Beautiful cafe in a 5 star luxury hotel in Vienna | Delicious Imperial Torte

Beautiful cafe in a 5 star luxury hotel in Vienna | Delicious Imperial Torte

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Hello! This is Mash and Aya. This is Mash's vlog of his business trip to Vienna. In the last Vienna Vlog, we had the famous Sachertorte. Then I went to the café at the Museum of Art and History, which is considered one of the most beautiful cafés in the world. (If you haven't seen it, you should definitely check out that vlog too) In the comments section of that video, a viewer recommended "Imperial Torte" as a good place to eat, so this time we went to the café at Hotel Imperial! So this video is all about eating at cafes, restaurants, etc... lol

First, an introduction to the hotel we'll be staying at today This is another one-night bullet business trip. The hotel is a nice room, enough for one person... ♪ Curtains, desk, furniture, and other nice decorations are attractive! After check-in, we head to the cafe. Hotel Imperial, a luxury hotel in Vienna with a long and storied history, opened in 1873. This 5-star hotel has been loved by royalty and celebrities from all over the world. Café Imperial Wien" is a cafe attached to the hotel. You don't have to be a guest to enter here. Nice interior with traditional history. Imperial Torte.

You write here Imperial Torte is a famous Viennese pastry along with Sacher torte. It has been a specialty of this prestigious hotel, which welcomes state guests, for more than a century. Imperial Torte is No.1.2.3. No.1 Das Original Original Imperial Torte No.2 Schwarze Orange No.3 Feine Himbeere Raspberry Of course, there are many kinds of coffee such as wiener coffee, etc. Mash chose Imperial Original Blend Tea. Everyone is discussing which one to eat. I decided to share No.1, 2 and 3.......and I also ordered a wiener. Bread is also different from France.

It looks delicious again. It's true. It has a sauce like demi-glace sauce on it. Sacher's wiener and a little bit different atmosphere The tableware and the crest are nice and handsome to my liking Thank you. Looks like a parfait! Very pretty. I heard that Viennese iced coffee is made with coffee milk and ice cream. This one has cream in it (like a parfait). It's like a parfait.)

Mash should have ordered this too! This is Imperial Torte's no,1! Yes, this is an Imperial Torte original! Look at this cross section! It's a milk chocolate coating! The shape is on a cube, milk chocolate on the surface. Inside is a layer of marzipan, chocolate and almonds. How does it taste? It's nutty. It's a milk chocolate coating, so it's soft. No.2 Schwarze Orange Beautiful cross-sectional view So many layers! Very elaborate! Very beautiful! How does it taste? Do you smell the orange? Chocolate cream with a very nice orange scent! Oh, wow! It has a nutty texture, so it might have nuts in it The chocolate is dark chocolate, yes.

I heard that this is more popular than Sachertorte, so I chose this one. Sacher torte is introduced in the previous video if you are interested.................... Sachertorte is mainly sponge, but this one is mainly cream. Yes, that's right! That's a lot of layers. Nice. The sponge part is not so much, so you can feel the chocolate.

It's true. But it's good because it's not very persistent in flavor. This one has orange in it, so it's very refreshing.

It's iced coffee, but it's like a parfait. Delicious. Is it sweet? No, it's not sweet. Are you sure? It looks very sweet! I would rather put sugar in it. It's not sweet at all. Maybe with the toppings on top, it would be just the right amount of sweetness. Delicious, Mash could drink this, the bitterness of the coffee is weak. I should have asked for this.

Mash drinks tea It's delicious! It was a tea with many different blends. It was a mixture of many things. There was some sencha tea in there. You also mentioned raspberry, bergamot, and chamomile in there. Delicious. Mash eats the raspberry flavor, number 3.

In the end, in a place like this, it's pink and pretty. It's pink! It's pretty. A little different layer from other Imperial Torte! What do you think? Mmmm! Mash might like this one better Really? Why? Is it the creaminess? The layers of chocolate are thinner, and the Imperial Torte tastes more elegant.

Sachertorte is eaten with cream, so it tastes more intense Imperial Torte tastes more elegant overall. So it's more cohesive without the cream. Yes, it felt very balanced Delicious! Which do you two like? I think I might like Imperial Torte better too! Sachertorte has a more basic taste. True, I'm confused. Sachertorte was more entertaining. I would say overall.

I mean the tableware, the look, the atmosphere of the café, everything. Imperial Torte has a more classic flavor. Can I try the other number flavors? Yes, of course.

Would you like to try the original first? How do you like the taste? It's the easiest flavor to eat! It's soft taste. Kids would like it too. This one is sweeter, but not too sweet. I think it is very well balanced. Elegantly sweet! Thank you for telling me about Imperial Torte1 It is very tasty. Thank you! Oh! Doesn't it smell like a very classy orange? It's true! Very fragrant! But all the flavors are very different. Is there a difference between No.2 and No.3? No, not at all! The fragrance may be stronger in No.3

Delicious. Excellent. Let's try some wieners! Looks delicious! Is it a demi-glace sauce? Let's pour it all on! The skin is firm, isn't it? With pickles and cheese, right? It's a little red sauce. I'll try it. Ah! It tastes different from the sausages I had at the previous Café Sacher Wien! In Mash's opinion, I think it tasted better at Café Sacher Wien! Café Sacher Wien's sauce was more to my taste! It tastes like ketchup, a bit nostalgic. The sausage tastes like Café Sacher Wien, but I was more impressed than before.

This sausage is also very tasty! I think it tastes better with this mustard on it Maybe so! Can I try it with it next time? I think the skin is harder than before. Now let's try it together. Oh! It's better to eat it with everything on! It's better to eat it with different tastes! I'll try it without anything on it first. It has a sour taste. The sauce tastes very stewed.

The last time I had sausage, the sauce tasted rich. This time the sauce has a sour taste Are you deliberately making it taste different? That seems to differentiate it. It's delicious with mustard together. French mustard is spicy, but Austrian mustard is gentle.

Mustard goes well with sausage. I like mustard. This one was spicy and delicious! This isn't cheese, I'm afraid! This is not cheese! It's cabbage, with a hint of horseradish--it's delicious! (It wasn't cabbage) I thought the spiciness of mustard was delicious, but it was the spiciness of western horseradish! It goes very well together. It looked like cheese. Imperial Torte felt heavy in the second half, so Sachertorte was still good. Yes, I agree. I think so too.

I found the first half to be elegant, but in the second half, I found it dense, like a French cake It might be close to a French cake called "opera"! It's true. The second half felt like an opera! It's nice to have two different tastes at once It's interesting. It's interesting, and it's delicious. Small version for souvenirs I will buy one for Aya before I leave the next day A short tour of the hotel The hotel looks like a museum.

Thank you for a wonderful experience! Next time I'd like to eat on the terrace~! After the business meeting, we are heading for dinner! Last time it was hamburgers, but this time we're going to try an Austrian specialty! Cheers! Looks delicious! Wow! This is very Wien-like! What is this? This is Culasch, a dish of Wien stewed in tomato sauce. This is veal cutlet This is veal cutlet Is this like a local dish in Wien? I think so (Schnitzel A typical Austrian dish. It is a Viennese style pork cutlet, and the meat is basically veal. (Pork and chicken cutlets are also available.) I think it is a typical Wien dish I think this is jam. Is it jam! Jam on cutlets is very rare! What is this? This is a stew called Culasch. This is a traditional Viennese dish called Gulasch. Gulasch A traditional Viennese dish, beef stewed with potatoes, tomatoes, etc., and flavored with paprika.

It smells very good Looks delicious (this is pork cutlet) Looks delicious! Looks the same as before (lol) I like the lemon. Very unusual to have jam on a cutlet! What kind of jam is it? I've never had jam on a cutlet before! I'll eat it! Ah! Yummy!!!! The jam goes with it! Cutlets are cutlets! What do you mean? But it's veal, so it's different from Japanese cutlets. Is it soft? Very soft! Hard on the outside, soft on the inside. Delicious! Jam goes well with it. It's great! Beer is good too! Your face is already pink... (laughs) I had a beer first! Then we'll have the rest of it! It's fun to eat the local delicacies. It's a surprise, it's delicious, and it's great entertainment.

The next day was early, so we went to bed at the hotel right after dinner. The next day was work. I went to the famous world heritage site of Schönbrunn Palace, including its garden. I am sorry I can't show you the details because I was working. On the way back from the shoot, I bought an Imperial Torte. Then we went to a sausage stand before heading to the airport. This course has become a standard. There are stores like a food stand where you can eat sausage in the city of Vienna. It's great to make a toast in front of the opera house! By the way, it got up to 34 degrees that day (it was hot...)

Really delicious! Highly recommended! This is also a standard course, buy sausages at a supermarket. OK to bring back to Paris (I think not to Japan) You buy a lot of them. HARIBO is available in Paris, isn't it? HARIBO in Wien is delicious with sugar on it! And this one? This is spare rib flavor. This is sweet potato flavor. Looks so yummy! I'll buy some too!

You buy it... (laughs) These wafers are so good! I often buy them as souvenirs from Wien This is vanilla flavor. This is... what is it? This is lemon, cocoa, coconut flavor. I bought a lot again...

Now I'm going to fly back to Paris. It's in a very nice box. Aya, I bought it! I see the numbers 1, 2, 3, and so on! 1 is light in color 1 tastes like almonds 2 is orange flavor 3 is raspberry flavor Are the 3 different colors because of the different chocolates? No, I think they have different flavors due to the fruit and other ingredients in them.

Did you eat any of the Mash? I ate all of them. Eh! We all shared the food. I was so surprised! I thought you ate 3 by yourself (laughs)... No, I didn't (laughs). I shared it with everyone. You all know from the video, Mash liked the raspberry flavor of #3 the best! I didn't think it was Sachertorte. I see. Mash liked this better than Sachertorte. I see. It depends on the time and occasion, but just eat it anyway. Have a look. Okay, I'll try it right away.

Please eat from number 1. Oh! Soft and nice! Is it because it tastes like almond? It tastes very strange! I imagined it to be very sweet, but it tastes more like cream and smooth! I see... That's a light taste.

But it tastes different than it did in the restaurant! It tasted even sweeter when I ate it in the store! The sweetness is not that strong. Try number 2 and see. It's delicious. I'll eat number 2. It's orange flavor. It's orange.

Oh! The base flavor is the same! But I can really smell the orange! I know you do! I can smell the orange flavor in the second half of the bottle. Very strong orange flavor. Delicious. If you like orange peel chocolate... I think I like it very much. I think so. It's nice and nice and square.

I'll eat! It's delicious! I think #3 might be my favorite too! I think it's the same? Delicious! Mash also like #3 the best? Yes, yes, but the best is yes. I think the reason number 1 tastes better than the last one is because it's cooler in Paris I see, it was much hotter in Wien! It was almost 30 degrees that day, so number 1 was very sweet! I think number 1 is generally recommended It goes with tea! It's good. Aya likes number 3.

Yes. But now that it's warmer, maybe it's easier to eat the sour taste If you had it in winter, you might have found number 1 to be the most delicious If you like fruity taste, I would recommend number 2. It's really wonderful that you can still eat the cake that was created in 1873! But I think the taste has been improved over time. Yes, it has. But the tradition has remained, yes. Delicious. Which do you like better, Sachertorte or Sachertorte? I also liked Sachertorte It was still cold when I had Sachertorte. Paris is cooler, but still over 20 degrees, so I think Imperial Torte tastes better when it's cold.

I think it depends on how the chocolate is melted and when you want to eat the chocolate. As we talked about in the store, the right taste depends on when you want to eat it. If you eat there, you may be more impressed with Sachertorte And if you want to buy it as a souvenir, Imperial Torte might be more interesting The box was so beautiful! This just made me feel more present and excited! Very rewarding! I love the atmosphere and cuteness of the box and this logo! A crown. I prefer Imperial Torte for the package. It was cute.

And we'll have sausages tonight, thank you. Aya has never been to Wien. But I've already learned the taste of Wien (laughs) I would love to go with you.

Do you like Wien? I like it! Thank you for watching! Good-bye See you soon I used the new plates I bought It's still very nice. Good-bye This is a souvenir given to me by a customer It looks like a popular souvenir from Austria. I see... (laughter) Mozart chocolates, right? Interesting. Let's look inside. There's a lot of Mozart - lol The shape is like a beehive.

It's a strange impression (laughs) Mozart is easy to understand It's very Wien-like. I think the chocolate is very good too It's like this This seems to be a popular souvenir Well then, goodbye~!

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