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Greetings YouTubers. Welcome back to my channel and welcome to a new episode of Arch Japan Moto Vlogs. Just reading some of the comments from last week's episode, which I launched last night. So inspiring. So, so grateful for those great comments. Thank you to all of those who've watched that episode making my way out to the garage.

Just walking past the park where they have the radio taiso the morning exercise, big thing here in Japan with large companies and so forth, but also in smaller communities as well. Really inspiring. So today I'm heading down to Kanagawa. I was there a couple of weeks ago when I came past the naval base and I want to head down to a Jogashima Park There's a beautiful coastline, I think, down there.

I've been down there many, many years ago and there's also quite a famous fish market down there as well. So whether or not you have seen the thumbnail? going to be hooking up with Andy again. Always fun riding with him. So I'm really looking forward to this. So I'll update you guys once I hook up with Andy.

We're going to be meeting up at one of his favorite parking areas where he sometimes goes and meets fellow motorbike riders. And yeah, this is going to be fun because it's always fun riding with Andy. So I hope you enjoy this one as well, guys. And again, thanks for all the comments.

I really appreciate it. And yeah, this should be good to speak to you in a bit, guys. Let's go. And this morning as well, I’m my testing, some some new earplugs.

Fellow motorbike rider warned me a couple of weeks ago when we're out. He said that you don't use earplugs. No I said, I've never known I'm supposed to.

He's like, Yes, you need to apply plug. So just to share which earplugs I'm using here, it's not too bad. I mean, I can still hear my music and things like that, so. Yeah, I obviously do wear the head cover as well, which is quite close up against me.

my ears, which I feel, but also damp somewhat provides somewhat protection. And also, as I've mentioned this as well, this this helmet, the way the it's designed the the aerodynamics and so forth. I don't really get that much wind of my head moving around.

So I guess I probably it is useful as well. It's quite quiet. It's a very quiet helmet.

Hey, guys so I have arrived at the parking area of HODOGAYA And one of the great things about Japan is you see these amazing motorbikes. I've got the Paris Dakar here the older version. Look at this. This is a beauty. This is a piece of art. This machine.

Good morning, Andy, my friend. Good to see you. Good. Long time no see. Long time no see. It's been 50 years. Yeah.

So it's on. It's already recording. Andy, Is it really? Okay. Well, good morning, everyone. We have arrived at the parking area. Andy and myself.

It's been a while since we've ridden. together Andy Yeah, it's been some 30 years ago We got old, we aged a little bit for sure. We did age for a little bit.

so today's route is we're going to be heading down to the Kanagawa area, Jogashima Park is the end route where I would like to head to. Yeah and if it if it gets too congested Andy maybe we could get on the motorway and just really we head straight. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. To the Bay Area actually up the coastline.

Yeah we can choose the roads. Yes, yes. Yeah. And then close down there, Andy and I think close down there there is like a fish market. Oh ? is there. Well I'd like, I'd like to check that out.

Sure. Yeah. That'll be interesting. Cause you and I have offline talked about possibly where we would go for lunch. But, you know, obviously if there's a great fish market down there, I think the two of us maybe should also explore that. Then maybe I'll stomach maybe fill the with the fish before lunch off.

That's possible. And and as well, when we get down there, guys, we're going to park in the car park area and probably take a little bit of a walk down the coastline. It looks like the the shore area looks quite interesting. So let's get all settled up and.

We all go. And one thing I would like to remind you, when we are taking Yokohama to Yokosuka road across the road that the motorway, we we have to be careful because there are many masked Police on that. that's very good to know. Something about 80% of the cars driving on that road are police cars.

Really? So unmasked, unmasked, unmasked. Masked !! Wow. You cannot know if it's so. Typically the Toyota.

What is it? Toyota crown. The sneak up. Yeah. Yeah Toyota crown. This a so we both have to be on our best behavior. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Okay. We have to ride one kilometer per hour lower than the speed limit. Understood.

Okay. We will. We will be well behaved. So, guys. Yes, we will. We'll be good guys.

Yep. Will connect with you guys as well when we're down at the car park area. So come along with us on this journey and then I hope you enjoy this episode as well.

And I'm happy the man is back, the world traveler. Giving them pleasure. It's a pleasure to be with you.

Okay. Thanks, guys. See you Later ! Yeah. So it's leaning over a little bit more. Yeah. Now, that's beautiful. That's beautiful. Andy we arrived in Jogashima And we just parked our bikes in the parking area, and we started walking around, walking up the hill to the lighthouse.

So how are you today, Arch ?? I'm doing good. Beautiful weather. I'm out with my buddy. Yeah, riding the motorbikes. I mean, I couldn't wish for anything more. Okay, Very good. It is beautiful here heh Andy ? Yeah, it is very much very beautiful. Right, Beautiful Jogashima Emma, Let's go check out the, the coastline down there.

Yeah, And then we'll have a look. Oh...........Andy ??? Yeah, look, there's a lighthouse. Yeah, that is a lighthouse. Yes, yes, yes.

Let's go check that out in a minute. First, we'll go check out the coast. Yes. Okay. We'll go check out the. The lighthouse. Yeah, that'll be interesting. Okay.

We'll walk up to there, Yeah, we were. We were. Totally shocked. We had no idea it was there Andy !! My God. It's. Well, it's beautiful.

It's. It's a very rocky coast. No sandy coast. Very rocky. Yeah. It's this rocky coast, a lighthouse lighthouse.

They're amazing. Do you see the road up to there? I think. Yeah. We have to go past those houses there and. And then take a left.

Okay. Yeah, I saw that. I saw a road go up there. Okay, so we have to walk back to there. Is that going to be the Andy Cam ?? it’s the Andy cam. It wil be the Andy Video this is the Andy Cam, the beautiful weather and the beautiful blue sea and the nice looking man shooting that video here.

So I'll be an actor again. Yeah, Lets go..... my friend. So to go around here for the left and climb up the hill to the.

There's some stairs here. And you think we're going to go up the stairs here. Yeah. Up we go again. Andy. Up some stairs.

this wasn't in our contract, Andy, that we had to climb up these stairs. Sometimes it happens with that. Who's that guy? Who is this guy? That says Prayer to the Sea Sea? Literally. inaudible I don't know who that. Who they are.

Yeah, This is the instruction of this Jogashima Light House was built in 1870. wow. By a French person named Mr. Monsieur Verny Monsieur Verny was here...... Monsieur.......

in a city park qui.......qui...qui..... magnificent........ JOGASHIMA I wonder if we can get in there. Andy, do you have the key? Andy. I forgot in my house. What is this? But it is padlocked all, Padlocked.

Andy okay. going down the stairs. Is easier than going up. Yeah. Lets go.......

Lets go......, Andy is beginning to sweat a bit. So, Andy, when we come up, please be careful here this spot Come here along this side Okay. Don't go through there. Okay? Yeah, I understand.

Stay on this side. Okay? Yeah. I don't want to fall. I mean, I don't want you to fall. Yeah.

There we go. Thank you, Andy. thank you so much Let's go There's a big harley big Harley Davidson. Yes, This looks correct, Andy. Yeah, Yeah.

everything is ok oh beautiful here Andy You're Andy, okay? Yes, sir. No problem. I wanted to see. I wanted to film this. These boats here, Andy, how do we go? Here we go. I guess we have to go right?

Because that guy was telling me, Park your motorbike here So we are here in the fish market. Which places is this? Is that the area? Okay, That area. sakana The fish sakana Fish house. This sakana (fish) burger sakana burger filet fish.

interesting, Right matter. Fry the deep fry the mackerel burger. This is ohhhh.........thats Arch isn’t it....? You here, You happen to be here. You happen to be here, right? This is what we call a fish market. A fish market because supposed to be buying some fish here.

you want a tuna fish Andy ? would you like one ?, No will buy it.... Soya Sauce, Sugar and Mirin oh....... Wow Andy thats delicious This is just like a beef steak Yeah its good heh ? Good heh Andy ? So we're here in Jogashima the fish market. Yes, that was awesome. I really enjoyed that. And that sushi was, sorry not the sushi I mean the maguro tuna.

Yeah, the tuna was delicious. Doused in soy sauce that. Yes, they had the soy sauce one and the salt one on the tereyaki We took the soy sauce one and it was very nice.

Well, what was good. I am happy I came here. Yeah. So what time are we looking at? now Andy what time is it ? Let let me have a look Sir ? Sir, I don’t wear a watch anymore so I have to see me. Okay. 5 past 11 So we start making our way back north, I guess.

On the West Coast road, maybe. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So we have to make a route, I guess. Andy, right? Yeah. Okay. Like this ? HAYAMA Yeah, H A Y A M A Perfect. Yep.

So it says it takes me about 47 minutes to get there. Yeah. Maybe we can see Mount Fuji or I'm not sure, but yes. Right. That's in this way. Okay, perfect.

Perfect Okay, so let's do that Andy Yeah, I think this is that is actually the road that we should take. Perfect. When I'm going to choose this one. Yeah. For 47 minutes. Minutes. Yeah. And then we'll head out there. Yeah. And then by that time, you know, proabily takes us than 45 minutes to get this one at lunchtime.

Then we could start talking about what we're going to. Do for extended lunch Yeah, maybe we can go to. as you suggested that, you know the Hamburger shop in Yokohama And by that time, I think the rush hours will be over. Let's go to my friend.

Okay, let's go. shall we yes And he is behind. Me Have I paid for my friend as well ? Does he need to pay ? “No” so guys we have arrived at the the bubble over restaurant where I was here probably about a month ago or so Andy is obviously interested to see what the food is like here so we've made our way up from the south part of Kanagawa and they're going to be clearing a table for us because they do remember me from the last time.

So I'm very, very fortunate about that because this place is jam packed now at the moment. So I just got my cap that I was about to forget. Excellent Andy ! And let's go and have a burger.

Yeah, let's enjoy that. Can you please film the grill for me ? the grill yes yes thank you so much ah thats awesome thanks for filming All right. Thank you so much ! So we're going to have some burgers. Burgers, burgers. And then if we still have a little bit of appetite left, maybe order some apple pie. We'll see. We'll see how much appetite we got left. Okay...

For me its no problem Andy If you have enough appetite. I think I can manage that apple pie. Its very good. Apple pie. And I think my stomach is very much looking for to it Right. sorry the camera is in your way Fantastic, right? Yeah, man.

my God. my God. look and this is the bag you need the bag. The bag must have the bag. Yeah. This makes me happy. Yeah.

You got to try and show the hamburger. Wow. Wow. So, yeah, we are lucky we could have a table Yeah, it's that reserved. Yeah. Yep, that’s reserved oh, that the way you you use that bag to hold it it’s so you don't make a mess I didn’t know that Wow burger in the bag. Andy how good is that burger? Very good.

Andy, one more time please ? So this is the famous apple pie with cream and whipped cream and its super delicious and I’m going to try. Smells amazing. Andy right ? look at this apple pie. Very nice. Apple pie. Amazing. Andy ? Yep.

Let's stand here Andy ? We had a very nice burger. What do you think of it? Yeah. Amazing. Amazing food. Yeah. And nice apple pie. Exactly. Andy, thanks for coming along today.

My pleasure. And you're going. Home and I'm going on to a little adventure elsewhere. So let's talk about maybe next Wednesday if you have a time. Yes. We've got, though.

Thank you very much. And thanks. Bye bye bye bye. I lost my navi, my phone went to sleep oh that’s no good you want to stop somewhere ? No its ok Right, guys? As you can see, Andy and I have gone our separate ways. I'm going to scoot down quickly to BMW, Haneda and go check a thing with Nozaki san So thanks very much for coming along on this episode and I hope you enjoyed it.

So on to the next one Andy and I are already talking about the next event when we get together. Speak to you soon, guys. Thanks a lot. and bye bye Hey guys.

That's another wrap for an episode. Just walking home with the drag alone. What a fantastic day I've had with Andy Out touring and it's been fabulous.

Good to see him after almost a month and a half. I think the last time we were out, the giggles we have on camera and off camera were always spot on. Superb. So as we discussed where we were down at the fish market on the way back, we stopped over to the Bubble over Cafe and got ourselves tucked into a double cheeseburger and some apple pie Andy loved it was a good time.

And then we went our separate ways. So Andy's obviously lives on the other side of Tokyo compared to me, and so I thought I'd just stop over at Haneda because I wanted to ask Nozaki san those on some things. So that's all been worked out.

So it's going to be some exciting things coming to the channel. So stay tuned guys, for the next episodes and thanks for watching in for this one as well. So I will see you again on the next one. Guys, thanks very much. See you. Bye bye.

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