BEST DAY IN DALI, YUNNAN We Couldn’t Wait To Come Here In China!

BEST DAY IN DALI, YUNNAN  We Couldn’t Wait To Come Here In China!

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this video is brought to you by Squarespace  in the next few videos we'll be taking you to   explore Yunnan China's most diverse province  boasting a rich blend of people cultures and   breathtaking landscapes we're kicking off  our adventures in Dali which might just   be our favorite city in China with it warmer  climate trendy vibes and incredible scenery   we'll show you what makes Dali a must visit  for travelers both local and International we are in Shuanglang Ancient Town in the city of  Dali and this town is very very cute it's not   super busy especially in the morning so I feel  like a local walking down the street we fit just   right in I smell roses everywhere walking down  the street because one famous cake that they   have here in in Dali I think um or maybe it's  Yunnan I'm not sure is this rose cake and what's interesting is that they use  real rose petals inside the cake that's why   you see them drying all the petals out here  um and they make the cakes fresh I feel like   we should try one of course we need to try  let's grab a few and then we go get coffee   you're right it smells so nice look at how  beautiful all these are but do you eat the   leaves they put the leaves inside the cake no  I think they pick out the petals and then they   make a paste and put it inside but it looks  like inside is still the petals like it's not   completely blended but there's a few flavors so  I need to ask her what they are I think this is   one of the top souvenirs people buy to the give  to their friends and family after visiting Dali it's cheap too it was one was for 4 Yuan um but  three was 10 Yuan so I got one of each flavor   in the end so one matcha one purple potato  and one original and she said it is a Dali   thing it's not like a whole Yunnan thing it's  really famous here specifically in Dali can I quickly get corn for breakfast you want one right yeah how do I say "I want one" very good she has so many things I  want to try too what is that it's pears but cooked pears oh never had that  before she said it's mostly sweet a little sour what you got in your hands I got some snacks the  lady just stuffed it in my hands oh you want a   drink too yeah they like to give a lot of samples  because there's a lot of souvenir snacks you can   buy this one I have no idea what it is it almost  looks like a rice crispy kind of thing with peanuts it's warm still look really good yeah it's  so warm even these are warm everything is fresh she got you it's like rice crispy so she got you   you need to go back and buy it that's  really yummy I might have to buy more what do you think it's good right that is so delicious hey some more rice crispy here someone  didn't like it how come you sure you don't   want those I don't want that one did you get us some coffees I got us two  hot americanos this is the cheapest coffee yeah  I just saw five yuan five yuan for a hot coffee   they said that it's majority of the beans are  actually from Yunnan from an area called Pu'er   and a little bit mixed from like other  places in the world so we're basically   having Yunnan coffee maybe that's why it's  cheap mhm are we sitting here this is cute oh it's nice I'm already in love with this  town I wish we could stay here longer I said   this at the other place too but as we  travel China we keep seeing places that   we're like wow we could live here we could  stay here longer and this is one of those   places but don't worry because the next  couple places that I'm taking you you're   going to love 100% I'm sure I will love  it so far I haven't been disappointed have you had it before no I haven't had  this before look it's like a little pastry in the Chinese drama I was watching about Dali  they were making this fresh and sending it   home to their family and I was like one day I'm  going to try this cake finally the day is here so flakey it tastes like roses it's actually not too  jammy it really tastes like rose petals and it's   still a little bit warm inside I can smell the  roses from here mhm I actually give that a 10 out   of 10 no way I think that's delicious considering  you don't really like pastries what do you think I like the stuffing I'm not a big fan  of the the pastry but the stuffing very   delicious it's not too sweet and look  actual rose petals yeah actual petals it's like eating sweet roses oh my God that's  the first foreigner I've seen we really haven't   seen many I mean we can count it with 10 fingers  how did he get here they probably are teachers in   China could be they probably speak better Chinese  than me we rarely see any foreigners here even in   big cities well in Shanghai we saw a few yeah  and other than that we didn't didn't see many holy moly are we in Europe or what I know are  we in Greece is this what it would look like   wow this is amazing now look over there you  can see there's snow on the mountain that's   so beautiful today is so clear that's actually  an island you know like where the trees are   over there I think there is a little ferry  that you can take to cross the island but   we have other plans of exploring so we won't  do that today but this part is so beautiful see all of these lakeside properties I looked  into booking one of those because I thought it   would be so amazing to sit on the balcony and  just enjoy the lake but they are close to $100   to $200 USD a night and it's higher than our  usual budget a lot higher so I found a guest   house that's still in town but it was only $21  a night it's Lanna style Thai style so you can   feel like home and you can just walk right to the  lake I think that was a good choice we don't have   to stay right at the lake but if you're looking  for a beautiful lakefront property it's actually   quite affordable i'd say $100 a night there are  a lot of options real quick once again thank you   to Squarespace for supporting our channel and  for making it super easy for anyone to build a   professional looking website to start you can  browse through their award-winning templates   or there's this cool thing called Squarespace  Blueprint which uses AI to customize your website   based on your responses to just a few questions  a quick and easy way to add some visuals to your   website is to connect and sync all your social  media accounts and whether you're opening an   online store or providing services Squarespace has  all the tools you need to get your business up and   running just head over to for a  free trial and when you're ready to launch go to to save 10% off your  first purchase of a website or domain now let's   get back to the video ready to go explore ready  to go explore ooh this one's comfy here we go you know before coming to China I thought  traveling within China would be a challenge   but it's so easy especially that we can rent  an e-bike and you don't even need a driver's   license I think you just need to hit like a  minimum age requirements uh maybe 16 years   old or something and then most of the e-bikes you  can rent there's some that are more powerful so   you do need a license but the one we have today  is pretty awesome remember the one we rented in   Hangzhou we could only go about 20 km (mileage  with full charge) this one we're renting today   she says we can do about 100 km but and there's  an even more powerful one that we can rent for   140 km so that basically can take you to so many  places and it's only 50 Yuan a day yeah this one   is a pretty good deal I see people stopping over  here to take photos you want to stop here I think   you can see the whole town from up at this  platform let's find a parking right here wow take off your helmet first though I feel like we're so  high up and we actually are pretty   high yeah we're 2,000 m above sea level  and can you imagine the peak of those   mountains wouldn't that be like 4,000-5,000  m probably I mean there's still snow on it   must be high up and cold there we were just down  there yeah we were just down over there that   was the island we saw and then if we look on  this side our homestay is just right on that   side I wonder how much would it cost to rent  like a long-term apartment oh our friend uh   my roommate from university she's Shanghainese  so she was telling me that a a lot of people   buy lakefront properties in this area in Dali  as a retirement home I would love that yeah   retirement home vacation home it's probably  not too expensive considering that there's   so much land and even when we rent a room  is not that expensive so it's probably more   affordable than we thought yeah but I don't  know how much this is a perfect place do you regret renting the e-bike after  seeing all the convertibles on the street   convertible would be awesome though and  they're all beautiful pastel colors and I   see a lot of girls kind of doing a girls  trip in the convertibles taking photos   yeah see like this one the Beetle pink Beetle  pink Beetle or a blue Mercedes and a yellow   Audi look at this I did check before what the  price was it's about 450 yuan to 500 yuan per   day to rent a convertible which is that's  not bad yeah it's like a $100 USD a day   but compared to this 50 Yuan e-bike this is way  more practical for us it's exactly what we need   it's incredible how big this lake is I think it  takes over 2 hours just to drive around it and   if you were to stop and take photos probably  five or six hours there's so many spots you   can stop before we got here we stopped like  five times to get photos and usually if you   see more than a couple cars and a few more uh  motorbikes and you're like okay this must be a   nice spot like this little village here is very  beautiful it's super colorful pastel just like   the convertible cars and how big is the lake  again isn't it like 200 km to drive around   it I don't remember so this lake is called  Erhai Lake and Erhai actually it means the   Ear Lake because they say from up above  looking down it looks like the shape of   a human ear and it is 250 square km big and  about 11 meters deep which is not very deep okay this is a good opportunity  I've seen girls just walking down   the middle to take photos watch out  looks nice though you have to risk your life   for it I have to do the signature pose  though yeah I've seen people be like this oh it looks nice actually yeah [Music]   I'll have the spicy one wow oh nice and  hot we have to make an emergency stop here the drive to come down to here  was beautiful but it got so cold once the sun started hiding behind the clouds  so I think a hot bowl of beef noodle soup is   exactly what we need right now before we start  exploring up top which is called "Li Xiang Bang"   also the little Santorini of Dali look more like   Greece than the old town we were in this warms my heart it's delicious this is good and it's pretty affordable cuz this  is a touristy place and I think the restaurants   up there are quite expensive but because the  beef noodle shop is on the bottom layer of   this area it's only 25 Yuan per set which is  the noodle beef and an egg pretty good deal what do you think does it look like Santorini  I have no idea I have never been to Greece me   too did you see those now it looks like Greece  yeah that looks like Greece oh my goodness look   at those beautiful pool villas overlooking  the lake it's so big it looks like an ocean   it does it kind of goes like forever doesn't  it you want know my honest opinion about this   place it is beautiful but I don't think it's  worth coming here unless you're really close   by like we drove almost an hour on the e-bike  from Shuanglang Ancient Town to come here and   it's really just a bunch of hotels some cafes  and if you want to take photos all the way up   to the top deck you have to pay to go up there to  take photos or buy an expensive coffee so I think   it's it's okay it's not as laid back and chill  as casual as the coffee shops that are actually   in Shuanglang Ancient Town but does it make you  want to go to Greece though yeah I want to see   the real thing I think that would be awesome  and have some Greek food one day we'll go to   Santorini the real one what do we have here I  got some snacks dry fish and biscuits yeah all   of this only for 10 Yuan but they're not for  us they for us it's for the are those seagulls   they must be seagulls cuz they can fly right wow  look at the sun rays wow it's like we're in heaven I'm scared I'm scared are you trying to get  it to come and eat it from your hand yeah it's so beautiful how they fly and that when   they're fighting the wind it's like  they are still in the air you threw your phone  too yeah I threw my phone just the cookies is enough babe you see that they eat it from the  sky if you throw it high enough open the door it's nice to be warm  let me turn this on crank it up okay that's the hottest it will get okay it's warm it is warm the bed is warm it's  so nice they have a mattress heaters we're   pretty lucky yesterday we had such  great weather that we got to enjoy   the parks and all around the lake mhm  even get to enjoy the local live music   there are lots of places you can stop all around  the lake so if you get an e-bike or a convertible   or I think there's also motorbikes for rent  definitely take a day or two to explore around   the lake explore around the different villages  Dali is quite a wonderful and a very beautiful   city hope you enjoyed exploring Dali with us  this is only the first out of many wonderful   videos in Yunnan so make sure to subscribe and  follow our adventures in this province thanks   again for watching and have a wonderful  day see you in the next one byebye byebye

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