Break-ul SUPREM este AICI! Dați-vă la o parte AUDI RS4 & RS6, a venit BMW M3 Touring Competition

Break-ul SUPREM este AICI! Dați-vă la o parte AUDI RS4 & RS6, a venit BMW M3 Touring Competition

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This car is heavier than a normal M3, less aerodynamic than an M4, and costs 100,000 euros, and a huge consumption, but BMW, what took you so long to make an M3 break? Cars with Luci Popa starts! Ho, ho, here comes the Santa with key covers, all the brands, all the shapes, all the colors, everything you want, and look how elegant they are, some of them even have keychain. We also have elegant and thin name plates, like these, and if you've made a mess in your trunk, look at a nice and elegant vacuum cleaner, don't confuse it with anything else. Board cameras, no problem. Don't get drunk while driving, take an Ethyl-O-test and check yourself.

Phone supports, chargers, cables, and even if you have a Tesla, it's not a problem, we have a phone support with MagSafe for the Tesla tablet. 0-7-2-2 and leave your number in the box with this support. What are these, pedal ornaments, these are for Tesla and these are for Volkswagen. When an accident happens, I cut my seat belt break the window, cause I'm strong, it also has a light, bro. It's ugly to hear the objects scattering inside the car. If you don't have an organizer, we'll help you, and we also have rubber strips for organizers like this.

This, for example, is from Dacia Spring. Do you have foil on your phone, but you don't have foil on your Tesla? We have, and for those of you who are complaining that you don't have a Tesla board, we have Tesla boards. You can find all of the auto accessories at, use the code lucipopa for a 15% discount. Look at what keys from Series 1 you get at M3 Competition. Any car with an M package has the same keys. Well, if it's this generation, older, at least it's not the last key, it doesn't matter, the car matters. Did you see the old keys those Ferraris had, from 2004, 2005, 2006. You had the keys, you put them on,

it looked like a key for a studio apartment in Berceni. Look, the M3 G81, the car I believed would never be removed from BMW, and fun fact, I had, I still have, because I am not dead, I had a friend, Joe, who was on my channel, who said, the M3 Touring will appear, and I said, never. The M3 Touring will appear, and I said, never. Look, it appeared those cars. Never, it's fake. I don't know what. They released it, they released it, M3 Break. And of all the car body versions of the G8X generation, meaning G80, 1, 2, 3, M3 Sedan, M3 Touring, M4 Coupe, M4 Cabrio, which one would you choose and why? It's very hard for me to choose, because M3 Touring cannot be chosen just for M3 Touring. It has to be Competition, which means it has to be TX Drive, which you can deactivate if you want, and it cannot be manual.

So, next on the channel will follow the M2 Manual. We'll see how the latest generation of manual gearbox from BMW behaves, we'll see. Ok, I know it's dirty, but I filmed some cinematics with it and it was done like this, it's impossible, when there's snow outside and mud on the ground, there's nothing you can do, but you say it doesn't feel good, dirty. The front, in case you didn't know, at M3, is provided by M4, just like at X5 and X6M have the same front, and so on, just like M3 E90 had the front from M3 E92. Somehow, the front from the coupe version was always taken,

and the X5 has the front from X6, 3 from 4, 90 from 92, and so on. And don't blame me for having the hood on my head, but it's really hard, because it's minus 3 degrees Celsius. When I arrived it was minus 7, so I have an excuse. I left the headlights on, so you can see the daylight lights, yellow, and the orange signals, and I think they are the headlights with the most colors, because you have the white of the headlights, you have the blue of the headlights, you have the yellow of the daylight lights, and you have the orange signals.

Obviously, they are the laser light headlights, which are no longer found on Series 3 facelift, although this is facelift, because they have kept the non-facelift headlights of Series 4, because Series 4 did not receive them. Lasers only on the long phase, the rest are LED, everything you see here is LED, They reach up to 550 meters, it's adaptive, it has cornering light, it has all the blinkers, and it looks good. And yes, Harry Potter makes me say that they are not stock yellow. Indeed, they are not stock yellow. There is a way you can do it and get them like M3 CS or M3 CSL, or like M5 CS. So, to please Harry Potter, we say they are not original. The grille. I know many people hate it, but search on the internet for the grille of the normal Series 4.

It looks like a constipated beaver grille who searches for a girlfriend, you see? These look a bit better, somehow they don't have the same shape, so they are like two buttocks in snow. These look good, they are a bit more angular, they have horizontal slots, M3 Competition here, otherwise, the bar is the same as on M3, like on M4, aesthetic differences do not exist. Ah, and one more detail, we all know that on M3 and M4 you can put the CFRP ceiling, meaning plastic reinforced with carbon fibers. The M3 is the M3 Touring, it's the only one you can't take it with that ceiling, and in total, the car is heavier by 85 kg compared to an M3 Competition, because you can compare it only to a Competition, but it's 165 kg heavier than an M4 Coupe, non-Competition, with manual gearbox. Quite a few kilograms, 85 kg, like I wouldn't have this little guy, Harry Potter, next to me when I was driving, you know? So, from the driving test, not to make the car heavier, you leave, I'll just go, let's be clear. Despite the fact that the mass is somewhat larger, they haven't changed the braking system, meaning still 380 mm on the front, 370 mm on the back, perforated on the front and back, ventilated on the front and back, or, optionally, you have ceramic brakes, 400 mm on the front and 380 mm on the back.

What should you say about ceramic brakes? When you buy them, BMW says it like this, they can make noise from moisture, from salt, from, like, cold, or if there is dew after a wet night, but it is possible that the braking system needs more pressure to work. So, basically, until they heat up those discs, the performance should not be as good and should also be noisy. And after that, I say, 9000 euros. This car doesn't have them, the owner wanted it like that, without ceramics, and it still has a few features that it doesn't have, and I don't know if you have configured them or not.

But, the fact is that the traditional brakes are good and are ready to be used anyway. If you want them painted, a few hundred euros, five hundred euros, to have them painted the way you want, but I say, if you go on the circuit a lot with your family break car, then, take the ceramics. A detail that many enthusiasts know is that the M3 has the same rims front back. Well, this one has 275x35x19 front back, because we have winter rims, they are the only dimensions on winter rims that you can put on the M3 and M4, original rims.

So, if you see an M3 that has 19 on the front, 20 on the back and winter tires, well, those are not the correct dimensions, and it's possible to damage something on the car, or damage the tires in an unequal way, or have an inadequate performance on the car. Anyway, remember, 275x35x19, these are the only dimensions for winter tires. I'm curious if the car is more comfortable with these smaller rims, with a little more meat on the tires, than it is normally. And you can see, look, you can see how much this element comes out.

Why does it come out so much? Because the rims of 20 would exceed the width of the car, even though we have wings on the front and rear, they would exceed the width of the car, and then we would need this element, especially in America, to make the car thicker than the tires. Well, with these, say they're tucked inside, like that, say they're a bit too small. If BMW says these are the dimensions, these will be the dimensions. Who are we to judge? The 85 kg plus are not in the front, they are here, in the back, which is why we have, look, this big piece of metal and glass.

Bigger car, more practical car, automatic, heavier car, in this part. And although the suspension components are the same, including adaptive shock absorbers that come standard, on the rear, the springs are 10% stiffer. Does that affect comfort? I don't know, I don't even care. And I know there are still puristss who still complain about the manual gearbox and rear-wheel drive, we won't complain much longer. The electric cars will close our mouths, you know how, bang, bang. Take 20 volt, done, you know, go and put your car at CCS, done, they closed our mouths, but there are still people who still hope we'll see cars with rear-wheel drive and manual gearbox again, and on the new BMW M2, still, still, it can be done, but neither here nor now we have a very different situation. The engine is mounted longitudinally, exactly as it should be, most of the power is transmitted to the rear, because we have AWD system, MX Drive, all with a package of clutches and multidisks, but now, the power is transmitted more to the rear, and if you want, you can deactivate the front axle, so you can transmit all the power here, here, to the pillar magnet.

This is the pillar magnet, you know, you put 510 horsepower on the rear, the first pillar is yours, every BMW has its own pillar, but the manufacturer from Munich doesn't want to happen that to you, so they mounted an electronic differential here, with limited allocation. Basically, it keeps your car on the track, it's more manageable, and then, when it loses control, you can control it a bit better, plus you have 10 traction control modes. 10, from 10, meaning I want to get home safely, I'm afraid, I'm a girl, up to zero, hello, insurance. These are the 10 modes, depending on which one you want to use. And yes, from any measurable point, this car is worse than an M4. Well, it's not as aerodynamic.

Ok, the front end is exactly the same, but with aerodynamic efficiency, it's worse, it's slower, it's heavier, it's more expensive. It doesn't have anything good, but still, it's absolutely irresistible, especially in this color, I love man green. And BMW, especially on M cars, makes some crazy colors. Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's . How many more years will Caesar live, because after that, if they put us all after that, to get I5, M60, it's better to go home, but until then, I love man green for the win. Until recently, also BMW cut it off from the shark wing,

meaning from the antenna. With all of these, compared to the non-M version, I don't think it's an M345 or 340. So on aileron you still have a gurney flap, which, I don't know if it adds pressure, but it certainly reduces from the portance. I don't know if this car really has good downward force. I think it's just from M3 CS, M3, M4 CSL, onwards, something like that, but it looks good, it's effective, and it's weird to see a break with two ailerons, but it looks good, it looks very good. We can even show how small the washer on this car is. So, you don't see anything here,

you don't see anything here, just in this area. You can't say it doesn't look good at minus 3 degrees, like an M3, from this garbage, superb. Weird for a car that eats so much, a sports car, a performance car, you have 58 liters of fuel, and even though we are dealing with an M3, which will never be a diesel, they kept the same components, just like in the normal 3 Series, with this decoupage for AdBlue, for diesel, 59 liters.

The car consumes 18 liters, the owner said, 18 liters per 100 km, and when it's full, it sees 380 kilometers of autonomy. It's electric autonomy, whether it's gasoline or electric, if you have 500 horses, it's the same autonomy. I forgot to say that we also have a shadow line on the headlights, you can have the headlights closed in color if you want, and I think it's a good contrast between black and... ...the darker color, and this green, If you want to save some more kilograms, about 25, you can spend, I don't know, many thousands of euros, to get the M Race Track package, fine, you get it with brakes, you get it with carbon seats, but in total, my car weighs 25 kilograms less. And this M Race Track includes M Drivers, M Drivers that increase your maximum speed from 250 km per hour to 280 km per hour, and considering that on Nurburgring you can exceed 250 km per hour easy with an M3 Touring, I think it's worth getting it. The problem is that, ok, you increase your maximum speed, but you may not understand each other with those carbon seats.

This doesn't have them, it has them on comfort, because this is a daily car. Believe it or not, it's a daily car for the current owner, he replaced it with another BMW M, smaller, and now he's moved on to something, let's say, more family friendly. If you don't want to have these black elements, you can choose the M Carbon package, which, well, it comes with carbon on there, carbon here, carbon on the thresholds, carbon on the diffusers, 4,250 euros.

With all this, you don't get the CFRP ceiling, and I think it's even more pretentious. Anyway, this car also has ceramic and PPF, do you realize that it wouldn't let the owner of a car over 100,000 euros stay like this, with dirt on it, or hit the gravel, so it made the PPF smaller, which I recommend for any more expensive car, but even so, it still didn't want the carbon package. How would you choose it, with carbon or without? It's hard, hard, Harry Potter in the back. It's really nice to believe that M3 Touring is heavier than M5 CS, but realize how much the weight of today's cars increases, from having the M2, which is almost, almost as heavy, it still has a few pounds, but a few pounds, and it's as heavy as the M4. Well, but where is all that metal, where is all that weight? Why do they make them so heavy? With all this, the maneuverability is good, I mean, it's very good, but what about the weight? It's heavier than the M5 CS, it has 1825 kg, and I found that hard. This, 1865 kg. Hello, auto industry, what are you doing? Simplify and add lightness.

We're not going to have cars. It's going to be 2.5 tons a Dacia Logan. We're all going to get stuck in asphalt due to the weight of the cars, it's going to break down the asphalt under us, 2 tons. The next M5 is going to have 2.3 tons, 2.3 tons, oh my God. The new C63, over 2 tons, hello, learn something from Mazda MX-5. To quote a classic in life, Harry Potter from behind the camera, how beautiful is this ass. Yes, it really is.

No way, no way, with the aileron, so dirty, M3 Competition, the stops are the same as on the 3 Series Touring, and pre-facelift and facelift, because they haven't been changed, they're exactly the same. We have, look, pseudo diffuser. It's not really a 100% diffuser, because it doesn't have continuity. It has continuity on the tube, but it doesn't have continuity after, so it could have some effect, plus the 4 cojones, the 4 evacuation ports, real, black, because it's an M-Competition package, and look, flat, show it in a way, I would have liked, however, to be a little further away, it seems to me that, I don't know, it's, its stomach hurts and can't go to the bathroom, and it's shrinking a bit from pipes. It's a bit, but no, everything is insane, everything, everything, everything is insane, and in the M-Carbon package, everything could be here, from carbon. Do you know what's cool about BMWs? This, the problem is different, I don't know if you can open it... It doesn't work. It doesn't work, it doesn't work to open the trunk, if you have the back window open, because you'll break this glass, but it's very easy to throw objects, more or less important, into the trunk.

And if the car wouldn't have been dirty, you could really bend, to get something out of there, but, too bad it's dirty now..If you want to close it, it's pretty hard, ok, and give it a little harder. And the reason why you get an M3 Touring is because it has a very large trunk, but it's not much bigger than an M3 sedan, it's about 50 liters more, it has 500 liters, 500 liters, but that's it, yes, but it has a flat margin. Ok, it has this carpet, whatever, but it has a flat margin, it's upholstered up to here, which is very good, the seat is electrically foldable, you have two false floors, one here, one there, with some storage space, 12V socket, you have a cover, you have a grill here, so you don't have objects falling from the back or in front, or the dogs don't get in your car, to not bite from the headrest, it's a pretty practical trunk, yes, and if you fold down the seats, you get to 1500 liters, basically, that's what you pay for, that's what you buy, versatility, not necessarily the volume, the big hole in the trunk, which, from what I understood, acts like a resonance chamber, and the car transmits more of the noise from the envelopes to the interior, just like it happens with the Dacia Logan, for example, it's noisier in the back than Sandero, because the trunk, which is completely empty, creates a resonance chamber, apparently, and here, it happens almost the same, but not at the same level. The battery is still in the back, to maintain the distribution of weight 50-50, and, overall, it's a good trunk, I mean, I wouldn't need more than 500 liters, no, it's ok, and let me show you something, BMW yellow DRL, yes, and this is the module, through which you change, look, wait, the LEDs, yes, the LEDs through which you turn them from white to yellow for daylight, to make them look like M3CS, and so on.

Would anyone like some M3 LEDs? I'll give them cheap. And I forgot to show you another thing about the trunk. See, this is a cutout for tall objects, if you really need to transport a fridge, or, I don't know, a printer, or something big, they made a cutout here, as far as they could, but, at least they were careful, but that's from the 3-Touring series, it's not necessarily from the M3-Touring, it's from the 3-Touring series. I forgot to tell you about the traditional M mirrors, cut like this. If you look from this angle, right from this angle, it looks like Batman's ears. And speaking of broken things, let me show you a broken reality thing.

Look at the M3, they wanted to make a fake gap. Why couldn't they make a real gap, even if they couldn't do anything, or they found a role, but look, they made a real gap, a fake air intake for a real M. The heart of any M, smaller, 2-3-4, from 5 onwards, we're moving to more serious engines, although it could, like this plug-in hybrid, not be a V8, well, it will still be a V8, on the M5, plug-in hybrid, with about 750 horses, it would be an XM sedan, like the owner of this car used to say, but, these little ones still have 3, I was going to say 3 in line, still have 3 liters, 6 in line, S58, an engine that is not quite at its prime, but still impresses. Well, it didn't impress me on the X3M Competition, but on the M4 Competition, it impressed me, supercharged with 2 monoscroll turbines, direct injection, double vanos, valve-tronic, internal forged, pistons, white, crankshaft, chain distribution, this engine is a modern jewel. If it didn't have particle filters, it would probably have been heard even better, but many owners have put evacuations on such little cars.

The power is simple, we already know it, 510 HP, because there is no non-competition version, at 6,250 rpm, about 1000 rpm before the redline, 650 Nm between 2,750 and 5,500, at a fairly large torque range, and, likewise, the S55 makes this car quite nervous, when you put your foot on the accelerator pedal. The transmission is still ZF 8HP, but if you choose the Competition version, anyway at M3 Touring you have no choice, you also receive a separate oil cooler, ZF 8HP, which has the last two ratios, 78 over unit. The maximum speed is caught in the 6th, 250 or 280 km per hour depends on what you choose, anyway you can go to anyone to get the limiter down, to bring it down to 300 if you want, because at 280 km per hour everything is limited. The other two ratios are for consumption. Speaking of consumption, the car consumes 18 in the city, 12 outside, and BMW says it consumes a combined consumption of 10. You can't consume 10 with this, not even on downhill, I believe, and not that the engine couldn't handle it, because the B58, the civil version of this engine, is very economical, but it doesn't let you, your soul doesn't let, the right foot. Let's go inside, because I'm already frozen. Let's go in the back, this is the position of the owner, who is taller than me.

Well, I think all owners are taller than me, in any car, it doesn't matter. In the back, what can I say, you stay close to G21, like in series 3, the touring, not much difference, on the other hand, you have this carpet we're going to talk about, you have these sports seats, by the way, the M-Carbons seats are a bit thinner, and they scratch very easily, so if you have children who hit their feet on the chairs, don't take M-Carbon, but at least they are thinner and have more space, that way you stay pretty well, you have air conditioning in three zones, standard, two USB-C's, ambient lights, the same pocket as in series 3, and yes, you get an M3 and at some point you forget it's just a series 3. It's not necessarily, it's not a basic ultra-gigasport car, no, it's a modified series 3, meaning, it's the same armrest in the back, with glass supports, you have ski hatch, because, yeah, it's a touring model, and, pay attention here, this headrest is adjustable, but if you want to put it in place, get it down, press, and it'll catch your finger, so be careful, plus the ISO fixers with caps you don't lose. It's a quite practical car.

Others put it childre in 911, and they don't complain, so we don't complain about the series 3 touring either. The only inconvenience and reason why you wouldn't put three people in the back, is this transmission tunnel. There's nothing you can do, that's how it is with BMWs, you stay with your legs apart, and I don't recommend you stay in the middle. So, two people, best in the back. The engine cooled down, let's see what a cold start sounds like.

I've also tested the series 3 with the new infotainment system, I don't know about the M3, some people like it, others don't, it's a bit weird to see so many screens and not have real on-board sensors, anyway, from iDrive 7 onwards, I found this arrow design crazy, or whatever you want to call it, doesn't really fit BMW, but, eh, you can't do anything about it, you want petrol and you want M3, all M3 tourings come with the 2022 facelift dashboard, you can't have them all. These simple seats also come with merino leather, they also have alcantara here, by the way, leather-perforated seats, orange leather on a green car, one of the best combinations you can have, M3 emblem illuminated, seat memory, heating and ventilation very rare ventilation option on M3, I don't know, 500 euros, I hope I'm not mistaken. By the way, these safety belts, 307 euros, because even on M3 Competition, they don't come in standard, you can optionally put them on a 1 Series with a D1-5 engine, but on M3 Competition, everything is optional. We have carbon fiber here, carbon fiber here, carbon fiber on the steering wheel. Pay attention here, these are not the original pads, so something more delicious in your life, you've never heard of it, pay attention here, wow, metallic pads, magnetic. Imagine you're driving this car, and then, downshift, 3, super, steering wheel heated, of course, the car is equipped, but everything is dominated by screens, you have nothing else to do. You still have the modes here, M mode, which you can enter, road, sport and track, and of course, you can enter the setup, and configure the modes however you want, M1 and M2, you can have M1 and M2 and you can have a mode, for example, if I now switch the engine to sport, it won't stay, or on efficient, it won't stay on the M1 configuration, it will simply be a third configuration. Let's see, the gearbox has 3 speed modes,

the start button is in red, the cameras are 360 degrees, with reversing assistant, with park assistant, with 3D mode, and, look, it's a green car, man, how cool, and you can see it from above if you want, fantastic, and it has summer tires here, Car wash mode, but say it's an animated cartoon, so, just say it is, and, obviously, yeah, it doesn't have the gestures, but really, I don't think they put the gestures on Series 3, I can't remember anyway, I love man green, it's more metallic on them, on the screen, than it is in reality. The rest of the infotainement I also showed you on other BMW models, Apple CarPlay, 3D Auto, wireless. I don't like how the wireless works on BMW, I prefer, if possible, to stay only with wires, weather, seats, driver's seat, so I have shown it before, we don't go into detail very much, live vehicle, here you have consumption and other applications, content, vehicle status, journey data, applications just for BMW.

M drift analyzer and M lap timer, these are the important ones, if you want to drift, they give you a star, next drift, best drift, if you want, like BMW, to judge your drifts. Not reset, because it's not our car. Vehicle lapse and lap timer, whatever, they tell you to use it only on the circuit, obviously you will use it only on the circuit, settings, ambient lights, obviously, green for this car, digital key, you can put a digital key on your phone, you have the app on your phone, drive recorder, meaning, onboard camera system, already available in the car, I've shown it before, personal hotspot, air conditioning system. How do you know it's an iDrive 8 and not an 8.5, with this weird air conditioning system, seats here, balanced, off, and so on. I haven't turned it on 8.5 yet. But I like that it's in the M colors, compared to other models, this one's in the M colors.

It responds well. On the Infotainment, the problem is, it's not the most intuitive of all. Luckily you have these setup buttons here, for everything that means car. We also have a head-up display, which you can customize, meaning it's not who knows what, but you also have an M mode, which also has a turometer, so you don't look at the screen, but look directly there, and it's a bar of the turometer, and the dashboard, obviously fully digital, this one's 14.9 inches, this one's 12.3, with several types of content. Let's see. And we have sports displays, music, tire pressure, and this is a BMW M1, the first BMW M. It's a very interesting easter egg. Minus one degree, look, it got warmer outside, minus one degree. Temperatures, and pressure in the turbine, setup, navigation, assistance systems, consumption, if you want something like that, and a reduced mode, where you don't see anything, so you can focus on...

And the screens have a matte film, and seeing the way it is cut out, it's not the original film of the car. You see the way it is cut out, it's a matte film put by the owner. Interesting, let's take a quick look. Same storage spaces, which we also find in a normal 3 Series, two sports glasses, USB-A still for connectivity, and a wireless charger, and a drawer with the owner's objects. And as I showed you at X6M Competition,

we also have the M watch mode. Actually, this wouldn't be the M watch, you go to MyModes, and you go on Sport, and they change the watches, and that's what the sports watches look like, but honestly, I don't like it. Well, here, every once in a while, you also see that speedometer on the head-up display, let's show it to you, if we're still here, that's what it looks like, when you speed it up, so, these are the watches, I'll stay with my standard watches, and let's go drive it, because I can't wait any longer. On the first, so, on the first, so, I wouldn't have believed it, on the first, it goes, well, I would also be a hypocrite, how can it not go at 500 horses? What you see now, is actually my first reaction, I actually kept it for you, first of all, because I knew I was going to like the car.

I don't even know what to say, so, actually, I don't know what to say about this car. It's exactly how I imagined it to be, meaning, it's big, it's heavy, the steering is light, variable electric steering, by the way, with the same feedback as the M4, the steering wheel, thick, but not too much, I think I've given up on the thickness of the latest M steering wheels. The seats, on the other hand, I can't say I agree with them, they're a bit too comfortable for an M, the sound in the boxes, oh my God, these magnetic paddles, crazy. But otherwise, it's exactly what I wanted from a car, the dimensions are perfect, the position at the steering wheel, somehow ok, probably because I'm small, but I would have liked to stay a bit further away from the steering wheel and the rest of the windscreen, so I can reach the paddles as well as I can now. With these winter tires, the car is slipping, so if you're not in control of the situation, it will slip and you have to be careful that it slips more than it brakes, it's like an M4, only it feels a bit bigger in the back. If you were just to drive it, blindfolded, I don't know if anyone would feel the difference.

What you hear now is more noise in the boxes. It's nervous, so if you really hit it, you have to be careful, especially in winter especially now, when you only get a bit of snow out of this, but with Pirelli PZero Winter, these tires are good, very good. It's very hard to drive this car legally and still show to the camera that something is happening.

One thing is to just drive in a straight line, yes, it pulls, but you also have to feel it its environment, you have to drive it, to see that the chassis is moving under you. But the rear pulls much more than the front does. The shifting of gears are not double clutch, but still, it is pretty fast for a ZD8HP. And yes, when braking, it brakes, but if you have soft rubber on the tire and you feel how it moves under you during braking, and you have to dose the brake pedal a bit better. Yes, well, that's done by braking on Nurburgring, and on Nurburgring you don't brake delicately, you brake hard, and after that, you dose on the brake pedal. Look here, on snow, more tricky, it immediately runs away, it immediately runs away.

After a while you learn, after some time you learn with it, you have no problem, it's super fun, I don't know why, but I have more fun doing this than in the M4. You saw how it runs away from its place at the beginning of the video, or somewhere in the video, on this road with snow, and that's what it's about. You can't, indeed, it's just like that, there are only curves. You can't go fast with it, you can't. What if it was manual as well. You have to be careful with the traction, you can't go fast with the acceleration on this car, you can't, especially on this black ice. And I'm glad I didn't drive it on dry, because the feeling is even stronger, so my heart is like, Luci, be careful, be careful, see that it's not your car, see that there's snow on the ground, but if you keep it, ok, don't put the second gear in power, let it go, if you keep it in the torque range, like the third, fourth, fifth, sixth, it pulls like a train, like a train.

Indeed, it has pops, but inside, you can hear the sound from the speakers, which can be a bit disappointing. Harry Potter stopped the sound in the speakers, that's how you can hear the natural sound of the car, because it has particle filters, but you can hear more evacuations. It's not the sound of the intake, like you would hear on an M3 E46. And the brake pedal, look, it's a bit soft, in these conditions, with these envelopes, You would expecting the initial bite to be better.

Look how it pulls, it's weird to drive a car that does 0-100 in 3.6 seconds, 200 in 12 seconds, and 80-20 in 2 seconds and 75, because it pulls, yes, it pulls, it's more about how it pulls, because it's effortless, it's full of torque, it's not like a V8. For a supercharged engine, it's revving very quickly. There is no road here that it enjoys, there is no road where you can unchain it to the maximum. Have you played with paddles all day? I'm not the biggest fan of paddles. Give me a manual every time, I give myself 3 pedals and a stick, and I play with them all day, but this aftermarket paddles...

I'm curious why don't they put more on the drivers, something like that. Why do they put those stupid, tiny paddles that don't click, plastic paddles, why don't they put metal, carbon, something, make them feel like you're doing something with the car. That's how it sounds without sound in speakers, and that's how it sounds with sound in speakers. Obviously, when you give them the feeling that something is happening, it's bigger, with the evacuation started, yes, just like that, just like that. I would really like to be able to go as it supposed to, we can't because we are on public roads, and let you enjoy it. Actually...

Listen here. It's obvious that I haven't drive for a long time a car so good. It's not that visceral, natural feeling you find in an aspirated with a good evacuation, but it's like looking at something through a magnifying glass, you know, everything enlarged, the power is enlarged, you have power across the entire range, always power, you have the sound in speakers all the time. The only difference is that you can switch to efficient, comfort, and use it like daily, that's the magic of new cars. You can use them all the time. This C63, this plug-in hybrid with 680 horses..

Have you've seen someone interested in the car? Nobody, nobody has bought it, not even, damn it, not even Mercedes-Benz buys it, and I think it will be the same with BMW M5, so let's take them as much as we can, because in 10, 12, 15 years, we will still have G80, E92, F80, 2 Series M, M3, we will still have them, Thank you for your attention. Kisses. Cars with Luci Popa ends!

2024-01-25 12:32

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