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everyone so it's day two here exploring in Pokhara  and we've just come up to the mountains here it   was about a 40 minute taxi drive pretty crazy taxi  drive because some parts were just like not Road   at all it was completely off-road so that cost us  2 000 that's for one way because we're gonna hike   back down if we wanted a return it would have been  around 3 000 overall and we've come here because   there's a new attraction a large Shiva statue I  can't see it right now it's above here somewhere   but we're just gonna walk to it right now got  a nice authentic looking Village up here though   looks pretty cool cows officially an Asian Now  using an umbrella for the sun so hot very hot   yeah it is it's nice and quiet up here though this  is some souvenirs so the drive up here was really   beautiful though the scenery and there was loads  of little waterfalls on the side of the road I   think that's because we're in the monsoon season  so loads of water coming down the mountain so   that is pure lake about there just to show you how  high we are so we're in the village over on that   side I think this is a different side of the lake  right here and this is how the road was driving up   like just loads of loose Rock and that is  the statue right there absolutely a massive so we gotta take our shoes off to go in this  place got some like mantras going on here   I don't know if you have to pay to come in here  wow look at that for a statue of the golden cow that is what I call an impressive statue  it is very high I wonder how many meters   yeah maybe I can check online how  tall that is but it is super tall   I don't need to put music in this  video I just use the the mantras so this is a part that we're staying down  there on the Lakeside but you can see just   how bigada is it's absolutely massive we've  only really been around that area there and   we're also going to head over to that Pagoda  there the world peace Pagoda I think it's   going to take about 30 minutes to hike down  yeah and then we're going to hike all the way   down there so I think it's going to take around  two hours overall maybe amazing views from here   though yeah yeah it's beautiful and we can see  the the city from here because because we were   unsure about the weather but it's it's okay for  now yeah it's supposed to rain at some point   right yeah we'll see yeah so sometimes when  we're looking from down there we can't even   see these Hills right here so we were worried  that we might be in the clouds but right now   we're okay can you see saranka which we might  go to in this video tomorrow you can get like a   cable car or you can drive up there but you'll  just have to see how the weather is foreign thank you   before we continue with our day we're going to  talk about the sponsor of this video surf shark   which is our recommended VPN provider that we've  been using the past two years during our travels   we have to frequently connect to public Wi-Fi so  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Pagoda now so it's on the right side of   the ashiva statue there's no signs or anything so  yeah I'm just letting you know if you come here   looks like it's going to be one hell of a hike  on the way down though really beautiful so some   people do the hike coming up here from the lake as  well but because it's so hot yeah we just didn't   want to do it in August it's extra humid so the  temperature shows it's like 28 degrees but then   on the websites it shows that because of the  humidity it feels like it's around like 35 38   degrees and yeah it definitely does doesn't feel  like 28 degrees at all yeah this is going to be a   real nice hike though look at this so I think  the pathway just goes all the way down there   and then yeah we're gonna have to try and work out  how to get over to that side I never understand   how people can do this so they do trails and  they just throw uh trash everywhere there's   literally just trash all over bottles people  drink water and then just throw it away bizarre   foreign we're really struggling even though it's  downhill from the humidity we passed a few   Villages back there they have a lot of Rice  Terraces here as well you can see them down   there so that's cool reminds us of Southeast Asia  and over here there's a school on this Hillside   says a basic level School people live up here  as well imagine the views living in this place   this is what you see every morning so now you can  really see why we're staying we're just around   here on the edge we need two umbrellas yeah  this is really helping me I think because I'm   not getting that much Sun Ray so it's better but  still I'm still melting so we were expecting this   Trail to be a bit busier but there's barely any  vehicles or bikes or anything passing around here   nobody really walking around as well hello namaste  do you have these little stores though if you want   to get some drinks and stuff so we only brought  one bottle because we knew there would be little   shops around here that's a nice viewpoint I think  everybody up here opens little shops don't they   this one here some other great views probably in  big season there will be a lot of people doing the   hike I I guess so that's why there are so many  shops I got some goats hey guys I missed a goat so cute it's like a baby goat isn't it funny little jump oh that was the big one  right there he gets a bit scared of us thank you all right we have finally made it the  world peace Pagoda back there so we just gotta go   down this beautiful walkway and then I guess head  back up again guys can anyone tell me what this is   I think that's an insect making the craziest sound  ever we could hear it from afar and we thought it   was some sort of like mechanical Machinery or  something but yeah it's coming out of that tree all right so we've made it silence we're gonna  be nice and quiet once and once again another   huge Monument yeah very very white it hurts  my eyes you have to look at the reflection foreign so it turns out that there was a sign saying no  filming or no Tick Tock there so yeah I stopped   filming I didn't get to film much pretty  much uh just the viewpoints that we've   seen on the trail anyway and we just saw  a huge snake it was like bigger than us in   um in height right Carol freaked out  of it but uh yeah it was scared of us we were in the temple I was like I hold the the  screen yeah and now it looks like we're going   into a village welcome to another Village  so I guess the village is on the way down   to the lake now that's where we're heading  you can hear that noisy insect once again   don't think I've ever heard a inside like  that does sound like Machinery doesn't it   yeah it might be some sort of cicada cicada  I don't know what to say so this part of the   trail is really nice now because we're in like  the thick jungle first part of the trail that's   like this and it's a lot cooler as well because  yeah the trees are protecting us from the Sun foreign so even though the sign back there said welcome to  the Village I think if you stay on the trail you   don't actually go through the village we wanted to  check out how a local Village was done the light   we've gone through one though took a bit of a  diversion here just to see something at least   are these hotels or I don't know looks like  traditional houses doesn't it yeah I'm not   sure I know that there are some hotels  but maybe down there I think that one   is a hotel oh on the other side yeah those look  like Rice Terraces as well don't they yeah I   think they are all right we have arrived at the  bottom I never saw it walking downhill could be   so tiring we're actually quite used to doing hikes  as well but yeah this humidity or something else   that's why nobody else is really doing this Trail  we passed one guy on the trail the whole Trail so this is where we can get the boat from over to  the other side where we're staying it's the only   way to go across also a restaurant here though  so I think we might get a bite to eat first hello are you gonna let us cross the bridge doesn't look very open Carol yeah quite a few places that we've passed have  been closed anybody in there nope that's some   pretty nice views right it's almost like a little  beach yeah over there with the kayaks yeah so I   think people can do like stand-up paddle boarding  and you can come from over there if you rent some   kind of check it out Shiva again   yeah it's pretty nice around here even here is  almost like a little Beach Little Beach area so the other place wasn't open but they have this  other restaurant here more local looking one and   we just went for the cold Lassie that is 120.  got a big bottle of water here needed that so   that's 40 and Carol got a Coke for 70. high school  I went for these fried sausages here pretty simple   little snack that's uh 220 and Carol went for  the veggie chow mein once again you always get   quite big portions when you order Charming yeah  it's good A bit spicy but it's very good yeah   and that's like a very common dish here I don't  know if that's because of the Tibetan influence   but in the majority of the restaurants you  can get chow mein and that's 150 overall all right so we're getting the  boat back across 650 for the boat off we go it's a robo not a motorboat  so uh more relaxing nice and quiet   foreign   so the price that we paid isn't just to go  across it's gonna stop at a temple that's   on an island in the middle of the lake there's  a few other spots that you can go to as well   there's five overall so which go into one  obviously there'll be more expensive though so this is the island in the middle of  the lake I think it's the only Island   and that is the tiny little Temple there  Temple I think it's called got the incense   burning here smells really nice very different  to any Temple that we've seen in Nepal so far   this design here it reminds me of the ground  of Greece the islands that we went to oh yeah   the ground is kind of like that but different  color no it's the pigeon home Beijing Temple foreign   foreign so they have this nice walkway here loads of   people selling food it's not  this one that you want yeah 100 wow yeah is it spicy is spicy I don't know okay take a liquid right everything it's good though first time eating that yeah the  kids are laughing at me hello hello how are you you want more of them one place is  10 pieces okay yeah okay you like   panipuri yes they're shy what were  the ingredients that were in yours I think that's what she's as well you want the chili you  want chili just a little bit what's your name I don't know shy they want to talk but they're all so shy so Carol got all these we got seven for a  hundred it was actually ten for a hundred   but Carol's not that hungry since she  just ate yeah but we paid 100 anyway   and she said the world is actually  like lemon water right yes with   I think it's very good yeah I think  it's uh I think they have that in India   yeah I think so I think I've seen it in videos of  India just never tried it so Carol had her snacks   now it's time for me to snack again so I got this  chicken kebab here it was a hundred not much food   but it's not that expensive really it's really  nice here on the Lakeside really laid back they   have the trees so the sun doesn't come through so  it's not hot at all and one thing we like about   here is that it's very rare that you see on the  main touristic fat that all the establishments   are local in a lot of countries this would be like  the fancy expensive places but yeah here it's all   local and the fancy places are inside the city on  the around the area that we're staying in pretty   much right yeah yeah over there is more a mix  and I'm here I think it's more local restaurants   and stores well they all seem local really so  we went to this spot here like a little shed   but they're all pretty much  like that so that's nice to see   thank you foreign we kept walking along  the river and all of a sudden we come to   like some Theme Park area which I had no idea  was a theme park got the roller skate in here   and then there's some rides over here as well   I don't know what this is some sort of like goca  it's got the Ferris wheels right there this just   appeared out of nowhere yeah it was like come  tranquil Lake yeah like I said here in the lake   area they're like many different Vibes like some  uh relax Vibes and then like this other parts were   like some bars and music Latino music as well  yeah it keeps changing like every five minutes so they literally called this place Disneyland  welcome to Pokhara Disneyland it's funny it is   very tiny but still it's kind of funny that it's  a I wouldn't like to go in that one after eating oh no I definitely throw up  check this one out as well   it's not the funny thing is you don't  even pay to come in here right no don't go on the right yeah I  think that one is 100 rupees   oh yeah 100 rupee right maybe they're  all around that price then there we go foreign so going to end this video here now we're  on the rooftop of the place that we stay in which   is Portland hotel if you didn't watch the video  yesterday thirty dollars with breakfast included   and we get these great views from up here we  come up here every day to see if we can see   the Himalayas behind there but yeah still no  luck they're always surrounded by the clouds   and this was the last video from Pokhara  So the plan is that we're gonna head to   a place called nagako we were supposed to go  to bandipo but because of the bad weather we   ended up extending our stay here and that left  no time for bandipur so yeah we're gonna go to   nagako and to get there I think we're going  to fly into Kathmandu and then we'll get our   bus to Naga that's the plan so if you like this  video just drop a like as usual to support us   subscribe to see more 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