Avoid This Auntie in Hanoi, Vietnam ($20 Challenge Fail)

Avoid This Auntie in Hanoi, Vietnam  ($20 Challenge Fail)

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no give it's okay we don't want  to oh we can call the police so   there's a guy that's literally way  steep in the West Lake right now C razor is coming out Hano is considerably  more affordable than we ever imagined some   more that's some more yeah okay yeah come on  thank you so much thank you bye-bye and that   is what makes Hanoi and Vietnam so special is  the people I'm telling you guys they are some   of the friendliest people M hello everybody we  are going to try to spend 500,000 Vietnamese   Dong today which is equivalent to about $20 or  about €20 just to show you how affordable Hanoi   really is so let's go and try and spend this bed  boy so guys we're going to start our day off by   having some breakfast and keep in mind that this  $20 challenge or 20 Euro challenge uh is for two   people so you can cut this in half for yourself  if you are traveling solo in Hanoi but the whole   point of this video is just to give you guys  an idea like Naomi said as to how cheap it can   be here and we're going to start our day off  by getting possibly our favorite sandwich in   all of Southeast Asia we're going to go and get  a ban me and there's a place that we spotted not   too far from here to get one so let's grab  ourselves a delicious Vietnamese sandwich wowers look at this p p p I don't know the words  other than b me we need a Google translate we   have a lot to learn here the second one is  coming also second one's coming yeah guys   we ordered ourselves two band mes and uh  very happy 25,000 is my one come on thank   you we have my one for 25k and Naomi's was 20K  okay so a grand total for these two is 45,000   Vietnamese Dong so a very very inexpensive  and affordable breakfast and he just toasted   them as well oh wow oh I have egg and all so I  have Pate egg cucumbers uh some pork I think in   there yeah cuz I couldn't really read the menu  I wasn't sure what I was ordering but it looks   really nice I'm very happy with it actually  let's give it a try yeah let's give it a go oh yeah yeah it's beautiful for 20,000 Vietnamese  dong under1 it's so good under1 yeah wow and like   I said he has basically uh this like toaster  machine so he presses them down and there's   a whole menu a whole selection of things it goes  from 10 up to 25,000 uh so I definitely got kind   kind of the more expensive version because I think  I well to be honest I have no idea what I actually   ordered so it's going to be a surprise it's always  a surprise oh I can see egg yeah there seems to   be oh yeah look at that so it's basically like  an egg omelette and then you have some red pork   in there uh and also a couple of other different  things that looks to be like maybe some uh other   meat like deli meat and stuff like that and some  cuc some sber and crispy onions and a nice sauce   in there too this bread is nice and fresh and  very very hot as well so let's give it a try here perfect really really nice  balance of stuff on the inside   and this is something that we cannot  get over since we arrived in Vietnam is sandwiches like this that are absolutely  loaded full of nice things for such a low cost   and that's why we wanted to start this particular  video off showing you just how cost effective it   can be obviously when you move towards the old  quarter stuff like this will get slightly but   not very much just slightly more but but uh it  is still worth it if you see a band me seller   or a highly rated band me seller give it a try and  it's very pocket friendly just to give you an idea   for comparison this type of a sandwich uh which  probably might even be a little bit smaller than   what we actually got right now uh in Ireland for  example would run maybe at six or seven Euro six   or 7 basically for that type of a sandwich  so we're super happy with just below 1 EUR and I can't stop eating the flavors the  quality everything else in here spot on   and perfect way to start this video a b  me really hit the spot guys and just keep   in mind as well they have water here and  that is absolutely free of charge so you   can grab your jug fill yourself up some  water while you're enjoying your sandwich   for free so as breakfast for less than  €2 I believe it works out to be around €165 unbelievable next up you'll see what's next up now you look like you're wearing  a dress let's see what I end up with here I'm very interested as well because he  didn't ask what you want yeah I know we'll see   I'm just going to get the treatment  you're going to get the treatment y okay guys we're about halfway through now razor is coming out let's see what happens so far so good it does not look bad now I  don't know what the look is going to look   like at the end obviously we're just going to  trust the process and Trust the locals as we   always do but uh for now it's very exciting to  actually see how hair is cut in Vietnam so guys   the equipment here seems to be quite well kept  and pretty clean as well and the job that he's   doing is actually pretty fantastic even though  there's a very strong language barrier the guy   like literally doesn't have one word of English  but it's a very enjoyable uh experience so far   but somewhat on the level of what you would get  anyways in most Barbers the only difference is   you're sitting on the side of the street so it's  a lot more of a of an open atmosphere it's a lot   of a nicer atmosphere actually but yeah so far  I would rate this whole experience a solid 9 out   of 10 if I was to rate it out of 10 um it's  actually very peaceful it's very nice and uh   like I said we didn't I didn't show this guy any  pictures or anything that I actually wanted he   just grabbed the stuff and started cutting my hair  so we'll see what the end result is but so far I'm   actually very satisfied with it and I think it's  going very well and I love the whole mirror set   up here looks like he's working on the finishing  touches now of the haircut he just asked Luke if   Luke wants to be uh clean shaven but uh yeah I  think Luke is more of a like two days stubble   kind of guy obviously sometimes he also does clean  shape but uh right now uh he didn't really wasn't   really looking for a clean shaven look so he's  just doing the finishing touches and the edging   and everything like that and then we're very  excited to actually find out how much it's   going to be because we didn't talk about that in  the beginning the lady that is sitting over there   she actually uh showed us like 25 so I believe  it should be around 25,000 but I'm not sure so   we're going to find out what happens um but very  interesting oh I think we're done oh yeah and he   cleans people with this giant sponge with I think  is very funny you just get hit in the face with a sponge easy as de how how does it look very good  beautiful very very nice okay everybody so I'm   feeling very fresh and I think I have hair all  down my back and neck as always after a fresh   haircut the total cost of that haircut came to  50,000 Vietnamese Dong which is equivalent to   roughly around just under $2 us are uh €180  so it's a very very good deal now obviously   I think he charged us slightly more than what a  local person is going to pay I heard the average   price for a street haircut for locals will be  anywhere between 20 to maybe 35 40,000 if I'm   if I'm right that's what Google says anyways but  50,000 dong for me as a European is incredibly   cheap very very good value and it will be very  good value for any of you guys that are coming   here maybe as a tourist and you want to get  your haircut check out one of those Street   Barbers because you're directly supporting a  Vietnamese local by going to someone like that   guy he just has his equipment and his mirror  against the wall and that's that's his whole   setup and I'm very happy with the result guys  now we've made our way towards a market area   where we're going to try and buy some fruit  and we'll also show you guys obviously the   exact price that we get charged here but it  looks like there is some beautiful looking   fruit here we've got oranges green mangoes  yellow mangoes and a whole bunch of other   fruit as well on offer like dragon fruit as  well that looks amazing it looks like a very   nice dragon fruit got some oranges as well yeah  sure let get two oranges two mangoes would you   like a dragon fruit uh and yeah sure one dragon  fruit grab one of those this feels good come on oh a nice Hefty bag of fruit guys this is  kind of is it a one price for All To Everything   Under One Price look at the selection here and  this is this whole area here Believe It or Not   other than this section is market so you've got  vegetables and fruit and then you also down here   you have like a fresh meat section which is like  seafood and beef and pork amazing right guys uh   I believe all of the fruits maybe are the same  price I don't know it's usually not that that   way but uh we have one dragon fruit two really  Hefty copy you want coffee sure you want try   one yeah yeah sure oh for free oh wow okay they  they sell the pack yeah yeah it's good coffee or Vietnam Vietnam coffee  yes oh come on come on Cheers Cheers thank you Cheers [Music] Cheers W strong nice sweet very sweet photo yeah salt salt instant salt oh it's   salt coffee says salt instant coffee  Salt coffee yes oh okay picture thank you thank you thank you so much you want to  have some some what is the cost for this it's   55,000 55,000 for coffee what do you think yeah  it's good okay byy uh one one yeah come on thank you right I'm going to try and D okay we're suckers when it comes to caffeine guys come on thank you so much thank you thank  you some more some more yeah okay yeah why not oh come on thank you so much thank you bye bye  by bye bye all right what I wanted to say got   suckered into buying some coffee we wanted to  buy coffee anyway so this just came in very   very handy and we had bought this big bag  of fruit she put it all on the scale it was   just over 2 kog and we had spent 80,000 dong  for that and which is very affordable like if   you compare it to the supermarket prices for  fruits it's very very affordable wow there's   also a lot of greenery here going on behind  me and now we had bought this coffee as well   for 55,000 uh dong it's like an instant coffee  and they have like several saet in there so I   believe we're going to get several uh servings  out of that and it was our first time trying a   salt coffee Vietnamese salt coffee very nice  actually did think it would be nice because I   thought salt and coffee but I'm not sure how that  is going to go together but it's actually nice C the amount of things that is happening on  the daily basis on Vietnamese streets is just   mindblowing uh we're just trying to walk down the  street and we've never been we've never been in   this area before so we don't really know uh what  is here but uh there's so many things happening at   the same time there was like a thing open in the  in the ground where of the scooters are trying   to drive around and these gentlemen over here  they're sort of pulling cables I don't know if   they're like pulling fiberglass or like internet  cables or something like that um but yeah very   interesting to see and this area here really seems  to be very much dedicated towards uh selling Goods   so there's a lot of like fruit Sellers and um some  like smaller convenience shops places where you   can buy rice and beans and so on and you always  have this little side Alleyways where you can uh   walk down and basically get lost in a completely  different Universe it kind of seems to be like a   you know like the studio giber type of a situation  where you're like not sure in which Universe   you're going to go basically Hanoi is basically  characterized by a lot of these little Alleyways   and no matter how many little Alleyways you go  down you'll always meet someone on a scooter this is the real Hanoi right here let have a  look really stunning some of these buildings   as well I can't get over the architecture in  Hanoi it's some of the most interesting that   I've seen in a long time you have basically a  lot of these like they're not exactly highrise   they're only really like four or five stories a  lot of the buildings but the fact that they're   not super high gives uh the city of Hanoi a very  sort of unique characteristic and it looks very   very almost European like I said to Naomi  when we were walking around the other the   just the other day some of the areas look very  similar architecturally to a lot of Central and   Western Europe and I'm assuming it has to do  with some of the influences from places like   France um obviously a longtime Colony that was  here and also as well you see the influences in   many places from the Chinese as well with the uh  temples and a lot of the buildings as well what   I really love about the streets here is that each  and every single house I don't know if you saw it   just down there is completely different so the  the floor sizes for example are different the   windows are different the makeups are different  and so on like just so you see here that this is   like two floors on this house but it's like three  floors on the other house might be four Flo floors   on the next house and so on it really seems like  uniformity is not necessarily desired in terms   of architecture or in terms of how these houses  were built and I just find it so so interesting   because um where I'm from in Germany for example  a lot of times they try and make at least the the   street look like somewhat similar T so that the  houses are like the same height or whatever or   sometimes the same color the same makeup the  same build and it's just like the complete   opposite here quick update by the way we have two  270,000 Vietnamese Dong left which is pretty much   exactly halfway through the challenge so we  have around €1 left or roughly around $1050   to 11 us left so now it's getting interesting we  have to start getting a little bit more creative   anyways we're wandering through this beautiful  local neighborhood neighborhood here and we're   going to see what we can find to spend the rest  of this money P P it's okay to film yeah thank   you so they have a whole wide selection of stuff  here guys and I think this is what we're going   to get next we're going to get ourselves a  nice little snack we haven't tried anything   like Vietnamese style snacks Street snacks so  they actually have pizza which is 25k which is   incredible it's roughly around the size of my  hand and it seems to be absolutely loaded full   of different things like ham and sausage and stuff  like that I'm not really going to go for that cuz   I'm still actually very full from the band me  that we had earlier I have the these smaller   ones which are called tat Dua I hope I'm saying  that right probably not but they look very good   they look like they have like kind of these like  almond shavings and maybe like a sesame seed or   something like that looks really good you want I  think I'm going to try one of those do and Naomi   I think wants one of these which I believe is a  Japanese H chocolate Bond no I don't know it's   actually Japanese I think it's just a chocolate  bun could just be a chocolate bun think it's just   a chocolate bun but they have a huge selection  of stuff and uh we just were walking by and we   figured we have to give something a try they even  have hamburgers here for 20,000 Vietnamese Dong   so it just gives you an idea as to the type of  snacks that you can get for very little money Yan yanola and one tatua t uh this is going to be what  22k this will be 22k yeah perfect I have perfect change come on thank you super happy friendly  Smiley and amazing local as well that's another   reason that sort of tempted us over there but  she was just super smiley and waving over to us   so and that is what makes Hanoi and Vietnam so  special is the people I'm telling you guys they   are some of the friendliest people similar to  when we were in the Philippines the Philippines   has some amazing people Vietnam is no different  they are incredible hello Vietnamese apples looks   good Vietnam Apple nice from Vietnam W you want  some apples I don't know what they taste like we   can try yeah I'm going to try one they keep  seeing these being sold everywhere can try yeah let's give this a try guys none good is it none it's actually good  it is tasty very sweet very good it's a yeah   it's like a plum kind of she wants you to put  it in the bag oh okay in bag let's see we have   to we have to see which ones are good oh don't  throw them all in this one bad this one looks good oh very tasty okay four more okay all good I big money how much how much no you need to give us change no not   200,000 no no no no no no no  no no no no no no no can give change no it's okay it's okay it's  okay give us the 200,000 give the   200,000 please please give the 200 no we  don't want it you can keep your app it's okay no have to be have to show honesty no give  me it's okay we don't want to we can call the   police sorry can you come over here please  can you come over here don't try and do this toist she tried to take to 200 200 200,000 for apples [Music] okay thank you oh good wow well we were just  talking about the friendly happy smiley locals   that's the the flip side of it wow that's crazy  guys Jesus I'm so glad that I kept the camera   rolling but wow unfortunately that also happens  so it kind of reminds you to go to businesses   uh such as the lady that had the nice Bakery for  example she had the prices listed and everything   like that yeah it's unfortunate very unfortunate  that people uh like that will try and take money   like that it's 200,000 Vietnamese Dong for like  four or five apples yeah just to give you an   understanding why we reacted that way first  of all that would have been nearly the rest   of the money that we would have had to spend for  this entire video and I just had gotten two kilog   of fruit which uh with a dragon fruit and like  mangoes and uh whatever else that we had bought   I don't actually remember so much um and that  was 80,000 dong and now she wanted for under 1   kilogram of this this like local Vietnamese Apple  type of fruit she wanted to keep 200,000 and uh   I mean she can try and do that obviously some  tourists are going to say it's okay or whatever   and G to keep going but for us it's like a lot of  money that would have been the equivalent of over   seven EUR can you show so €7 42 she wanted to have  for what like 10 of the Vietnamese little apples   that's like that's more expensive than in Europe  like four times more expensive than it would be in   our home country where it is very expensive so  it doesn't make sense and stop trying to treat   tourists like that that if you are someone that's  doing that if you are someone that's purposefully   trying to do stuff like that very very very  uh bad and it's the first it's genuinely the   first bad experience that we've had since coming  to Vietnam and it happened to be on camera so   it's pretty unfortunate but anyways look at this  look at this shiny thing over here I have a big   box here uh for my tat Dua which I have no idea  what to expect but maybe Naomi can give it a try   first P it looks amazing sorry I'm a little upset  it's all good it's all good I don't know is there   something on the edges that you need to take off  no I think you can eat it like this you give it a try oh W oh maybe coconut  shaving or something it's coconut oh coconut and almond that is really good and this is only 10,000   Vietnamese D under 50 cents under  50 Cent I could have gotten 20 of these 20 of them for 200,000 so that'll give you  an idea guys of just how much she was trying to   charge us you saw the bag of apples I think we  had maybe had around five to 10 of those tiny   little apples in the bag so yeah this is very  delicious but uh I saw a lot of these fruit   vendors just like her uh actually in the  old town and I do believe that something   that um a few of them try on a regular basis  where they just try and overcharge tourists   um which is like I don't know I want to kind  of say it's fair but also it's not so it's I   don't know it's just an unfortunate situation  I guess but I have a chocolate bun look at this   shiny object I'm going to give it a try M Big  Bite oh it's really soft and there's like this   really dark chocolate on the inside looks super  super good M very happy with that super good yeah   going to try sorry I squeezed it really hard  to make the chocolate come out it looks like amazing oh wow that's really good it's goody  n n lady was standing and smiling at us this   is actually incredible very very good  worth the money as well I think are   cool I just tried the Luke one as well very  nice very like like a coconut like a what is   it called in German it's called Cocos Macon  coconut macron or something like that it's   very nice very good super happy with this  definitely check out those little snack   vendors if you do see them around they often  sell things like the ban ran as well the sort   of fried balls filled with mung bean and  they also have a lot of other stuff just   like the stuff that we tried so fantastic and  we have a good bit of money left as well now guys yes all right guys so we made our way  now into a grab if you can see that here so   we're basically going to go all the way from  where we're staying over to the other other   side of the West Lake and believe it or not this  journey which I'm not too sure exactly how many   kilometers it is I think it's roughly around 5  or 6 km it's only costing us 62,000 Vietnamese   dong so just keep that in mind if you do want  to travel around the city of Hanoi it's very   inexpensive if you download the grab app this is  not sponsored at all it's just genuinely a very   cheap affordable inexpensive way of getting  around Hanoi and you get to enjoy the amazing   views of Hanoi City out of your window here's the  West Leake looks very foggy today well well well   people welcome to what seems to be a little bit  more of an affluent part of the West Lake we've   already seen significantly more Europeans  and uh white people in general that seem   to be living here maybe xats or something like  that this is actually like I said the opposite   side of where we are currently staying in our  Airbnb but have a look here you have sort of   these big old beautiful gated buildings and  uh I wish I could have a look inside but it   looks absolutely gorgeous from where I am and  you have these gorgeous green beautiful trees   lining the streets as well also really  really big uh very modern looking type   of condos which I believe is probably the  reason that the exps are here yes that's   very true and from the vibe that I'm getting  you can look here you can actually see inside big beautiful gorgeous looking uh possibly  apartments or condos as well and from what   I'm uh seeing around here there's plenty of  western style restaurants we saw a couple   vegan places already which you don't see in  a lot of the rest of Hanoi although I think   in the old quarter you will see some  vegan places and then obviously tons   of cafes and other styles of r restaurants  as well so it seems to be very fitting for   an xat community that might want to work  out of cafes and stuff like that have a look very very nice and it seems to be  quite a quite a slow pace here too and   when you wander into the Alleyways here it is  a different vibe than the Alleyways where we   started this video where there would be  women on the sides of the street cutting   up some fruit or stuff like that instead of  women sitting and cutting up fruit you have   very very clean very well-kept uh beautiful  little streets now if we're being honest for   Naomi and myself we prefer we prefer uh where  the street vendors are we prefer where all of   the locals are working and making their money  and that's why that's why we didn't uh come to   stay on this side but it is very interesting for  us to come over here and at least experience uh   that different side of life and I tell you  what it is definitely a different side of   life have a look at these buildings every  building that I'm looking at is incredibly unique very very cool so there's a guy that's  literally waste steep in the West Lake right   now and I believe what he's doing is retrieving  things so I think I think he actually went in to   retrieve his uh the end of his fishing rod so  like the the bait hook that he has um tackle   sorry I was trying to think of the word so he  went in to actually retrieve it so wow that must   be incredibly cold water look at this for a view  as well guys by the way this is the other side so   we are actually believe it or not we're living  somewhere over on this side here um so you can   see actually I was talking about earlier uh this  over here is a West Lake Mall so we are probably   somewhere pretty much directly in front of where  we are right now and you can see uh what I was   talking about earlier is the the buildings are not  very high except for like a couple ones that are   rising above us so very very beautiful and this  view is one of the most special views that I've   seen now of the West Lake it's just totally open  and you see the skyline in the in the distance   this is beautiful well this $20 or 20 or 20  whatever you want to call it challenge is 00,000   it's proving to be uh actually quite difficult  Hanoi is considerably more affordable than we   ever imagined and uh I hope we're showing you that  but now we're going to go in here this place looks   absolutely gorgeous it's situated directly on  the beautiful West Lake and I think we're going   to have a nice tea or a coffee and just sit and  relax at the West Lake so come in with us and   let's see what they have to offer it's called  males coffee by the way which is an interesting name did don't know look at this setup here  well look at how beautiful this view is and   this whole entire setup I'm on a chair that is  way too small for me uh sitting down on this   chair I didn't think that it would happen  but I can tell you what I'm never getting   up again so the next few videos are probably  going to be me sitting here in this chair we   just made our order and we basically got  two different types of teas and we also   went for some sunflower seeds because we see  a lot of locals sitting along the west lake   uh here in Hanoi munching on sunflower seeds  and just relaxing and a lot of times they're   actually painting these uh sort of like ceramic  little uh things they paint them and they sit   there for literally hours just drinking tea  or coffee and painting away and I think it's   a fantastic and really sort of like a meditative  way to enjoy your time here come on come on you   really wondering if there this like uh just like  bare sunflower seeds or if they are like salty or something a ttin teeny tiny bit salty I feel  like they're a little bit roasted but not super   uh salty I actually also saw some people that  had like a chili oil or something with it where   people would dip the sunflower seeds in but  these ones are like kept in the original way   which is super great really good and believe it  or not I think even after this uh spending that   we're going to do here I think we still have  like maybe 30 or 40,000 and Dong left but we're   going to show you um just exactly we're going  to try out the tea because we haven't really   had any tea here in Hanoi yet we'll try it out  and let you guys know if it's worth coming to   check out this particular Cafe but I can tell  you straight away based off of the view it is   very very beautiful and these are actually  quite nice they do have just like a little   bit of a hint of salness to them well wow what  an incredible day that we've had it's proved to   be like I said incredibly difficult anoi is very  inexpensive for you even if you do some typical   touristy stuff now uh please bear in mind we  are trying to spend a 500,000 dong by doing   everyday type of things now of course if you are  going to go to the old town and you're going to   do like a shopping spree you're going to spend  500,000 very very fast but we feel like that's   not your like everyday thing to do so we just  sort of wanted to show you with everyday thinks   how far we are going to get and um even when  we're leaving this Cafe I think we would still   have enough money to get another two bunes in uh  order to have dinner or something like that so   it's actually really difficult to spend we spent  the whole day doing nothing but trying to spend 500,000 so guys this is my mango tea which  I've never tried before I am a big big fan   of mango flavors though and this looks  quite exceptional I didn't I did not   realize that it was going to be an iced uh  mango tea so but I'm nonetheless I'm very   excited to try this it is also relatively  warm today for Hanoi so let's give it a try oh wow there's actually sort of pieces of  mango in there so that's incredible it's a very   very organic mango taste um it's nothing  like this like fake sugar powdery mango   drinks that you just add water to and then  it becomes a mango drink this seems to be   actually Blended up mango and then they've added  a little bit of tea in there as well with some ice very very delicious very very good and  what did you get I got a ginger and a honey   tea actually and it does look like uh just  like straight up Ginger and probably some   honey mixed into it and mine is actually hot  and I'm very happy that it's hot because I'm   always cold no matter how hot it is  outside at like 34° I'm starting to   feel okay about the temperature I don't know  how hot this is I'm very scared to burn my M very gingery very spicy but nice um super  good it's a the perfect thing to drink for   your a really cold day or maybe even if you  have a sore throat or something like this or   if you're just a little bit weird like me and you  just like the taste of ginger this is perfect oh   amazing yeah I don't think there's I don't think  there's any better way really to finish off this   video with a nice big bowl of sunflower seeds we  have a very interesting chocolate brown dog to   accompany us as well who doesn't he doesn't want  anything to do with us we tried to call him over   and he literally has just been ignoring us but  usually we're dog we usually we get along very   well with dogs but this one seems to be uh in its  own world but beautiful view and we hope that we   hope that we have convinced you guys to come  and check out Hanoi and Vietnam $20 challenge   incredibly inexpensive for everything that we've  done today if you think about all of what we've   done it is really incredible like after this we  still have enough to get a grab all the way back   to where we were staying or more food if we want  that as well I just did some quick calculation   and I do believe we still have three Euro left  so 81,000 dong we still have left um which you   could easily get two first for like two big  beef soups um with noodles and uh yeah that's   probably what we're going to do after this video  absolutely guys but for now my name is Luke my   name is Naomi we are the two mad explorers hi and  this is your reminder to keep exploring and we'll   see you guys in the next Vietnamese Adventure  come on for watching come on bye-bye byebye

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