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before proceeding to the video, for those of you who are looking for CVT parts from recovering, we are ready for the lathe. Size 13.8 degrees, yes guys, then our roller is ready from size 5 grams to 18 grams, various motorbikes are available. Then the fitting version is from size 1000 rpm to 2000 RPM We are ready for various kinds of motorbikes and ready also the percentry is from 1000-2000 RPM guys and those who want more racing you can use double canvas from Daytona and also fan belt from Daytona racing directly check out the unit and also use time because the package must have an anti-gradation package that will get a ring slip from Mio J and also a custom volleyball bowl. Which is definitely anti-grade guys and for those who want a minimalist but handsome look, you can use mirrors from Federal or from Aspira, the price is only 33,000, right? guys, just hurry up and check out, don't worry about the loss, because it's definitely free shipping and lots of discounts, just check the link in the description guys. Yes, hello guys b I'm going back to me. What the hell, so this time when I wanted to review one of the Beat karbu temperatures

, earlier we talked about the proper children's proper matic touring , we just finished sharing because the shoes were looking for children who wanted to be reviewed, which looks like So, so that the experience will increase. Why does Fat want to review Beat Karbu again, even though there are so many Beat Karbu motorbikes that have fard reviews, because so that the jaws are getting louder, so there is a reference. there's the green, the green Okay, the owner is usually called a duck, usually parents too, so now we will immediately review the green Okay, but first for those of you who want to ask questions about the motorbike because this is also one of the temperatures, automatic Bandung IG, if proper eh proper matic bdg if my IG is @zerico_kai and tiktok is playing tik tok tik tok the underscore is for you guys If you don't have any questions, you can just check the link in the description, now let's review the green.

So now we're going to directly review the green from the bottom front, this is the bottom front, what green has been replaced, this is the bottom front, starting with the tires first Yes, the tires are definitely Pro IRC Pro size 90/80 ring 14 and this costs around 325, the other one goes to the disc brake. Now, this disk uses PSM size 260. The price is in the 450-500 range. Continue to the bottom, Batam pretentious. Sir 6 , the price is around 550 or so. Continue with the calipers. This caliper uses Nissin Samurai Black, gold color, the price is around 850 now,

then use the brake hose, hell ah, the carbon brake hose got it. Yesterday, it was around 550. so this is the brake hose bracket using this arm arm, yoi, how much did it cost yesterday, yes, 40 thousand, more or less, if I'm not mistaken , most of these bolts are already using stainless bolts two keys , yes, if you calculate it, more or less the front one, the range is 4500,000 Oh yes, these wheels used black VND yesterday, got the price 1525 1,525,000 , this gearbox can be automatic in this shop. The range is 80,000, so it's more to match the color, but the price 25 thousand already if you can DM me so I'll be closer Okay the front of the center is front Middle means the headlights are the main lights This replaces the blue LED lights with 6 eyes the price is around 150 thousand So keep on using this turn signal light What if the current one says what turn signal lights He said that the turn signal light was Dajal , it was really bright, I felt like I was wearing it yesterday, I bought a set front and back, that's about 100 thousand. Then if this number plate is custom, there is usually a ballot so that it will be a bit neater, at least if the front is middle, it's just the color Okay if the color of this body is repainted by a friend of the proper children in the DPR Project. Now for this color, sometimes people like it, many people

ask Duh, what color is this? I'm also confused, what color is this, yesterday I got the color reference from the color of the modifan car, so have a look on Instagram. Then finally I gave it to a friend who wore this color, so this is the color. Yesterday it was about a million and a half if I'm not mistaken That's all, if the cockpit is a mirror, the mirror is using a Honda PCX 150 wide, actually it just looks good, it fits this 170's but doesn't include the 20 thousand rubber, what's this lid called, what is the name of this brake master tube tube you use This wr3 wr3 is about 200 thousand, the lid is closed. Continue to the right handle of the brake master. This brake master uses KTC which is 7nb Radial. The price is approx. If now, it's worth about 1 million and a half, if I'm not mistaken , then just use KTC on the left as well. This price is in the 700s, more or less

, go to the speedometer, this speedometer is empty, you get the price when you buy it, it's around 1,11.3 h, then, the handlebar pendulum can be used on the automatic. This shop used to get around 100 thousand, more or less the same as Domino's hand grip, but the domino is not the original Domino, use the standard one for the cockpit, it's all done now, let's move on to the back right, rear right , which one This one is an oil cooler, so what do you want more, do you want it to look, the purpose is just like that , but it uses oil color, the oil color is Suzuki Rider, it's smaller, thinner, it's a little thicker , it's about the same price, or is it full install until it's done. around 800 to a million, it 's all already like that, this noodle carpet, this noodle carpet, got around 70 thousand If I'm not mistaken This is the right rear of the exhaust this time, yes, this exhaust uses Tsukigi vnd but the first one, then broke it down again, got a price of around 4 eh 375 Yes, if it's cooked or 475, it's like this, the exhaust cover is coated with Kevlar carbon, it's about 250 thousand, it 's the same when it's bolted ut and the oil cap, I've used the stainless one as well as two keys OK OK ready rear left as seen from Oh this is using the original ohlins shockbreaker but this is not the one for Mio or Beat is for the Vario it's a little higher, it's size 328, actually I want to use the one the standard size, yes, the item is hard to fry , got this for about 4.5 yesterday, it's more for Vario, actually, it 's just custom at least. Well, here's something that's been tweaked a little bit so it does n't stick so it doesn't stick, it's a bit stuck, so it's a block The CVT uses a Honda Air Blade yesterday, I got it for about 350 400 thousand, I was forced to make it again, here, make another custom bracket here, one here, one behind there, one like that, and the CVT block is the same as the CVT snail- This one uses water, Blade also becomes a set of Blade water, so this CVT block is about 8.5 and so it's the same Power and full stainless 2 keys Oh this is

this chicken thigh brake thigh I'm in the 150's, if I'm not mistaken, this homework can be found in the matic shop for around Rp. 80,000, this is the same. At the end, it's closed, let's just let it be sweeter, that's about 20 thousand cheap in the marketplace, there are so many krum-home, now the one in Chrome is standard one, standard one is standard 2, and then heeh, so first chrome one set. It's only about 250, all of them are the same, this is the hose holder in Chrome too, so all right , oh , this is the same light use an LED whose main light is the turn signal, the same as the front, and this is the same, is this list the same on carbon Kevlar as well, why is this carbon around 300, it used to wrap the seats, now wrap the seats using the usual MBtech, how much does it cost? Yesterday it was around 300 or so more or less, but maybe there are many, if there are any, I think there are if you missed it, you can comment, it's easy, later you can DM so that it's more friendly , guys, for those of you who want to take care of your vehicle so that your motorbike can be yours lian is cleaner and more well-maintained. What certainly makes it more durable, you can also use vehicle skin care from Bubble auto Shine , there is a premium glass coating which is sure to make it water repellent so there won't be waterspots on your vehicle. Then there is protection shampoo which is definitely safe for your vehicle paint and there is a Shining Start from several Shines. Of course, your vehicle will be glossier to make it more handsome, guys, there is an engine in the freezer from Bubble auto Chen too. Let your engine shine from stains and

oil crust, guys. Then there is a matte Glow protection that will make your motorcycle parts more matte thick again and awake, guys. Then there is a water spot remover from Bubble otoction. Which is sure to remove mold or water from drying out on your vehicle and finally there is Black Devil or body blackener from Bubble or send. Which certainly makes your rough body look like new, I

want to see the test you can see on tiktok, Bubble auto sign and for those of you who want order can check the description link is on shopee and shopee tiktok and of course the price is really discounted guys hurry up check out so that your motorbike is more handsome and doesn't use fake liquid guys Now we are at the end of the content because all the green parts have been dismantled earlier, huh So the parts are almost full option, but in concept , now we will discuss about the left and the engine because the proper motor is usually magical, isn't it ? it's good for touring, it's good for touring, for the point, if you buy Bandung, most of the motor settings are stop and go, yes, for Enggo, it's good, but if you're a bit far away, you have to look at who, for example, there are a lot of tracks, you have to pay attention, then it's for CVT Yes, it's still like other ngebers, more or less the same, it means that we are now disassembling the engine, if this engine has a piston in it yes, the size is 51 mm, and the same as custom noken as well as stroke up, how many strokes up, what is the top and bottom of the carburetor, what is this carburetor using this PE 24 , what is the CDI for the motor, more or less the same, what else is the engine part electrical spark plugs, etc. Mas, the compression standard How many wheels do you use? What is this tea, what is it, actually, let it be for the motor , because from yesterday, actually, we've often looked around at first glances at the station, but because we don't know each other, it's prestige, now we get to know each other first and have The review of the motorbike is so because yesterday there have also been several people who know about this motorbike, yes, the review of Jericho's motorbike will definitely see it's great. So for the review, it's done, thank you very much. Aamiin for those of you who want to ask questions about the motorbike, you can directly check the link in the description or

what the hell You can directly ask questions on IG or Tik Tok and you can go to IG proper matic Bandung too and if you want to join, it's easy, just get together. charcoal has finished the review so thank you for watching don't forget to like and subscribe

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