Antique hunting and Shopping at the flea market in Paris | Beautiful tableware and earrings

Antique hunting and Shopping at the flea market in Paris | Beautiful tableware and earrings

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Aya! Here we are again today, here we are at île Saint-Louis! I've never seen a flea market here before. You can find more information about flea markets in France at, if you are interested. This is a different place, so I'm looking forward to it! Lots of tents on the bridge. What do you want today? A cup. Yes, two of the cups I bought earlier broke. Now all I need is a frame and something pretty to buy! And then I want some earrings! OK I'm really looking forward to the Paris flea market because I haven't been to one in a long time! Really. Let's go! GO It's really being held in the middle of the bridge.

I think there are a lot of professionals here today because it says Brocante on the website! Let's see what we can find. Mash likes pin badges But I don't buy them very often. Yes, I do. We do have earrings. This series is cute. I haven't seen them before. How about this one? What is this for? Can it be taken out? I feel like I can't get it off. Is it stuck? This plate is cute. It comes with a bird. I think it's good! Isn't this one beautiful too? It's beautiful.

You can see the Seine from here. Really, it's very nice. And if you look behind you... yes, there's a river here too! You can enjoy the flea market with a very nice view today! Here's another plate with a bird on it, very nice! I would like to have one of this type of dish someday. I see. I think it's lovely. And then there's a big jar.

Ah! Here's Okkotonusisama (the name of a Japanese anime character) (laughs) Here's a cat orchestra! It's true, it's a cat orchestra! That's good. Sounds like Mash would like it! This is a little different. I see, I thought it was cute. I like a little more yellowish.

Aya, this place is full of beautiful products! Mash, I think I'll buy a ring here... Wow! It's silver, lots of beautiful silver! Looks like good quality. The case is also very beautiful Very fine workmanship This spoon is also very beautiful Is it for little finger? I thought it would be here, size-wise... but it goes here too!

What do you think? Is it a little small? It's small. Okay. It matches your clothes. Why don't you look in the mirror? Does it match your clothes today? That's pretty pricey. Why don't you start with a more lightly priced ring? Yes, I wouldn't want it to be hard to wear. I'll think about it. I'll start with something a little more casual... easy to put on?

Yes, you can try it if you want. Aya, how about here? Yes, I am. Thank you! Isn't it nice? Yes, it's lovely! That's crystal. That's from the '70s. Oh, yes!

It's pretty, isn't it? Yes, sir. Ah! It's cute. It suits you! It's good. Very nice. Yes! I think it's good! Please put it on and show us.

I think it's good. It's pretty! I think it's cute. It changes! It's changed! There are a lot of colorful things. It's true. This one is also nice. Yes, this one and this one are lovely!

That's good too! Good... Surely that's pretty too. Let's give it a try! Is it good? Oh! This is nice too! Oh, this one I like too! You don't find many earrings from that era at flea markets! They are from the 70's and were sold in a boutique.

I saw it for the first time too, I thought it was very rare. I like this one the best. I think the two Mash boxes are good This one could be pretty too.

That would be lovely, but I see a lot of similar things in various places. Then you can find them, but these are hard to find. Really! 90.... I'll give you 5€ less, 85€ for all. Really! Thanks madam! Thank you! You are kind. Thank you madam! No, have a nice vacation! Good bye~! Yes Aya, you bought it! Yes, Aya! I bought three of them! It's a cute store.

I think I have seen this plate before. Ah! This is where they sell the toy games! This is a nice display to start with! Breeze is very nice today. The trowel is lovely It's a water container. It's nice. Some pots like cocotte. This is Mash's favorite ...

I don't really like that one... Look, now this light is so beautiful. It's true, very beautiful. When you look at the set like this, this pattern is wonderful. It's true. What is this? Isn't it a dish stand? How do you stand it up? Isn't it supposed to stand here? I see! I like this simplicity.

Even with that, there's no place to display the plate. Look at that, it's a colored TISANIER. It's true! Oh! There is an Aya forehead. It's true. I'm sorry, but this one is broken.

Brooch is good. It's true. How about this one? Beautiful. Is this a hygrometer or a thermometer? It's a nice store. It shines. Very beautiful. This is very nice too! Nice.

This water container is also very nice. And these lights are so beautiful too! I like that too. I have never seen this before, is it a light stand? This is a salt shaker. The light shines so brightly, it's beautiful. It is a wonder. Beautiful.

These little cups are cute too. What is it for? Wouldn't it be good for espresso, etc.? It has a handle so it can be used for hot food.

There's an African cloth. Oh! This store has a strong flea market feel. Ah! Cute! That's pretty. What kind of bird is it? What is it and what is it for? It's a strange store. You have a lovely lineup. Aya isn't this amazing? What is this? Isn't it an inkwell? Oh! That's cool! Very cool! Hot hot hot hot! Hot, hot, hot! (laughter) Can you hold it? It's hot! It's not that hot! Is this an inkwell? Yes, and you can put pens in it! I see! Very nice. How do you like it? It's cool. So you put the nib here.

You put the whole pen here, so that the ink can drip... Did you use it to sign your name? I used to... LOL Was it hot? Is it that hot? (laughter) Ah! The duck... there is a groove here where you can insert something.

What can we insert? Is it not a card? I like the amount there. Mash likes this kind of store. Lots of fine stuff here. I kind of like this. It's good. It's a tin run, so it's for people who work... May Day might have something to do with it.

Here's another one... oh, there's an Aya amount! This one looks hard to get inside. But this forehead is beautiful... It's good. Beautiful.

I think this is very good too It could be used to draw a picture for you. But this is a horizontal placement. Okay... (laughter) Vertical was better. I'll put a vertical one on it.

It would be better to put it horizontally. Monsieur, how much is this? 40€. The big one is 60€. 60? Yes.

This is 60, 40, and this? 40€. OK. This is ? This is 20€. OK, I understand. 40€ is a lot for us... Is it an old book? Picasso. So it's a Picasso art book.

There are many different artists. So it's a series series. There are pictures. Oh, wonderful. I wonder who painted this picture. It's pretty. Yes, it's a fruit dress.

It's nice. Looks like something Aya would wear? It's cute. This is also cute. What if Mash wears it? It might be a little small. The collar is unique. Oh, but it is properly a French brand, isn't it? It is true. It's cute. It's good. It has a retro feel. Retro shirt or good.

Can you find Mash's new shirt here? Ah! Like this one... The sun is wonderful! If you put it on the wrong way, you feel like a junior high school student (laughs) I thought there were no middle schoolers. This one does too... Oh, this one is cute.

This one? And this lemon... yes. Mash likes this kind of thing too It's cute. I like the 80's feel to it! Is there? Do you like fancy? I don't like fancy, I like pretty. You like pretty more than fancy.

Let's move on. Ah! Another flea market-like store. Ah! This is cute! Look at it! It's true! Oh, wow! The name of the seasoning is drawn correctly! But there is a crack here. It's true. It's missing.

But I think this set is very pretty! Mash would love to have a kitchen with this! Look at that! Oh! That's good. This is great. Good. This store is wonderful. You should try to hold this, it's very heavy. Oh! It's true! This is what you do when you put a piece of paper between them, so that the weight of the paper doesn't make it fly away too.

That's cool. I think it's good. There is a plate. It's pretty dirty. So this is the 10€ corner. Anything good? It looks like 15€ for two pieces here. I see!

The pattern is very Asian, but this one is from France. Sometimes there are dishes with Asian-like patterns like this. That's a telephone SIM card! That's interesting, it says "SIM. It's cute. It's an old one.

Aya, here is the cloth. It's true, the cloth suddenly appeared There are so many of these, what is this? It's a part of something... (laughter) That bird ornament is very nice. I understand!

What is that? Very pretty! Wow. Nice. Is it like a weight? So that it doesn't fly away. It's cool. I like it.

I'm quite attracted to the bird motif, and this ambiguous-looking face is especially nice. Mash would like these... all of them? The set is lovely.

I don't like this one because it looks like it's about to crack... This is okay because I'm not going to put water in it. This is already in use, so cracking is not a big deal No, it's not, because it's cracked, and I don't like to use it on a regular basis because it's a little scary to put sugar in it Is that right? I think Mash has a great pattern... and I think it's pretty too! Hello! How much is this? It is 30€. For one? Or all of them? All of them. 30€ in all.

30... (Laughs) It's broken, so... That's for flour. Flour, sugar... Flour, sugar, tea, pepper Yes, I understand! But here is where it breaks down a bit. And that's broken, which is normal, because it's a hundred years old. When was this from? It's the 1920s. I see.

This is in good condition. Yes, sir. This is good, this is good Dynamic... (laughter) This is a good condition This is the only state that is not good It's getting smaller (laughs) How about 20€? 20€? Yes, I think so. All in all? Yes.

Do you want it? I'll buy it! OK I'll buy it! Thank you, Monsieur! Thank you! ARIGATOU Oh! I look like a rabbit. Have a good day. You too! Bye! Yes, I don't know why, but it's now 20€ (laughs) If I say it's broken, it's 20€ because when I hide it, it's two! I think that's what it looks like (laughs) Mash use this! I'm very happy! Good for you. Makes cooking so much more fun! Good for you! Gold is for sale. Is it edible gold? I don't know. There is gold in the water.

That's fantastic. This is very nice It's true. Is there a tea strainer inside? I don't see that in there. This is also nice This is silver placement. It's true. I have to wash the silver I bought before... I haven't done that at all... (laughter) I see this a lot... what is this? Is it nutcrackers?

If anyone knows how to use this, please let me know. This is unusual, it has a handle. Is it for wine tasting? I don't know. Is it a regular deli container? This cup has one line. Is it Gien?

I think not. It was different. This is all 5€ corner here. Really! That's good☆ I like these simple things! Easy to use! Blue type. It's thin. This is porcelain. Thin!

Light! Very light! The mouth is small, so it may be hard to wash I wish the mouth was a little bit bigger. I'd like to have a size that I can drink about four cups of this It is just right for when I work alone. How many pots do you have? I have a house full of pots! (LOL) There's a difference between what you use and what you collect! (LOL) It is cute. There is a hole in the head. It's for salt. I don't have a cup today. Ah! I forgot, yes I do. Beautiful. But there's nothing I want.

This is cute! 5€. It's good! I think it's good! What shall we drink with this... (laughs) My favorite shape! I don't know what to use this for... (laughs) What is this? A source container?

It's like a flower, it's wonderful! Isn't it a soup bowl? Can you make pudding? I don't think so... It looks like it would have green pea soup in it. True, I think it would be good. It looks like the cup I bought the other day, oh, but this is luneville Oh, it looks very similar. Lovely. Wonderful, the store here always had a lot of plates, but today there are only a few here. Did they sell a lot? There is a RAVIER. They are pretty.

Ah! There is a Japanese style product! It's true, isn't it? It says "Japanese bag"! After all, this is the center of tourist attraction, so there are many tourists here. Prices are also a little higher. Yes, they are. That's also great. True, this is very cool! What do you think? Looks expensive, but very nice. It looks good! You found a good one! It has an antique look to it.

Let's ask the price! It looks like it costs about 40€. This ring is also nice How much is this one? 30€. 30? That's the same as before. It's an old one. It's pretty. Pretty! Isn't it very beautiful? Yes! It used to be more expensive.

1940s and '50s? A little more recent. It's from the 1960s or so. Got it for 25€! Thank you! Goodbye Monsieur Yes, Aya! You just bought a fourth pair of lovely earrings! You bought a lot of earrings today! The price was higher than usual, so I usually hesitate a bit to buy them... Sometimes it costs about 60€. In Japan, it would be very expensive.

It's true. It might be 10,000 yen. I bought some nice earrings! Nice. Beautiful plate! Separated from the source Three duck brothers. Here are the three brothers. It's true.

There is a sexy sister here (laughter) What's this... stylish. There are a lot of whistles. It's a whistle collection. Wow! Look at this! This is something we can beat over here... Aya wants to attack. Oh! This is cute. I wonder if this is the name of the store...

Did you find a good one? I think this is nice. Really. Yes Aya! Great background music. Yes! You're done! You bought a lot of earrings this time! And you bought four very rare earrings of very good quality! You bought four! It's rare to find so many in one flea market! I was so happy! Now you've got a song! And Mash got a condiment jar for the kitchen! It was a ceramic one. I told him that one of them was broken, and he gave me a discount. 10€ cheaper. It was a dynamic mouche... (laughs) It was about to crack... (laughs) After this, I'll show you the details. It's a product introduction.

Thank you for watching! Good bye See you again Seine River. Fishing! Where is it? There. Ah! It's true! The Seine is shining today! An old ceramic canister. Flour, sugar, pepper, and tea. Mash Personally, this is the cutest thing I've ever seen (and the price was just right) The owner said it was from the 1920s. It has some stains and cracks. There was a crack on the sugar container, but as long as you don't use it roughly, it's not a problem (I don't wash it often, so it's fine) I really like the pop and retro design! Next, I'll show you earrings.

The curves and the workmanship of the borders are very nice! Beautiful crystal ball This design looks like an Egyptian ornament Beautiful pearl earrings with a little concave work The shape of the parts used where the pearls are connected is also beautiful. Aya found a pair of earrings with an unusual design, and Mash found an antique container that he has been wanting for a long time. I'm looking forward to seeing what we'll encounter next time...♪

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