Benidorm News: British newspapers go against tourism in Spain? #benidormbyana

Benidorm News: British newspapers go against tourism in Spain?  #benidormbyana

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hello hello de and welcome to the latest Spanish  and Ben's news update today we have a lot of   interesting news for you guys and trust me some of  them did get us really really angry and we usually   we probably by now wouldn't even be taking it into  consideration but since it's something that is not   true at all we need to address it we feel the  need to strongly address it here on the channel   so that people would know what the truth actually  is and stop believing completely if someone still   believed it in this type of newspapers then we'll  be talking about some update on celebrations that   will be held right now in April and the months  of early May so that you would organize your   holiday slightly better in case you're looking  for some events to assist during your holidays   and the last news will be about the brand new  project that open up last year only on ponan   Beach and this year they've put more spots in the  whole entire benor but it's not working just yet   and a huge change that might probably close down a  lot of rental places that rent out bicycles to use   them in benor town and obviously we'll top it all  up with the cherry on the cake as we like to say   with the latest weather forecast Spain and benor  let's go the first news that we wanted to share   share with you obviously has something to do with  the situation in tourism Benidorm in costablanca   region gets busier each and every single day it's  already 5th of April right now so technically   we're already first week into the holidays summer  season and hotels are getting busier the apart   hotels Apartments campsites are very very busy  too we have different events going on through   the month of of April and early May in May the  first confirmed event will be the Eurovision   contest obviously and Benny dorm since it host the  Benidorm Fest the pre-election for the Eurovision   they always do the Eurovision party and this year  it's going to be 11th of May big Eurovision party   at 400 p.m. it's going to be held in legua park  in the center oh my goodness that was close I   could almost feel its wings isn't that insane how  close they get to be wow uh so back to the liua   park right by the town hall by the Bristol Hotel  that's where the celebration will be held usually   there's an entry fee for the Euro fan uh for the  Eurovision fans but you will be able to hear it   from a lot of points in benm so you don't actually  need to go there to listen to some nice music   there's going to be some snacks some food trucks  some drinks as well some entertainment and last   year they did a scene right by the Techno hit next  to the hotel Madera Central I'll put you a picture   right here they did a scene they've retransmitted  almost live the euro vision there so that all EUR   Vision fans would be able to dance and have some  fun in the city of Benidorm this year they did   not confirm it just yet so we'll see what's going  to be uh happening apart from that it would be a   shame actually if they wouldn't do it this year  because it was quite fun right now in April 27th   of April at 10: in the morning there's going to  be the 18 already by now vertical uh run by the   stairs in the Grand Hotel Bali 18th time they're  doing it and it's also a very very fun thing you   can register I think still if there are some  spots and you can even register on the spot if   you want uh to try your strength because there's  more than 45 floors to go by feet so it's a very   fun experience not going hard but still very fun  experience apart from that there's going to be   tomorrow a very interesting and unique event a  silent uh it's called we go Echo Fitness this   is a project a group a company a business that  launched these silent fun music walks they give   you um they give you the uh the headphones that's  the word headphones they give you headphones um   with Blu tooth they put the music on and you have  music on it playing but when you walk around you   do not actually disturb other people because  it's only here in your headphones so what they   do is they do this walk starting from the end  of the ponan beach where the Viewpoint of the   music is located uh they start from there probably  they'll walk all the pen Beach the old toown and   all the Lance Beach they'll stop at some points  to dance have some like aerobics different types   Zumba maybe silent Zumba as well which is very  fun and um there is a pre- inscription right now   it's closed online but maybe if you go there you  would be able to assist in any case that would   be actually very fun and these are some unique  experiences you might be able to have so far this   is the only one confirmed but I'm quite sure that  if it's going to be a success there's going to   be more things like these happening we also see  uh aerobics like jumping uh on the beach we see   Pilatus we see yoga we see a lot of things a lot  of clubs that do these type of activities on the   fresh air because the weather I mean just look  at this it's absolutely inred incredible apart   from that there's going to be a tuna week which  is from 12th up until 21st of April this means   that some specific restaurants of Benidorm you  can find the full list on the website of visit   Benidorm and uh these restaurants bars and pubs  they participate and they prepare special meals   Tapas Rices everything that can be related with  tuna in different ways either fresh marinated   grilled uh or used as any kind of ingredient in  the meal which is very nice for all the fish or   seafood lovers so try it out if you did not do  so and then in summer we'll have another types   we have paa weeks we have Tapas weeks during  Benidorm Fest we have right now the tuna week   we have a kuchara which is when you eat with a  spoon like a spoon meals week a lot of interesting   things going on here especially for all those who  are Foody who loved to try out different types of   recipes from different cultures that's just ideal  for you so check it out if you still did not do   so and now let's go already towards the second  news which is something that we've U checked   yesterday so I don't think it has changed in one  single day one single morning H this is the news   about the really big project that Benny D did in  2023 we've showed you already that first on the   ponan beach they've installed two spots like these  these are bicycle parking spots and they're called   intelligent bicycle parkings basically what they  do is you have to download an app everyone can do   it not only locals but tourists can download  it you register there and they just give you   a PIN number with this pin number you open it you  store your bicycle and then you close it and you   can open it to pick up your bicycle afterwards it  has a camera inside it's stalled so it's a very   very safe place especially for a slightly more  expensive Bic IES that you don't want to risk on   just leaving randomly on the street you know with  a small lock uh the thing is that it was kind of   a success so what they did is they've installed  eight more of them or probably between eight and   10 they've installed them here uh on the levans  beach they install them by the city center uh   so that everyone could use it so it would be more  comfortable and more convenient for people to use   what is the main issue two months after installing  them in other parts of the city the other 10 it's   not working yet so we have them people know what  they are more or less because we've been giving   information to tourists and locals also have been  reading newspapers they know more or less what it   is but the main issue is that they are not working  they're not connected to the app just yet and uh   there's not even any single sign of showing you  what it might be so a usual person that comes with   a bicycle that wants to check it out or wants to  see how to use it there is abs absolutely no signs   next to them which means that no one is able to  use them and they're just standing there occupying   the space uh without the possibility of actually  store your bicycle in it it's been two months and   hopefully hopefully hopefully they will resolve  the issue in the next week's time there's more   and more people each day each week each year that  use bicycles to travel around Benidorm either uh   tourists or locals that's a great way of traveling  at we have a lot of different bicycle trails that   you can use by now so it's quite safe if you  go correctly by rules apart from putting these   bicycle parking spots benor has resurrected from  the dead the project for the Benidorm Municipal   bicycle rental this has happened years and years  ago long time ago but then the project stopped due   to some issues bureaucracy things in Spain and now  they want to resuscitate uh they want it to become   alive and to become a reality once again which  is not a good thing for all those companies now   there is no bicycle service in Benidorm it's  not like when you go to Madrid to Valencia   or Barcelona big cities where everywhere you go  you see bicycles you can take them with the app   you can unlock them you can bring them and drive  them to the next parking space where you will be   able to let it stay now we have a lot of different  rental companies that apart from mobility scooters   they rent out bicycles tow bike I think is one  of the most famous ones they were the first ones   one of the first ones to start electric bike  rentals so a lot of these companies will be   having hard time unless they collaborate and give  part of their equipment to the town hall they'll   be having a really really hard time to maintain  their business because if the town hall launches   this project back again probably people will stop  renting it out from the companies because with   this project prices for bicycle rentals will be  way cheaper than the ones that companies advise   on their websites or in their businesses so hard  times for these type of companies probably will   come not now but in a couple of years time that's  a strong possibility and they will need to search   for another way to make the uh business going the  last news but not less important one is something   that got us really really angry this is the  news that got us angry okay uh I know and we   know that there's a lot of newspapers as in Spain  as in UK as in a lot of other countries there are   newspapers that are just yellow press that people  usually do not care a lot about but still people   read it people see it people get interested in  saying oh my God is it actually true they started   to search information they got stressed about  it so we are here to address the truth you know   that right before every single summer season in  Spain this newspaper has always every now and then   they've been putting things to basically say to  people do not come to Spain come elsewhere or stay   in UK I don't know maybe that's also the case they  want people to stay back in their home country and   not to travel and spend the money elsewhere which  is kind of a logical thing you know but when it's   all a lie we need to address it the Sun newspaper  charges a lot they are just giving a lot of fake   information about holidays in Spain and especially  to one of the most important destinations in Spain   as Andalusia as for example it can be mayorca  or Benidorm Town they're just going against   these destinations and giving or spreading the  bad rumors let's say it like this what they   are saying I have it all here but basically I'm  just going to be giving you some data what we see   they're saying that they're accusing businesses  uh of trying to scam the tourists and putting in   danger the holidays of tourists that choose these  destinations they're learning tourists about the   possible uh danger that they might incure in their  holidays in these particular destinations or in   Spain in general I'm going to be giving you five  examples of these and telling you if it's actually   true or not first of all businesses in Andalucia  they are putting a different price for different   tables and they're charging you extra in case you  want to sit down on the shade and sometimes uh   they are even putting extra hidden charges in  the ticket to inflate the price let's address   it shortly because there's four more to go full  list right here you guys we're fully prepared for   today uh it's true that in Andalusia in some bars  restaurants cafeterias there is an extra charge   but it's not a charge for the shade it's a charge  for the Terrace for different locations in the   bar it might be Associated that it's slightly more  difficult to access that it's uh it's way further   away from the bar or from the main area uh and  it's fair or not that's already decided for each   one of us but what is true is that in every  single of these establishments there's always   signs saying that there's going to be a supplement  if you sit down on the Terrace in case it's the   case okay and if not they will always before you  sit down they will always advise you there's going   to be some kind of a supplement apart from that  obviously everything else uh what is included is   included so if you ask for a meal and that's 350  it's going to be 350 for a tapa if it's uh I mean   people don't protest when they get a free tapa  with a drink right so here it's the same you get   what you are paying for if there is any kind of  charge extra they need to advise it beforehand   if not you do not have to pay for it if you've  not been advised or if it's not clearly stated   somewhere in the establishment the same for the  ice for example not a lot of places charge it in   right now the same for the Terrace fee or uh for  some specific fee for a reservation I don't know   for the bread if it says that menu has a bread  included or a drink it will be included if it says   it's not included and you ask for a bread knowing  that it's not included then that's an extra cost   okay it's as simple as it is ask beforehand or if  you're being told that it's going to be like this   you are always free to decide whether you want to  stay at this place or you want to go to any other   one and try and see maybe you will not be charged  for some specific service which might be the case   but usually in the same area they all act more  or less the same and have more or less same rules   the second one let's go Benidorm is forbidden to  swim in the sea between 12: on midnight and 7 in   the morning and they give you a fine of around  1,000 British pounds that is true but each and   every single Beach of Spain has timetables  when you can swim the reason is that there's   no liveu guards on the beach at night and um the  municipal Hall obviously they try and let you know   you should not swim during these hours uh they try  to avoid people getting drunk into the sea as well   and basically by this kind of they're saving the  life you know I've seen people going for a swim   at 6 something in the morning because they wake  up really early they want to go before it's very   hot outside and that's okay they're not getting a  fine what they want to avoid is things that might   cost you life you know it's not something harsh  like you're going at 11 11:59 for a short swim   of a couple of minutes you know just to get inside  and go out that's fine but if you are going drunk   into the sea or if you're are not a good swimmer  there's no lifeguards around you they're doing it   and putting these rules for your own safety for  when the lifeguards are actually able to help you   out in case something does happen and also at  night there's boats you know there's a lot of   things going on there's cleaning going on so they  want to avoid unnecessary issues for you basically   that's the main reason and it happens in a lot  of cities in a lot of cities that have the beach   front on the beach they always have timetable so  we're not the only place that has it we're not the   only place who has the rules and that's just for  the saf so people who are using the itself uh and   then the next one is restaurants do not serve the  food on midday this is a trap to charge you more   in case they open up slightly early have they  even Been to Spain that's my main question have   these people Been to Spain I guess not because in  touristic places places are open on midday there's   so many of them that open from 11:30 or do not  even close the whole entire day long they serve   drinks and snacks and Main meals and dinner time  then they just let you know like in half an hour   we'll start serving menus or lunch no they'll just  let you know that but the majority of places are   open the whole entire day long especially in the  summer season how will they possibly charge you   more they have the same menu so when you look  at the menu it's the same menu that you get in   the evening than what you get at lunchtime or it's  the same as at 2: p.m. as at 12:00 on midday it's   exactly the same how in the world dare they to  say things like this I don't know we got really   really angry with this newspaper and I sincerely  hope that the town hall of these like the mayors   of these Town Halls of these cities these areas  will do something legal about this because that's   not right at all especially if they've not been  C they don't even know what they're talking about   also they're saying you need to stay away from  the restaurants that surf p for evening meal uh   because it's something that's only done on midday  that's not true either there's a lot of people   usually it's true that it's mostly on middays but  there's a lot of typical Spanish restaurants that   can serve you paa in the evening that do serve  you Seafood in the evening and Meat and Fish   and everything you want from the card from the  menu they can serve it both in on midday and in   the evening and actually uh when the heat goes  down that's when people go for a lovely dinner   and that's when they also for paa it doesn't mean  that they cannot get it and it doesn't mean it's   going to cost them more in this case it's true  that weekdays workday and weekends have slightly   different prices for menus okay menus are around  € two EUR more expensive on week weekend than   on weekday in a lot of places that's it I mean  the restaurants don't change prices and they do   serve every kind of food the whole day long that's  absolutely inappropriate to see to say things like   like this and also the one of the last things what  they are saying is that you need to stay away from   the places that have pictures of the meals outside  because these places will scam you it's a trap for tourist almost every single place in Spain has  pictures outside only the most fancy minimalistic   ones do not but the rest of them they do have  pictures outside and usually these places tends   to be one of the best ones the most traditional  ones to try out the meals and love Spanish food   so it's absolutely the other way around I cannot  believe how many silly things they're telling   tourists and I sincerely hope that it's not going  to affect uh all those people who were planning   on coming to Spain on holidays because by now a  lot of people know already that this newspaper is   just giving very very inappropriate and false  information and I sincerely hope people know   that it's not true and now let's have a short  walk down the lovely park and we'll let you   know the weather forecast for the next week but  I can already tell you it's going to be a lovely   our region is an absolutely gorgeous place to be  these days just look at this we are in the park of   foyes as we mentioned previously quite close to  the pen Beach which is right there behind these   buildings and it's sunny with just a tiny bit  of clouds it's a gorgeous weather out here it's   around 23 degrees on the sunshine and this is the  maximum for today it's sunny in the whole entire   Spain next few days it might be raining in North  Parts Central Parts but here this is exactly the   weather that is expecting you the whole entire  week from now on as for the temperatures today   it's round 23 maximum ones on the sunshine you  need to bring some bottles of water some sun Caps   Sun hats Sun glasses something and sunscreen don't  forget sunscreen please for you and this weather   will continue the whole entire week this weekend  we will reach around 25 and then the whole week is   going to be 2325 towards next weekend we will get  back to almost 25 26 degrees back again so if this   isn't a gorgeous weather for holidays I don't know  which one actually is thank you for accompanying   us on today's latest Spanish and latest Benny's  news update we wish you an incredible day great   holidays if you're coming on once enjoy explore  try out some nice food and drinks and we'll   see you in a new video tomorrow here on the  channel greetings from the sunny Ben Town bye d

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