Bali Inspired BEVERLY HILLS Mansion With Insane City Views!

Bali Inspired BEVERLY HILLS Mansion With Insane City Views!

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(bright upbeat music) - Hey everyone, welcome to another episode. Today we're coming to you from Beverly Hills, California and going to tour this Balinesian inspired contemporary estate, that spans over three levels, features beautiful interior spaces, a 70 foot pool, and wait 'till you see the views, the subterranean garage, and all of the outdoor decks. I'm really excited for all of you to check out this incredible property. Let's go have a look. (bright music continues) All right everyone, welcome to Beverly Hills.

It's a beautiful day, and I'm really excited for this tour. Now, this is a newly constructed, Balinesian inspired contemporary home. We're gonna see over 19,000 square feet of interior space. And we have the gates, opening up to this spacious motor court, where you have a circular driveway, island right in the center, and the entire space is so beautifully landscaped.

This gorgeous palm tree right in the center, this circular driveway pattern with this natural stone. There's even a water feature behind us that adds some tranquility to this motor court. And more importantly, wait 'till you see what's behind that motor court, which is really, really exciting. Now, coming back to the house, it's actually a three story structure. We have split face coral on the first floor, limestone on the second floor, and these two stones complement each other so well. And then you have massive casement windows, sliding glass doors, opening up the entire property to the outdoors.

And then you can see the wood elements with the overhang and this covered section right here. Now coming to the entry, you can see some of these massive glass panels. But more importantly, wait 'till you see this massive pivot door. Cody, what do you think? - [Cody] That's absolutely huge. How much does that weigh, you think? - Easily 2,000 to 3,000 pounds. - That's insane. - I mean,

this is a serious door. Come on in with me, and look at the entry of this property. The same limestone continues all the way to the great room. But before we go in there, I actually wanna bring everybody to this side. There's a bronze pocket door that opens up to the media lounge.

This is actually a really nice space where you can entertain, relax, work. They even positioned this nice seating area here with this beautiful marble stone. All bookmatched, linear fireplace below that, TV, and walnut paneling adds additional warmth to the space.

Now on the other side, we have this dining table, seating for four. But obviously you can replace this with an office desk. You're facing incredible views.

This room also opens up to an amazing backyard that we're gonna see in a bit. Overall, I actually really like the space. I really like the fact that it's off the entry and you even have a wet bar here, small sink, floating glass shelves. The accessories are really nice. And in case you're wondering what goes in here, you would normally have a small wine fridge or like a small refrigerator here. But unfortunately, the homeowner hasn't received all of their appliances.

That's why this space is currently empty. And we're gonna see a couple more bars that are missing the appliances. But I wanted to point that out, because they literally just completed this home. This is the split face coral that I mentioned on the exterior. They actually wrapped it to the interior.

Again, Balinesian inspired contemporary home, so we're gonna see these beautiful, organic textures throughout. Now on this hallway, we have a powder bathroom, walnut vanity, dark countertops. We have a steel sink here, that is positioned on top of the countertop with the faucet. Really unique tile installation on each side, with brass inlays, light fixture. And behind me is a separate water closet. Now I wanna take everybody back to the foyer so we can check out this amazing great room.

Double height ceilings, motorized sliding glass doors, opening up the entire space seamlessly to the backyard. You have your sectional couch, massive coffee table, chairs. And I love these light fixtures and how warm the space is. And obviously it's all about these breathtaking views, all the way to the Pacific Ocean.

This is incredible. And of course, a great room like this calls for an amazing bar, and that's exactly what they have here. This U-shaped island. Beautiful bookmatched stone on the back with glass shelves.

This really unique wood paneling, that runs all the way to the top floor where they have the vaulted ceiling. Even the bar stools are super cool. And in case you're wondering if this section is reeded, it is actually reeded, but those are bronze pipes. That's actually a steel finish, rather than wood finish. But it's a really nice bar, beautiful space, great flow.

And on the other side, you have your open, modern staircase design, with a glass shaft elevator right in the center. The same coral stone continues here, misa wood paneling, massive picture windows bring natural light to the great room as well. And it's a really nice section, that complements the great room. In fact Cody, can you go to the other side? I want everybody to see the scale of this amazing space. And I feel like great rooms are great sections of homes, where you can go for double height ceilings, if you really wanna make that statement. And let me know in the comments below if you all feel the same way as well.

And I think they did a fantastic job here. I love the vaulted ceiling, wood paneling, these light fixtures. The space looks great. Now while we are here, let's talk about the specs of this gorgeous home.

We have seven bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, approximately 19,000 square feet of interior space. On the market for $45,950,000. And I want to give big thanks to the listing agents, Rayni Williams and Branden Williams for making this tour possible.

And as always, you can find more information about this amazing listing in the description of this video. Now with that, we are done with the great room. Cody, should we take everybody outside? - [Cody] I think we should. - I think we should too. Now you have your concealed tracks, motorized sliding glass doors, opening up the entire space to this incredible backyard. We have the first seating area to the right.

Second one is on this side with a fire pit right in the center. Same wood paneling continues to the exterior that you can see on the ceiling here. And more importantly, we're facing these breathtaking views. Pacific Ocean, Century City, Wilshire Corridor, I mean, this is incredible. Now I wanna take a second from our tour and give special thanks to BetterHelp, for sponsoring this video.

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to get 10% off your first month. I'll also link them in the description of this video, if you wanna learn more. Once again, big thanks to BetterHelp for sponsoring this video. And now let's go back to our tour. Welcome to your 70-foot pool with a raised spa, Baja shelf, beautiful tile work. This looks so inviting.

Cody, what do you think? - [Cody] This is amazing. Like the fact that you're overlooking this promontory over the hills, it's stunning. - You're also right in the center of Beverly Hills. You're in an amazing central location. And, because we are so high up, you get these phenomenal views.

Also I want to point out, those three water jets right there, those are massaging jets. They have I guess different streams and one of 'em is like a blade, one of 'em is a little bit softer. And the one on the left just has more pressure, which is really cool. Baja shelf is right in front of me. Palm trees and rest of your backyard continues on this side.

And to our right, we get phenomenal canyon views. This location is also incredibly quiet and tranquil, which is really nice. That's something I really appreciate when it comes to living in Los Angeles, because this city has a lot of energy. But it's nice that when you come to your home, it's peaceful, it's quiet. You can kind of gather your thoughts and then go back to the city again for the action.

This pool also comes with a sunken seating area with a fire pit right in the center. I mean can you imagine spending the night here, hanging out with your friends with fire on, looking at the city? - [Cody] This is where I would sit, 100%, every single night. - You're also right next to your pool.

They even have bar seating here below the water level, which is fantastic. All right now, let's turn to the other side, so we can take a look at this amazing property. We're currently seeing the top two floors from this angle. They have two massive primary bedroom suites.

The main one is actually on the left. In fact, there's also a staircase that takes you down from the primary bedroom straight to the backyard. That wraparound balcony goes all the way to the other side. We get phenomenal views from that level. And wait 'till you see this property at night, with all the glass, mood lighting throughout, it glows so beautifully. And then you have the city right in front of you.

It's actually a really cool experience. Now follow me this way. We're gonna continue our backyard tour. To my left, we have the outdoor kitchen, concrete countertops, bar seating. You have your grill, fridge, and this is the staircase that I was just mentioning. You also have an outdoor seating area here and then your accordion glass doors open up to your family room.

U-shape couch, hardwood floors, double sided fireplace on this side with a massive picture window on top. And I really like how they frame this section with these steel panels. Now your family room flows straight to the other side where we have the dining area. Solid wood table with beautiful live edge, seating for 12.

These light fixtures are from Restoration Hardware and they really complement the space, and they also match these wood panel ceilings nicely. And, this ceiling design gives this section of the home a very cohesive feel, and it flows to your great room. Now before I cover the kitchen, I also wanna bring everybody's attention to this side where they use travertine.

Again, they have beautiful natural stones throughout the property. Almost all of them are from Bali, but the split face coral that we saw earlier is actually from Dominican Republic. Now, welcome to the kitchen. You have a massive island right in the center with stone countertops, bar seating, pendant lights.

And it basically anchors the room. And on the back you can see all your base and upper cabinets, Wolf built-in appliances. You have a sub-zero commercial fridge here, with glass fronts. And then coming to this side, your 60 inch gas stove.

Pot filler, marble countertop, as well as the back splash. And you have a massive sink here, a commercial sink, with two faucets. And when I was talking to the owner, he mentioned that this is actually one of his favorite areas in the home, because from this angle, he can see Century City, Wilshire Corridor, all the way to the Pacific Ocean, and the Canyon to our right. So it's just a nice vantage point, and you get to interact with all of the interior spaces from the great room, dining area, to the family room on this side.

And, rest of your kitchen cabinets. We have two dishwashers. I really like these oversized handles. Some of the uppers have glass fronts, so you have this contemporary and rustic feel mixed together nicely. Some open shelving with LED lighting, another sink, wine fridge, freezer drawers. And then you have this cozy breakfast nook, all these casement windows.

And I feel like this is a bit of a contrary take on a modern home. This particular section feels a little bit more cozy. And I like it, you get to look at the canyons.

- [Cody] Definitely. A lot of these modern homes that we shoot have so many straight lines. It's cool to see a brand new build have a bay window like this. - I agree, and it really cozies up the space. And actually, Cody can we get a closeup? I also really like how they designed these cushions with leather straps and stainless steel pins, to hold them in place. And it's just a cool little detail that I wanted to point out.

On the other side, we have another seating area. It's like a little reading nook, with these mushroom light fixtures. And it opens up to the outside as well. Now let's go this way.

That's pretty much it for the kitchen, but our tour on the main floor continues. Look at all the built-ins, accessories, recessed in lighting, the same travertine continues. And like I mentioned earlier, they just completed this home.

In fact, behind this concealed door, they're placing their chef's kitchen. So you're gonna have a chef's kitchen with this house as well. Now follow me this way. Sliding glass doors opening up to the back section of the property, where we have the water feature to my right.

And these steps take us to another outdoor seating area with a fire pit, outdoor dining area, two beautiful trees framing this outdoor space. And it is incredibly private. We have the house to our right, but I actually wanna take you guys back for a second because on the other side, they have a pickle ball court. This is so cool.

I feel like pickle ball is getting so popular. And the fact that you have your own court, within your property, is absolutely amazing. Myself and our team have been playing pickle ball, and we really enjoy it.

It's this really unique hybrid sport between ping pong and tennis. And it's just fun, and you have this amazing private space, with outdoor lights, which means you can play here at night as well. Cody, what do you think? - [Cody] I love how private this area is too. You're surrounded by the retaining wall on the back of the house, and the only view you have is over this entirely protected canyon. - And then you have the canyon on this side. Pretty cool, huh? - [Cody] I love it.

- All right, let's continue. Now, we're gonna take everybody to a really cool space that actually interacts with the outdoors, and it is behind these two accordion glass doors. Hardwood floors, built-ins to our left with a TV, a Pilates machine, and it's actually a good size room. And Cody, can you come to the side for a second? On this section, we have the sauna, steam, and your regular shower, water closet. And it is nice that your pickle ball court can benefit from the gym as well, because it is so open.

In fact, Cody pan to the other side please for a second. You even have additional outdoor space to the right of the gym, which is fantastic. What a great spot for you to do some yoga. Be here in the morning, drink your coffee.

Look at these breathtaking, peaceful views. Really peaceful. I love that there are not many homes on this side of the hill, so you kind of have like a little moment to yourself. This is so awesome. And Cody, let's go back for a second because we we're not done on the main floor.

This level continues. Look at this long hallway with these lengthy windows. It connects us all the way to the sliding glass door that we saw earlier.

There's a secondary staircase here. And behind this door, we have the guest suite. I like that this guest suite is on this section by itself. And it is really spacious. You have a king-sized bed, closet to my right, same hardwood floors, Venetian plaster walls.

It also opens up to the deck that we just saw. And then, you have a full bathroom here. Floating vanity with a towel rack on the bottom, this really unique vessel sink, LED lit mirror. And I'm going to the other side. Cody, come on with me.

We have the walk-in shower. The terrazzo theme continues here, and look at this reeded tile. I've never seen a finish or a pattern like this before. They even incorporated into the shampoo niche. This is so cool. - [Cody] This tile reminds me of the reeded steel in the bar in the great room as well.

- Couldn't agree more, it kind of ties the design theme actually. So, it's a nice touch. I wanted to show it to everyone. And with that, we are done with the first floor. (bright music continues) Welcome to the lower level. This floor is designed for entertainment.

But, at the end of our tour on this level, we're gonna see a really, really cool space that I'm very excited about. Now I wanna bring everybody's attention to the lounge here. Really unique seating setup. You have your coffee tables right in the center, cool wallpaper, Venetian plaster throughout. And the ceiling height is fantastic, even though we're on the lower level. Same hardwood floors continue to the other side where we have the bar.

Love the island fabrication. You have your reeded wood panels, walnut cabinetry in the back, TV right in the center with open shelves, LED lighting, This bar looks so beautiful. And look at those stools, nice contemporary touch.

Now, follow me this way. This is where this tour gets really interesting. You have this beautiful display with glass fronts, brass frame, LED lighting, and they have 500 bottles of tequila here with a poker table right in the center.

How's my backdrop? - [Cody] It looks pretty badass. - This is so cool with lighting, and then they have this really unique pattern on the ceiling. And Cody, let's get a closeup. The application here is super, super cool.

These are your board form concrete walls, essentially the foundation of this home. But they have this sandblasted finish here. They pulled all the aggregate and the character of the stone. You can actually see the bolt through locations for the forms.

It just gives it a little bit more grounding and kind of like a earthy feel, you know? Rather than a smooth concrete finish. And then, on the other side, we have this insane wine cellar, that can hold up to 2,000 bottles. And obviously this section is also temperature controlled. Crazy. Insane.

Now, let's continue our tour. We covered the bar, beautiful, Nero Marquina marble countertops. And on the other side, we have some cool spaces to see. Again, split face coral. And then going to this side, we have a powder bathroom, but wait 'till you see the vanity and this back tile design. I've never seen a tile like this before.

It's almost like shingles that overlap on top of each other. Then you have a marble sink, floating vanity, that's fabricated, and a separate water closet. It's a really cool powder bathroom. And then on the other side, we have this door opening up to a really unique space. Welcome to the subterranean garage.

Over 3,000 square foot, with polished concrete floors, light box design above. Cody, why don't you push to the other side so we can show everyone the scale of this amazing garage? Now because this home is built on a hillside, they took advantage of the grade and positioned this amazing space where we have the separate driveway bringing you to the garage. Obviously it's nice and open. You can easily park 12 to 14 cars here, board form concrete walls throughout. And on the other side, we have this beautiful, classical Rolls Royce. Now I was looking at this car earlier 'cause I love the two-tone paint job.

And when I opened the door, I saw this hat. Reagan Bush, 1984. I mean what a cool piece of American memorabilia, in a British car, so I had to show this to everyone. And, this is a really cool garage. I'm glad we got a chance to see it.

Now, let's go back to the landing, so we can continue our tour on the other side. Next to the lounge, we have this amazing space and it is the movie theater. So come on in with me. Cody, why don't you go to the other side because I want everybody to see the scale of this incredible space. You have three levels of seating, couches on the back, built-ins on this side.

But my favorite section is actually the sunken area here, $50,000 projector screen. You have your wall sconces, ceiling height is fantastic. But again, this section is so cool. Cody, come down with me.

Can you imagine watching a movie here, sitting down with your friends? And because we have the bar on the other side, I feel like this section is like the extension of your bar, which is so cool. I mean getting two different uses out of your movie theater. - [Cody] A hundred percent. And you have a good view of the movie screen, it's a great place to lay around. And, like you said, it is an extension of a party, even if you're not watching a movie. - Really impressive space.

I also like how they did these little sections here where you have little bit of contrast against the wall panelings. Cody, let's exit this room, but I want you to go from the other side, because it is really impressive. Look at the width here. Look at the ceiling height. You have mood lighting throughout, these really cool wall sconces, and this is your movie theater slash lounge.

Now, tour's gonna get very interesting from this point. Normally, when we have long hallways or when we're going to the other side of the home, we would just jump there. But this hallway experience is really unique, so I want everybody to come with me. Follow me this way.

Look at the length of this hallway. The first door on our left is a storage closet. The second door on our left is the laundry room.

This is the main laundry room. Then we have the steps, taking us up to a landing where we have the second staircase that we showed earlier, another storage closet here. And then these steps take you down to the guest home.

Yes you heard me correctly. Because this home is built on a hillside, just like the subterranean garage, they took advantage of the grade and positioned this amazing space. You have a small kitchen here. Obviously the dishwasher is missing, sinks, some open shelving. And then, door to my right opens up to a very spacious bedroom, with a queen-sized bed, full bathroom.

And the same balcony extends all the way to the other side. So you get a phenomenal outdoor space, sliding glass doors open up, canyon views. And this guest home has its own dedicated seating area.

This could also be an amazing office with multiple desks. And now follow me this way. Bedroom suite number two, where you get the corner exposure.

Again, the canyons. Full-sized bed here. And, I wanna show everybody the full bathroom. This really unique vanity, stone fabrication, waterfall edges, your dark sink, and your walk-in shower on this side.

This section or the lower level is really cool. (upbeat music continues) All right, let's go check out the top floor where we have the majority of the guest suites. We are currently on this bridge, looking down to the great room. Volume is fantastic, vaulted ceilings.

And I just realized that we also have a massive skylight above the elevator. Now follow me this way. This door opens up to the primary bedroom.

But before we go there, I actually want to take everybody to this wing, where we have two guest suites. We're gonna start our tour with this one. Hardwood floors, full-size bed, bedside tables with marble light fixtures, great ceiling height. They brought the wood paneling also here to warm up the space.

We have a nice balcony that faces the pickle ball court. And around the corner, this room gets a full bathroom. Now we've talked about the terrazzo theme throughout, and they also applied it here with the vanity.

Fabrication looks beautiful. Then you have this textured tile on the back with LED lit mirror, walk-in shower with a massive casement window. Definitely a great bedroom. Now this is where this tour gets really interesting. The two guest suites that we're touring now are actually Jack and Jill, which means they're connected to each other.

And now, we walk into the second one. This one is actually a little bit bigger. It comes with a king-sized bed. Again, the same ceiling height, warmed with paneling. It's a great room. And you get to enjoy the canyons, which is on the other side, that is fantastic.

Of course, we have a full bathroom here. And this full bathroom opens up to the deck on this level as well. And this is not a balcony, this is actually an incredible outdoor space with multiple seating areas. So we have the first one here.

You'll enjoy the views throughout. Second one with a fire pit, your lounging beds, and peace and tranquility you get here in Beverly Hills. This house is on 90210 zip code, which is the zip code that everybody knows. And personally, I love these views.

It's so nice and tranquil here. What do you think, Cody? - [Cody] This is the perfect sunbathing spot. Birdwatching, I've seen so many unique birds fly through and fly through the canyon. And it's like unobstructed, this is all protected hillsides. - I couldn't agree more. I love the fact that there are not many neighbors.

I mean, that's Pacific Ocean right there. And it's amazing that the guest suites on this wing get an outdoor space like this. Now, let's jump back to the landing so we can continue our tour with the primary bedroom suite. Same hardwood floors continue. Then we have this hallway, taking us to the bedroom itself. Venetian plaster walls, corner fireplace.

And voila, right in the center, we have the king size bed. Room has great volume. Look at all the reeded wall paneling. These wall sconces, built-ins on each side.

And then they have this massive picture window flooding the bathroom with natural light. And again, your bed is situated right in the center. You have this beautiful corner exposure.

And more importantly, right in front of your bed we have the sliding glass door opening up to a really nice balcony, where you can enjoy these incredible views. City of Los Angeles is right in front of you, and this is fantastic. I can only imagine what it's like to start your day every single day with this view right in front of you. It must be amazing. - [Cody] I would not mind waking up to views of Century City, Wilshire, Catalina, and the Pacific Ocean.

- Our elevation is so great, and looking at this view makes me think we've been making videos over the last four plus years, and we have toured so many different homes in so many different areas here in Los Angeles. Let us know in the comments below which episode from Los Angeles is your favorite. I'm really, really curious. But, yeah these are your views. All right Cody, let's walk back in, because we gotta show everyone that amazing primary bathroom. We have the door on this side, long walnut vanity, dark countertops.

That's the picture window that I pointed earlier, bringing natural light to the space. Below that, they have their mirror, two hand chiseled sinks with titanium finished fixtures. And then on the other side, we have the walk-in shower. Marble looks beautiful. You have your rain head, regular shower head, built-in bench. And I wanna mention something, right behind Cody, they have all this empty space, for the future walk-in closet.

Unfortunately they haven't finished that yet, so we can't really show it. But, another cool detail I wanna point out. Cody walk to the other side. The bookmatching is continuous throughout this entire walk-in shower section, which is really cool. I wanted to point that out. Now, follow me this way.

We're back at the landing, and this angle is actually really cool. This is where you can understand the volume of this space. I also just realized the fact that those are sliding glass doors. So you can actually open up the second story, and even bring more natural light or just increase the ventilation here. Wood panel ceilings. This is great. The same split face coral that we saw on the first floor wraps to this section.

Now on the other side, we have the junior primary bedroom. Well, this bedroom is actually big enough where you can make it the primary bedroom as well. Wood clad ceilings, great volume.

King size bed is situated right in the center. We have beautiful hardwood floors. That same wraparound balcony comes to this side. And obviously, this bedroom also gets great views. You have your corner gas fireplace, to warm up the space. And they've left this wall empty, but I'm sure you can put a TV here or an art piece, to dress up the space a little bit more.

And then you can see the built-ins here with recessed in lights, all these accessories. Venetian plaster throughout. Definitely a great bedroom. Now follow me this way. We're gonna now check out the bathroom.

We have the makeup area to the left, vanity on this side. I really like the stone fabrication here. This is actually a concrete sink with beautiful fixtures. And look at this marble wall, and how it continues to the other side where we have the walk-in shower.

Again, brass fixtures. You get phenomenal views from your walk-in shower. And then we have a sliding glass door here, opening up to the balcony. Free standing tub, your separate water closet. Great, nice and bright bathroom. Now, I wanna take everybody to the other side.

This is where they would have the walk-in closet for this bedroom. And look how spacious it is. Cody's walking backwards. We have a skylight here to bring natural light. And, I'm sure once they install all the cabinetry, it would match the rest of the millwork that we've been seeing in the house. But I wanted everybody to see the space.

And with that, we're done with our tour. Now, let's see this place at dusk. (bright music) (bright music continues) All right everyone, that's it for the tour.

Hope you all enjoy this video. It was amazing to tour this property, enjoy its interior spaces. This backyard is phenomenal, and these views are absolutely breathtaking. Now I wanna give big thanks to the listing agents, Rayni Williams and Branden Williams for making this tour happen. And as always, you can find more information about this incredible listing in the description of this video, so make sure to check it out. Now lastly, if you enjoyed our tour, give us a like, subscribe, and we'll see you guys on the next one.

(bright music continues) (upbeat music fades out)

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