BEACH DAY VLOG! sandbanks beach, paddle-boarding, mini golf, ice cream & brunch with Dorset Tea ️

BEACH DAY VLOG!  sandbanks beach, paddle-boarding, mini golf, ice cream & brunch with Dorset Tea ️

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hello everyone and welcome to a beach day we're  here at sandbanks beach i thought i'd vlog   i have been loving making videos for you i have  more coming up i've been so enjoying getting back   into youtube more after i had a bit of a break at  the beginning of august i've loved making vlogs   and this may be a bit of a chitchatty one today  but i have been toying with this idea of like   where what content i make and where i put it  because as a creator a lot of us are feeling   like we're spreading ourselves quite thinly in  terms of having to keep up with instagram doing   stories reels grid posts then you have tik tok now  youtube youtube shorts long form versus short form   like there's so many ways that we can make content  and share it and we're deciding where to put it   and over the last few weeks maybe months to be  honest i have been trying to find my feet and   establishing what's important to me what content  i want to make i did actually experiment making   a youtube short and it did bring in some new  people which was really nice so i think i want   to make a couple more of those i realized that  i'm not fussed on jumping over to tiktok just   yet i may change my mind but i actually held off  on launching on tiktok because i would rather make   quality longer vlogs than put my energy into  making a ton of like lip syncing one minute   shorter videos which don't get me wrong i still  think there's like a place for those and i do   actually love making reals and and i'm interested  in making more shorts but my point is is that i   really love vlogging and that's where my heart  is and recently one of the biggest compliments   i've had from a lot of you guys is that i'm your  comfort youtuber oh it makes me so happy that you   put me on in the background when you just want  to hear me chitchat it doesn't really matter too   much what i'm chatting about um and i always think  that you know the videos have to have some purpose   i can't just rock up and chat about nothing but i  do love making these vlogs so we're two minutes in   and the purpose of today is just to take you along  for my morning chit chat show you this beautiful   area and um probably the last sort of summary vlog  to wrap up this beautiful summer we've had in the   uk i mean don't get me wrong the heatwave has been  intense especially if you're fair-skinned like me   um but it's been lovely and i'm very grateful that  we've been able to enjoy um lots of lovely things   so i live in bournemouth on the south coast of  the uk if you look at a map of the uk i'm actually   bang smack in the middle at the bottom basically  and we have miles of beautiful beach along the   coast i mean to be honest all along the coast  of the uk down to cornwall and devon is stunning   and i haven't shown you loads of it before  i've shown you bits of uh hensbury head and   bournemouth beach but i've never i don't think  i've done much vlogging actually down at sandbanks   and it's a peninsula that makes up part of paul  harbour and it's actually europe's largest natural   harbour so it's a really beautiful place sandbanks  is mostly known for the incredible houses here   they have i think per square foot it's like  as expensive as new york or something wild   lots of celebrities have houses here they are  ginormous everywhere you look everything is   super modern and yeah the houses here are just  crazy money but um an incredible place to live i   actually double checked it on google and sam banks  is actually winner of more blue flags than any   other uk resort the sand here is incredible to be  fair um and it also plays host to lots of events   throughout the year and it's home to more water  sports than any other uk resort so it's a pretty   special place there's lots of hot spots i want to  show you and to oh the neighbors are having a chat oh the neighbors are chatting i think i'm gonna walk  and talk with you and tell you why i'm down here   um because we need to walk okay so i'm in  sandbanks this morning because i've been very   kindly invited to an event with dorset tea they  are launching a sandbanks loose leaf tea which i'm   going to try today they have not sponsored this  video they've not asked me to make any content   they really have just sort of gifted and invited  me along i get invited to lots of lovely events   and i don't vlog most of them but this  one felt like we should vlog this because   we're going paddleboarding this morning in the  harbour and then we're going for breakfast and i   just figured that i would sort of take you along  for the morning um and show you a little bit of   sandbanks so i'm walking from the breakfast  restaurant to the paddleboarding location   um because we're gonna go from the paddle  boarding higher shot which is called easy   riders and we're gonna end up at the restaurant  so i'm basically you know i've timed it well but   anyway first thing i want to show you if you're  coming down here they have a rick stein restaurant   so this is the rick stein restaurant very famous  very luxe and very lovely and if you're looking   for like a date night or a special occasion  or a birthday or something like that this is   where you'll want to look so yeah we have a lovely  rick stein restaurant and then around here there's   actually a nice little surf shop but i don't  think they'll be open just yet oh they've got   a lovely dog friendly cafe um and this is where  i normally park actually this car park in here   um oh yeah only they're open do we have time  let's have a look look how lovely it is in here   such a cute surf shop look at it okay so that's  called fluid really cute little surf shop   lovely clothes i liked that and then there's a  little cafe next door yeah so this is the car   park i usually park in and they have a mini golf  and then that's where you would access the beach   and they have a restaurant and everything so i'm  gonna try and show you that later and then to this   side of me is the harbour so this is where we're  going to go paddle boarding this morning i have   actually never been paddle boarding here my mum  actually has paddle boards so we've had a board   in hangsbury head mudaford area but i've never  done it here it is a little bit gray and it's a   little bit breezy but i don't i'm not mad as long  as it doesn't rain it's all good i have absolutely   no idea who's going i don't know that many local  bloggers these days like after two years in covid   we stopped doing like local meetups and stuff and  so i don't know who who's coming if it'll be like   some press and other vloggers i don't know so  we'll see but i'll try and vlog as much as i can   and then when we finish and we finish breakfast  i'm going to try and go down to the beach and i've   packed my reading book and my headphones i did  have this vision of getting here at like 7 a.m   sitting on the beach doing some meditation maybe  a bit of yoga like i was really keen for it and uh   ended up the morning just escaped me and now i'm  uh gonna be just on time so good job i allowed   some uh some time but yeah i'm just wearing like  comfy shorts and a tee and i've got my bikini on   and they're going to give us wetsuits this  is the jazz cafe we love it in here they're   actually dog friendly and they do amazing hot  chocolates just fyi it's a really nice little spot   and then here is the beach these people  are getting in the sea so that's promising   hopefully it's not too cold look it's  absolutely beautiful so lucky i live here   honestly i can't even put into words look at  our sand it's stunning got our blue flag flying   oh i really wish i had come down here earlier  actually but the sun is starting to peek through   the smell that sea air smell it's  like fresh it's lovely really excited here are the paddle boards this is fun i've  decided to go just in my cozzie by the way guys   and my rash vest because it's not that cold  i don't need a wetsuit four five six of us   going paddleboarding and two people from easy  riders just grab it yeah just grab it okay   perfect oh thank you great the easiest  way to carry them it's just under armour thank you oh it is chilly   it is chilly right i need to put my  ankle strap on don't i um okay strap on all right we're ready to go we're  getting straight up let's give it a go oh it's a bit wobbly guys you have to find your  feet a bit oh guys i'm standing up but it is a   little bit wobbly i'm not gonna lie yeah you just  gotta go for it just gotta be gotta be confident   i'm not staying up here for 45 minutes  though i think i'm more confident on my knees   that's going fairly okay all on our knees  because it's a little bit choppy but it's a bit of a workout actually i've  actually got it on my um apple watch   under paddling oh i'm standing up again now   okay oh see i promise i'm standing up okay  yay it's actually harder than it looks yeah it's actually quite deep here now it's  sunny though it's lovely it's not cold at all   no didn't even need a wetsuit  just my knees are bright red yeah all right we've got to do this  strategically coming in reverse all right everybody has sat down and chatting  and i thought i'd just show you what was in my   little goody bag so there's a little card  that says we hope you've enjoyed a lazy   and what's that say oh  luxurious morning in sandbanks   enjoy the first taste of our limited edition loose  lately at home we'd love to know what you think   okay and we have the tea itself just literally  all over the table but here it is lovely and then   oh is that a tea towel how exciting i love a  goodie bag uh the important thing is let's brew   the first thing that comes out tea is color come  down straight away but the labor takes about three   minutes to come out if you want it now personally  once this is brewed i like to drink it black   because i think the flavors really come  out when it's black and it's like first   see if you like it if not add a drop of milk so  it's all about personal preference just finished   our very lovely breakfast at the lazy jacks and i  got to try the tea it was delicious and tony the   tea maker um that invented it created it he  showed us a bit more about loose leaf tea   and how to make it and talked about the  inspiration behind it and all that so   it was inspired by a lazy day and sam thanks and  i love that inspired by the tea i thought we could   have maybe another bit of a lazy afternoon  so as the sun is now out is a beautiful   blue sky now look at that um i thought we could go  down to the beach area this is more like here it's   a little bit breezy so i'm sure you can probably  hear the wind but look at this the blue sky   so just booked a taxi for benj to come  and join me because it's so lovely   look at this yay also this is where they  let dogs i think down this end down there okay this might be one of the best feelings  in the world oh it's so warm oh my gosh   yay i'm honestly so happy um benji  will be here in like probably   20 to 30 minutes depending on the traffic  and i am just on this little bench sun shining i'm going to get some  pictures of my tea actually for dorset tea   and i think we might go and play mini golf because  benj and i love mini golf and there's one down   here that we've not done so well have i ever  done it not sure this is what the inside of my   rock cycle looks like today i was very kindly  given this from a company look i love makeup bags   wash bags all sorts um but this was given to me by  elizabeth scarlett so i've got all my other brand   partners in here tangle tees are wild um actually  i've got some lip balm i bought this the other day   in london glossier coconut bar if you've tried  the they're really good and i love the   birthday cake but the coconut one is nice and then  i popped my tea in here so i'm gonna take some   pictures of this for them got my towel if you want  to sit on the sand and i'm going to read my book   which is taylor jenkins read malibu rising while  i wait for benji who's joined me all the chances   of seeing you here all the places i've been to the  taxi said it's outside come on chop chop get done   crazy overtime we're gonna play crazy  girl yeah i'm gonna play mini golf   there's um there's one around the corner isn't  that i don't think i've ever played here before   i just said that to the vlog i  don't think i've ever played either   we love mini golf we haven't played ages it's  such a lovely day down here like there was no   one here today earlier this morning when i  filmed the beach and now it's pretty full   it's nice it's not too crowded is it it's  the summer holidays i think as well because   all that published most public transport comes  into bournemouth so people just stop performing   to go to the beginning come down here i'd  say there's a lot more shops involved because   there's not really a whole lot around yeah if  you want like a beach day where you can like yeah   go into town and there's more restaurant choices  than bournemouth is better but if you want like a   bit of a quieter beach with more sports and nicer  beach as well yeah yeah we're just gonna sit here   i finished a chapter of my books i didn't read  an awful lot but i did read it was really nice   um yeah just sat here reading waiting for you  or watching you on the tracker on the taxi   okay so just walked a little bit further  along the sea front this is where   the dogs are allowed like i said permitted  on the beach so we were just sat there   and we just walked a little bit further  along and this is where the car park is   and this is where the crazy gulf is so  yeah you can sort of see where we are so   here sandbanks right in the end this is brown  sea island and then this is all the other stops   along the beach i would say camphor cliffs  is lovely as well so there's branson chime   um and then all the way to bournemouth then you  have boscom southbourne and all the way along to   hangsbury head and i filmed a um beach day at  hungary head as well little beach shop here so   you get your fish and chips and your ice creams  and whatnots and you can uh rent deck chairs a   four pound sun beds are nine pound paracels eight  pound and wind breaks are also eight pound so if   you don't want to pack and carry your own you  can rent some volleyball and slack down here ah   yeah they do have like beach girls speech  foot like beach football girls oh do they   here or is it maybe a little bit further  further along when they have one of these   jump things five pound for six minutes that  gets some energy out your kids doesn't it and   there's a little um cafe here as well so i'm  like beach cafe i was down at the jazz cafe   this morning like it there that's a nice one um  yeah it's nice down here look at this sand we have   it's so beautiful they do have some beach huts  scattered around places obviously that end   they're our actual houses on the beach which is  just yeah oh my gosh it's incredible no barbecues   until 6 p.m and no dogs uh first of may to 30  september and then through here is a mini golf   18 holes oh yeah i can't believe we've  never done this one this is so exciting i'm sure it was closed last year yeah i got  a little um play park next door here as well   which is great anywho right i'm excited how much  is it seven pound for adults five pound for over   65s and five pound for children or twenty quid  if you're a family two outs and three children   great all right here is the course  then she actually plays proper golf   so we'll see how this goes oh  second to stroke broken taters oh no oh sorry there we go you're making  excuses about having a wet hand perfect that is looking good   yes i got it in two you're three behind  okay that's all right i can take that   i'll take that this is a great course i like this hole-in-one no it's not it is hole in wana he's  back that's gonna improve your me dramatically now   is it is it not did it um did it go  straight in the hole is that what it is   oh that's better if what you should you should  have done what i did and just put it straight in   the hole first time you should have tried that one  given him the rucksack so i don't have to carry it this one's just straight that's boring highway csa i'm sorry i was gonna say it was  strong strong start look at it it's brilliant i'm   well chuffed with this it's one of the best we've  done it's brilliant especially for an outside one   i do love the dinosaur one though yeah that's  inside mighty claws it's called no it's outside   it's a good one this is my floor this is  your foot up the hill i got it up there   and then it just rolled back down  come on then we're gonna go again show us how it's done yeah of course he does it in one i'm  sure they have this on every single golf   course but it's the devil little  mound one it's either a one or ten here we have a mr benjamin lever oh oh well done  what are you more annoyed at the more that you got   like 15 of them what i got three more mad that i  got through me right on a scale of uh one two ten   what does that mean it's probably my second  favorite one that we've been to in the area   yeah yeah i'd say that was a solid eight yeah you  got the what there's outside you've got the other   one in bournemouth haven't you that's inside  the jungle one that we went with fraser that   time you've got the one that's miss mulligans is  inside it's just round it's always busy yeah yeah   i liked that it wasn't the best in terms of like  you know bells and whistles it was fun but it was   good it was a good yeah so it's getting really  hot now this weather and i just spotted this   little hill here i just thought i'd make a really  cute instagram okay it looks like i'm homing away   away should i run down the old school so  we've come down for a little walk along here   it's so nice now loads of people  swimming in the sea people are crabbing   ah i caught crabs down here once did  you oh i went to the doctors and bench   i just wanted to come all the way to the end  because it's so nice down here look at this lovely   wow and that's old harry's  rocks over there isn't it   it is yeah and then the needles oh you can't  see the other white one no you can see the isle   of wight crystal clear i know you can see the  head though you won't really see it on camera   no that's uh obviously bournemouth  all the way along there lovely all right we want to get ice creams i  mean do you really come to the beach   if you don't get fish and chips or an  ice cream so they've got crunchy blasts   oh they do have nui they're one of my brand  partners i've never had any of them once   you've got me the fire i like the sound of the  mint one i might get that actually and coconut   mango sounds lush baby lauren toby oh toblerone  um we like those too the push-ups uh let us know   if you were here which one would you pick on  the first day of the hero we had a few weeks ago   i put two of them in the blender with some  vodka and made a vodka slashing he did   incredible it was good i'm not gonna lie yeah okay  i think i'm gonna get a nui i think i'm gonna get   mint all right we've got our ice creams good  choice babe i would have gone for that second i   think i went for a nui cookies and mint yum lovely  i'm just going to take a seat with our feet in the   sand all right we finished our ice cream is it  around my mouth no okay good that was yummy it   got really warm for us even though we're wearing  some sun cream which benji brought down it's uh   it's just a little bit toasty now after it being  all cloudy for my paddleboarding um so walking   back to the car and that's pretty much a wrap on a  sandbanks beach day it's been so lovely and um big   thank you to dorset t for having me this morning  obviously this was not a sponsored vlog i wasn't   asked to make this but really grateful um for the  lovely lunch and the activity i think it's about   20 quid to do 45 minutes paddle warning and it was  really worth it you'd enjoy it actually it was a   really nice paddleboard yeah it was really nice  experience um and the weather is lush now so it's   a bit of a shame that it's now really blue but  yeah really great morning hope you've enjoyed this   vlog if you have give it a thumbs up make sure you  subscribe because we make lots of vlogs like this   hopefully we can make more and if you have  any suggestions anything you want to see us do   or go or show yeah we uh we can do that so yes we  are um if you want to follow us on instagram i'll   leave our handles below but yeah thank you for  watching and we'll see you again very soon bye

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