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Hello Teerak! Welcome to my channel don't forget  to Like, Comment, and Subscribe. Thank you! In the early morning, before the sun is  up, we started to travel to Pattaya City   to reach our destination. But before  that, we picked up first our friends. Hello Teerak, we are now in Pattaya City. Pattaya  is a popular tourist city located southeast   of Bangkok along the Eastern seaboard of the Gulf  of Thailand. With recent developments, it is grown  

to become the 2nd most visited city in Thailand,  after Bangkok, and is known mainly as being a   resort town. Today, there are over one million  people who live in and around Pattaya and it   attracts tens of millions of visitors every year.  Despite the tourist attraction that it has grown   into, the origins of Pattaya are far from the  city that you’ll see today. Enjoy your travel!

Hello Teerak, we are now heading to our final  destination, The Koh Larn Island Beach Resort.   Getting to Koh Larn by ferry is easy. First, you  need to get to the Bali Hai Pier where the ferry   boat is docked. The fare for the Koh Larn ferry  to both destinations is only 30 Baht each way.  

If someone asks you to pay more than 30 Baht,  then you are probably not on the right boat. You   pay just as you board the boat at the kiosk next  to where the boat is docked. Enjoy your travel! Finally, we are now at Koh Larn Beach Resort.  The summer fever is here! As you can see,   this is the front view of the hotel  where we can spend our holidays for   3 days and 2 nights. Let’s have some adventures!

Hello Teerak, let’s now begin the adventure!   Before we start the road trip, we need to boost  first our energy. So, we dropped by at BAAN-YA   Kitchen, one of the best restaurants here in Koh  Larn. Everyone is so busy choosing their menu,   but for me, I ordered this dish,  Pat pak kong sot a Thai dish. Enjoy! Hello Teerak, let’s now begin the adventure!  If you are heading to Koh Larn for a day or more  then you may want to consider hiring a motorbike   while you are on the island. Motorbikes are a  great way to get around to see some of the beaches   that this little island offers and gives you the  flexibility to choose a beach that suits you.

This is the Frolic view on Tawaen Beach! Known for  its white sand and crystal-clear shallow waters.   Tawaen Beach is arguably the most  popular beach destination in Ko Larn.  Like Samae Beach, there are also plenty of  restaurants and bars on the beach itself,   which makes staying longer here so  easy and tempting. It’s better to  

enjoy the summer holidays here on Koh Larn  Island with your family or friends. Enjoy! From Tawaen beach, we took our motorbike and  ride to one of the islands’ highest peaks.   Apart from the panoramic view of Tawaen beach  and nearby islands, the main highlight of our   visit was seeing the huge Buddhist Monk statue  surrounded by trees. The area is also a perfect  

spot for selfies and a great place to take  your OOTD’s or Outfit of the Day. Enjoy! View over Koh Larn from the  viewpoint of the Kuan Yin statue.   If you want to do the climb over the 250  steps, you will reach a small pagoda,   which can be seen from afar. Since this is the  highest point of Koh Larn, one would like to  

believe that you will have a great overview  of the island. Unfortunately, this is not   the case since everything is overgrown here and  actually, the view is therefore very limited. Hello Teerak, we are now going to experience the  beautiful beach of Koh Larn, the Tawaen Beach.   Tawaen Beach is the main beach of Koh Larn.  

The powdery fine sand on the beach is white  and the turquoise water is crystal clear.   In good weather, however, the beach is mostly  overcrowded and far away from tranquility.  A little further west of the Tawaen Beach  is another small beach section. The name   is unfortunately only in Thai and therefore  cannot be deciphered. The beach is always well  

visited due to the crystal-clear water and a good  alternative to Tawaen Beach. Enjoy the scenery! Apart from the beaches, you need  also to experience this walkway,   the viewpoint of Koh Larn Island. It is now open  for tourists and local visitors. You must wear   your favorite OOTD’s or your best outfit of the  day to enjoy the scenic view together with your   high-definition lens camera or video for perfect  selfies and posts. Don’t forget also to put on   your sunscreen or UV lotion to protect your  skin from the heat of the sun. Enjoy the views! [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Motorbike rentals, if you are the adventurous  type, this is the way to fly. You come and go  

as you please. These are all late model  bikes, and all are well maintained. Do a   pre-inspection with the owner and you can  take a few snapshots if you like before   departing on your journey. We have rented a  motorbike on Koh Larn many times and have never   had any problem at all. There are many road  signs on the island that should keep you from   getting too lost. Be careful while riding around  it can be easy to be taken in by the scenery and   get into an accident, it is best to stop and  look around. The cost of renting one of these  

for the entire day is around 200baht in the  main village. Prices can vary by vendor. Enjoy! Nual Beach is located at the southernmost part  of Koh Larn, Nual beach is another nice beach   on the island. One of the things that set  this beach apart from all the others is that   it is inhabited by a small group of monkeys.  Visitors love to see the monkeys on the hillside,  

and you can feed them if you want. Maybe next  time we will visit the small group of monkeys   and feed them. But for now, let’s  enjoy eating some ice cream! Tien Beach is a mid-sized beach here on the  island. As far as blue ocean and white sand   this is the best. This beach has many restaurants  and souvenir shops that are a little more upscale   than the other beaches, but still, have the  flavor of Thailand. From what I have been told,   this is a year-round beach, with little  fluctuation of tourists from season to season.  

The atmosphere here well seems very relaxed and  quiet. The people that visit here seem to come in   smaller groups and therefore not as much chatter  that you would find amongst other larger groups.   Tien Beach is accessible by speed  boat, charter, and local taxi. Sunsets on Koh Larn are a daily occurrence,  and you have to stop and ask yourself   when was the last time I took the time to enjoy  one? Koh Larn island has a great deal of beauty   and romance to give, there is quite a lot more  to offer than simply white sandy shorelines   and is well worth investing energy to investigate  the numerous sanctuaries on offer. The best spots  

on the Island for the Perfect Sunset  are Tien beach & Samae Beach. Enjoy! This is a community flea market here that is  not very large in size and has been open for a   long time. Vendors will prepare to open the shop  from 16:00 pm and it closes between 20:00-21:00   in the evening. Tourists who come to visit here  like to buy food and take it home because it's  

relatively cheap and fresh. And there are  much of food that you can choose from.   Thai dishes are very tasty and deliciously  spicy. The evening atmosphere here is very   calm and beside the market, there will be  accommodation by the sea. It is a local house  

atmosphere to see the lifestyle of the local  people here, which is perfect for relaxing. Enjoy! [Music] Good morning Teerak! It’s our  second day here on the island.   Let’s have some breakfast because later on,  we will have a water activity. See you later! Hello Teerak, we are now  ready for the water activity.  

First, We need to get into the  boat to reach the snorkeling area. Hello Teerak! Snorkeling is an underwater activity  that involves a breathing tube. A mask is a common   add-on so you can actually see underwater. It’s  designed so you can explore underwater corals,   see different kinds of fishes, and vivid green  moss without having to worry about breathing.  

It’s all sorted out for you. Plus,  it’s so simple almost anyone can do it.   All you need is a mask and snorkel tube, then  it’s time to hit the water. Let’s have some fun! [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Hello Teerak, we are now at Tien beach! Tien Beach is slightly shorter than Samae and   Tawaen, Tien beach boasts a beautiful sandy beach  lined with palm trees and great views of Koh Larn   island’s forested interior behind it. Although  very attractive with its white sand and clear   blue waters, Tien is one of the quieter beaches  on the island. Several restaurants are right on   the beach, accommodation options are limited.  The quickest way to get to Tien beach is by   chartered speed boat from Pattaya. Alternatively,  take the ferry from Pattaya to one of Koh Larn’s  

two harbors, the Na Baan pier or Tawaen  beach pier. From there take a motorbike   or taxi to Tien beach. As there is no road  to the beach, a short walk is required. After seeing the shorelines of the beach,  we dropped by first this Matata Café   to have some drinks to chill and again  enjoy the most astonishing views of   Koh Larn island. How I wish I could stay longer.  

Cheers for a happy life and wishing  for more adventures to come! Teerak! You must have heard expressions like “back to  the roots” or “There is no place like home”   a thousand times and to be honest there are  a lot of troughs behind those sentences.  When I travel I want to travel forever. But every  adventure ends at some point. And therefore,   I often look forward to coming home again.  Over the years, I learned to appreciate home.  Usually, my home has no physical address for me.  But this home I’m talking about right now needs   a physical address. It’s the place where you feel  most comfortable after days, weeks, or months  

on the road. I always enjoy coming home  after a trip, no matter how long my trip was   and no matter how long I’m going to  stay. Sometimes one night is enough! Bye! [Music]

2022-05-11 11:07

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