such wind. There are other bikers here as well. Let's park beside them. Bye Bye Penguins. Our next stop will be Cape of Good Hope. It is about 30 km from here.

23 km. It will take us 30 minutes. On our way back, we will have a ride of about 1 hour. Maybe a bit more than 1 hour. The wind is so strong that I couldn't even stand back there. The sand from the beach was flying into our eyes. Table Mountain National Park... Cape of Good Hope.

It will close at 7.30 today. I don't have a card. It's written here that it's cashless. Hi brother, my cards are not working. So I have the cash. So what should I do? So let's try all the cards I have. Maybe one of them might work ... because they are not working at the moment.

Oh well. For Locals 100... 400 rand is like 20-25 dollars. Too much. Try this one. So one of our cards was working.

It was a bank debit card; not the credit card. So we are finally about to reach. Look at this.

Cape of Good Hope. Rangeeli deserves to be parked here. And there is a queue of photographers. After about 15000 km... 12 countries...

After 4 months of travel, we have reached the point where I dreamed to be when I left Pakistan. To be honest, when I was planning this tour and I would tell someone that I am going to Africa. And even when I started posting videos and people started commenting, everyone would say that why was I putting my life in danger? So it was a fear, anxiety... That how will the people be? The culture is different... the language is different... How will the roads be? How will the weather be? What is the situation of crime? If I get sick on the way, if my bike breaks down, I won't be able to complete this tour.

But it was a dream And Alhamdulillah, God fulfilled that dream today. And to be honest, the more dangerous and difficult dreams are, the more fun they are. And the feeling that you have done something... It is very difficult to express it in words.

And sometimes it takes a lot of time to enjoy this feeling. And many thanks to all those people who helped me in this tour. From getting my motorcycle transported from Pakistan... To all the cities that I traveled through...

All the people that I met... Whether they are Pakistani, Indian, Desi, or foreigners, everyone helped me. Thank you very much to everyone. And those who prayed for me from their homes... Because I received some really nice messages. I always say that both Rangeeli and me are going on because of your prayers.

As long as your prayers are with us, we will continue to explore the world and show you. I have enjoyed Africa very much. And I think there are many things here that I will miss. The nature here is amazing.

The weather here ... We started with rain in Nairobi. And it was raining when we reached Cape Town. And today you see that there is not even a cloud in the sky. But the wind is so strong that it is difficult to sit here and talk. And the fruits here, I have eaten them almost every day for breakfast. I didn't want to forget them.

I think this is such a continent, when a person travels here... and after that, wherever you travel in the world, the world is very beautiful. You will enjoy. But you will not forget this continent. I have tried to capture this continent, the people here, the nature, the wildlife, and show you Africa in a positive way. And if you liked it, then thank you very much. If there is anything wrong in it or something that I could not show, I apologize.

And I will try to make videos in the future and bring that improvement. I think this is a good place to end this video. This may be the last video of this tour. It is possible that I will make another video to ship my bike from here. If I make it, I will show you.

But even if I don't, just remember me in your prayers. And don't forget to Like, Subscribe and Share. I'm gonna rest for a while now. And then we will see where else to go in the world. And if I continue to have your support like this, we will keep traveling. Allah Hafiz.

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