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Good morning everyone Right now, I'm at the airport in Malaysia. Can you guess where we're going this time? Stay tuned to find out later! Let's go! We have arrived in Bali! The last time I visited Bali was in 2022. The first trip of 2024 is also to Bali. It's me.

(Selamat Datang to Bali) (Welcome to Bali) We have arrived at our accommodation for tonight. Now, let's take everyone on a quick tour of the room. Now, it's almost time to get ready for dinner.

But before we head out, I'd like to share with you about our accommodation this time. We're staying at AYANA Estate, which is like a resort. Inside Ayana Estate, there are four main hotels: AYANA Villas Bali, AYANA Resort Bali, AYANA Segara Bali, and RIMBA by AYANA Bali.

RIMBA is the one we're staying at, and it's said to be a bit older, around 10 years old. AYANA Segara Bali, where we'll stay for next two day, is newer, built just about a year ago. The room we're in is called Wana Pool Access Room, which has direct access to the pool.

Across from us, there's a forest spa. This room should be quite relaxing, especially in the evenings. We can sit on our balcony here, and the next morning, if we want to go swimming, we can just change into our swimsuits and jump into the water.

很荣幸的呢 I'm honored to be on this trip where I'll be staying at two of their hotels: RIMBA and Segara. Besides staying at the hotels, I'll also be taking you to explore AYANA Estate. Apart from hotels, it has its own restaurants, spas, mini-golf, a private beach called Kubu Beach, and the famous Rock Bar. Tonight, the hotel has arranged for us to go to one of the rooftops where we'll have dinner Tonight, the hotel has arranged for us to go to one of the rooftops where we'll have dinner while watching the sunset.

Over the next few days, I'll take you along with me to explore Ayana Estate, trying out different food and drinks. Speaking of food, I'm quite hungry now. Let's go have dinner together! This is the pork ribs we ordered, and this one is beef. So cute! Elephants! When I returned to the room, there were two little dolls welcoming us.

Jovane endorsed makeup remover pads. Bifesta - a must-have for every trip. This is incredibly useful. An incredibly effective facial cleanser.

The one I'm using is Bright Up, which can brighten the complexion. Tonight I'm going to use Chuck's honey mask. Good morning! Breakfast time The restaurant we are currently at is called To'Ge.

It's located downstairs in the Rimba Tower. What's this? Soto Bandung? This is the breakfast I got. I chose a Western-style breakfast.

There's also Korean cuisine with spicy stir-fried rice cakes and kimchi. This is Korean beef soup. Then we have Japanese curry rice.

Jemmie got Balinese Nasi Campur. There are many breakfast options here, probably because there are a lot of Japanese and Korean guests dining here. The diners here come from different countries. It seems like when we came in, we saw quite a few Korean and Japanese guests. When you come to Bali, you must try their authentic braised eggs. This is green bean soup, which Malaysians enjoy drinking.

Surprisingly, they also have it here in Indonesia. I grabbed a plate of Indonesian specialty pastries. This is kuih serabi What's this? Don't know I'm not sure what this is called. She just told me the name, but I forgot. When you come to tropical countries, you must try coconut desserts. After eating our fill, it's time to go for a spa session.

Let's head to the spa! We've just finished our spa session. The spa is called Thalassotherapy. Essentially, it involves massage within a pool.

The pool has different areas, each offering different massages using water pressure. The pressure focuses on different parts of the body in each area, from the upper body, shoulders, back, waist, to the legs. The entire spa session lasts about an hour, and it's public, making it perfect for chatting with friends while enjoying the experience.

It was my first time experiencing this type of spa, and it was quite unique. Moreover, the spa overlooks the sea, so you can enjoy the massage while admiring the ocean view, which is incredibly refreshing. We're almost ready to head back and prepare for lunch.

The monkey stole my coconut before I could drink it! Oh my! It's now 6:30 in the morning, and we're getting ready to head to the swimming pool for some photos. At the AYANA Estate, there's a very iconic spot for taking pictures. To avoid the crowds at that spot, I woke up early this morning to go there for photos. Floating breakfast? Waiter: Yes.

Come in. What should we do? It's raining. We're going to have Chinese food now. We're currently at a restaurant called Ah Yat Abalone Seafood Restaurant. They offer a dim sum buffet in the afternoon.

Now I'm going to take everyone to check in at another hotel called Segara. Everyone thinks I'm Korean. Wow, we've checked into our room. Our room is a sea view room, incredibly beautiful. Now, let's take everyone on a quick room tour.

This is our appetizer, a Balinese-style salad. Next to it is peanut sauce, and underneath the eggs, there are plenty of vegetables. The breakfast place we went to a few days ago had a wider selection, but today, at this place called Karang, the scenery is more beautiful. Now, let's take everyone to visit the AYANA Farm. Let's go! The set meal we're having today made from ingredients sourced entirely from the AYANA Farm, ensuring they are fresh and organic. This is Somtam What we're eating now is Pad Thai, a Thai-style fried noodle dish.

This one here is our main course, crab fried rice. And this one is beef curry. We're now heading to AYANA's Rock Bar. Rock Bar is very lively, and many people go there to enjoy cocktails while watching the sunset. Now, let's go together! Good morning everyone. Today is our last day in Bali.

We're heading for breakfast now. We're going to a buffet breakfast at AYANA Villas. This is an Indonesian pancake called Dosa. Beside it is coconut chutney, which is a coconut sauce. This time at AYANA Estate, we basically stayed within the resort every day because the resort offers a wide range of facilities.

For instance, it has its own restaurants, shopping areas, mini-golf, gym, swimming pools, beaches, and Rock Bar. There are also various picturesque spots for taking photos. Every corner of the resort is beautifully designed. Over the past few days, our schedule has been packed with activities like dining, photography, and relaxation.

Overall, this trip has been quite relaxing, with not much to do each day besides taking photos and unwinding. I highly recommend AYANA Estate for anyone planning a trip to Bali in the future. I'll include information about AYANA Estate in description box below for those interested. I'm really satisfied with my stay at this resort.

After lazing around for several days, it's time to return to Malaysia. We're getting ready to head to the airport now. Goodbye! Bye-Bye!

2024-03-14 23:45

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