ARRIVING IN MACAU, CHINA (it's NOT what I expected!)

ARRIVING IN MACAU, CHINA  (it's NOT what I expected!)

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all right so here we are at the China Ferry  Terminal as we prepare to take the ferry from   Hong Kong to maau this place is a bit like an  airport in some sense and I think we'll even   go to immigration today despite the fact we're  going from China to China uh Hong Kong to maau   but before we get that far uh I think Ivan and  I just got scammed I'm not sure what happened   here but it's happened three times since we've  been in Hong Kong so if you're from Hong Kong   let me know because every time we take one  of these red and silver taxis which really   is the iconic uh taxi of Hong Kong they're like  everywhere but every time we take one when we   get to our destination the driver just presses  11111 and adds in extra money I'm not sure if   I'm tipping or if he's just taking advantage of  me because I don't speak on the way here right   now it was 32 Hong Kong dollars and then when  we arrived he just pressed a bunch of buttons   until it said 42 so I think I just paid extra  10 Hong Kong dollars for no reason it could   be a local custom or could be getting scammed  either way my impression of Hong Kong is very   good and you guys know that so uh it is what  it is uh the taxi was still cheaper than Uber   so it is what it is uh anyway join us as we  come to maau for the first time on the ferry   and I believe we're going through immigration and  stuff so let's see what the process is like let's go yeah now I think we have to go to the emergency  because we are from Canada can there you go we are   gate 12 I guess just like an airport there is  a dutyfree shop before we go but we're going to   find a gate 12 gate 12 how come it's not on the  screen so it was like a immigration but super   relaxed we didn't even talk to a person just  scan the passwort in the machine and door's   open true true a contactless contact cont IM  that's go to our gate yeah we found our gate   now we just need to wait till we board the fair no  we found our birth okay that's a nautical gate I   think I was asking Steve what's the difference  between birth and gate because in Hong Kong   it says birth and Steve says birth is little a  water airplane Water Gate Water Gate Water Gate think is a speed Bo car yeah it's like a yacht all right so there it is Turbo Jet aka Big Red you very much like an airplane oh my wife is there all right okay okay thank you  2121 we're looking for [Music] 21 all right where do we put this ah front [Music] okay oh yeah okay over   here at the very front there's  a bag [Music] foral okay thank you sort of like an airplane  that's really massive and carpeted and pretty busy I say I wonder if it'll   be full in the end let's see the  most proper fairy we have ever taken Al no no [Music] TV I tell you what that was one of the most  uneventful favorite rides I've ever been   on and I mean it as a compliment there was no  bumps there was no noise there was no delays it   was comfortable and smooth the whole way and so  no complaints and just like that here we are in   maau for the first time meaning first things  first time to hit the slot machines welcome   to maau and I guess we have to go through maow  immigration now I think is that Portuguese oh   good point one is Portuguese influence Portuguese  CH it was Portuguese look at this on St come on   my Portuguese accent was good when I was in  Brazil I practice Portuguese I like [Music] so there is an immigration to enter maau  But same like Hong Kong they don't stamp   your passport they only give you a piece of  paper that you put inside your passport right   so we were at the counter for like less than  a minute he just flips through your passport   first print it spits out the receipt and  you go in face cuz I feel like I want an   adventure oh new place Portuguese signs  I'm excited to be my yeah it's a little   bit different here and anywhere else in China  because of the Portuguese influence wow wow amazing hello do you accept Hong Kong  dollar yeah yeah okay good here thank   you thank you um in MA City here I  don't give me a photo sure okay uh no [Music] okay thank you thank you yeah thank you okay happy to admit that that  the taxi driver did not add any extras at least   in maau when it says 106 it's just 106 yeah and  I guess our accommodation is just 1 minute from   here oh look at that sign says Baja Iana that's  the beach Baja oh yeah Baha bajaa baby that's fun   so to be clear Ivan and I have never been to  Portugal but we've been to Brazil many times   yes and so they speak Portuguese there and for  me at least I think Brazil is maybe the best   country in the world for travel so when I see  Portuguese written I get excited I feel like oh   yeah oh that's fantastic the sidewalk reminds  me of Brazil this is this is weero waves along   the boardwalk so these Stones white and black uh  all over Brazil I think it's a Portuguese thing   this is what they they do I think they brought it  from Portugal this like this is like a little bit   of Brazil bit in Portugal here in uh exciting  China wow although I will say this these these   Towes are pretty awful for suitcases you can't  drag it m it's hard all right here we are our   hotel nice all right so we just finished up at  recept Z and I'm already so impressed look at   the room numbers on the floor and lights guys  look at the light you can block it what oh my   gosh maau I'm impressed already and so here's our  room not a bad design actually with the frilly   pillows and the uh what is that banana pillow  kind of nice although you'll see two twin beds   we booked the queen bed and then when we showed  up they said oh we only have the twin beds this   happens in life although a bit of a bummer now  what's really unique about the maau hotel system   is this room is 55 American per night pretty  good price actually mhm but once the weekend   hits it doubles in price to 110 so for a week it  averages out to like 90 bucks a night or 85 bucks   a night but I think the double on the weekend is  because maau was known as the Las Vegas of the   East so I think people come on the weekends party  party gamble gamble and the hotel rooms get full   yeah because first time we've seen double in price  once Friday Night comes right right uh so Monday   to Thursday 55 anyway let's go hit the streets  cuz I'm hungry too okay and I want to see if they   got some Portuguese beer or something or some  Portuguese food or something let's go man let's go oh my gosh right out front of our  accommodation is this Portuguese egg tart   on the right and the left is like a Portuguese  I think it's like a pork on a bun we going to   have this right now I think we have to this  is like an incredible [Music] coincidence wow   so beautiful oh so beautiful can I have um  can I have the sandwich sandwich pork chop   bun por pork chop bun please than perfect now  thank you fresh thank you thank you thank you   inside pork can eat pork pork biscuit yeah  oh thank you Chinese food six 6 ago Chinese   food veryy good 6 years ago you fall 60 60  60 before 60 60 60 understand traditional   recipe nice this one is what thank you yeah  thank you so nice free samples very good cookies oh that one's super nice Sesame right mhm  M this one is which one yeah good good the one Bingo which one crispy beef ear beef ear  that's beef ear but inside have L be no beef   only Chinese name oh I see I see I see maybe  it look looks like a beef okay okay the the appearance hot hot hot hot thank you  here you go ahead with this you're   going to love that one can I eat it  first yeah go ahead or wait for you   go ahead that's an appetizer one egg tart  one pork bun o it's fresh this for the hot po oh my gosh if you say anything other than seven stars  I'll be amazed this so to be clear we've had this   for Canada so many Portuguese in Canada I've  tried this before this is delicious man very   good it's very hot though but the outside  is very very flaky and a cerly inside the   the it's not too sweet this one very good good  and it has that eggy taste yeah egg ni give me   a star count don't let me down six I might have  talked you into it a bit but I really love these   things it's not sa okay egg tart is okay oh  thank you egg Tarts so good and this sandwich   looks amazing thank you huh thank you thank you  New Year ah thank you thank you thank you very   much so nice guy so friendly gave us a couple  of free samples and total is 40 Hong Kong yes   because Hong Kong dollar is one to one with  maau Paka Paka Paka uh now let's eat this so   this is a traditional kind of sandwich here  inspired by Portuguese uh I guess it's just   going to be pork and butter wow and bread  very simple actually I think it's a simple   sandwich I think it depends on really fresh  bread and where they go pour so to be clear I   was really hungry when we got here and this place  is right in front of our combination right let's see oh you know what it is pork chop pork chop  it's like a pork chop but thin mhm this bread   I would call a pops sick Pop sick the Portuguese  community in Canada I have lots of friends growing   up Portuguese they made buns like this at home  called poms it's a bit smaller than a like a   baguette or in Brazil they have this for breakfast  breakfast bread it's good it's looks very simple   but it's good mhm there's no sauce at all no no  it's just the quality ingredients you fres mustard   no mustard would go a long way with the sandwich  it's plus mustard would be really nice wow and   it's pork chop lots of pork actually pretty  good now tell me which one is better this or fil   sandwich hello fil the best there's there's no way  you won't like this impossible to dislike so good   M the meat to bread ratio is is off the charts so  good so thick of meat yeah mhm oh my God that's so   good right it is the best sandwich I've ever had  it's amazing this is a good sandwich though nice   and we're actually staying in like an old District  here you can see the residential buildings with   clothes hanging off the balconies but we're very  close to the center of the Historical Center not   the Las Vegas Strip yet but the Historical Center  so let's go now to the historic yeah let's go go   for walk by the way bones in the sandwich pork  bone almost busted my tooth on that one let's go our sandwich it was very good I had to buy it I  think we can do better same sandwich a little bit   better what do you mean by better like mustard  mustard will go a long way with that sandwich   well it was pry good it was pretty good tell you  what police Nal everybody no and happy New Year it's amazing I'm in China right now and it says  police Nel I never expected that so familiar yeah   Beneath Your Feet the flooring right the tiles  yeah must be all over Portugal but definitely   Brazil I think so wow so this is one of the  main Square here in MA pretty cool and still   have the Christmas tree I think that's one of the  famous casinos yeah Grand L Bo you can see it to   ing above all the old Colonial everything Grand  very Co the capit of Portugal right yes I think sobon oh wow there's a nice site to walk into  look at that beautiful building I mean if if I   saw this image and someone said guess the  country I'd guess a lot of places before   I guess China am I in Portugal exactly right  I've never been there but I feel like Brazil oan so naturally there are a lot of similarities  between Hong Kong and maau they both have a   different but similar uh Colonial past from  Western European countries and they both have   this sort of unique style of living where it's  really densely populated but really high quality   of life High GDP High Cost of Living they're both  just sort of these really advanced cities right   now one other similarity they have is they both  have different segments of the city that could   be Islands or separated by waterways so Ivana  and I are staying in the more traditional and   historical partk whereas the other island is  where they get the name the Vegas of the East   it's got the big strip it's got the big casinos  so we will be journeying to the other Island to   party party just not in this video because it's  like 600 p.m. we just got here although so far   it's really nice first impressions of maau I love  it it's so great that it's so close to Hong Kong   and it feels different it feels like I'm on a  real Adventure again it feels like a new country   you know yeah it's definitely got a different uh  feel as you walk the streets which is pretty great   and uh so far so good and it is mighty tasty wow  so yummy this one is pork or beef pork beef beef   beef beef yo this is so nice the beef is better  pork go look good or beef is better oh man it's   good jerky but it's sweet than a Malaysian one  this one is thicker and more meaty less less   sweet to be clear this this is not a Portuguese  thing at all this is just a Chinese thing right   yes I but it is mighty fine oh my gosh yummy and  it's everywhere along the street so many shops   wow it's tasty yeah it's all along the street  this is the beef jerky Street keep going and   free samples for the win we should go free sample  every every single one down the whole street free   dinner no I'm kidding actually this is a pretty  similar experience to Hong Kong too just having   a a a sea of people shoulder Tosh shoulder oh  my gosh I think we're the only fish swimming   Upstream here this is a what kind of meat pork  yeah pork pork thank you more red different mm yep okay which one this one it's  12 this is 128 thank you thank you that's the price that's the price per  100 G yeah yeah okay 128 for 100 G or maybe 148 oh one block one block oh one block okay  okay okay so so the whole the whole piece 128 thank you thank you we keep looking thank you  thank you thank you I feel bad eating the samples   cuz I'll stand there all day and eat all of them  they're so yummy man so good oh and check it out   just at the top of the street where all the beef  turkey is I'm going to say this is the ruins of   s Pao s Pao let's go check this out I mean looks  amazing what a feeling he what what an image here   you got all the Chinese shops on each side all  the people around at the end you have the ruins   of a church oh wow let's check it out all right  so the English name of this church is the ruins   of St Paul although I'm going to keep calling it  The Ruins of s Paulo because I love the Portuguese   accent even though I've been told 100 times my  Portuguese accent is terrible nevertheless this   church was built in the early 1600s when Portugal  and Spain were under the same Crown which I never   knew was a fact in history so I guess for a while  there Portugal and Spain were like one Empire or   even one country yeah I didn't know that totally  new information for me and what's a shame is it   was destroyed in the 1800s by a typhoon so natural  causes destroyed it I really would have thought   some sort of war or some sort of uh destruction  but it was destroyed by a typhoon nowadays it's a   huge tourist attraction as you can see everybody's  here taking selfies and taking photos not to   mention the huge staircase it's kind of great to  sit on and have a beer or have some beef jerky   if you want with the uh City behind it and the  huge Casino Casino poking up wow what a unique   cityscape here in maau even the one wall there  still looks so beautiful I know it looks Grand it   looks Grand and imposing you can imagine when it  was full in the 1600s like way before electricity   way before all this stuff you had this huge  building up on top of the hill you could really   see the reverence of the religion like wow you  know it's a it's a great part of History yeah love   it w good good first impressions of M by the way  by the way that beef jerky might get bought that   beef jerky might get bought soon it was so good  by the way I find it super interesting that beside   the touristy spot it's just regular Apartments  where people live it's kind of cool I know   right this is like regular life this is like uh  someone's house yeah someone's house exactly the   balcony right there he's probably sitting there  having dinner or something yeah and everyone's   out here it looks very simple and old but I'm  sure it works it works a lot I think man we keep   stumbling into beautiful places to walk nice right  just [Music] nice I think the lighting adds to it   too although yellow lights like that look great oh  my gosh I love this walkway check it out that's a   boat shout out to vosco the G that looks like a  big oneeyed squid if you ask me and the pictures   keep coming I got to say that's like a lobster  there and all with this traditional Portuguese   tile uh little mosaics in the ground all the way  down this is a steering wheel of a boat or a ship   love it and a crab oh I love it just great just  great all right so like I said earlier the main   gambling area is in a different section than where  we're staying but we wanted to come here to show   you the grand and Lisboa which really looks like  a million bucks with the architecture the way it   fans out to the top with the huge bow at the  bottom and just across the road I'm assuming   they're connected underground so if you walked  from the hotel to the casino you would just go   straight out there but uh it gives you a taste a  small sense of what maau is known for now Iana if   you were going to gamble let's say tomorrow let's  say with a special guest who I won't say who it is   but he's tall and from Germany would what what  game would you play Oh My Gosh to be honest I   don't know a lot of the gambling games but if I  needed you to win 50 bucks Ian I need 50 bucks so   bad I what can you do a game that has no tactics  maybe just like a lock game like guessing red or   black in a cart orette yeah is that roulette  roulette okay oh red or black on the wheel I   mean yes yeah the wheels roulette roulette also  also my game maybe we'll both put in 50 bucks to   the gambling with Ken uh fund tomorrow sure sure  sure hopefully wish ass lock wins some dollar   stay tuned if you never see another video we've  lost our savings and we're and we're begging our   parents to fly us back home no no no that won't  happen that won't happen we won't lose control   come listen thanks for watching our video a good  first impro of Mel we've got four videos coming   from this place so it will be a big tour of the  Vegas a tour of the downtown historical part and   the supermarket tour uh still to be seen thanks  for watching shout out to maau and by the way   everyone around me is doing this in their photos  oh yeah why what does this mean all we know is   it's like we're worshipping San or something  but I don't know what it means it's the right   hand usually it looks like the right hand makes a  c for Casino I don't know but uh everyone's doing   this in their photos whereas I'm doing this later  later SK all right Ivana pronunciation challenge   okay from from our time in version me first go  ahead okay oh this is easy PTO Tom day that's GTO Tom all right everyone who do  you think is right me or Steve   come on it's not Sai it's Sai yeah but  it's not it's not Jano Ponto Tom it's   not Ponto Tom come really excited to  say that I think I said it wrong all   right anyway let's go to our combination  and show you what it costs uh for a room

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