Biking Halfway Round Taiwan - A trip so nice, I did it twice!

Biking Halfway Round Taiwan - A trip so nice, I did it twice!

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It's time to get serious. Ah! It's hard! Okay, we finally finished the uphill. It's not hard! Arghh! This feeling is why I arrive late all the time, 'cause it feels so good when it works! I have a problem Ladies, and in a broader sense, gentlemen, please be welcome to gRound Taiwan.

I'm Alfred Zanini, the ex-CEO of Boeing, and for some reason I think it's just a better idea to stay on the ground today. I'll be your captain for the flight, Don't worry, we'll be staying on the ground so there's no chance of me crashing this one. Come along for the ride and hope you don't crash. (Singing) Alright then, I've just had a fun, fun, fun, fun time.

This thing just broke, so I had this hook go right into my wheel. Thankfully there's not too much damage, but this is definitely a bummer, I just bought this bag. Appropriate conditions for a road bike. Being chased by dogs.

I got kind of lost, followed a path that was full of weeds and everything. A little treat for myself planned out. I'm going to a hot spring. (Singing) Sounds like they're having fun. Alright, that was pleasant, but they didn't have a cold bath, which was, well it's not very well maintained, unfortunately. But you know, the view looks really nice, so I can't complain too, too much.

Alright, I'm going to complain a bit, at least. Behind these palm trees is a tropic of cancer, which I just passed. Woo! This is where I'll be getting dinner for the nights. "And that's really the most important part of the reservation, the holding."

My very fancy restaurant was not available. I just had some of the best food. The owner's brother came up to me and started chatting me up.

It was so lovely. Hopefully it won't rain, hopefully it won't get too dark. And until then, let's go! As you can see, it's raining, it's pouring... yeah, it's kind of dark and the road is blocked because of the earthquake.

So I'm going to have to go on this road, which is kind of claustrophobic, not very fun. I don't like it. I don't like it one bit. A little bit dangerous, but I'm only 20 minutes away from my final destination.

Well, final, for the night. Alright, I'm rested up and I put some cream on my face, cream on my face - on my leg... Oh my goodness, it's time to go to bed. Today was really fun. Should be able to continue tomorrow with the same pace or a bit, even more chill actually, tomorrow.

It's a new dawn, it's a new day, and it's raining. This is not going to be a good day. Here at Ground Taiwan, we give you the Ground Taiwan guarantee that we won't slip and fall. You know, it's just like I said when I was the CEO of Boeing. When it's raining planes outside, I don't give a shit because I'm making a lot of money.

This is some gorgeous stuff. I'm thinking maybe instead of gRound Taiwan, we could go for Boing. It's not as if we're going to bounce, right? I'm Alfred Zanini, CEO of Boing, where we go around Taiwan on a bike and we deliver fresh bikes to you. Has a good rain too, doesn't it? It's the sea! The sky is getting a bit greyer and it's predicted that it's going to rain all afternoon. To get to my location of rest tonight, I do need to start going.

Just lost pressure in my tyre, it's going to be fun. Yaay. I still haven't quite figured out how to get wheels on a bicycle. But the spare tyre that I bought, I damaged it while trying to install it. So thankfully I found this nice coffee shop where a guy offered a pump. The owner was so nice and he suggested that he take me on his scooter to the bike shop.

There was also another guest on the bike who proposed to help out. So nice. So I buy two new inner tubes since lacing too much. 110 psi pop. So now I don't have a spare. So I install it.

I go and buy a new inner tube, better! But I have three hours. It's completely night now. I cycled for 30 minutes and I still have two and a half hours. One thing.

You don't know why. It doesn't even matter how hard you try. I remember recording the section of last year's video on this part. But going down, it was much more fun going down. Also one big thing compared to last time. The wind is on my side.

Which means that even going uphill I can do 31kph. Which is so good. It feels amazing. Flipping pure darkness here.

Arghhh, it's hard! Okay, we finally finished uphill. It's not hard! Arghh! Yee hee! Back in the light! When the light has come. And the moon is bright. And the sky is the only that I see. No I won't be afraid. No I won't be afraid.

Just as long as you stand. Stand by me. I'm just so happy.

And I'm gonna be late for my check-in. But it's fine because I'm always late for my check-in. Yay! Stand by me. Oh stand now. Stand by me. As I walk through the city and the shadows itself.

I look back at myself and realize there's nothing left. We've been spending most of our lives living in a biker's paradise. We've been spending most of our lives living in a biker's paradise.

I actually feel quite safe. This lane is quite much wider than it was on the way to get there. Though it doesn't feel like it from all the trucks you can see in the background. The place behind me is really nice.

I sat there to read last time I went here. If I wasn't in such a rush and if there weren't so many trucks I would love to stop by there. Unfortunately tonight is not the night. Oh my god so many trucks. It is a dire need of a shower and my clothes need cleaning.

But my bike is parked. You know it's like ups and downs emotional roller cristers. So that was definitely one of the most hard days in terms of like, mental strain. Not actually related to the cycling because the cycling was fine. And tomorrow will be the hardest day yet because I have like 1k uphill to take care of. But I'm going to the very south of the island and normally I'm getting to see the sunrise from the southernmost point of Taiwan.

It's hard waking up. I'm a bit late. But it's still 7am so let's get going. Alright, let's get READY TO RUMBLE.

I say that, but not after my fancy coffee. It's good to know that it's as unpleasant to do this route on the way back as it was last time. Last time it was night. The wind was in my face.

This time it's day. The wind is in my face. I hate it. 88k to go. Alright, I've been told off.

Apparently I'm not going to be able to go through the tunnel. That's not where I was going anyways... It's been so windy. I'm so pissed.

I remember going up this hill last time and thinking, "I pity the fool who has to go up it. Well now I'm the fool." Alright, water break. So good. I got these electrolytes so I don't actually have to buy Pocari Sweat every day.

I'm so happy about that purchase. Whoa, you're halfway there. It's my life.

It's now or never. Everybody lives forever. I finally got my drone shots. Yes.

It's like... I finally got to the highest individual hike that I'm going to do. The problem is I've decided to make life harder for myself. Instead of doing ~600 meters up, I'm going to be doing ~1200. Taking the scenic routes and let's get going again.

Hot prings. Hot springs sound pretty nice actually. I know you're all wondering why someone as successful and rich as me would want to start a new venture.

Well that's a very personal question that concerns only my family and my closest 50 personal attorneys. That's what I call the crotch cam - Think about that for the rest of the day! Needless to say, I got some venture capital and I need to spend it in a way that makes it look like I'm doing something. So that's why. That path is tempting though. I wish! Hot spring... eh, pass.

Yeah. You're right. I was wrong.

To take the left path. Alright, we're going right. And more climbing to go.

Alright, sitting down for lunch. With my fancy coffee. Finally made it to the top. That means I'm on top of the world!... Looking down on creation and the only explanation I can't find is the love that I've found ever since you've been around. Your love's got me at the top of the world.

Yeeee hee! Oh, I'm going to have to go back up!!... It's so calm here. Wahoo! Ah, we're having fun Alright. Ah, this is tough. But we're getting there. Only 200 meters to go.

All good... All good... Now it's time for some more fancy coffee. I made a mistake... I took the wrong path and it's added like 45 minutes to my route. So instead of going from here to here, I had to go here.

Ah! This is where we're headed. We'll make it. I need to get there before sunset. Santé! Cheers. This is about as far south as you can get in Taiwan.

Very important spot here. This is the southernmost toilet in all of Taiwan. I think this is the best part of the park. Now it's morning and we're going to Kaohsiung. The wind here is so strong. I'm going downhill.

I still have to pedal. Arghh! The water's really good! That was so nice. And now I have to get back on the road and into the wind. Arghh! I've met some other bike packers on the way. I need to go forward because I need to be in Kaohsiung by the end of the day. Yeah, it would be nice if I could have someone who's at my pace alongside me.

It would be fun. Oh well. Let's go. Pay our respects. Well you're welcome I guess.

Yeah I did a great job. But I just did what you would have done. That's a joke obviously.

No it had to be me!... Oh my god! It's Godzilla!! This is fun. We're having a competition with the two girls bikepacking. We're actually at the same speed as me. So we've been every time taking a break seeing when the other comes and taking over each other. It's been great.

I'm half expecting them to arrive now. Here with my book and my juice. Nothing could be better.

Actually we could be by the sea. Better right? Hey we're going here. Woo! Never forget to roll with style.

I'm going to have to break but what can you do? I wonder what these basins are for. It's probably like raising something but uh. There we have the answer.

My goodness. That's a lot of fish packed into one. That's a lot of dogs packed into one. It's a tight squeeze but it might just go. My knee is starting to hurt so I'm going to take it slow. It's a shame because I do need to be in Kaohsiung as soon as possible basically.

But yeah I'm not pushing it. Let's go pay our respects. This is where I did the initial one last time.

I definitely haven't missed this sector. Woo! It's raining. This is going to be fun. So that's how they resist earthquakes.

Solid steel! Only two hours left and then I can catch a high speed train to Taipei. So my journey is almost over. I've received a letter which I'll read you once I'm there. That's a lotta traffic. Alright I had to figure out how to use this goddamn bike bag...

I made it for the 8pm. I entered the station with three minutes to go and the train is just departing. And yeah, if you don't have to check your passports every time, well it goes faster. I have 25 minutes. I have to pack this up.

You know it's like I always say "make the best of what you've got." Who would have possibly guessed I'd be late. I mean it's just shocking. Shocking twist of events. I had on a dot over 24 kilos.

Anyways, one thing I didn't know about traveling with bikes, you have to deflate the tires. I even have 15 minutes until my boarding time. What am I supposed to do? Wait? I don't even have to run.

It's all good. Although they were calling me on the... right on time. Well now, we've reached the end of our journey together.

Here let me read you the missive that I received. Oh, it's from Boeing. It's a cease and desist request.

Oh well, I mean it's a shame. I already stashed all that money away in Switzerland. Guess we'll have to shut this operation down. What a shame.

2024-04-24 12:49

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