BMW E46 M3 TOURING BUILD | Ep6 | S54 and body wiring | ENG SUB

BMW E46 M3 TOURING BUILD | Ep6 | S54 and body wiring | ENG SUB

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Hello everyone! Welcome to today's M3 Touning build video, if are new to the channel, make sure to subscribe before continue. If everything goes well, by the end of today's episode this engine will be running for now it's still quite a mess, but I think that by the time we get halfway through the wiring I think it will be at least twice as big But I'm about to make a little order here so we can have some space on the table and Imi will be here soon and the work will begin Imi has finally arrived - Hello everyone Well Imi will help me wiring this engine and the whole car and make it running. Let's quickly put together what exactly will be needed for wiring let's have a plan and then we'll start Ok, then let's see what we'll need here is a previous collection of mods Well, let's say then what we won't need is, for example, the clutch right ? It has yes.

you don't need the clutch, it's there, you don't even need a rear fog light we're leaving out the rear seat heating, it won't be installed now but it could be! speed sensor extension. Is it necessary? No? isn't this the M3 MK60? MK60 yes, only the number of the ABS block is different. It's the same connector because I replaced it and the connector also fit. Good then! Good, then you don't have to. the ignition switch does not need to be replaced

because we are going from manual to manual, then it is not necessary xenon is not, but it is needed for the left xenon for the left xenon for the M3 sport button, tire pressure Ah and the switch panel! I also wanted to find the switch panel We have seat heating as I can see seat heating is there There will be no CSL steering wheel in it now, no PDC connection is needed since the car is German so there is no need to delete the DMTL either we also have headlight washers washer tank level indicator Here what comes to the right is the wiring of the air conditioning compressor and the outlet water temperature sensor so outlet water temperature, AC compressor switch Yes, the expansion tank also needs a level indicator because the expansion tank is also on the left side, and will be there on the right side, expansion tank expansion tank, circulation pump is It's not. We leave it as is. It has both connectors because I think they are the same. M3 has the same... Here, what is left in the front left is the body harness M3 upgrade OK Body harness, if it will be M3 anything else? so the remaining is coding, right? and the rear power windows that are in the interior yeah rear power windows Memory mirrors, door harness replacement Well there are few more These were basically power folding mirrors yes yes yes but if the M3 module is already in then it will work anyway ok I keep the stereo, I don't need another stereo then that's all for now, I think we'll start because we won't finish for a start I'll install the carbon support while Imi takes out the wires that's where the washer tank will go anyway and the horn as well we decided to start at the beginning and we'll move slowly backwards I asked if I could help, but I'll probably help the most if I not disturb him the two pumps of the washer tank are already ready, so Imi is starting to remove expansion tank and the secondary air pump wires from the spare harness this was also mentioned in the previous video, but if you missed it you can watch it if you click on the link in the upper right corner While Imi removes the wires for the secondary air pump I will put back this small coil harness now the M3 horns are next, they need to be adjusted a bit in order to fit the connectors but I can make it quickly Let it loose! Are you trying with machines? or with your hand... look, move this way a little outside Yes, great! Ok, now there is room for the connector Good, we'll come back with this, lead this over and then, basically we are done with the front...

Roughly done? And the xenon still needs to be dismantled, the reason is good but after that, basically the frontend is ready after that I will start to connect the vacuum cleaner and that part we continue with the expansion tank with the vacuum cleaner and the left xenon lamp wire One thing I'm not really satisfied, I don't know how it's going to work here if the refrigerator was up then it would be possible to tell, this might still have to be extended the wires for the water temperature sensor as I said the problem is without any radiator, because this comes out somewhere here, and the radiator is sitting here and there is still slack on it, but I don't know if it's enough I'll do something here I will remove one from the factory harness that little clip there and then it will also look like if it were factory ok horn is also there I also wired this back, I can see you made some progress also there when you connect the six-cylinder let's say into such a small diesel then what needs to be modified on this harness? Because I see it's here... It comes to here on the body harness So basically this part must be changed. Yes Okay, and the point is that it should be from an M3 It is good from any 6-cylinder. The only thing is that

you have to add the wires for the Sport button - if not M3. Also, if it is from M52, it will not have the electric gas pedal. This is progress! Almost done! Only few minutes and we are done in few hours! Xenon is done, good, the sport button and the tire pressure we'll do that now, then the outlet water temp is also done, the air conditioning compressor is half done let's say it's already there outside, we still need to do it inside I'll pull it out halfway the expansion is ready, we'll start the harness inside now we'll start the engine soon Do you remember when you did the first one, the General? With Gal Pisti? Yes It was awesome! I remember when we put the bin in the engine bay Yes, I remember that too, the bin was watching in the middle! I don't know if I still have that picture somewhere - I have it! - You have it? Send it over to me! We even put the dog in! I prepared the engine controller with its harness while Imi converted the interior harness from four to six cylinders now the sport button can be added The vacuum piping is also from a right-hand drive car, but don't be afraid this can also be converted, you don't need to buy a new one. Then if you put the vacuum piping in its place, you will already see how much of the hose needs to be cut at the end to fit you just insert the connector with a clamp and you're done I left the clamps out here for now the point is that it can be started, we will deal with the clamps later Is that the new body control module? This? No.

Still the old one? Yes. I'm just wiring, we'll put it in later. Does this have to be connected now or do you connect the rear electric window now? Yes, too. And the secondary air

relay is here, I'll connect it now. Aha Of course, I have to squeeze in a little game with my big son too! Will it be good? Yes, good! This will... Recharge it? Yes, Charge it Mom will be happy for the flowers Very much! that you have crushed. This is the point of RC cars. Listen! Listen, this is not bowling! Oh my goodness, Csani! You broke it! What's here? How many points is that? It's only 2 points.

Be a little better next time! Yes, it's only 2 points Csani. Imi is doing very well in the interior, only the rear doors are left with the rear window regulators Also the front mirrors, the memory mirrors with the M3 modules and after that we will be able to start, so this is definitely very good, but I am worried about these screws which were missing from the oil pan so I hope there won't be any problems with it now we're starting it soon so I'm very curious how it will be here is the mirror itself with its small connector the module and and the mirror switch we'll connect this as well afterwards the rear door is coming here is the bundle for the rear door now we will only test it with one motor because I don't want to refit the entire rear door it's actually completely unnecessary because after that I have to disassemble the whole thing anyway because we're going to the paintshop, and here's the small switch with which we can move the motor up and down then that's it Where are we now? M3 mirrors are almost in. Are the mirrors almost ready? Yes. I guessed that there would be some chaos on the ground here mirror wiring is ready, let's test it! So? We have mirror! That's it! Module? And then I would also need the mirror...

But it also works great! Genius! Back... perfect! it works on the other side too so I think we can remove this from the list unfortunately I've already done it you've already done it, ok now I have some time to deal with the aesthetics, I'll wash the top of the engine to make it look better we're already at the finish line almost everything is ready only the rear windows are still missing so now I'm starting to assemble the engine control box and hopefully we're starting soon Imi will finish soon with wiring the rear electric windows in the meantime he entrusted me to assemble the engine control box I don't know if it was a mistake if it's done, then it's done Rear? Ok, it works. Is it reversed there? Almost good Second try Good. King! now the rear windows also work we can remove the last item from the list only the coding is remaining and then we can start Here goes nothing. I'm not saying I'm not nervous about the missing screws But...

Are you ready? It can go? Okay, so far so good Maybe the ... Wait, maybe it still needs to pickup the petrol Well, next one? Still no, but... Maybe it's leaking somewhere? Again! This is already better! Ok, let's see! One more! Very cool! That's it! 18d Thank God we don't see any oil leaks, it seems that the oil pan is not leaking, although we didn't dare to run it for too long in order not to have something wrong with the engine because there is no cooling water on it, we also removed the belts because we wouldn't accidentally break any of the auxiliary equipments due to the dry running, but the session reached its goal, the time passed and the engine started, we are very happy about that, we thank you for staying with us today too. If you liked the video, please give it a like, if you are interested how the build continues, make sure to subscribe! See you in the next video! Bye! This will be entered into some record book by now.

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