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good morning everyone today we are in the big city  of antalya and this is going to be our last stop   on the mediterranean coast of turkey and right  now we're in the old town so this is where we're   staying in the historic center i'm going to go on  a bit of a walk around here so just walking around   you'll already see loads of uh historic monuments  and buildings just like this one right here was   open yesterday right now it's closed so this was  built in 1250 the madras it's called and this is   from the seljuk period i've heard of that before  you can see there's some like geometrical patterns   here maybe it was painted back then so from what  we've seen so far the old town has been pretty   much converted into one big market so pretty much  everything is uh stores now hello pretty much   everything is uh stores obviously hotels the place  that we're staying has been converted into a hotel rugs rugs rugs so in here you're gonna get a bit  of a mix of different buildings there's ottoman   era mansions like this one fall into pieces that  building but then you're also gonna get monuments   and buildings from the roman times the byzantine  times and the greek times so even right now you   can already see a mix of like the old rocks that's  a cool one like white painted at the at the top   so come into some back alley now this looks like a  spot where tourists don't really walk it's a ghost   town isn't it today yeah one because it's very  hot and also because it's a sunday so i don't   know maybe the families are on the beach maybe  that's where we we're supposed to be at right now   yeah but we're going later on so today it's gonna  be 38 degrees celsius in about two or three hours   it's going to hit 38 degrees celsius so there's no  chance that we're going to be walking around here   at that time and there's zero wind today online it  shows like two kilometer winds which is basically   nothing wow look at that tower there ah that's  the famous mosque there's an old famous mosque   here from the 13th century so from many areas  of the city you see this minaret here the tower and now we're in the old marina so since  the historic times when the city was founded   this has been used here you can see even  better now the fortified walls up there and below it's just uh restaurants and shops   the usual yeah there must be some major boat tours  going from here because look at these boats that's   like one of those 200 people boats the pirate  ships we've come on top of this wall barrier now   and this is where you get the best views of the  marina really is a nice marina area here beautiful   and then on this side there's kind of like a  beach area well there's not much of a beach they   put these like decks there for people to lie on i  didn't even know this was here at all so even in   the old town there is uh swimming spots to cool  down kind of tempted actually wow the mountains   look amazing don't they care yeah we drove through  all those didn't we we came from that direction it's very high some of them are  very high yeah this area of antalya   i don't see any mountains or anything here  it's one of the first areas on the coast   so we haven't seen that many mountains  oh yeah back there that looks incredible so the good thing here is that there is a elevator  to go all the way back to the top which we   definitely need right now there's a queue nobody  wants to walk up not in this heat no man so that   elevator was an oven it is for free though you  don't have to pay carol thought we'd have to pay   nothing comes for free right though no except for  that elevator i still get some nice views though   nice views everywhere here it seems got loads of  restaurants here we can get good views too i think   on both sides you get uh restaurants everywhere  yeah on this side over here it's really good how   preserved the walls are though isn't it yeah  because it goes from here until all the way   down there yeah it's like complete pretty much  uh-huh yeah it looks very nice i've got loads of   little planes flying around here i guess  you can do that fly around in a little place   so once you leave the elevator you're no longer in  the old town anymore so this is the modern part of   antalya really looks like a well-developed pretty  much brand new city i mean everything looks like   it was probably built in the last 20 years from  what we've seen and we're just going to check out   a few more places and then yeah i think we've got  to get out of here right in this heat yeah it's   very hot today yeah 38 degrees is uh approaching  us cool thing about turkey is you always have   these water places it's probably biling though  isn't it no no no no oh that's nice from 1960   still here and this right here is a statue  of the founder of antalya so that is atlas ii   he was the founder greek founder  during the hellenistic period   200 bc so it says here that  the city was named after him he ruled for 21 years and died  in 138 bc at the age of 82. so so this is going to be our final stop near the old  town that is hadrian's gate and this was built to   honor the roman emperor adrian when he arrived  here in antalya in 1 30 a.d so this is the only   original entrance that is still standing to this  day extremely preserved isn't it yeah you can see   the details up there yeah at the top and even  inside the arches the columns you can tell are   restored but i think the rest is pretty much  original got the original floors as well yeah   imagine getting around in these towns back  then when the floors were all like this yeah   not very comfortable to walk no well not even ride  around right these look like tracks so don't they   like some groups for their carriages or something  yeah yeah look at it on the inside still   super detailed as carol said especially over there  you can really see the designs i always like it   when uh historic sites are kind of overgrown  plants growing out of it looks really cool   so we've now come to a spot down the coast  called lower dorden waterfalls there's the   lower and there's the upper falls that you can  visit we're visiting the lower one and we just   got in a taxi it's meter and it was about 150  lira and that was for like 25 30 minutes so   the taxi prices are good when they do uh meter so  this is our first glimpse of the waterfall here   we're at the top of it so it goes into the sea  yeah it's going to be our first waterfall that   goes into a sea i think yeah i don't think that's  something very formal i've never seen it before   no no yeah so this is just the top view i think  we got a better view from that clip over there so so   wow look at this guys so there's a rainbow as well  just to make it even better yeah so this was like   the thing we were looking forward to the most  right yeah because it's something so unique yeah   right here it's even it looks even nicer  than the pictures yeah very very big   especially with the turquoise water so we're  at the main viewpoint now and check that out   definitely the best view absolutely stunning  waterfall going straight into our list of best   waterfalls that we've ever seen and probably  will ever see i guess and you can do boat   tours here there was some from antalya probably  from some other places maybe from over there and   yeah then you'll get to see the waterfalls  from underneath probably look even better so we just got some much needed fresh juices here  for 50 each cow one for the orange and mine's   pomegranate mine don't taste too good though it's  like uh really sour yours is a lot better isn't it   yeah i think right now we just  need to go to a beach asap   yeah finally we needed to do that at the  beginning of the day and not do anything not do anything that we've done so far so so the beach that we've decided to come to is  called cornealty beach i think it's like the   most popular beach around here so it's absolutely  packed the parking lot was packed too so we're   just gonna check if there's a place where the  beach chairs and stuff some beds because we don't   want to sit on the rocks i think it's a rocky  beach picnic time today girl everybody's here   yeah everybody's having a picnic so there was  a spot back there that you could stay but it   was super loud music and all the beach beds were  crammed together so didn't really want that either   don't really want any music to be honest prefer  the silence like over here so we're just seeing if   we can get these sunbeds so it is a stony beach  like we said but not big pebbles when it's big   pebbles it's not good to walk on it's like mainly  a little broken pebbles so it's kind of stuff   so this beach club is called idyn beach club  it's uh 60 lira per person and that's with the   umbrella here and we're pretty close to the water  as well so nice spot as you can see we're already   wet we didn't even bother filming we just like ran  straight in the water cooled down quickly and the   drinks are for like a soda it's 19 lira around  a dollar so the prices here actually seem really   good so i think it's definitely a local spot well  there is turkish music playing and i think pretty   much everybody here is turkish i don't see any  foreigners for example you can get the tabukshi   that's just 60 there which is a great price to be  right on the beach yeah so not bad at all you can   get hamburger 70. the alcohol is more expensive  though so like a cocktail here mojito 140 some  

other ones are 160. and then for a beer you can  get one for 55 some of the imported ones 65 70. now hmm so we have been very lazy so far probably  been here almost two hours already and just been   doing nothing just lying down the whole time  this is a very nice beach though so i think   pretty much all along the coast it's always this  transparent because everywhere we've been so far   there's been nice transparent water we feel  bad for the guys that have to work right   yeah we were talking like they've been  like in the sun for the entire day   and they they look very tense because  they working there working i think   every day probably yeah all day in the summer  all day every day crazy very hard work to do so we're heading out of the beach now i  mentioned about antalya being well developed   so even this beach area is as well  there's loads of uh restaurants everywhere   everything seems pretty modern too i think we're  gonna eat in town though right yeah but there   are many like nice cafes and there was a place  with the bubble waffle that i really liked oh   that you had in uh what was it in cash i think  we're gonna eat later on it's still not time to   have dinner yet yeah yeah probably in the old  town so check this out we were wondering how to   get a taxi and there's this poster with a button  i've heard a ring in the bell before but yeah not   for a taxi it will work or if we need to call  maybe we wait for like five minutes yeah yeah   i've never seen that before though yeah so we  don't really know what's going on there's been a   few taxes that have stopped here empty  taxes but then they said we have to wait   for the one that we just pressed for here but  we have no idea if that thing's even coming or   how long it's going to take i don't know kyle  said we should just go on one of these scooters   there's one here and there's one over there on the  post let's do it carol 40 minutes on one of these   problem is since the sun's going down  pretty much everybody's leaving right now so   it's gonna be hard to get a taxi not  many are passing through here either so it is night time now and we come to  this street here that we ate at yesterday   the umbrella street that's not the official name  and i got lamb skewers this time usually i get a   chicken this was 250 lira it's more expensive  because it's lamb if it was chicken it'd be a   lot cheaper what did you get over there it's  a plate of cold starters and i also got a soup   that's coming but i think this is a famous  thing here in turkey i've just tried this   one which is really good it's like a salad some  vegetables with the mayonnaise i love this but i   don't know the name it's a bit spicy but it's  a very good spread and we also like this one yeah which is the mint and yogurt and what's in  this you know no i'm gonna try it now i think   it's uh these are grape leaves okay and there's  something inside but i haven't tried it yet   is that rice maybe i'm not sure  yet okay it's a bit weird weird   and we forgot to mention so that was 150  and carol's lentil soup came so that's 35. so we just came to this store here to get  some dessert i got some ice cream for 85   raspberry and blackberry and look  at the selection they have here   all sorts of different desserts really unusual so it's the next morning now we're just packing  up and getting ready to leave so the hotel that   we stayed in is called little prince hotel and  it's 47 a day it's just a little room it is a   brand new place they've just constructed  it got a huge tv biggest tv that we've   had so far and i bought a new gopro here i  got the gopro hero 9 once again 8499 lira   so the previous gopro that i've been using  for about a year which was also a hero 9 uh   kind of broke basically the button to turn it on  is jammed it's like stuck inside and there's no   way to really fix it so i had to get a new one but  at least it lasted a year and that's uh of heavy   usage right i use it multiple times every week so  yeah not so bad and then besides that in the room   just got this little bathroom here  but as i mentioned everything is   brand new here so it's a pretty good spot includes  breakfast too so that's good and we really like   tantalia since it's a bigger city you have all  the things like malls and stuff which i was   able to buy electronics but then you also got the  beaches right and yeah the waterfall was amazing   and along the coast uh the places that we visited  previously are not too far you can visit loads of   amazing beaches so yeah it just seems like a  really cool place here and the next video is   going to be from pamukkali the famous pamukkali  that's going to be the last video from turkey   and we're about to head there right now just  rent in a car and then we're going to yeah head   inland to pamukkali so if you like this video  just drop a like as usual to support us follow   us on instagram facebook subscribe to let's see  more videos like this and we'll see in the next

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