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good morning everyone here from beirut the capital  of lebanon this is going to be the last country of   our little trip around the middle east we had  been to uh egypt jordan oman dubai and then now   here this will be the last one and we arrived here  two days ago but we haven't really done anything   yet we've just been working so today's gonna be  our first day of exploring bay route properly   right now on the balcony of our airbnb so  we're not staying in a hotel we're in like   a local neighborhood here so the buildings  look around here pretty quiet neighborhood   and the airbnb is really cool so as you  can see it's kind of like a old building   you can tell from the big doorways and  this was 44 at night for the big apartment   and this is our bedroom here also very nice and  spacious has a really good internet so that's good   and you can probably see all these cool wacky  paintings so the owner is an artist so all these   paintings are his art got loads of cool artwork  all over and even besides the art there's loads   of like cool patterns and stuff on this table the  rugs and here you have like the original floors   all the rooms have these cool designs on the  floors so this is like another area with a bed   kind of like a living room i guess and still loads  of cool artwork all around and then through here   we have the kitchen so we've got a nice kitchen  you know the cook food and through here the   bathroom carol's getting ready yeah good morning  i'll show you something unusual here that we   didn't really expect to see already so you can see  that building there those are all uh bullet holes   loads of bullet holes and our building also has  bullet holes here that's the the living room that   does not mean we're in like a super unsafe area  by the way that's bullet holes from the civil war   in 1975 so a long long time ago but here around  beirut from what we've seen you see many buildings   the old buildings that are still here from that  time yeah they're all like covered in uh bullet   holes so even some of those ones across the  road that i showed you they have some bullet   holes well it's kind of creepy really because  if somebody had been shooting at our building i   guess there was like a gunman in our building  or something i don't know it's kind of weird   never been in a place like that before so we  have come to lebanon and a extremely bad time   for the country it's kind of been like crisis  after crisis so since 2019 they've been in   some huge financial crisis and the inflation's  gone like super high even worse than venezuela   apparently we'll be talking about the money  stuff later on so there's that and then   obviously the year later there was kovid and then  also in 2020 i think there was the huge beirut   explosion it was like an accidental explosion  but that was here and that damage lost stuff   we're actually right next to it probably i'll be  able to show you where the explosion happens so   yeah there is a lot of stuff going on from what we  saw walking around though it actually feels quite   normal it doesn't really feel like a country  that's in like some extreme crisis but that's   just from what we've seen around our neighborhood  but in this video we're going to see a lot more so as usual we're gonna get around mainly  walking so from our spot to light the main   downtown area where the beach is it's over an hour  but yeah there's a few spots that we can check out   along the way so this is what i was mentioning  before like the streets do look very normal   and it's like super clean as well everywhere that  we've seen so far is uh very clean it's just a   mix of like big modern buildings and then you get  like older buildings around here this looks like a   fancy apartment block right there we were saying  this actually reminds us just of brazil right   this is how brazil looks yeah like a mix of  like everything like golden all the new yeah   there are many uh fancy cars like porsches  yeah we've seen loads of like mercedes and   stuff right not sure if it's only this  year but you'll find out today yeah so   that's another example you can see all the  bullet holes in this whole building here so so since the region that we're in is very close  to where the blast was you can see a lot of these   buildings here have no windows they're destroyed  and abandoned like this one here look at this   it's insane no windows at all completely empty and  a lot of these are under reconstruction right now   so this destroyed building here has  a sign there solidarity with beirut   says that it's helping families return home before  winter from what i read the the blast displaced   300 000 people in beirut 300 000 so this street  here is a famous one called armenia street   it's known for its like bars and uh restaurants  here probably be more lively at night a lot of   the bars are closed right now i can see already  all these look like they're bars and restaurants   beirut's actually known for  its like nightlife right   yeah like party place yeah we haven't checked  it here maybe tonight i don't know yeah maybe   oh wow look at this yeah this must have been  from the the blast that's crazy a gas station didn't expect to see anything like this though   so i mentioned that this place had seemed  very normal in the previous days but that's   because we were walking inland so inland  you don't really get all this destruction   it's because we are close to the port now so  obviously because of the situation you see a   lot of artwork about it a lot of messages all  over the bedroom so this uh entire wall here yeah so this is the area where it happened   had an interesting sculpture here made out of  metal i don't know if they made that afterwards   but yeah that was the building that i saw on the  news the huge blast at the port sent shockwaves   across the city destroying many buildings and  blowing out windows several miles away this   was the fire in beirut port the flashes they say  were fireworks then something much bigger ignited media it was ammonium nitrate which  had been stored there since 2014 it can be used as fertilizer or to make explosives  the damage is spread across the city the shock   will run much deeper and this tragedy risks  pushing the lebanese further into despair   probably a lot of you guys saw the explosion as  well it was like all over the news the sad thing   is the nitrate had initially nothing to do with  beirut from what i read it was like a cargo ship   that was going to mozambique and then i think it  got kind of stranded around the port here so the   government of beirut at the time had to store  it in that building there i think it was stored   for many years and then a fire broke out and then  the explosion happened but yeah they never planned   on really having all that nitrate here and then  that's what happened sad though this is like our   first time ever seen anything like this right yeah  yeah and it's kind of recent so maybe that's why   they haven't been able to reconstruct everything  especially with the financial crisis so it's a   very bad situation it's very sad yeah so all  these buildings just got hit full force terrible so from my understanding this wall here has   uh drawings of all the people that passed  away during the explosion they're in english   they matter so the wall all the way all the  way down here has pictures of different people like a memorial kind of thing so now we're at one of the main sites which is  this mosque mohammed al amin mosque so this is   the biggest mosque in lebanon i think it was  constructed in 2008 so it is quite modern   it's also known as the blue mosque because  it has like a blue dome not sure what this is   like freedom fighter kind of symbol or something  yeah i don't know so the mosque is closed the guy   said it only opens uh 4 p.m now and uh i think  it's around 1 20 right now so fortunately we   couldn't go in there but look what's interesting  so over there we have a church and also have a   church here as well and below us are the remains  of some roman ruins so yeah all in the same area   you have a bunch of different things i don't think  we can go in there though in the roman ruins so   from this side much better angle not against the  sun anymore of the mosque and it's actually on the   same road as the church back there right next  to each other so lebanon is a very interesting   country in the middle east because around 35 to  40 percent of the population are christian which   is a huge amount for a country in the middle  east and you can actually see that while you're   walking around does seem very different compared  to the other countries that we've been to so far so   so we were trying to walk through here but  there's all these huge cement blocks i think   it's like military cement blocks and it's probably  because that's the government palace right there   so i guess because of protests and stuff they're  trying to keep people out checking you can't go   down any of these streets these are all streets  here and even down there was the same so there was   other streets and they're all get blocked off yeah  so this was another road that we wanted to go down   i can't get through looks like all these windows  there have been smashed up i don't know if that's   during the protest as well hard to know what's  going on here to be honest so we just checked on   google maps and it is what we thought so all those  are like government buildings lebanese parliament   uh there was a palace like we said and also all  the major banks that caused the financial crisis   right so i guess that's why they boarded it off  because all the lebanese was smashing it up yeah   so there's basically like politically motivated  art everywhere here all around you see it   where is my future so this part looks a bit more  well developed now really nice building here the   town hall like kind of arabic design but this area  even behind me here it's all like boarded off yeah   look at all this here i guess from the protest as  well just covered in barbed wire yeah we were not   expecting to find the better like this but i think  there is some amazing things and also i'm excited   to try the food yeah especially because in brazil  we have some food from here that are very famous   there so yeah there are many positive points of  being here yeah we're going to go to the other   coast now which is supposed to be really nice  yeah with the rock so yeah yeah we'll head down yeah so the area that we're in right now would  normally be like shopping streets but everywhere   is closed there's a saturday so you think  that places would be open but literally the   whole place is empty so all these would be stores  here i guess it would be a lively area buildings   are really nice though in this area i like the  architecture the sandy looking buildings as well   it reminds me of the center of rio a little bit  here it's more uh nicer yeah here it's a bit nicer   yeah the better condition i would say of the  buildings yeah in rio all this would be like   graffiti and stuff but it is uh really well kept  really nice but just not open so it's really weird   you can walk like two blocks and then you  just get like a super nice area like this   yeah so we're going to look for some food around  here but all the nice vegetables different things   i like the designs on the  buildings the little zigzags so i think we're going to try  some street food here it is so they let us try out the food first that's  like a kiwi in it yeah that's what we call in   brazil kiwi and cow got a bunch of stuff we'll  show you soon tastes good though so we got to   the market a bit late it looks like everybody  is pretty much closing now shutting up shop   i got this monster kiwi never seen a kitty that  size look at the size of that bigger than my   hands and you got what is that this is something  with spinach it's very similar to what we have in   brazil called the spira in brazil here they have  another name but i couldn't understand and then   there's like a little mini pizza there and what's  this other one here i don't know he said it's very   good yeah so all the food costs 150 000 lebanese  pounds and then we also got some fresh lemonade   and fresh orange juice here and that was 30  000. each okay 60 000 overall how's the spinach   very good is it just spinach or is the cheese  inside no finish with a bit of tomato sauce gonna fly away the food so it's different  to the one that we have in brazil because   this one's like kind of hollow  i think in brazil it's just a   full and it's smaller like the one that she gave  me for a taster because that one wasn't hollow   right that was like full of things yeah and it  wasn't smaller like i said this is like a huge   huge skippy it's like a give hamburger a hamburger  and we mentioned that we have this food in uh in   brazil and that's because lebanese food is very  popular in brazil right we have a lot of people   from lebanon in brazil i think uranus is the  place where there are more lebanese people outside   of lebanon right yeah from what i read it's like  around six million which is the same population as   lebanon so we have lebanon within brazil but  i think that six million is like descendants   there's a very strong lebanese culture in brazil  that's why i was excited to come here and also see   the country and also taste the food like i'm  doing right now the famous sphere and in brazil   these kind of snacks are like very common it's  not something that we consider from outside of   our culture consider it brazilian yeah but  wait i know that it's from lebanon but yeah   it's very good very good check out this  wacky building here futuristic buildings what is that girl you think it's like a museum or  something yeah i don't know i have no idea i tried   to search on google maps but it's something new i  think there's nothing there on google maps so i'm   not sure what it is it's like a dubai building  yeah it's building straight from dubai it goes   all the way down there so we found out from  some locals that that wacky building is a mall   it's going to be a mall in the future and the area  that we're in now seems to be more like hotels and   stuff some fancy hotels this is a hilton hotel i  guess that's a hotel right there as well it seems   more like the business district of beirut yeah so  here you have some fancy looking apartment blocks   apartment buildings all around so i guess this  is like the rich area of lebanon looks like it so the contrast is bizarre right  yeah this area seems to be very   a very rich area and the buildings are  like super fancy look at the car there fancy cars everywhere yeah here's a porsche it makes me wonder what do the rich people do  around here in lebanon like for jobs they're   probably earning 13 oh yeah probably i don't know  yeah i guess if you're earning dollar around here   with the currency being so weak hey you can make  a lot of money check out those cars there as well so we're making yet again another unplanned stop  this is called zaitonai bay i think that's how you   pronounce it so i guess this is another one of the  rich areas of lebanon and beirut all these fancy   boats here like a big marina area and then  around here there's loads like cafes and stuff   probably more expensive starbucks there  this is like the monaco monaco of beirut   yeah something like that  just cooling down a bit now   some drinks it's getting really hot to keep  walking around it's a really nice area to   come here though those are like families and  stuff eating oh look at all the fish there hello so so we've now come to what might be the most famous  part of beirut if you search beirut this is always   the photo that you see like the postcard shop of  beirut so it's called pigeon rocks and yeah that   is the iconic spot right there like a big archway  i don't know if you can pass through there with   a boat or something right now it's way too rough  though super windy i mean look at yeah look at it   at least it's nice and cool though yeah i like it  and we were saying once again this just reminds us   of brazil like by ear or something bahia has like  a boardwalk like this along the coast and yeah   it's very similar really doesn't feel like we're  in the middle east feels like we're somewhere else   some mix so we found the pathway down and it's  pretty funny a guy's getting a haircut right here well he's not getting a view because  he's looking at the buildings   yeah the hairdresser's getting a view yeah we saw  that there's actually some cool restaurants here   if we hadn't just eaten right now we'd probably  eat at this restaurant here because yeah you   get amazing view probably more expensive  but i think it's worth it for that view   it's funny that the guys are still selling boat  trips in this yeah i'll throw up the ocean is very   rough but i think they sell it anyway yeah i'm not  sure i'm not sure where the boat's gonna go though ready to go diving carol yeah well i'm not getting any closer than that that's  crazy drop i didn't realize this area would look   so nice though yeah and the color of the ocean  is very nice too yeah it is quite a nice color yeah this is a mediterranean that's why   how did you go on a boat tour i don't  know that no there's no way they were   doing the boat touring this well they  were operating yeah man this is so wild that's crazy they're actually  lifting up the boat there right now so we said that this place reminds us of  brazil here still does this walkway back   and even more so cause look  at this giant beach here   so we're gonna head down to this huge beach  right now but we're way further out from   the downtown area now and even everything  here is pretty much nice so yeah as you can   see there's loads of nice areas in beirut i  mean this all looks pretty new pretty modern so it's a pretty nice feature if the weather  was a bit better it's all like misty and super   windy obviously i'll write down the name  because i don't know how you say it at all   yeah not that many people here on the  beach today but i think on like a nice   sunny day i think this place gets really busy  still some people swimming in there though yes   i think in the next video we're going to be going  to some nicer beaches right yeah yeah and i hope   that the weather will be better and not so windy  as it is today because i want to swim and enjoy   the kids yeah so the next video won't be beaches  in beirut we're going a bit further up north   we're back at our apartment now and before i close  out this video i'm just going to talk about the   money issue here that i mentioned that i  talk about at the beginning of this video   definitely important because yeah if you don't  know this it's going to cost you a fortune to   travel to lebanon so we went to argentina  recently that also was in a financial crisis   and now they also had two rates like the official  rate and the black market rate the difference   there though is that the official rate from the  government was double which is already a lot right   you're going to be paying double for things but  here it's way more insane it's like 18 times more   than the black market rate so basically when their  money was just dropping the government capped   it and said that one dollar is a thousand five  hundred of the pounds which just isn't realistic   at all and that's never changing then there's  the black market rate where one dollar is around   27 000 pounds so that's why it's like 18 times  cheaper but even though i say the black market   everyone operates here with the black market value  nobody does the government one so the only way   you're gonna get hit with the crazy government one  is if you use your card like a credit card from   abroad you can never use that because you're gonna  be paying 18 times more on things so something   like super cheap will just be really expensive  and i can actually show you an example so here's   a receipt from our shopping the other day just  got about six or seven items so just a wine that's   like a milk chocolate bar tangerines greek salad  greek yogurt and some bacon and some fish as well   so look at what it would have been for  all that if we had paid with our card   560 dollars look how insane that is so for us  since we exchanged our dollars at the black   market rate which is basically just the normal  rate we just paid 31 which is a normal price right   but that just shows how crazy the government rate  is imagine paying like what was it 569 dollars for   just those items it's just yeah it's just insane  so here like i said nobody operates at that   government rate if you ever go to a place even if  you pay in dollar i think they'll always give you   the money back in the black market rate yeah  so nobody operates with the government raid at   all and yeah you just got to keep that in mind if  you're coming here definitely got to bring money   and they also have western union here just like  in argentina so if you do run out of money you   can send money there and picking up from there but  yeah the best is to just bring the cash into the   country already and i imagine just like argentina  has to be one of like the main currencies probably   like the euro dollar and pound i think if it's  not like a prominent currency they might not um   exchange for you here so it's best being one of  those three i only know about the dollar so maybe   it's best just to bring dollar if you can so i  did ramble on quite a bit there but yeah it is   pretty confusing and very important to know if  you come in here and as we mentioned before the   next video we're going to be going to another like  beach town up north and uh yeah that's going to be   the next video looking forward to it so if you  like this one just drop a like to support us   subscribe like see more videos like this follow  us on instagram and we'll see in the next you

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