Beautiful Filipino Girl Gives Me Tattoo! | Bike Touring Across Japan #2

Beautiful Filipino Girl Gives Me Tattoo!  | Bike Touring Across Japan #2

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Good morning from a very chilly Haruna lake. It's pretty cold. I got some sleep but I was definitely cold last night. My sleeping bag is not made for this type of weather. Nick on the other hand was sweating.

So his bag is too warm apparently. Mine's not warm enough. I think I'd rather have his problem though. Okay, just to show you what we're working with here.

This is my sleeping bag. The limit says 50 degrees Fahrenheit, 10 degrees Celsius. Extreme 5 degrees Celsius. We were below 5 degrees last night, you think? Yeah, I think so. I think it was like 3. Maybe.

So I'm below the extreme limit on my bag. It's a light bag. Great for Southeast Asia and warm weather.

But Nick over here, his comfort is at minus 5. He can go up to negative 10 degrees Celsius. Yeah, it's pretty hot. It's pretty warm, huh? Yeah. Dang.

It's good to see you again, Mt. Hiderna. We are good to go. I've been waiting on Nick for like 30 minutes. No, I've been taking my time. So this is what we're looking at today.

Now that's it right there. Whoo! That was nice going down there. Oh man. It's quite a nice view, though. Not bad at all.

Finally opens up. So we just made a quick stop. at the the weed temple it's not his official name but what they're going back there is essentially hemp they use it obviously not for to smoke I imagine but all the wonderful things you can use hemp for this is the the shrine over here it's a beautiful little place and yes marijuana is very much illegal in Japan just in case you're wondering you can't even get medicinal marijuana here like you can and almost all I mean I think almost half of the states back home are either medicinal or legal now so but I think Japan is a long way from that just like my home state of Texas This is Mishima Mishima? Mishima is very good Alright, you take your masks Up hill So we just stopped at a Lawson's And let me show you what their onigiri set looks like You get two onigiris Plus some egg You get a little sausage A little piece of fried chicken What is this, skinnit? Maybe just some sort of minced meat Some sort of, what was that, potato? Good breakfast Now let me introduce to you one of my favorite treats Snacks, breakfast items, whatever you want to call it here in Japan And that would be the maple syrup and margarine pancakes Yes, you can get pancakes like this in Japan Ready to go Let me show you what it looks like Really good Probably not good for you, but Shokken Takaitis, go Shokken Jugoma, wow I was just admiring this guy's old car right here It's really good condition It's a 1990 And so I was asking him how much the inspection Not the car tax, but yes, the inspection for his car Because that's one thing in Japan that's good and bad Like to get your car inspected and legal for the road You have to do the inspection every year or two the older your car is the more expensive it is and so his is about he said Ju Gomon which is around I don't know 1 ,300 bucks now and new cars only cost like three or four hundred and so that's kind of why you don't see many beat -up old cars in Japan a lot of them are in really good condition and so if you do see an old car like that it's not because they can't afford a new one it's because they can afford to drive an old one like that I've driven down this road a hundred times and never stopped and it's the beauty of traveling my bike right here Oh Guma It's pretty damn pretty Don't forget about Guma now Oh So this bridge has been here a long time ever since I moved here 14 years ago when I came to Japan, but there's a lake. It's actually pretty new. I think it's only like four or five years old They they built a dam way the hell down there and they dammed up the river here I don't remember. I don't even really remember there being a river here.

There might have been a small stream but they build a lake here and It's really weird. The water is like a cloudy emerald turquoise color I Doubt there's any fish in there. I don't think this is beautiful But it's just a weird color makes for good photos and You know very picturesque, but I don't think that's in water. I don't think that's in water. You want to be drinking It's lunch, but it's only like 10 20.

I know right like morning. That is true. We've been up since like so We're eating lunch But it's not even 11 o 'clock yet. I Mean we were up there You're up at three. You said I woke up.

You woke up at three. Yeah we're Kind of hoping to see a good sunrise with that in happen we're just up at like 4 4 30 up and about pretty exhausted already but eating lunch that we got yesterday at the wakasagi udon place so we thought we were gonna be hungry later on the night but no that didn't happen so well asking to pack it up to go still good today another great thing about Japan the foot bass oh wow oh man that is good look at that view quick little stop at the local Michino eki you can find these all over japan as well they have a little convenience store they're serving up hot fresh food over there you can buy local produce and soak your feet in the hot foot bath so nice little spot to chill out and recharge we got a little bit further to go let's get on the road all right real quick earlier i pointed out that there's a dam that they built to to form this lake right and here's another example of japan just being way too damn cute they have this curry pond this curry bread right here and can you tell what it looks like yeah this is the dam right here made out of cheese one of those instances where i've driven over this bridge a million times and never stopped might as well do it when you can all right next next little place i want to show you guys i've been to this place before and it's probably in one of my videos from a long time ago but uh this is an old japanese world war two relic and so this would have been it's not a bunker this would have been where the soldiers would have sat in here and listened for for aircraft pretty sure that's its only purpose so apparently this was like the japanese army's radar system and they would sit in here and listen for aircraft early warning before they fly over the city right but i mean i feel like a little too late by then if you're like You know, you're hearing them way out here All right, and it is not even 12 o 'clock and we are gonna go ahead and call it a day So we're in Nagano Haida. This is where my friends from and he's gonna come pick us up in the truck You know, he lives a little bit further up the road and then you know he all the houses off the main road are on steep steep hills that go up and down and I'm not gonna do it. And so he's gonna come pick us up and we're gonna go spend the rest of the day with him All right, while we wait let me show you what my buddy Nick T has been riding So he lives down by in Oshima And so he met me in my abashi and the easiest way to get here obviously to take the train But here in Japan, you can't take your a regular bicycle on the train. And so He brought his folding Brompton and uh usually this is for the city right yeah mostly commuter bike it's kind of a commuter bike and so i think he was pretty nervous about you know hitting the the mountains with it but how would you say it's performed it's done well it's done well it's hit every hill and i've been ahead of you some of yeah a lot of those times he's actually leaving me and when we were hitting those uh those inclines he's like he's killing it and so um and then downhill too no problem no problem yeah okay guys faster than my my regular bike because uh wheels are smaller so i think you actually go faster on nice nice and you still think you overpack a little bit yeah for sure yeah for sure way too many clothes and that's the thing though i definitely overpacked and so it's one of the first things i'm gonna do when i get to my buddy's house is i'm gonna go through my stuff again and i already have in my you know i've already been thinking about stuff that i can uh not throw away but i'm gonna send it back to my friends and my abashi but i am way overweight way overweight it is i'm probably i mean it's nickels like what are you carrying in there bricks nice and tight perfect oh i just took a much needed nap but uh let me introduce you to how to jump i'm sure some of you already know who she is and let me show you something can you see that i got me a tattoo in the philippines let me show you that story What's up? They give you your place back? Yes. Nice.

Hello camera. This is Jamie. She'll be tatting me up today.

Yeah. What kind of tattooing do you do? Handpoke tattooing. Handpoke tattoos. Yeah. Okay. This is going to hurt more or less.

It depends but I think it hurts less. It's just like a longer process. That's why it kind of sucks. But if you're, if you can be patient, I think it's worth it. I think I'm pretty patient.

Like, this is a good thing to practice. Yes, absolutely. Is that just basically four needles in one? Yeah. No, it's nine.

How many? Nine. Nine needles? Yeah. Yeah, it's a little different sensation for sure. Here it's more.

A little bit. Oh, I'm digging it with, like, not pure black. Look, it looks like it has fur.

Is the white a little bit harder to stick? Yeah. They make pop. Next step, show off your tattoo. So, this is it. And I would say she did an excellent job.

I was kind of worried because, as you can see, the white lines are really small and narrow, but she did a great job. And you knew it. I got three. Hello. There we go. Thank you.

What's your name? Evenu. What's your name? Evenu. I'm not sure. What's your name? Inouneji. Inouneji, no? So, I don't know.

I'll ask Evenu if I can share that with you guys, but he sent me some pictures not too long ago. He was like, oh yeah, I got married. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

How are you doing? I'm good. I don't think anyone that like skateboards like hardcore is kind of pretty crazy, you know, but it's pretty cool. He came back to Kasatsu after living in Tokyo for a while and then basically built himself his own little skate park right here. So everything in here.

He has built himself. From the very beginning Things just a place for the locals to come skate. I think he has Skate lessons for the kids and whatnot, but it's pretty cool So He's got himself his own brand Skateboarding fishing nice Oh Some people feel the rain others just get one Oh Good technique Oh So I am a skateboard shop is right down there you walk a little bit up the road and you have yourself a private neighborhood onsen, a little hot spring and that is why you come to Kusatsu because that's what they're known for.

It's one of the most popular well -known hot spring towns in Japan, that in Hakone I think, but Kusatsu is better. Kusatsu is awesome. We're out kind of like on the outskirts of town though. Maybe tomorrow we'll go into the middle of Kusatsu and I'll show you what that looks like.

It's freaking awesome. I love it, but come in here, take your shoes off real quickly how it works. I got nice hair donut. You come in here, you get naked, you put all your stuff in these little cubby holds and the bath and everything's over here. The Philippines... Yeah...

Do you want to eat it? Yeah... What? The ball? Yeah... Yeah... Yeah... Yeah... It's so good, baby.

Do you want to eat it? Thank you. They got some real tattoos. Check this. It's so good.

It's so good. Yeah, it's so good. It's so good. Now that's a tattoo. Tattoo Japanese style. Do you want to eat it? Yes.

Yeah. Do you want some? Yes. Okay.

You're fine. Okay, I'm fine. I'm done with this. Let's go! Let's go! basically just fried pork cutlets covered in some sort of delicious sauce

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