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Assalam Alekum and Good Morning Everyone from Kuwait. As you know from my previous vlog that I'm in Salmiye Kuwait for last few days. Today we are leaving for another city called Mangaf. It's almost 30 - 35 km from here ... so not too far away. We won't be having a longer ride today. There are few things that we have to do today.

First and foremost, I'm taking Rangeeli to the BMW to have it serviced and checked. After that, we'll come back to the hotel, pick up our stuff and be gone. I've already packed everything. There will be an oil and gas museum on our way ... as you know Kuwait is an oil based country. That's the main source of income here.

I remember telling you that Kuwait currently has the largest, 10% of all the oil reserves in the world. Similarly, Kuwaiti dinar is the most expensive currency in the world. We'll try to do all these things today and chill. Our hotel in Mangaf is by the beach side. More about that later.

Right now lets take Rangeeli to BMW. Bismillah ... In the name of Allah * Prayer for the journey * I pray for a safe and fun day ahead. And the same for all of you as well.

According to my navigation the BMW showroom is 13 km from here. Hopefully we'll get there soon enough. Although there may be too much traffic on the roads right now ... But we are on Rangeeli and that's our advantage. We'll sneak our way in. I didn't really want it to get serviced at this point in time because of the good performance.

And it's been only 4 or 5 thousand kilometers since we left Pakistan. Let me take a look at the kilometers. Almost 6000 km since we left Pakistan. So we haven't covered too much of a distance and the motorcycle is performing well .... But, since BMW guys were really insisting, I thought to give it a go.

Just trying to spread love. BMW Kuwait was really professional. Great response. I'm not sure if they are the official dealers of BMW in Kuwait. Or they could just be selling BMW motorcycles.

That's because I didn't find 'BMW Motorad' in their title. It was called Tri Star. Masha Allah the weather is too good. Right now it must be around 20 degrees Celsius. And there's a light breeze.

Just loving this ride. I think Kuwait has fallen in love with me. That's why it's giving me its best weather. I've met some really nice people. And great food as well. I've come to know about something really interesting. Expats such as Pakistani, Indian or any other nationality, can't buy any land in Kuwait.

So most of the people live on rent as only Kuwaitis are allowed to own a house. I was told that only Dubai allows expats to buy property in the whole GCC. It is ironic because people spend their lives here and they are still not given permanent residence.

Neither they can buy any property here. Sounds a little unfair ... that you spend your whole life in a country, working hard for its prosperity and contributing to its economy ...

you still get to live there only until you keep working. As soon as you turn 60, they bid you farewell. Otherwise you need to get private health insurance for yourself.

Despite the fact that you worked there for almost 40 years .... It's a very unfair system. European countries are much better in comparison. I got my nationality after 8 years. I can stay there for the rest of my life if I want. By the way, this much traffic on the roads suggest that the public transport system is not good.

You have to drive yourself to your office or wherever you want to go ... That's why there are so many cars but not enough roads. What sort of a car is this? Be careful Abrar.

Try not to hit this car. It's too expensive for you. I was extra careful while passing by that car. We are facing some difficulty in finding the exact location.

They told me it's near '5 Guys Restaurant' ... But I can't even find the restaurant. I'm literally going nuts over this. This is a coffee shop here and I also checked the other side. Let's go straight. I can see the restaurant on Google maps.

Can't find 5 Guys. Can't find BMW. I'm going crazy. I think I should go back. They have sent a rider for me ... after I ask someone to call them. The same friend who arranged this meeting. And here's the rider .... also on a 310GS.

He's here to take me ... Because I had almost given up after looking for almost an hour. I almost turned around to go back. I thought I had had enough. I couldn't seem to find it on the internet.

I'm sure there must be some issue with the location that they shared with me. It could be in the location or Google Maps. Since I'm not a local, all I can do is follow Google. And that's BMW Welcome. Welcome Mr. Abrar. What is gut? (German for how do you do?) Assalam Alekum Wa Alekum Salam Assalam Alekum Ma Sha Allah ...

It's a great view. We have been busy in chit chat for last half an hour. It's been a pleasant experience so far. The owner who is a Kuwaiti Arab is also here. I'll also introduce him to you all.

They have greeted me rather warmly. Do you see this watch? This is special BMW Edition Ice Watch. They have gifted it to me.

Let me show you this t-shirt ... They have specially got my name printed on it. I mean I talked to them like 3 days back when I crossed Iraq border.

That's when they asked for my name and details. They asked for shirt size as well. Feels really nice. I have with me Mr. Jafir. Jafir Bebani. For me it was a little hard to pronounce. Babani? Bebani! Thank you so much Sir for inviting me and having me here We are very honored.

We are actually delighted. We really admire you for the courage of making this tour. I mean I know that people can tour the whole world on foot also. But choosing the smallest BMW to do it is something admirable. As you can see that motorcyclists are coming to Kuwait ...

You take motorcyclists to the world over ... Why not bring them to Pakistan as well. I've personally been to Pakistan. I have been to Gujrat, Gujranwala, Sialkot ... Murree ... Lahore ... I have been to all these places.

You can also bring Kuwaiti and international motorcyclists to show them the most beautiful mountains in the world. Absolutely. I have traveled all over the region and I'm sure everyone will like them. I have been to Murree.

But there are much more beautiful places that that. O sure. Pakistan Zindabad. Thank you so much Sir. It was a pleasure to meet you.

Bismillah ... In the name of Allah Those guys were fighting in the middle of the road. Leaving from our hotel; Marina Royal Hotel Suites. Amir is with me and I have placed all my luggage in his car.

Let's get going. Bismillah ... In the name of Allah Give it to me. Did you see that. I've already lost one and I was about to lose this one too.

That's how I misplace my glasses. I've lost one just the other day. This is the last one that I have. Losing it would be a problem. I'll just have to buy a new one in that case.

Don't power down. Bismillah ... In the name of Allah The oil and gas exhibition is almost 35 km from here. Very close to Mangaf where we are gonna spend our night. Hopefully we'll get there in 30 minutes.

Our appointment is also around that time. It's very hard to get a driving license here. Government has set a very tough procedure for that. One of the conditions to get the license is that you must have an educational degree. Many people who don't have an educational degree can't get the license.

You also need to have a minimum salary of 600 KD. That's around 2000 US dollars. There are few other conditions as well.

But these two are the main coditions. So many without a degree are not eligible to get a driver's license. Interestingly, this condition is not applicable for Kuwaitis; only for foreigners. So any Kuwaiti can get a driving license.

We are now in Al-Ahmadi Kuwait Oil City. Kuwait Gulf Oil Company. We are almost there. We now have to find the museum or the exhibition center.

Navigation is asking us to keep going straight. I can go through here. That's the parking for the disabled. We can't park here. We have reached the exact location. The Oil and Gas Exhibition Center is right in front of us. Yes. I met him last evening.

Assalam Alekum. How are you? Thanks to Allah I am well. What about you? Amir is here as well. Assalam Alekum Sir. How are you? He is Sohrab. He arranged everything.

Hello. How do you do sir? Shall we? This is the first room after the entrance of the exhibition. I've actually taken a round of the whole area.

I did record some sections while couldn't record some other because my tour guide was in a hurry. So I had to catch up. You can see the giant screen behind me. All the exhibition rooms are down there.

In the first room, you get to know how oil and gas are produced. It shows how certain particles absorbed the energy of the sun and got trapped below the shallow waters of the Arabian Sea. All of it ... it used to be the Arabian Sea. With the passage of time, the particles got rapped under sand and mud.

That's how old and gas originated here. That's what I was able to understand. It also shows how the oil exploration in Kuwait evolved. It started in 1936. And the first oil exports from Kuwait happened in 1941. After that we went to the next section which I recorded in detail for you.

Here you can see different types of drills. And there are different drills for different depths. This one is the smallest and only goes as deep as 15.2 meters.

This other one is for 80 meters. However, this third one goes as deep as 1000 meters. You can see that it's quite different in shape and size. 1302 meters. This one is 1400 meters and more. This is the one that goes the deepest.

We have 3 different types of oils here. This one is the thickest and it's used in asphalt for making roads. As you must have judged by the color, this one is medium oil ... And it's used as car fuel such as petrol or diesel. I think diesel is made from this as well.

The most clear one here is used for jet fuels. They have a small model here. Let me rotate it. Oops. Stop. You can see that the light one has already reached the bottom while the dense on is still sinking. Let's go to the other side. Over here we can see this machine. It's called Christmas tree or something similar.

It's written here. It is used to control and manage the flow of oil. There's another thing right on this side. Let me show you. It shows that when oil level goes down, a pressure is created.

It helps to easily bring out oil. I'm sure you must have seen it already. This one is just a model. It's called Nodding Donkey.

Moving on .. Over here is a demonstration showing how to keep the ship balanced ... while it is being loaded with oil. And the ship doesn't tip over in the process. They have tried to show it through this model. And in the background you can see the biggest Kuwaiti ship, Al-Riqqa.

We have now come to an interesting look room. Let's see what's here. Heroes of Fire. I think that's where they show the documentary movie about Kuwait war. This animation shows how much oil is being produced by Kuwait every second.

Almost 37 - 39 barrels of oil every second. These are all oil containers. That was all from the exhibition. The exit is right next to this section. We are here for lunch. What's the name of this place ..? Blaze Pizza Sohrab has brought us here. There he is.

This is Saeed from Gujranwala with his son Abdullah. And you already know Amir. That's his wife and daughter.

I forgot your name. Fajar. Thank you so much. The pizzas that you can see on the screen are gonna be our lunch today. Leaving now. Personally I found the museum to be rather interesting. It's the first time that I visited an oil and gas theme based museum.

Highly recommended. O ... it almost bumped into my head. If you are in Kuwait and you get a chance to visit, please do. I think we are almost there.

Facing slight traffic. Nothing unexpected. Which side is the reception. Okay. Thanks.

What did he say? Parking is that way? I thought I saw a No Parking sign there. That's the room where we are staying tonight. Check it out. Don't ask why there are rose petals on the bed.

There's a sofa here. They know I need to edit my videos so they have given me a work desk as well. The view of the beach outside is pretty amazing but I'll show that you later. First lets finish the room tour. Nothing special on this side.

That's a little tea / coffee corner. You can make yourself a nice cup of tea / coffee. There's TV ...

And a beautiful mirror. I have placed, rather hidden, my luggage here. That's the washroom.

It's spacious, neat and clean and beautiful. There are a couple of toilets in here. Shower area.

There is also a bath tub. We don't really need the bath tub. Apparently they are quite fond of roses. From here you can have the view of the swimming pool and the beach. This window doesn't seem too clean. That's why the view is not so good.

But we can't open this window. You must be wondering what I'm doing in Hilton. Most of my travels ... Well I'm primarily an adventure traveler and it means no luxury. Honestly, the most luxurious place is your home. There's a story behind this.

I met Mr. Shoaib Anwer on my first meet up in Kuwait a few days ago. He is a manager in Hilton, although I don't know the exact department. I don't have his visiting card right now. He asked me to spend at least one night in Hilton before I leave. He was quite persistent so I accepted his offer.

It will be good for me to get to the border the next day. I think it was important to share this story. We have something to eat here. My luggage was with Amir and I think he has arrived. Let's go get him. I was just telling that even the local Kuwaitis watch my vlog. So I have brother Nawaf with me. Nawaf Nadeem.

Can you tell us about your favorite part in my videos. Was it Kashmir? Or was it Germany to Pakistan ..? The whole journey actually ... But most importantly when you entered Pakistan.

Also the Kashmir part ... because I have been planning to visit Kashmir. You are most welcome to visit. You don't have a motorcycle as of today? Very soon. Insha Allah. We also have brother Abdullah who is very shy.

Actually he was the person who watched my videos first. Yeah he is. He sent me a message 2 years ago and I was so amazed to know that someone in Kuwait watches my videos. Thank you so much for inviting me for a cup of coffee. Insha Allah next time .. I hoped that you stayed longer.

Soon insha Allah ... After Ramadan. Wish you a nice day and a safe journey. Thank you.

2022-05-01 02:46

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