Best Puffs & Cakes in Bengaluru । #Bengaluru #Bha2Pa

Best Puffs & Cakes in Bengaluru । #Bengaluru #Bha2Pa

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Paula and I have left with all the touristy stuff. So one food crawl is a must. - Definitely! But we had only 4 hours, so we decided to explore the bakeries to get quick food. We have called our expert friend. Please, come! Hello! Hi! - Hello! So, this is Sarvesh. Sarvesh is my college friend. And most importantly, we did C.A. together. - Yes. we tried.

Wasn't successful. - Right. We both have failed C.A. And Sarvesh cooks delicious food, I have seen that on his Facebook. - Yes... And I am a professional chef as well.

*What are you saying!* So, yeah, I work in commercial kitchens. - You are learning this for the first time? No, no! I knew this. I told you, I told you about this! I knew this. But I didn't know he pursued this after taking a break. - Yes, yes! I have properly worked in the commercial kitchen.

Who's more expert than him now? So, let's go? Let's cross the road? - Yes. - Which is the first bakery? - Thoms. So, Thoms again, is a very very old bakery. Iconic Bakery. - One second. What is happening? Now we can cross. This sound is a signal to cross the road. Do people actually wait behind the zebra crossing? - Yes. It is pretty much strict in Bangalore. Oh my God! Can you see these stripes? They say you can walk on these! This is a concept in India! Sorry, you were talking about Thoms. - I think, this is even older than Iyengar Bakery. Iyengar is most exploited and diluted. - Diluted. The taste changes. - Obviously. Because,

so many branches have opened. Now, people don't know where is the original branch. This is like our Puneri thing, 'We don't have any branch.' - Correct. Thoms is one and only. - One and only. We are going to have puff, egg puff and honey cake. Let's go to Thoms? - Yes.

This gives Dorabjee's vibe. This seems like a supermarket. - This became later. Earlier there was only a bakery and it was tiny. I have many expectations, but one thing I'll have to keep in mind is that I have to give a talk tomorrow. This layer would be on my throat. I'll have to clean it before the talk.

You'll have to swallow the tissue paper. - Yes. How much is the big bag for? Add that. *indistinct* - Yes. And we forgot our bag in Pune. Thank you. So, the person behind the camera is... Show them who it is.

According to his idea, we are going to fill up the bag and eat everything in one place. So, you'll get to watch the review in the end. So, watch this video till the end. *Subscribe* Never forget to subscribe. How will you know what is the next thing you will get to watch?

What new we have done? Which new places we are exploring? Paula, where should they subscribe? - Bharatiya Touring Party. Bha2Pa. Iyengar Bakeries also have names like, Iyengar Bakery, then SRS Iyengar Bakery... So, - Who is the real Iyengar? If I am not wrong and if I have read it right, there was someone called H.S. Thirumalachar. And there is a place in Karnataka named Hassan, which is about 4 hours from here. He hailed from Hassan to Bangalore. And then they started Iyengar Bakery.

If people from Bangalore are watching this video, let us know who is the real Iyengar in the comments. Which Iyengar are we going to now?- We are going to The Old Race Course road. So, again, one of the oldest Iyengar bakery. One of the oldest of all the Iyengars. Doesn't it happen even in Maharashtra? We can't name the original branch. We did this Satara's episode... - Kandi Pedhe!

Kandi Pedhe! No one knew when they started out. Where are the Latkars from? Everyone is pushing me here. It really feels like we are in Pune. We went to a place which had no branch at all. And then some have so many branches that they have fights about the origin between the family. Rickshaw drivers are refusing to go by meter.

All of these things remind me of Pune. Is that why you shifted here because you didn't want to leave Pune? - Yes, perfect! So, we are finished with Thoms. Now we have to pick it up from Iyengars. Now, we have found one of the oldest bakeries. You may think this is new but it is the oldest.

And we are going to try it. What are we getting from here? - Veg Puff, Egg Puff and Honey Cake are available here! Is it? - Yes. - He has asked them. - Yes. Honey Cake is available. - Let's go and try. - Let's go! What is this? - Onion Pakoda. (Fritter)

It was right in front of me. And they are saying they have used rice flour. Rice flour is more. - It is, that's why it is crispy. We have to try since we are here. Oh! Yum! Kanda Bhaji! *Something in Kannada* We can make a full episode of Bhaji! *Jagaat Bhaari!* This bakery was started one year before our birth, '81. They are the founder. - Thank you, Sir! Let's go! We desperately want to eat since we tasted other things from here, we thought we had to open it. But be a little patient, watch this episode till the end, we have to find the 3rd bakery. Which one? - We're yet to decide that. What did we decide earlier? - Fatima? - V.B. Bakery.

But isn't it closed right now? - No, it is open. And Fatima is open, too. So, Fatima or V.B.? We only cover 3 spots. Only 3? Then let's go to Fatima. - Let's go to 4 places. - 4? Okay then let's go to Fatima. By walking? - It is 1 km. 15 minutes away. - Let's walk! - We need to walk!

Follow us, and follow Bha2Pa. Who's it? - Fido Dido! Childhood friends! Look, this is L.J. Iyengar. Now, we can't talk about the authenticity. It is a diluted brand. - It must be a diluted brand. We can take the example of Vada Pav. Which one is it? - Shiv Vada Pav. - It is everywhere.

They have their own brand. Ganesh Bhel. There are so many Ganesh Bhel in Pune, even the ones with a trademark are 3! So, the problem is everyone's talking about Iyengirl's Bakery, no one's talking about Iyenboys Bakery. This was absolutely a failed pun. This is why you shouldn't convert English into Marathi and vice versa. Not even Kannada.

It's not Iyengirl, it's Iyengar! There's Fatima Bakery in front of Sacred Heart Church. This is the precise place to explore as Paula's festival is near. Let's try to cross. This is the most beautiful spot of all the bakeries we have been to. This looks so beautiful! I love corner shops. Like Irani corner shops. - It's very beautiful!

And it is since 1957. He is doing BhaDiPa's sign. We'll make him do the right sign. He has used the wrong finger. This is the most beautiful-looking bakery from the inside. We need to do a doughnut episode. We are seeing so many doughnuts!

I can't see honey cake here either. - Hey, now that we didn't get the right cake over there, I feel like having this Japanese cake by looking at it. - These tarts also look good. Lemon tarts! Cute. Let's focus. We are on a mission.

What are getting from here? - Veg Puff, Egg Puff and Japanese Cake. In Bangalore, which is made out of cashews from Kokan. Okay. - Done? - 3 rounds. - Just putting more load on me. This V.B. Bakery is like the Iyengar Bakery here. Though the name is obviously different. Right. - But, it is one of the Iyengar bakeries.

Again, very iconic, and very old. - Is it Iyengar? - It was earlier. Now they removed it. - Now, they don't call it V.B. Iyengar. - Okay! - They only kept the initials. Very Best. - Right!? This is VV Puram. - Oh! This is VV Puram. - It's like an Eat's Fit kind of a thing, what we call a Food Street. Let us know in which cities food streets are situated, we should make an episode on Food Streets. Because I know Indore's street, - Sarafa... - Pune's street, this one and many more.

Mumbai's Food Street. - Ghatkopar, Chembur. - Yes. So, we should make an episode on that. - Old Delhi. Old Delhi, yeah! Proper aroma! It's here I guess. What is the most famous item? - Congress Bun. - Congress Bun!

2 Congress Buns. Domrot. - 1 Domrot. They made it easy for us. They said only 3 items are popular, so buy them.

One Veg Puff, One Congress Bun, One Domrot. This is Congress Bun, Congress 'Bund' (Closed). - It's not closed, it is still on. And it has been elected in Karnataka. It is Congress Bun. There's Domrot. And, - Honey cake? - No, no. They have Honey cake. - Where is it? - There! It's Honey cake. So we should get Honey cake to compare it with the other one? - Sure!

One Honey cake parcel. This is the best bakery in Bangalore. I can vouch for it. - Oh! Thank you, sir! - In Karnataka. - In Karnataka, not just Bangalore! We haven't had anything here. And we haven't had anything since the morning.

And he is making us walk with the bag full of food through the Food Street! No friend should be so cruel! We will eat! The end result will be nice. Don't worry. We are at a botanical garden and we are going to sit here and taste everything. Lalbagh. - The name is Lalbagh Garden. So we are going to try V.B.'s they are hot. We wanted to eat something hot, but we decided to pick it up.

So you have it hot and tell us how it tastes. What we will do is... We will try a Veg Puff first from each place. Let's try everyone's Veg Puff and then move to other items. Wow! I don't know how many of you are patties lovers but in Pune, we have a major culture that on Sundays, Dad will go and get patties from the bakeries. And everyone will sit and have it in the morning. I don't know about Mumbai.

We are very particular about it. Green bakery, Santosh, or... - New Poona. - New Poona... These are famous. We have from there only. There are broad beans. - Show it to the camera. Broad beans, curry leaves, potatoes, South Indian type spices. - There is also spinach. So we have tried one item, from V.B. Now, Fatima or Iyengar? - Fatima! Totally different from the earlier one, from V.B.

Much more puff and potato. This is how you get in Mumbai more than Pune. See how much is the filling-to-pastry ratio. It's very off-balance. - There are a lot of people who like these kinds of puffs. This is suitable for dipping in tea. We just realised that we have a lot to eat. So we are going to try only one at a time and will keep the other ones for later. This is the famous one from Iyengar.

Oh no! She has messed up. That's the cross-section. This looks exciting! There's peas, there's some pumpkin or something in there. - It's beetroot. Oh! - There's French beans, peas, onions, potatoes, it has everything. - Capsicum? No. French beans... Wow! This one is proper. This feels like it is from Bangalore. It has a proper

South Indian Masala is used in the Mutton/Chicken that we order. Yes, I'll have another bite because - Because it's yummy! Very spicy, very different. Each pattice has been so unique. - All of them are different. There's nothing common between them. The first one was from the V.B. which had the correct around of Masala, veggies, and puff. This has more veggies and less puffiness. The 2nd one had more puffiness but only had potatoes. This one's Masala is very spicy. Now, Thoms bakery vegetable puff.

This was the first one we bought and we are having it in the end. We can clearly understand why it is called a puff. Show! - This is a Khaari! He has been to a gym. He consumes protein every morning.

He is a Pani Puri expert. Completely different taste. I mean I feel that the puff, I mean he is the chef, but in my opinion, When we make a patty or a puff, To make it puffy, we apply butter on each layer. Right?

Because it is not like folding a Chapati once, it has many layers. And each layer is buttered again. Due to that, if we don't have it when it's hot, the butter's texture gets a little rough.

So, that has been the case here. But it's not their fault, it is our fault. It's clear that if we had it when it was hot, it'd have tasted amazing. But, it's interesting. - I am actually impressed by how we got this as the first thing in the day, And it's the most crispy one out of all of those we had. It's the most crispy. - This is the toughest Jagat Bhaari review of this puff I think, to date.

It is tough because the Iyengar's was spicy and this one was not very spicy. I was not able to taste after that. I needed a palate cleanser. You both have it. Okay, so...

Let's give the review for Puff. Which was the best bakery for the Puff? For me, the world's best was V.B.'s, not because it was hot. I agree. I think the world's best is V.B.'s. - And I swear, I have had cold and hot puffs before, but V.B. had a different kick to it. I couldn't stop eating it, so, I'll give it the world's best rating.

The puff that was a bit on the lower side, was Fatima's. I'll rate it as the district's best. None was the lane's best, everything tasted amazing. But the other 2, - Iyengar. - And? - Thoms. - Both of them are the nation's best. - I agree. Yummy! - Okay. Now let's go for our egg puff.

Starting with Thoms? - Yes. - Let's do the opposite. Nothing about this looks like a puff. - Looks like an egg. - Not even that. It has a strange shape. I'll take a bite and pass it on? Wow! Wow! And this is the most stale one. We bought this as the first thing in the morning.

Wow! - Yum! - This is a game changer! - Yum! It'll get difficult if the next ones are better than this. It's so soft! - And the filling is different too. - Very different. And this is not like their veg puff! - It's only onion over here, right? - Yeah! This is a half egg. If the other two succeed in this, it'll be difficult. - Isn't this Thoms? - Yes. Amazing!

Well done Thoms! I mean I don't know how we survived for such a long time. *Are you from the BhaDiPa channel?* - Yes! - Bha2Pa! *Okay!* - Yes!! I am from Vadodara. I regularly watch your videos and see this for the first time. Thank you so much! - Awesome! This is what? - This is... - From Fatima. - Yes, Fatima. This is a full egg, it is evident! - Look at how big this is! This looks like a dinosaur egg! And it is hot! Warm. - Warm! Full egg? Full egg. I don't know how I aimed for it, I ate the yellow part first.

That's why it smelled eggy. But, it's good. It's not as exciting as the previous one.

Scrambled egg like a Masala Burji, mixed with boiled egg. It's really interesting actually. It is interesting but taste wise the first one has beaten everything for me so far. It's like a... - Yeah but you are right. - It's like a Kala Masala... - It is a little eggy. - Yeah. It's too much egg. - Just like our Vada Pav. Just how we grab it and pay up when we don't have much time and eat while walking. - Right. But here we can't have Idli or something like that while walking, right? That's why this puff item. - How will you have Sambar like this? - Exactly!

The most famous item here is... *Unique Marathi Pun* The most famous item here is Idli and Chutney. But you still have to stand and eat, right? - Correct. So, this is handy. - Yeah! - Yeah. They have made it presentable.

They have packed it like a bag. Where is this from? - This is Fatima's. Brilliant? Sorry, I am having some egg because I didn't get it.

This is very similar to the Thoms one. More smaller and more compact version of it. Easy to eat, bite-sized.

The stuffing is sweeter. - Because of the onion. It's so far the capsicum inside it. - Yeah. It's very yummy. This game definitely is a tougher game than the first one. - I disagree actually. No, no. Tougher game as in for them to get it right. - Yeah, yeah! For sure. You know eggs are always dicey. Because everyone has a different preference on how they want it. Yeah. - So.

We got egg pastry only from 3 places. Thoms, Iyengar and - Fatima. - Fatima. The world's best for me was Thoms. Hands down. Fatima was next close. Asia's best, not even the Nation's best. They won the whole continent! And the last one was Iyengar's when it came to eggs. - Perfect! Same here.

Thoms, Fatima and Iyengar. - I agree. There are 2 honey cakes. 1 is from Iyengar and the other one, is from the V.B.'s? - Yes. - V.B.'s. Let's compare the two honey cakes based on their sweetness. This is Iyengar, this is V.B. There is a lot of difference between the 2. This is...

From its aroma, it seems like it's made out of coconut. This is like the red coconut cake we get at Santosh's. - Correct! This is very similar to that. - Exactly. - Same feeling. The jelly on this also seems similar. You'll get this one in the local bakeries here. The red honey cake.

You keep talking! You keep talking, don't ask me anything now. - This cake is their typical speciality. This is very similar to our Santosh Bakery's coconut cake. Okay, now, this is V.B. Looks drier.

But, it doesn't feel drier. - No? Wow! Oh, this is... No competition, I am sorry! No competition. No cake in the world is close to this. This might be one of the best... - Cakes. - Cakes, I have had! - Yum! What the uncle stated about V.B. is not wrong. - Yum! - I now like 2 items from V.B. We liked their puff as well, right? And this. - Veg puff and Cake.

I love it when it's moist. - I say, clearly, the world's best is V.B. between the 2. Clearly! But we are going to try the best item from Thoms. The cake that we wanted wasn't available at Thoms and Fatima, so we'll try their best cakes tell you which one is the best among them. Looks wise this is beautiful! - This looks like a honeycake. - But it is not. - I know it's not.

This is a caramel cake. - Caramel pudding. - Caramel pudding cake. Amazing! I like it a lot. This is exactly what a caramel pudding is but in a cake form. I think V.B.'s cake has made it difficult for us. V.B.'s cake was so amazing, nothing is now going to... - I think it's better without the cream.

Yes, it's better. Don't try it with the cream. It has a very artificial taste. It's not very sweet. Despite being caramel, it's very balanced. - It's okay. I mean, it's still okay. Now the competitor for this is the Japanese cake that no one wanted apart from me. It looks dry. Paula doesn't like dry cakes. I don't think she'll eat it. - They said it has cashews in it.

Paula, you won't like it at home. Inside it has a different texture. It's a cream. Cashew cream is inside. - No.

It's the thing we were talking about. I think we have to take a bite out of this. - It's like a sandwich. What is this reaction? What is this cake? What is this? It's more like a biscuit? It has got a Pavlova thing in it. - Yeah, that's what I was talking about. - Pavlova. - It's Pavlova. Bottom has Pavlova, top has Bavlova. What's this! - It has been injected with a cream.

What is this!? - It's too sweet though. - Show us how it looks. Look, the bottom is hard, then it's soft, then hard, and again soft. The cream is made out of egg. The Pavlova has eggs too, but it's a different egg. - It's egg white. It is made out of egg white. - This cake is very absurd! When we went to their bakery, they said their best cake was plum cake. But, we are saving it for a different episode.

This is... - Interesting. - Interesting. Yeah. I think both are unique. I can't rate the world's best to both of them. Overall, should we have a ranking? - Okay, The world's best veg puff, If we have to choose the top one... - V.B. - V.B. World's best egg puff? - Thoms. - Thoms. And the world's best pastry or cake? - Hands down V.B. - V.B. Try the world's best V.B. Not because we got it in the end, it's simply special!

And it's within walking distance from this park. - Yeah. And have it in the park itself not there. - And enjoy some fresh air and oxygen. And subscribe to Bha2Pa. And let us know where we should go food crawling next. And our merch is now available. We carried coffee in it for the whole day and it remained hot! So, please buy it. We also have T-shirts. And especially for the people of Bangalore, wait for a second. Especially for the IT industry of Bangalore, this special T-shirt is from our series B.E. Rojgaar.

'Coding ek kala aahe' (Coding is an art). It is available in the merch garage, especially for the people of Bangalore.

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