an UNFORGETTABLE start in Thailand's HIDDEN Paradise ft. Uthai Thani

an UNFORGETTABLE start in Thailand's HIDDEN Paradise  ft. Uthai Thani

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if you're new around here let me catch you up to  speed because a lot has happened in the last 18   months for the past five years i lived a very  happy life teaching and living in chiang mai   northern thailand and then covered came and  i was like you know what screw this i'm not   enjoying teaching online and i quit i wanted  to combine two of my passions travel and video   making and so i started this youtube channel and  i wanted to kick off with a bang and that's what   i think i did by choosing to travel to every  single province in thailand on my little honda   and it took us 13 months but we went everywhere we  had a blast doing it and yeah it was a wild ride oh it plays music this is the best gas station  ever and then to keep momentum i went over to   vietnam i went to hanoi and i bought another  little honda and we spent two months traveling   from the very top all the way down through  the country in the south and vietnam is   such a destination for an adventure and that's  exactly what we had you guys have the best life and then on my return to thailand i purchased  my dream bike a honda ct125 it's also known as   a posty in australia or a trail in america and  for me it's the ultimate adventure bike and so   that's what we're doing we're going to be  taking this bike into laos into cambodia   maybe into myanmar malaysia in  indonesia in the future who knows   but i do want to test this bike i don't want  to go into laos without any experience on zelda   that's the name of my bike so what we're  going to do is we're going to leave   bangkok which is where i bought the bike and  kind of position it near the border of laos i   have to take a trip back to the uk just for  a couple of weeks to see friends and family   and when i come back i want the bike to be as near  to the loud border as possible along the way we're   going to be having some beautiful adventures we're  going to be staying at some incredible locations   we're going to be seeing lots of things we've  never seen before as well as a few things that   we have but in new and unfamiliar ways so sit down  and relax enjoy this mini series as we take zelda   up to the border of lao and iron out the creases  get to know each other bond problem solve here in   thailand as we always have to on these road trips  so we've just had a complete back break failure i   have no back break the hell am i supposed to do  now so yeah let's pick things up in our first   province which is the beautiful the underrated  the extremely unseen utai tani enjoy the series so now so so the purpose of this mini road  trip is to test our zelda my brand   new honda ct125 put her through her paces  let's see what she can do let's see how   driving her from bangkok to chiang mai goes now  i've already from bangkok to here in utaitani   in this beautiful place here i've already had  some some issues let me show you the main ones   so the first one let me show you what happens when  i park up there's just too much weight on the back   actually i've just put my bag in the room but when  i was getting fuel earlier because i have my back   box with my camera equipment and then my backpack  with my clothing that is just too heavy for the   kickstand and the whole thing the whole thing  wants to fall over let me show you so kickstand she really wants to fall over and earlier with  my backpack at the petrol station she almost fell so what i'm going to have to do is i'm  going to have to upgrade the kickstand   it's a little issue but it's quite important  because every time i was fueling up today or   pulling over to 711 to get a drink the bike wanted  to go and the first time i nearly snapped my ankle   the other one is and this is definitely like a  a design fault from k-speed the guys who make   the exhaust the seat and this tank cover plus  many other parts of this bike um have a look so   this is to open the fuel compartment which is  under the seat now the stock seat just opens   up but look it's getting caught on this tank  cover you see it won't open further than this it's just too tight here so what i have to do  which is super annoying is take the tank cover off like that that's what the tank cover is and you  can see here's the bag that it comes with this is   for storing you know whatever you want basically  something nice and safe i have to take this off and then it can open and then we can refuel  it's not the end of the world but it's kind   of annoying right i've every time you want to fuel  up but for me it's like two or three times a day you have to take this tank cover off and the  last one is just it's just a phone holder   this little 300 bar thing it doesn't hold my phone  unless i take it out of the case so that's just   probably going to have to get replaced i was  going to get a proper quad lock system anyway   but i just didn't have time so i bought this it's  rubbish but this is what i like about doing these   little mini road trips this is a process  this bike this dream bike this thing that i   i'm so proud to own it's not  perfect but we'll get there so this area of utaitani is it's unbelievable  it's one of my favorite parts of the country the   reason why i've come back here on the first  day of this road trip is to stay two nights   i'm gonna be enjoying this beautiful little  hut it's quite basic inside it's nothing fancy   1 300 bar per night and i'll put the link in the  description for you if you do want to come here   it's surrounded by one of the most beautiful  areas of the country and last time i was   here doing my tour of the provinces there's  something super special here super special but   it was closed because of covid but it's open  now so i'm gonna rock up have a beer and um   watch the football in the morning i'll show  you the reason why i started this road trip   to bangkok in utaitani i just also want to take  a quick moment to say you know i recently hit   100 000 subscribers and i was having dinner with  miss p and flora and notes you know those guys   youtube channel based in kosamui and good  friends of mine and they were so pumped for   me and they were like oh how do you feel how do  you feel and to me 100 000 subscribers is just a   number it's just a number it's not something i'm  focused on it's not something that i'm actually   that proud of there are lots of youtube channels  out there with triple double ten times a hundred   times and um you know it's just a number and  it's it's youtube celebrates it and it's it's a   milestone for sure but do you know what makes me  happy do you know what the biggest achievement of   this youtube channel is for me other than like a  hundred thousand and you know getting good views   and now and again in vietnam and stuff like that  is the bike zelda is the biggest achievement i've   ever had i put 100 000 bar into this bike 100 000  subscribers is a lot and it means a much to me but   the bike driving her from bangkok today you know  i get emotional this is the most expensive most   beautiful thing i've ever owned it's my dream bike  and yes she's not perfect but what is but maybe   one day she will be the perfect bike but right now  i just love her and i'm so happy to be on the road here comes the rain so cheers ears hear me this is this is the reason  why we've come to utaitani   province once more it's also known as the hidden  forest and within these limestone cliffs someone   went climbing through a cave and found a very rare  area of forest there's lots of incredibly unique   and rare plants and animals living in here  and they drilled an entrance through the   cave so that the public can now visit it  this is a real unseen part of thailand so so so oh these bats why is there always so many bad oh my god this is even though there's nobody here i find myself  being very quiet i don't want to disturb the   birds and all of these animals that live in this  sinkhole this is a giant sinkhole 360 degrees   limestone cliffs engulfing this ancient historical  tiny fragment of a rainforest this is special   i'm so glad i came here and you can too just a  few hours north of bangkok can you believe it   my do it's not just the plants but it's the animal  life here that is just so unique we're in this   tiny little pocket like a time capsule of nature  i will put this fern we'll put this type of bug   we'll put this type of bird and in 65 million  years humans will dig a hole through the cave   and find it but we'll take the dinosaurs  out because we don't want them to die   honestly if you want to feel like  dora the explorer then come here so it looks like there's another cave  entrance here so we're gonna go in   there's a really nice path and it just  walks you through how did i not come here   last time i'm so happy that we got  to come here now in your face covered i cannot recommend this place enough the  location's in the description took me   three hours to get here on a little motorbike  you could get here in two hours in a car for sure   you've seen where i've stayed right this area  is unseen no crowds just green jungles limestone   cliffs beautiful farming everywhere i'll take  you around this area a little bit more after this   this is a special province utai tani it's a  sleeper wake up this is perfect absolutely perfect so so there's loads of little roads like this in this  area but i want to try going on these dirt roads   i think this will probably just lead  to somebody's house but you never know you see this is what the the trail  bike was designed for off-road trails so let's just see where this leads shall we i would imagine it's going  to be leading to a farmhouse   with all this corn and there's a lot of tapioca  growing around here too what do we have here   ah okay this looks like someone's private  property that's okay we'll keep exploring i can hear the dog barking let's just get out of here am i stuck on a twig i think i'm stuck on a twig ah there's a let me show you voila also fun fact i can you see here like an idiot  i've just broken a 1700 baht brand new gopro   mount because i freaking like an idiot planted  it here to get the shot of the front wheel   and you can even see the melted plastic  on the exhaust what a freaking idiot   you just noticed that this gopro  was all covered in sunscreen you know i've been making motorcycle  vlogs for about a year and a half you   think i'd know better but i don't um  i'm still learning on the job people   i got an email a few days ago uh you know what  film school did i go to this is film school   right here making stupid mistakes expensive  stupid mistakes is my lesson for the day i've crashed what three or four drones that's  how i became a good drone pilot i had a couple of   crashes on dreamy years ago and that taught me how  to be a better rider i'm still not very good but stuff like this is how you get good you make  stupid mistakes you drive for two hours to   a waterfall and you realize the sd card  for your camera is back in the laptop in   your room two hours away you never make  that mistake again you buy a 1700 baht   gopro clamp mount which gives you dynamic and  interesting variations of angles for the audience   and then on day two of using it you melt it so yeah this is the film school it's called  paddy doyle's film school of life lesson one   go out into the field make a thousand mistakes  and try not to make the same mistake twice to be fair it's a little bit like  just the same as being a youtuber   you want to be a youtuber well go to a  youtube school go and make youtube videos oh that looks pretty we'll go down there  everybody wants you to make perfect videos but the thing is if your videos are about you  like my videos are about me and my adventures   i'm not perfect so my videos  are not going to be perfect   just remember just remember that but because i  wear my heart on my sleeve and i relay exactly   how i'm feeling and exactly what's happening  to me the good and the bad times especially   in vietnam i become an easy target because on  social media everybody wants perfection right   and to be fair we have an opportunity to present  ourselves as perfect just like on instagram i can   create a perfect photo and you know i spend way  longer making the thumbnail with will from will   and jose we go back and forth so many times to  make sure it's perfect because we can but when it   comes to the edit i keep all those imperfections  in because i'm not perfect if i'm stroppy if i'm   short with people if i'm angry if i'm hungry  if i'm depressed if i'm sad if i'm lonely   i keep those moments in because that's me i suffer  all of the things that you suffer from i'm not god   i'm an idiot just like many people out there  and yeah i could edit all that stuff out but then i'd just be another  one of those cliche youtubers   oh my god everywhere we go it's so amazing because  we cut out all the crap parts um just having a   little bit of a heart-to-heart slash rant whilst  finding whatever this is where should we go here   these are all tapioca fields by the way if  you're wondering all this this is tapioca and   the root system looks a little bit like a sweet  potato and i ate some recently and it's delicious in fact the last time i came to this province  when we were doing the 77 promises i asked people   in the video i said what is this and someone  left a comment i googled it and they were right this feels so cool just to be able to go over  completely uneven surface and not really feel it   the suspension is doing all  the good work i would cut to   a really nice dynamic angle of the  suspension working but i melted that mount okay gonna wrap this video up in  a minute i'm gonna go for a lovely walk   in this gorgeous afternoon and show you some of  the beautiful scenes whilst i do two things one   play you a beautiful song one of our favorite  songs on this channel and uh i want to say   thank you to a few people because i've had a  lot of support recently especially in vietnam   it was an amazing time but there were some  there were some tough times and these people   really helped me through so so let me  share some positivity and say thank you   whilst also sharing a little bit more  of this incredible incredible place is so incredibly beautiful   you shine like gold so selfless too old always yeah i need on the limit of love the cost i give you my everything   some would say i'm insane and they're riding  away but i just love to play and you're funny give me your freedom is give me your freedom is

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