Australia‘s most western tracks (we found sharks!) - EP 110

Australia‘s most western tracks (we found sharks!) - EP 110

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We reach the region of Shark Bay  located in Australia's Far Western   Corner the least we imagined is to see sharks! Problem: we have no boat and the track going  to the area proved to be a proper nightmare...   the road is actually worse than most roads  we found in South America congratulations   Australia! but you know it travel is full  of surprises and the drive to get there is   what Australians call the useless Loop and it  ended up exceeding all of our expectations. We are Nick and Mathilde and we've left  everything behind to travel to Seven   Continents with our Land Rover Defender  the Albatross: Europe, North America,   South America, Antarctica, Australia, Asia,  and Africa a world tour for real. We want   to see it all! Join us for the best,  the worst, the Fantastic, the boring,   the headaches, the beauty of every single  moment of this journey around the world.   This is day 766 and we are in Shark Bay Western  Australia. This is the Next Meridian Expedition.

So we're on our way right now to Shark Bay an area  full of wildlife in terms of sea mammals so we   can't wait hopefully we'll see whales hopefully  we'll see dolphin hopefully we'll see sharks,   turtles tons of fish. In Australia they  have these things called roadhouses   or stations and it's technically a place  where you can fill up on fuel water a bit   of snacks things like that and we're at one  right now called Overlander so it's really   funny so we're at Road House Overlander  and we're going to refill with fuel. [Music] We got to look at the map again. All right  where are we going? You got to find on this map,   the most western point of Mainland Australia.  Okay so steep point which is right here. So  

we're leaving from Kalbarri National Park  which is right here. We're going to drive   all around and then make it up to steep  point the most western point of Australia:   let's go to the edge of Australia. Steep point! This road is called the Useless Loop Road, yeah  exactly and it's funny cuz I was looking for a   hike to do in the area and there was one  called useless hike. and I was thinking:   oh okay well I guess people said this  place is useless shouldn't go hike there.  

And now that we see that the roads called  useless Loop we might need to go! [Music]   aha Adventure Time! Yeah gravel! time to  deflate. Time to deflate. The Park says we   need to remove even more tire pressure than the  one we've done, it just says it on the billboard   so I guess we'll get even lower cuz now we're  going to start four-wheel drive tracks. it's   going to get pretty rough so I was at 2.5  on the rear I'm going to probably go to 2.

[Music] We leave the concrete behind us and arrive onto  the tracks of Shark Bay leading to the Far Western   corner of Australia. Although larger than some  European nations Shark Bay only has a permanent   population of fewer than a thousand people.  The traditional name of the area Gathaagudu:   "two Waters" refers to the shape of the region.  A "W" shaped land delineating two large Bays,  

home to some of the most precious marine life  diversity. Reaching the edge of this region   is a painful drive with high reward but  at that point we are not yet aware of it. Okay we stopped on the side of the road  here because I have to show you this.   It's just insane how the washboards here, the  corrugations is really really big. I can show you,   oh yeah you can see it better. They're  huge! they're really big! driving on   these roads the whole Albatross is like ...  it's really rough especially on Land Rovers  

where everything is so clunky and everything's  made of aluminium and it feels like a cardboard   vehicle. Everything is shaking shaking  shaking and we're going to have to check   all the bolts of everything again. Long hours  on a corrugated track called "the useless Loop"   makes us question why we even decided to take  this road at that point we seriously started   wondering whether the suffering imposed on  the albatross and ourself was worth it... [Music] [Music] bounce bounce bounce around  B bounce bounce around. crazy we were laughing with Nick the  road is actually worse than most roads   we found in South America: congratulations  Australia. yeah it's pretty bad... pretty bad   two years that we've traveled. the second  worse was in Baja California this one is  

way worse. it's hardcore Australia's  no joke on the corrugations [Music] [Music] [Music] by sunset time in front of the superb lights and   amazingly clear waters of the bay the  only thing we wanted was a swim until crazy crazy and she even told us  you can swim here the guard even   told us that she's been swimming here for 20  years and uh nothing ever happens but I hope   that's a chill shark then because that looks  like a big one did you see the size of the   fin let's say we had an instant change  of mind on the refreshing swim we set   up camp not Imagining the next day we  would actually get a closer look at the Sharks woke up in Eden National Park look what  the mandatory camping looks like there's like two   spots here us and some neighbors and the neighbors  are so kind we spend the evening talking to them   and they have a boat and this morning they said  we can come on the boat with them that's pretty [Applause] awesome I think I got bit by Stingray what  I think I got bit by Stingray I mean stung   by Stingray H this is the first Beach where  the water is warm enough for you for me and   there are tons of sharks but what we  were told by the Australians is don't   go swimming uh after sunset or Before  Sunrise now it is 9 in the morning so I   think we're okay I hope but I didn't go very  far cuz it would suck to be eaten by a shark   so early on the trip especially after getting a  new engine like that yeah maybe in a few months   yeah luckily that morning we did not have to tempt  the Sharks by swimming in the water our Australian   campsite neighbors invited us to discover  the area from their boat meet Amish and Sarah hey what are you chasing sharks you're chasing sharks finding sharks it started as a  joke but just 5 minutes after we got   onto the boat just as we were getting  the fishing gear ready they showed up [Music] [Music] [Music]   oh yeah they're following us wow  they're huge oh Bron wh big bronze Whalers this is epic we have to thank Hamish and  Sarah for this this is so cool thanks a lot guys   yeah sharks this keep goinging with tour  operators this is so much funner you guys   are I feel like it's Christmas right now so you  say you don't often see them like this no hello amigo oh watch out yeah yeah  I will get out oh holy [Music] [ __ ] sharks in this area got used to approach  boats as fishermen triage their catch of the day   before going back to Camp some easy food for  these big boys Amish and Sarah showed us us   around the bay and even brought us [Applause]  fishing The Catch of the Day was some Western butterfish there we go almost too easy too easy  and honestly like don't save the rod if there's   a shark there save the r she like Save The Rock  don't go in with the Shar okay wheni tells me oh   whatever you do Save The Rock jump in if you  have to you buy too much tackle yeah throw   the rod in the water we owe that unexpected boat  trip to Saha and heish here Captain heish thank   you so much guys made our seriously you guys have  inspired us I next thing we know like they're on   an international travel with their little bir yeah  with Donnie we share our Catch of the Day with our   new shark friends before heading back to Camp than  thanks to SAR Amish we could experience this part   of Australia from the water the actual Australian  way that afternoon we found ourselves dreaming   we could carry a boat around the world tour but  that unfortunately might be for another Journey   oh my God guys they are so cool oh I love it oh  with us always [Music] yay wow if we had known   that by just parking on this campsite we  would meet Sarah and haish like F I don't   know it's crazy yeah seriously and people are  so nice all around the world but Australians   having very very nice as well and it's it's  incredible it's really really good we wish   we could stay longer but because we have some  plans coming up we have to go but we could have   definitely spent an extra night what a what  a moment what an experience Australia so now   we're going to steep point the most western  point in Australia and then we'll go find   another spot by the beach we leave our new  friends and continue towards our goal the   Western most point of Mainland Australia a  beautiful track to the edge of this continent [Music] we've arrived to the most western point in  Australia that was pretty cool it's very   cool most West we could get and now let's  try and get to the most East we can get I   don't know where that is but we'll find  out soon I guess it feels like progress   after summer stopping yeah it does and  elbow's working super well the road to   here was incredible we saw tons of dolphins and  sharks and things right out here apparently on   the other Coastline the western coastline  it's only cliff and it's the road where the   whales go up and there's another car coming  to also stand on this most western point so   I think it's time for us to move because  they're going to want the same photo as us glorious conqueror of the western most  point of the country we embark on the Sandy   and Rocky tracks of the other half of the  useless Loop Australian style meaning bare feet very Australian of view of driving  without shoes yeah and apparently it's   legal in Australia so A+ in France it's  illegal yeah exactly so why not why not [Music] [Music] I [Music] [Music] off to the sunset [Music] I've just had my shower it felt so good  and the sunset here is so good so I got   these two beers one's a ginger beer  one's a normal beer and I'm going to   go get myti we can sit in the sunset and  enjoy a nice beer it doesn't look like it   but it's actually pretty pretty chilly uh  CU we're right by the coast there's wind   and the evening Sands always a little cold  but anyway brought your a little beer thank   you there you go Cheers Cheers I'm going to  actually put you down here while we enjoy the sunset Che you know what I love but this few days  what that I feel we're finally traveling again no   yeah really after all the drama after the engine  it takes a few days and now like we have the   sunset the perfect campsite we meet cool people we  see animals yeah today we saw a lot yeah today was intense this is the Instagram video of the  sunset that anyone on Instagram would have   already seen two weeks ago and you're seeing  now because mati just filmed it looks [Music] beautiful at last the feeling we travel  again the feeling of being surprised by   a place called useless the joy of meeting  likeminded people from a different culture   the amazement of seeing sharks up close  in their natural habitat we conclude   the useless loop with a lot of emotions  and memories mixed but certainly not the   feeling that any of that was useless maybe  real rewarding travel and exploration is   about doing things that seem useless just  to let yourself be surprised by whatever outcome toic y we found tomak again after  300 km of washboard 50 bolts lost and uh   100 pieces broken we found tarmy down no  I'm kidding I think Albatross is fine but   definitely have to check all righty it feels  like an electric car now yeah let's go fill   up tire pressure and then off we go we leave  the western edge of Australia and take the   road East for the first time eager to uncover  more of what Australia has to offer in Thea of   sh there's almost no towns this is just one  called denam and that's where we're heading   now after steep point we don't need much just a  RIT of water tiny tiny bit of food and a bit of   fuel let's see what a town at the end of the  corner Northwestern corner of Australia looks like one Caravan Park One supermarket  one coffee shop one Bakery and a Charming   Waterfront denim felt to us like a very nice  place to live in before going any further we   owe the albatross a bit of care especially  after all that hard work completed there we go going to sh is one thing but if you remember we  still had a new engine fit in the car just a few   days ago and after thousand kilometers driven it's  good practice to change the oils of the engine so   the reality is that despite the beautiful Shark  Bay we do this little stop change the oils dispose   of the oil and then we continue so it's a bit  hard to find water in the Shar Bay Area cuz it's   like so desertic and there's no infrastructures  nowhere but there's this little dispenser tiny   tiny that works with coins and deliver filtered  water so it's like $1 Australian dollar for 20 l [Music] next up fuel all loaded up and elbow taken care  of we are ready for more wild tracks next   week we find some travel partners and  pretty epic roads to continue our way   around Australia and the world subscribe to  our channel to continue traveling with us [Music] I just want to tell you that go no no no all of my friends say girl you better take care

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