Bisikletle Güneydoğu Asya Turuna Başlıyoruz #156

Bisikletle Güneydoğu Asya Turuna Başlıyoruz #156

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Greetings from Thailand everyone. We bought ourselves two bikes and are going on a southeast Asia tour. We are now 30 km from the capital of Thailand, Bangkok. From here we will go to Cambodia and from there to Laos. Then we will go back to Thailand. It is not clear whether we will go to Vietnam because it gives a very short-stay visa.

We will decide on the way. We will decide on the way. I would like to briefly talk to you about how we bought the bikes. First, we toured the second-hand bike shops in Bangkok. We couldn't find anything.

Then we started searching on Facebook. We finally found this bike. That's exactly how this bike came in. He had his bags and luggage on him. This bike arrived almost ready for the tour. It's time to find a bike for me.

Someone told us about a repair shop called Bike Touring Club, where tour cyclists also spend time. We found my bike there. But my bike was not a ready made bike like his. We rebuilt this bike.

First I bought the frame of the bike. Then the wheels were installed. The handlebar is attached. I bought the bags from Decathlon. We built the bike from scratch.

We met a man named Tor at the Bike Touring Club. This man helped us with everything as if he was our uncle, he never left us alone. We were together every day. We had these bikes made. Then we took them to another shop. He also said let's check it here. Wheels have been serviced.

Rim chords done. It has been taken care of down to the smallest detail. He took us to dinner in the evening. He took her home, introduced him to his family. We spent 4-5 days together.

Many parts of our bikes are gifts from Tor. We love you Tor! By the way, I had my hair cut. Long hair was very difficult on the bike tour. You can't wear the helmet comfortably. I also wanted a change.

I have short hair now. I will continue this tour like this. We are in the garden of a house right now. Yesterday, on the way from the main road, we saw an alleyway with houses. We asked the houses, can we set up a tent in your garden? Finally someone gave permission.

We set up the tent here for the first time yesterday. It was a little damp, so we moved it here. The owner of the house also gave us a fan. We slept cool last night. Good Morning.

Are you ready for the second day? This is a super tent. Really? Yes. It installs very quickly, assembles very quickly. Wonderful.

We did a lot of shopping before we set off. I will introduce you the items in order. Let me show you the chairs first. We bought two such chairs. from Decathlon. It's a very comfortable chair.

A little heavy. Around 1 kilo but worth it. It improves the quality of life. The weather is pretty good today. We have Decathlon's bike computer.

It's showing 37.2 degrees right now. I don't know how true it is but the weather is really hot. But it doesn't burn very much because there is also a slight breeze. We apply our sunscreen every day.

The roads are calm, as you can see. A lot of trucks are passing by right now. But in general the roads are empty . There are not many cars.

We saw a man on the side of the road. There's a small lake here, and he's holding an arbolet. Arrow shooting weapon. This. He fishes with it. We missed it.

He didn't hit. Didn't you hit? OK. So is it here? There is. Really? Can I see? Did you get it from here? From here? Yes.

Is there another one? There is one there too. The fish are huge, aren't they? Huge fish. Do you keep these to eat or to sell? He didn't understand.

Thank you. The man is leaving. I'm currently going at 14 km/h, but I'll pass the one in front of me. Can you imagine how slow it is? We are alone on a big road right now. This is the police office.

On the left is the photo of the king. You can see this photo everywhere. It's getting dark now, half past four.

We found a temple, we will ask if we can stay here. Hello. Hello.

A little english? A3+ODJ93dm. A3+ODJ93dm. Yes. We... OK.

I want to show you something. Google translate: Can we set up a tent here? -I'm showing the tent photo- We have a tent. Can we put it here? Here? Is here? Yes. Yes? This place is good.

Ha? This place is good. @'!^312983qjioq!! Name+3NJSdas89u3 Isn't it? Uh look. Google Translate: We will stay in the tent tonight and leave early in the morning. Here. To sleep.

go tomorrow. Is it possible? N@thunq4y@ Maybe there? Very good, very good. He will give us a room under the temple. Good good. i(n)0ĞduBaiy3 P!bh3L0m We will sleep.

N0ğ4tengyh@! ??? But-tu^+e3andlibuligmuhtabA! Mosquitoes I don't think there is a problem. As long as it's a tent, there's no problem. M3L0n0,k@t4! Yes Perfect.

@La!n0s4ba! All right, see you. What is he saying? Something something said 'Sabai'. We are pitching a tent in a temple. We asked Monk, he put us in this little room.

Awesome. We don't need to unload things. We can lock our door. There is a toilet. We can also take a shower in the toilet. This is the temple where we stayed.

Where did you get this? from Bangkok. This is super stuff. What is this? May I look? He's giving it to you. For me? Thank you. Thank you. What is inside? Is it your hair? May I look? -A pendant with hair in it- Yes, it will give strength.

Good luck. Yes. Good luck.

He loves planes. It shows the plane every time it passes. Maybe he's dreaming.

Did you board the plane? Did you ride three times? To Bangkok? in Bangkok? Did you ride three times? Paikto? Do we want garlic? Yes, we can put some. Is half a pack of pasta too much? We put in a little more than half a pack. Monks don't eat after 12 noon. That's why she didn't join us :) Good. There is also a shower here.

There is a fountain in the toilet. I will wash using one of the pots. This is how I will wash. Good morning everyone . We're leaving here. We stayed in this room last night. This is somewhere under the temple.

I will wash using one of the pots. Is this yours? Is this yours? Thank you. Money for donation... Let's leave some donations.

We didn't see this place yesterday. Shall we leave it here? Yes, I don't know. 100 Baht - $2.80

Father of the current king. old king. The royal family was responsible for the maintenance and financial support of the temples. Temples affiliated with the royal family. That's why the king is so important. Shall we drop 20 baht over there? OK.

ŞAnskdmcl We are going to the city of Sanam Chai Khet, which is written in the middle. When we enter there, we will turn left and exit the city. We think we can find a nice campground there. It sells boiled eggs and soy sauce. But we don't need it, buck. 20 Baht - 50 Cent 4 eggs 20 baht (50 cent) .

The wind started. The clouds came too. I think it will rain. Darkened clouds. We are looking for a place to eat. We didn't eat properly this morning. It started to rain heavily. We hid under here.

It's been raining. Everyone shut down their workbench. We will eat while we wait for the rain to stop. We will eat boiled chicken.

There are cables in the water here. It scares me a little. I am afraid of electricity. Boiled chicken is sold here.

50 Baht - $1.25 I get one. 15 Baht - 45 Cent We can also make a garbage bag. Thank you. Thank you. The rain stopped, so we set off right away.

We have 28 km more to go, 2 more hours. It rained a lot but it was short lived. We are driving towards cloudless ground. Let's see. We're going straight roads.

At 17 kilometers per hour. We're going without falling below 17 km/h. Cycling in Thailand is very enjoyable. It says 'Attention elephant may come out'. Imagine a huge elephant coming from over there.

Is this a dam? I guess. What shall we do? Shall we turn? We can install it in the covered place we just saw. Let's go then. Let's set it up before it gets dark. We set up our tent next to the lake. We found a covered place.

Is the man coming? There's a man over there. He just didn't let us set up a tent. We wanted to pitch a tent there. Gone. He said he would come but he didn't. We were waiting for him.

But the weather was very dark. There are lots of mosquitoes. We are cooking. Meal time. Pasta with onions, carrots, avocado and tomato tonight. Today we cycled 48 km in total.

We are slowly getting used to it. On the first day we drove 30 km. On the second day we went 40 km. Today we drove 50 km. The roads are without slopes, we have completed the same road in three days by accelerating.

It means we are slowly getting used to it. I also want to tell you about the equipment. We are now using a gas stove. You put regular gasoline in it. You can use it anywhere in the world.

You can cook anywhere there is gas. It contains gasoline. One, two, three, four, five, six... It's beautiful. So delicious. The bitterness and spice are superb.

Pasta is much better than rice. Pasta is very expensive. 2 dollar pack. 2 meals come out of 1 package of pasta. A pack of rice at the same price yields 10 meals. 6-7 dishes come out for sure.

Rice is cheaper but less flavorful. How quickly did you finish? Aren't you finished yet? You ate half of it. How fast are you? If you can't finish it, don't force it. Shall I give you some? No. We're going to the toilet to wash the dishes left over from yesterday. The rooster is beautiful.

Our tent is here. It started to rain. We hid somewhere on the side of the road. I think these are chicken feed. We'll wait for the rain to stop.

It started abruptly, like in monsoons. Today, we ride the bike in beautiful places. Right and left are trees, greenery. These might be rubber trees, I'm not sure. But there's a lot of rubber here. They hollow out their trees and extract the sap from it.

Let me show you an example of rubber. These trees are planted in rows. This is how they cut the bark of the tree. Those who drip from here gather here.

They sell this too. It's called Latex. It doesn't smell.

Rubber is made from it. We found the man doing it. Hello. May I look? May I watch? See what he's doing. He threw it to the ground.

There is nothing there. As soon as it cuts, something like milk flows through it. Very good.

Isn't it strange? It flows here too. It is then collected below. Wow. I hope one day we will see an elephant crossing the street. I wish it passed before us. We pass through a small town.

Looks like it's going to rain soon. So funny. This is such a funny thing. Is there? How much is that? I think we should buy 200 baht - $5.50

. Where will we put it? on top of the tent? It also has a rope. I wonder if we can find a place to stay here. The light is on! Let's take this. Hello. Hello. It's a quarter to 5 o'clock.

We were actually going to continue a little more today. But the weather is very rainy. Did you hear the thunder? Rain is coming. Let's secure ourselves. The guy where we got the dinosaur fans got us somewhere. We will stay here. We are waiting for your friend to come.

Let's not pay more than 300 baht ($8). 400 baht ($11) Room with fan. Let's negotiate 400 baht ($11) per night for 300 baht ($ 8)? Impossible. Why? It's already very cheap. Look, we are traveling by bike. We have no money.

Just give me an air-conditioned room for 400 Baht ($11). BAJfnls^+%&M We can be good friends. Give me 400 Baht then we'll be good friends. You have a lot of money.

We don't have much money. If I had a lot of money, I would have a car or a motorcycle. look at it.

These are bicycles. Let's get 350 baht ($9.50). We agreed.

Didn't we agree? Where are you from? Turkey. Turkey. I am muslim. Are you Muslim? Yes. We are brothers then.

Give us the room for 300! This way. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. I wish we had told you from the beginning that we were Turkish.

How many days did you arrive from Bangkok? from Bangkok? How many days did you come? From here? How many days? From Bangkok? in 3 days. in 3 days. 3 days? Isn't it good? The room is here.

Let's look at the toilet. Beautiful. There's room for two bikes. We have our own parking lot. Yummy.

There is a huge market next to where we are staying. I'm here to buy chicken. We're going to have a nice dinner tonight. 250gr chicken breast 53 baht($1.50) Cucumber.

This much. Let's have dinner. Our meal is ready. We made a salad. We made pilaf.

We also made sautéed chicken with carrot, onion, pepper and soy sauce. We have to wash the dishes here. This place is like a lake. This is also the bathroom. The drain is clogged, the water is not flowing.

I open the drain with my foot. It's done now. We bought an extension cord today. It has 3 sockets and 6 usb ports. We can charge many things at the same time.

This also works with pressure. It has 3 settings. We bought this to sleep comfortably in the tent. But it sounds like a vacuum cleaner.

It didn't rain tonight. But it was good, we took a shower. We also recharged our stuff.

Is this rice? Is it rice? Rice. That's rice. It's brass.

Is it rice? Yes. I think it's called paddy before it was rice. Then it's rice, I guess.

I think it will come out of it. I think they're drying it out. He has something like a scythe in his hand. On the way, we saw a lot of rice fields on the way.

We saw it working with the tractor. We've seen it medicated. We saw it while it was drying. I guess so. If you have information about the planting and harvesting process of rice, please write it in the comments.

Can you give some? Let me give you some. Is it out? It really came out. It was broken rice. The snake is dead. Are we going to take it out then? The trunk in the front is on the headlight.

It was rubbing against the wheel and making a noise. Ice cream! ice cream! Ice cream! Hello. Do you have any lemon? There are ice cream cubes. OK.

What are these? Is this vanilla? Coconut? This is coconut. No stick? He will now insert the rod. I'm very good. Other? One more? Something fruity? There is. No, from that.

jambeley Jambele? Yes, jambeley. japbeley What is it? Let's see what it is. How much? 20 baht? (50 cents) 20 baht.

Thank you. What was his name? Durian What is it? Have no taste? It smells like gasoline. With durian! Didn't you like it? It smells so bad, like an egg.

I liked it very much. There is a fruit called durian. This fruit smells very bad, it is forbidden to enter subways and shopping centers with this fruit. We haven't eaten yet. Everyone says you either love it or hate it. I know it's biological.

It's like not liking coriander. We are a very good example now. It even smells bad to me.

How do you think it smells? Like mango. Are you kidding me? It's like I'm licking gas. Is this a caterpillar? Yes. The leech had stuck to it until now. I hope he doesn't bite.

He walks so funny. Hello. Can we refuel this? From this. Is it diesel? Gasoline, not Diesel. Is this diesel? Not. Isn't that gasoline? Yes.

Gasoline. Is this gasoline? Yes. OK, I want this. There's some in it, can we empty it? Okay okay. Yes, but...

I want to empty it. Here you go. We mixed two different gasolines, I hope it's okay.

Thank you. 15 baht (40 cents) You were saying something. Two gasolines mixed. I hope it won't be a problem. We will find out by trying. We entered the country roads. We are looking for a place to set up a tent.

On the left is the papaya tree. Are these seedlings? I do not think so. They are very close to each other. Its body is also very thin. I didn't know. We started training for Cambodia.

Roads in Cambodia will always be like this. There are many dogs. The number of dogs began to increase as we approached the Cambodian border. The sunset is super. Clouds look beautiful.

-off- It says off. Shall we look over there? Come. We came to a lake again. We are currently looking for a place to set up a tent.

We're a little late. It started to get dark. We found ourselves a nice place again. A Thai family is camping there. They will also stay here tonight. We will set up the tent here.

We got peanuts today. We're going to make peanut butter rice. I opened it like a wild. Lightly roast the peanuts.

We put the rice. Enjoy your meal. How is it? Let's see the pilaf. Isn't it bad? Parmesan? See how ants swarmed the plates. There are ants everywhere.

I'll put these in the bag. We'll wash it tomorrow morning. Let's see if it comes to me. It would be great if it stayed like this. The city we are going to today is Aranyaprathet. Our last 36 kilometers. Sometimes we go on dirt roads.

Sometimes we go on country roads. It's a beautiful day when we don't see a car. But the weather closed. We have one more hour to go. It will be very nice if it doesn't rain in an hour. I don't think it will stop if it rains.

It's raining a lot. The sky is not visible. It was obvious it was going to rain like this. Anyway, let's not wait for this rain to stop completely. It has decreased a bit. Let's go.

We got wet until we put on the raincoats. We'll be there in half an hour. Is this rice? Rice? Rakshi(Nepalese rice wine) Whiskey. Thai whiskey. smell it.

Isn't it tough? Can we get another one? Two. Yes. Homemade whiskey, I guess. May I look? I thought it was homemade. It's not homemade. Thank you. It's nice.

It's like poison. It started raining again. We hid ourselves somewhere on the side of the road. We came. We are now in Aranyaprathet, on the Cambodia-Thailand border. We found this place to stay and it's the cheapest place we've ever stayed in Thailand. 280Baht : 7.50$ 280Baht : 7.50$

We found this place to stay and this is the cheapest place we stayed in Thailand so far. 280Baht : 7.50$ Let's see where we are staying. Glad we bought these chairs, they are perfect. I think I'll talk a lot about them. Every time I sit on these, I thank myself for having bought them. Our room is such a place.

Started working as Graphic designer. He designs books. He designs textile products.

If you have design works, you can write on Instagram. There are two beds in the room. We cycled 290 kilometers in five days.

What did we do? We left Bangkok and came to the border without ever stopping by the sea. Now the trip to Thailand comes to an end. After editing the video in my hand, we go to Cambodia.

The next video will come from Cambodia. Take care until the next video.

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