Camping at 'Siverek Takoran vadisi' Turkey|PART 1|Hiking to the top of Valley|#camping#travel #viral

Camping at 'Siverek Takoran vadisi' Turkey|PART 1|Hiking to the top of Valley|#camping#travel #viral

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Hi guys!! Today's vlog going to be so exciting. Because we are going for camping tour in a valley . You are going to enjoy watching today's vlog. And here is Amo. Now we are leaving the house and putting our luggage in a taxi i'll tell you all the details later. Now were are moving from here otherwise we'll be late. See you soon Putting our luggage in a taxi.

This is Amo. We are going to a location from where we all will move together. This is the place from where we'll move forward We arrived early today so still we have time to go.

This is friend from medicine faculty. Zeynep:Hello friends!!How are you all Zeynep:I'm Zeynep from Diyarbakir Turkey. Thank You zeynep. Everyone is waiting here.Ready to go And this is poğaça(baked bread)

There are teaching us how to make and fix the camps. We are going to rest little and have lunch here We"ll move from here after half hour. We're enjoying alot here We are going inside this park.This is looking nice.

Weather is also nice and clear. In yesterday's weather forecast it was thunderstorm but its sunny and clear. Let's find a place and sit.

Amo:Lets eat something. Sabi: Okay All friends are here and having fun. Let's sit here We reached at the place and it's so beautiful. Akbar:Are you also taking me in a vedio Few are doing dance there.Traditional turkish dance. Everyone is taking photos right after coming here. Environment is so clean here.

Fresh air and water"s color everything is so amazing MashaAllah. Now we are going to do some walk and hiking here. After that we'll go through ferry boat to a camping area This place is so nice that's why repeatedly I'm saying beautiful,nice etc Before there were small ferryboats and now that's the big boat. The place is nice we are even enjoying to do walk here.

Hiking here has to struggle alot I'm getting tired but still enjoying, Weather is also windy. They divided us in group Amo:Me and Sabi are always in same group I don't where we are going.We are just following our tour guides. Water is flowing through here. Be careful. Look at this valley so gorgeous mashaAllah.

Caravans are heading forward. I forgot to show you my new nail art. Look at the naturePapatya flowers everywhere. Now we'll mount up from here. They are asking us about our culture. Hunger attack while hiking We spotted turkish lambs and the place where they live.

Ans this the place where they eat. Everyone is so tired after a long walk so having some rest for 15 minutes. Weather is windy and sunny .It's so hot We came through there and still a long way to go.

So guys we reached a place and view from here is wow. Everyone is doing photography here. Now I don't know how to go down from here. Amina:Be careful.Hold my hand and get down. After crossing many mountains we reached here.

Now we're going to leave this beautiful view and heading to another place for camping. It's time to get in the Ferry boat,because we are going for camping. We are so tired because of hiking. Everyone shifting their luggage in the boat.

And this is a view from inside the ferry. We've reached and getting off from the boat This is our luggage. We'll do camping here. I have come up with great difficulty. We have to go even higher There is another boat coming.

Weather is nice.I think it wil rain. There was alot of luggage so everyone is helping each other. Everyone is taking tents for camping.Amo is also taking ours. Two will share together. Here is the water spring i think.

We'll go there for camping.Place is so natural. We are looking for a best place to camp. This cave is so beautiful.

So this the place where we will camp. Abdullah brother is helping us. Let me show you how they set up camp. Don't drop it.

Their camp blew away.If they didn't get caught,they would have to sleep outside tonight Everyone has setup their camps on different areas. And this one is our camp near to a beautiful view.

We put our bags and blankets etc inside the camp We changed our slippers It's time for snacking We(Me and Amina) did hiking around the area in slippers We are going to sit here and put our feet in water. Is water cold?Amina: Yes it is. Let's have fun. Now we are on the top of this valley.We can see whole valley"s view from here

We came here in slippers Beautiful view from here mashaAllah. Boat is going back. So guys I'm thinking to end this vlog here Because the trip is until tomorrow and the vlog will be very long.

So I'll show it in 2 parts. Today we enjoyed alot had so much fun. Amina is relaxing here.

I'm also going to do some rest and chill here See you soon in next part of this vlog Till that takecare of yourself.

2022-05-13 15:09

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