ALONE in China's MOST DANGEROUS Region... (NIGHTLIFE in Urumqi, Xinjiang)

ALONE in China's MOST DANGEROUS Region...  (NIGHTLIFE in Urumqi, Xinjiang)

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welcome to China welcome to Xinjiang I've not once as a female felt unsafe good evening and welcome to Urumqi capital of Xinjiang you guys we are here in the capital city of Xinjiang look at this we've got a bustling Market here on the side we thought we'd come out in the evening see what Urumqi has to offer because we haven't seen the Night Life here so far in the previous Vlog if you guys have checked that one out were around Urumqi, Grand Bazaar, other places around in the city to see what the place has to offer right now let's see what's happening at night we are out and about now what time is it I hear you ask it is 8 p.m. if you can see that yes my watch is correct and it is still light outside look at the amount of daylight we still have and the reason for that is the days here are long the sun normally goes down about 8:30pm and it's still light until 9pm so hopefully in an hour it's going to be Nightfall and then we can see the lights go on as well and see what's happening in Urumqi the main city in Xinjiang there's too many clothes local Regional and just the normal everyday ones as well look at these ones here they look quite cheap as well like the price look at that that is colourful and only 25 yuan that's not bad you guys does I saw some trainers back there for 49 yuan which I just saw the number I don't know if that's correct but if that's true that's insane yes there are probably a lot more people out at this specific time having meals doing their shopping as you can see I don't know what this is it looks nice some sort of bread or biscuits I think looks really good hello what is this? biscuits? oh two oh what is this one okay let's see I don't know what that is I want to try it I'm a bit hungry yes thank you what is it have you sorted it out yes that was only one Yuan what one? yes I tried giving her five and she said no we're from England thank you she was going to give us a whole pack and I was said I just need a few yeah we want a snack right now she said it's just one yuan I gave five yuan she said no just one love the honesty of people yeah it's like a donut oh it's really good so like we were saying guys people are out and about people are making some purchases they're buying some shoes we've got shoes here I see a sign for 30 yuan there wow are you enjoying that? that was so good this is it's got icing it's like a donut but can I just say this this whole feel of the place is like you're walking through the Alleyways and the streets and bazaars in Istanbul I agree look at the hustle and the bustle around us spices next to you oh flowers fruits vegetables and a car coming as well oo what's this this looks like hot pot like Chuan chuan that we saw back in Chengdu some different Meats on there I don't know but I'm about to get hit by this car okay guys the people here are so super friendly as well and I can't tell you how busy it is wow look at these what is this hello we've got meat skewers along here some I don't know it's not naan flat bread yeah maybe this looks like chicken nice very good amazing I think we're going to eat so very well tonight you guys and honestly we have no idea what's going to happen we just thought we'd come out see what Urumqi is like in the evenings because in the day times they took a little while to wake up we have to say it was about 3:00pm or 4:00 pm by the time people were out and about so we're interested they start quite late as you can see the last time we were out during the day it was slightly quieter now everyone is out so Urumqi we're here for you I was going to say you're making your way through these I'm not going to get a look in we're going to be super fat by the time we leave China let's go across the road and see what else we can find I'm loving the vibe of this place so cool you can hear the street sellers with their produce market people shop people trying to get you to come to their shop by their products it's like the real bazaar feeling as well that's so cool love it sorry guys I just wanted to show you this as well if you guys can see look the moon is out up here as well it's already out last one it's going quick such an easy eat bite-sized Donuts love them there's chicken everywhere look at the size of these over here wow these chickens have never skipped gym day that's huge look at these in here as well oh I have a feeling tonight we're going to eat so much because there's so much that we can see there's a butcher in here who looks like he's freshly preparing everything wow oh yeah look at that he's hard at work my guy right we got some teas I think I've never seen a station like this look at that these are all like the controls for the hot plates oh chicken there's chicken inside lamb oh lamb this is lamb oh wow and a chicken oh that's chicken right yeah I saw that I thought that looks like chicken so this is lamb you're making soup? yeah soup oh very nice is this getting ready for iftar? what time is it? 6:30? 6:30 so it's 6:30 or 8:30pm okay so is it done now? did it happen? so in 20 minutes okay so getting ready nice to meet you brother thank you nice to meet you that smells so nice all right got some more meat here on the skewer is ready to go my guy's going to light up the grill area so I think he meant 8:30 he said 6:30 but he just told us 20 minutes from now so in 20 minutes it would be time to break fast here we go Grill's ready got some barbecue going some chicken some lamb here beautiful and they're getting all of the meat ready here oh yes getting ready for the grand feast in 20 minutes yeah this is what we love to see honestly we thought we would come out join everyone this evening and can I just tell you as well over the other side of the road there is like racks of animal or meat hanging look at that that's meat on meat we got a butcher here what is it it's a a goat or a lamb it's a lamb it's a lamb I have no idea what this is but I think this is something sweet it's like bread but it's in that twist shape this is so much fun I love to get out and about and explore the local Streets see what's going on see what everybody else gets up to absorb yourself in that culture I just saw somebody up here carrying a lamb like a child in his arms just like this oh my gosh look in the van all right lots of meat lots of meat getting delivered what's happening brother meat meat everywhere this is the meat site of the market alright I think we need to move I just almost got hit in the face oh there's more meat being delivered in a car his car must smell like a delight okay I think we need to head down there and then back that way and then to the left all right check this out yeah he's going to carry the whole lamb out of the car and then into the butchers look at that just like that that is so cool wow this is such a different side of China but it's so cool I always believe in strength in diversity and it's so cool to be here and to be actually experiencing this for real amazing we're on our way to the Grand Bazaar area now this is such a big town square or a City downtown area that in the last Vlog when we were here during the day there were quite a few places that weren't open right now it's ready and open I just wanted to give you guys a nice little view of how beautiful the street looks with all of these lanterns on both sides of the road looks gorgeous wait one second look at this beautiful wow and the towers there for the mosque wow beautiful beautiful you know it just goes to show how big China is as a country because it's so diverse hello a photo? yeah sure it's time for a photo let's do it we're from England and you are from Urumqi? yes yes okay if you ever see us anywhere out and about feel free to come over why not we don't bite one more that was so cute honestly the locals here are some of the friendliest people we've ever met and it also comes from a real place of curiosity there is a lot of curious looks and stares here you guys because Xinjiang and Urumqi in general do not have the best reputation in the media in the west guys come here see for yourself you know foreigners don't tend to come here so sometimes we are like the first foreigners that people have ever seen and people's excitement is just the best like this is what I love about travel coming to places that are a little bit off the track not everybody goes here it's a bit different you know we can go to Thailand and Malaysia or the Philippines whenever we want but to come here it's a Once in a Lifetime and so far it's been so cool I have loved every minute of it Urumqi you have a little piece on my heart already that's the thing if you rely on the western media you normally never hear anything positive coming out of the region of Xinjiang there's always something bad or negative to report but that's the reason why we're here because we're going to be out and about tonight we're going to be going around the streets of Urumqi show you guys it's like a normal City like every other city in China shenzen Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, dispel the myth about this place not being safe we're having a good time right now the people have been amazing the food's been quality this is such a fun city as well so let's carry on our way we're almost at the grand Bazar area guys hello how are you? very good how are you? yeah good see this is what I'm talking about lovely fruits and everything down here we're here we've come to one of the entrances yeah thank you we're going to go through security here and that's the grand bazaar area so let's just make it past security and let's see what's going on so let's go the lights are on we've got some music and people are out we've got souvenirs look we've got more jewelry again anklets bracelets you name it too much color here I love this about Xinjiang so much color and all of this this looks like Persian Iranian Central Asian so cool rugs everywhere I love it I love all the designs all the colors it's so cool maybe people are going to be eating maybe we should get dinner I'm not sure yeah I think we should that was so cute I loved it I want to eat some Rice and I want some meat as usual of course you are you always are what have you seen yeah this was here in the daytime come what do we have is that Henna yes I wanted to get it done in the daytime but actually the previous Vlog there was no one here you can do henna? 30 Yuan maybe we'll translate quickly I like something like this for those that don't know what henna is it's like a temporary tattoo so you can choose the designs that's the feet that's the hands are you going to go for something basic yeah there we go it depends on the size of the picture and the price is different okay so you choose which one you want yes and then she'd let you know how much it is we never thought we'd find anyone down here in Urumqi doing henna in China so do you like this it's kind of simple it's not too much that's pretty cool yeah yeah right 50 okay 50 Yuan for this one yes okay I will go to eat and then I will come back okay when you put henna on you need to leave it on for like 20 to 30 minutes so if you're going to eat and you're going to leave henna on it's not going to work so dinner first and henna after thats cool I am in agreement so I think we're going to wander through here kind of quick because we are hungry as well it's looking pretty cool right the love tunnel it's all about love baby oh look at that you want to take a photo? we found somebody else now we're from England here we go I'm from Xinjiang ah okay from Xinjiang very nice beautiful place yeah beautiful place thank you I'm not taking a photo I'm taking it for this now here oh there we go they've got their photographer here I've got it for the vlog you are so beautiful thank you so are you do you know Chinese? no I can say hello and thank thank you in both but that's it you know how to say hello in the Uyghur language hello yeah hello and is thank you okay and then hello hello okay there we go and how do you say bye bye? how do you say goodbye? okay now you know remember okay there we go thank you bye-bye oh I forgot bye-bye already no something like that I think so yes guys I'm trying so hard I've got two languages going on and I'm trying to make sure I remember we actually had this discussion the other day how many languages can we say hello and thank you in I think it's 20 or more quite a few languages yeah which I think that's quite good let me know in the comments below how many can you say hello and thank you in and look where we made it to here's the main mosque oh the lights have now come on as well beautiful oh look we have a BBQ restaurant barbecue Paradise well as the name suggest it's a barbecue Paradise oh the views from up there were gorgeous so cool all right are we're going here then we'll find out okay let's head that way oh loud music sweet that's always a good sign it means this place will be great alright it's called Afanti Restaurant barbecue oh look they've got the red carpet out for us guys you shouldn't have Libby and Taz are here welcome guys welcome to Urumqi is this a restaurant I don't know it looks like a shopping center it does doesn't it that is such a great outfit so nice yeah very nice look at this alpaca such a cool outfit for an alpaca as well all ready for a night out just like we are I think this is going to be super touristy though because it feels it's got that feeling to it well as long as they've got food touristy or not I'll still eat it this is so colorful it's a pretty design love it okay where's the restaurant oh it's it's a whole new world in here restaurant please yeah where are you we got some dry fruits here I think some raisins walnuts some more nuts and dates wow all right I think it will be on another floor maybe upstairs wow look at these Regional outfits beautiful you would look absolutely gorgeous in this one or that one oh yellow is not my color I was thinking more the blue and the green how about this one so beautiful this would really suit you there's more outfits along here look these are so beautiful oh somebody is wearing one here oh yeah it's like how you wear a Hanfu in Xi'An here you wear the local outfit the regional one of Xinjiang of Urumqi I think we need to wait for this lift here I don't know what that is it that's it yep look a Afanti paradise all what's the story with the donkey mascot because we heard the donkey is the mascot of either Urumqi or Xinjiang in the region because there's loads everywhere yeah quite literally another one here it's this brand this brand is with the donkey I think oh is it yeah so the Naan Museum was with the same brand yeah and then this place is again it's 'Afant' I think I don't really know we do have different floors here one floor two floor three floor four floor I'm none the wiser looking at them all I know is 1 2 3 floor no idea wherever there is food please I am a simple guy show me food and I'm all yours in the meanwhile whilst we wait for the lift we got some humpback camels here oh yes look at this this is pure Camel's milk powder how cool is that camel milk powder I don't know what it tastes like I would love to find out though the lift's here the lift's here oh okay I see where are we going Afanti Paradise Resturant oh it is Friday today yes do think that's a conincidence? no it's a mat they've put it in so they change it with the days of the week do they? I think it's a coincidence right are we here I don't know okay let's see get us a table for two look at this you wouldn't expect this [sings] Arabian Night oh my God where is this it's so cool we got a table feels like we're just at someone's wedding or something can I have a table for two please? it feels like we've just walked into someone's wedding yeah it does there's that music and stuff going on I don't understand okay upstairs upstairs third floor thank you very much third floor down here I don't know what's happening down here there's probably no space but it looks so beautiful still like what is this someone's wedding? look at that that is gorgeous wow I feel like a prince before I eat here oh you're going down yeah we're going up got a grand stage yeah there's booths on third floor that's what they were trying to tell us so it is all right oh my gosh this is even more Grand than the floor before wow hello look at that this it's so cool okay I'm ready for this there's somebody in the dress here in the clothing wow this is beautiful what is this it feels like I'm at a Sultan's Palace hello hello two please yes two yes thank you my brother oh very nice look at this this place is beautiful this is so cool cool light piece red with hanging bits where are we you didn't tell us there's a royal guest here in Urumqi when we walked in I thought oh no this is going to be really touristy because of the downstairs it's like a plaza but it might be really touristy but this is beautiful in fact let's have a walk around I'm going to show you wow you guys look at all of this these are the tables here in Afanti paradise we came in for something to eat and I am obsessed with this layout and this Decor this is so cool and look in the middle as well we've got these pillars somebody's sneezing as well but this is so beautiful I want to show you if you can see down the other side in the Middle look at that you can feel like we're in Morocco or something similar with these beautiful balconies and you can see down through to the middle oh my goodness I love this this place is really beautiful look at the decor in here stunning and they've got chandeliers in each Booth I love it wow what's this looks like some noodles waiting there and then we have Afanti the donkey sitting here this is the symbol or the the donkey that we keep seeing everywhere with this guy as well I'm not too sure what they are but this looks like an old musical instrument that they would use this one maybe to churn butter? guys you're going to have to help me out with these I guess these are the translations here as to what they actually are but this looks like some kind of mill to make things but I love this wow this place is absolutely beautiful okay we're going to go check the menu out and we're going to see where Taz is and then we're going to order some food look at this lovely lady so beautiful it's like we're in a Sultans Palace and these are all of the people here that are hosting us for the grand Feast I love it she looks beautiful in that color and that dress yes oh look at that Rice you guys so what was this called do you remember it's got some meat on the top we thought we were getting kind of like a Biryani right and then we got some meat skewers as well that are wrapped up look at that that's watermelon juice yes and that's yogurt oh very nice thank you wow look at that okay bits will start coming out now we also saw they had on the menu camel yogurt or camel milk this is not it though this is just plain I think they were sold out of it but can we just talk about how far we are from the table the chairs are so far wait there we go we're ready we're in action it's got sultanas in it as well looks like it's got pineapple in it a similar sort of rice that you get in the region of Central Asia because of Afghani rice is like this too look at what he's got now oh I like this I like these skewers they come with an edible form of fat so good and it's really popular for them to come on either the metal skewers or the wooden ones they do loads of them on the branches like on a stick it's very resourceful but popular way to Showcase it how is it? wow this is done perfect what is this? oh that's soup what did you order? I don't know it looked nice in the menu I thought I'd love that oh what is that a date in there wow okay yummy going to take these off you going to add it to there look at that so easy yum the weather outside is super super cold especially as it gets darker and late it into the evening so soup is just what we need it's really hot tastes kind of like tomato surprise. it's not dates it's tomatoes it really hot hold on let me blow on it again oh we got more food coming out yes please what is this I don't even remember what I ordered thank you let's just do our best with this shall we yeah let's tuck in this soup is so delicious it's very nice and warm still can't figure out the flavor but it's good let me tell you that it's good so let's go finished it it was so good wow restaurant is getting busier still and it is almost 10:00pm wow I've switched over my head wear because I think it's going to be cold when we go back outside now so thermals are on fleeces are on hats on this is the exit where's the way out? this is a huge place we came in I think the same way now we got to go back out that way okay it's like a nice little walk through this floor make up your mind guys if you want to get something maybe you've changed your mind last minute shopping on the way out oh these are the sweet bits I love these these are like sticky chews and that's like glazed that's peanuts and nuts glazed with sugar or caramel something like that how are you thinking about more food already that's dessert my love that's dessert food it's not the same you're crazy sweet bits look at these hearts gorgeous and the drums oh you're an artist I haven't got a musical bone in my body right let's go that was good I like that performance let's see if there's still something going on outisde or if things have calmed down oh look at that she looks beautiful oh wow oh that was a photo session going on she looked beautiful wow bye bye Afanti with your little donkey mascot and Urumqi man thank you this is where we came for dinner good place can recommend it was good thank you very much hello that's so cute I love it and the best well yeah the best thing is that people repeat words that we're saying in English and then when we turn around they're like don't look at me they giggle yeah so cute can we go get your henna yeah let's do it let's do it look everyone is out it's 10:00pm it is a Friday though so I think people are probably out enjoying the start of the weekend it's more of a night scene the big Naan shop here right we're headed that way let's go find out see what's happening I was hoping that would be some sort of dance performance here or something or some sort of performance because there's a stage further up there's a big stage there isn't there yeah I thought there would be but you got photo sessions going on here that's right always something going on down here again if you rely on the media you would have no idea Urumqi looks like this the best way to go about is to go travel to the place yourself and have a look and see what it's really like go experience it for yourself but I'm really hoping the henna woman is still here look there's this stage here with a massive screen but there's no performance here right now usually there's something that goes on here not right now there's a big setup as well there's lights up here lights all on the top so they must have a show maybe we're just not here at the right time or maybe the dancers would be too cold out here in this weather in their outfits so maybe it's more of a summer thing is she here she was here somewhere oh there she is she's here hello we can do this one yeah okay let's do I'm ready let her take a photo so she's got some inspiration to look at so this is the design that Libby is going for yes on the back of your hand all right that looks pretty cool yeah there was lots of different ones that you can choose from here she's got loads of different styles so I thought let's go simple minimalistic I like it right hand or left? I think we're going to do right hand yeah yes all right okay we're going to go and sit here so time to get my henna go for it I'm just going to stand here we are warm back here there's a heater is there yes oh happy days for you then it's under the table did you even think that you would be getting henna in China no no way surprise I had honestly no idea this lovely lady here she's wasting no time that is some quick design in the making wow what is that I have not seen that before so is that like a heater yes no way so it's like a blow dryer like a hair dryer right so it can dry it a little bit so that I don't have to go around with it really wet and we're done yeah finished wow that looks so cool look at your fingers I really like it it's really nice every finger has a different design as well oh I love that the food is very good we will get fat if we eat too much the mutton here is very cheap so it's basically made with mutton and it's easy to gain weight yes that is so cool these two are having a conversation through the translator ah very good I like it thank you you know technology is an amazing thing when it works they don't speak the language but they still had a full-on conversation with the translator the translation is very good love it are we going to stick a tape on this yes so now she's going to take the design off or the excess ink off by using tape so I guess it's because it's quite cold right and she thinks that if she leaves it on maybe I will smudge it sorry yeah maybe I will damage it I have not seen this way of removing henna before neither have I but I like it you're taping it and then you're just removing the tape so yeah the excess just comes off yeah is so cool I've not seen it like this before because normally you just wash it off don't you yeah and normally I have the brown or the black welcome to China welcome to Xinjiang thank you my name is Muhammad nice to meet you Muhammad how old are you are all 11 very nice good to meet you Muhammad nice to meet too you are from Urumqi yes your English is really good there we go yes here he's going to show us something let's see this is your shop yes I like the hat that you're wearing this is really good I like it look at that I like it I've got a hat here I've got this one this one is for you that looks good yes oh look at this one here these are so cool these are wolves they look very fierce but very stylish with the hat on this kid his name is Muhammad Superstar he's showing us around here why not what's happening here then that was so cute we were Translating and I said yeah now he's going to try and sell hats to my husband he's a very smart salesman first the friendly approach then the sales that's so sweet I love it we've got an audience we do yeah everybody wants to see it's beautiful we're almost finished though we're just taking the last little bits off I love it it look at that wow and it's red I love the color yeah it's really nice I actually really like it in red you know that is so cool I love it okay time to pay and then time to see the rest let's do this it would not be a Sun Kissed Bucket List Vlog if there was no mixue so go inside let's go though these like duvet bits I love them come in it's warm in here but look at this we've got the menu up there I don't know why we always look at the menu though we know exactly what we want we've been here too many times we know exactly what we're after yes the temperature's dropping slightly as it's getting late I think the morning and the night time is a little cold here but the rest of the day in the middle of the day it's actually okay it's not too bad are they cold oh my days mine are colder than yours what's wrong with you this is warm because I just had the henna done so this one was in front of hairdryer yeah but this one mine are even colder than yours and you were stood outside all the time shocking absolutely shocking this one thank you we know that much no we have no bubble tea I think all we have now is just ice cream and some lemon drinks because I think they've cleared everything up because it's too late we've almost missed mixue imagine I can't believe we went so long mispronouncing it you know now it's like the biggest life lesson it's Mixue not Mixue we thought mixue none of those when it's spelled in English it's all spelled together there's no spaces so yeah oh that was so quick I love these machines as well they just put them in and it does the lid to the lemon drink back into the cold let's just see what's happening it's gone really quiet it has you know but even though it's gone a bit quiet there's still an increased police presence of course there will be as we go into the night obviously however not once you guys have I felt unsafe you know there is many many people around and again because of the police presence it personally makes me feel safer I have had no issue we've wandered around so many streets tonight and some main streets some back streets and we've had no issues whatsoever I've not once as female felt unsafe so there you go see it's almost 11:00 p.m. y we don't feel unsafe nope also even though there might be heightened police presence too many about not once has anyone told us to take the camera off at all and no problems you know we've filmed everything the police have all been really friendly they've all smiled we've had some of them on camera as well and there's been no issues so that's our biggest lesson for today you guys if you take anything away from our Vlogs take away that you should not believe everything you read or see in the media I hope that we can be a little bit of proof for you but we're going to head out through the exit right is it that side though maybe this side have you seen these camels yeah they're so cool I love love camels that's Taz's new friend there we go and these copper pots as well this is where we were in the daytime in our previous Vlog you guys if you have not already seen that then go check it out and if you haven't already followed us on Instagram go ahead over there you'll find loads of little unseen bits loads of bits that don't make it into the Vlog go follow us @sunkissedbucketlist send us a DM that is not open either okay maybe another side then they're like guys why are you leaving Grand Bazaar oh that's so cute little photos there there's some Instagram shots wow she's got a good insta friend there so people seem to be clearing out but there's a fair bit of traffic still for this time at night it is about 11:00 p.m. we still got public buses running

we've still got cars coming in going out I'm kind of surprised at this you know still pretty Lively still cars going about but up here it looks busy again this is crazy busy oh what's going on here someone's selling something some Tech or some gadgets look at that I like that these are charging cables I love this very very nice look at that watch out behind you this way the other side there we go the guy's gone he's like hello you clueless Foreigner you have no idea where I am do you but they come on the path you guys and they don't make any noise electric bikes baby girl eyes in the back of my head is what I need oh what is this building here this looks pretty cool okay so just to give you guys an idea our hotel is still almost like 2 km away from where we are right now and we're going to walk all the way back all right there are bits that aren't too busy on the way there so let's see let's put it to the test let's show you guys that Urumqi is safe China overall has been really really safe because everywhere we've been during the night not once have we felt unsafe anywhere Urumqi is going to be one of these places as well so far no problems anywhere whatsoever we still have aunties out on the street selling some popcorn and breads hello I love it see the people are so friendly every time we look at someone they're like hello come over but yeah people are still out selling little Street side bits there was some fruit sellers still around so it is definitely if you like to come out in the evening you're not going to be disappointed here in Urumqi even the Jewelers are open at 11pm what that's so funny I love it what's going on crazy all right do you want some last minute late night shopping then wow yeah the Jewelers are open that's so funny imagine feeling the need to buy your jewelry at 11:00 p.m. at night when they've been open all day they had customers in there yeah so clearly there's a demand we'll go that way because that's where the hotel is somewhere in that direction see what's happening those girls were so cute as well they looked at us and was like wow okay why not there's not many places around where you would still see so much life at this time of night actually I'd say the majority of shops are still open most of them still open the delivery driver he's blaring some songs as well why not that was the best thing I loved that he's having the time of his life he's like do you know what work smart not hard I'm going to blare those songs he's loving life would you like to buy some last minute late night rugs I don't quite think I need them but that's something new it's a picture but it's like the rug material look this is so cool so this is all woven these are your central asian style carpet they're beautiful designs my mom has one of these rugs back at home and now I know where she gets it from clearly she got style yeah she got it from here wow beautiful got a mosque to the right there and a mosque here as well they're all lit up at night beautiful I love the way the the towers illuminate at night so gorgeous speaking of Mosques what did you hear about the number of mosques here in China I heard you guys something like China has more mosques than America and the UK put together yeah I don't know how true that is I haven't researched it thoroughly but that's what we read and if that fact is true oh my gosh wow that's a big fact we've heard it numbers somewhere like in the high thousands so if that is true wow you wouldn't expect that based on what the media tries to tell you about China and religion because China and religion a lot of people say don't go hand in hand yeah so if that is anything to go by the number of mosques down here are more than America and the UK put together insane that is a very very cool fact we are now going in that direction because that's where the hotel is and behind us is another armored vehicle I don't know if that was an ambulance or an armored vehicle or an armored ambulance don't know something like that but hey not once has that made us feel nervous in any way shape or form it's been absolutely fine yeah actually it makes me feel safer you know if there used to be issues previously then generally speaking worldwide right if you have an increase in police presence this is an international thing that it would make you feel safer it would deter any issues and I feel like that's the point here I don't know you can let us know in the comments what you think but please be respectful of everybody else and other people's opinions we don't need to say nasty things don't need any haters okay so the world's a big place we can all be friends we can all have peace anyway food more food there's so many buildings here that are all lit up love that okay we got more naan do you want some naann we could do we got this one here hello that looks lovely hello that looks right okay we got naan here I've eaten too many of these so maybe not they're going to be cold by the way so can we get them hot guess that is a lamb that is so cool okay brother can we get this one yes please thank you that's going to be a cold naan that's ok how much? how much? three? No four four okay some Naan for four Yuan all paid thank you this guy's got loads of different styles as I look behind him he's got loads there there's some in this basket thank you naan secured no problem this is going to be our first proper naan since we've been here in Xinjiang and I'm just going to eat it like this straight out the bag yeah without anything just like this I think it's obviously going to be cold but you know what I'm just in interested to try it that was your idea hello hello that's good though it's fresh it's fluffy on the inside we've got sesame seeds on there as well this one's a plain one round shape so we learned in our previous Vlog at the Nang Museum they come in all different shapes and sizes they also come with all different stuffings but 4 yuan not bad I'll take almost midnight walking the streets off Urumqi making sure we don't get run over by cars or delivery drivers enjoying our naan what more could you want if I told you over a month ago that we were going to be in Xinjiang this time at night close to midnight just walking down the street enjoying Naan and mixue would you ever believe me no way oh here we are then but we're here we're loving life I couldn't be happier from here on in it starts getting a bit quiet so we're still going to walk no taxis going to walk all the way back to our hotel because this place is nice and safe no issues whatsoever like none look at us just walking around China the most dangerous part of China apparently with naan in one hand mixue in another absolutly loving life here we go but also you guys so we've seen already multiple young girls out together like groups of young girls so they're out alone I'd like to think if it wasn't a safe area then that wouldn't happen this is something that we won't be able to do in the UK I wouldn't feel comfortable as a female walking around certain parts of London after dark and I don't mind to say that you know there's multiple places like that all over the world where you shouldn't do that right but some bananas and fruits last minute what's the time we're almost by the hotel quite a bit of life down here there is also we've got a mixue another one the Land of Mixue no matter where you go even if you're in the busiest cities like Shanghai or Beijing Mixue is everywhere or if you're in the north west of the country in Urumqi there's Mixue here as well we're almost by our hotel all right some party going on yes by the way behind us there's actually school kids coming out of some building here there was a group of them like maybe 15 20 that's pretty late for detention what is that that is crazy detention wow do you know what time it is right now time is 12:15 pm this is what's happening that's the police wow does this city ever sleep pretty cool it is yeah I'm really surprised at how many people are out okay this is us ready this is us run go go go go run fast right okay this is our street here we're back pretty much safely navigated our way back to the hotel on the dangerous streets of Urumqi guys it has been really cool again I would say don't judge a book by it's cover don't rely on the media all the time don't believe everything that you hear we're out here proving it to you guys debunking myths what people say about Xinjiang and Urumqi and whatnot well here we are out on the roads doing it ourselves enjoying life it's been amazing it has been a wonderful evening and I think we will be wrapping it up now because it is getting a bit cold we're back at the hotel so we're going to go warm up a little bit as well yes take all of these layers off guys if you enjoyed today's Vlog you know what the deal is there's so much more coming up because there's still so many places we'll be visiting around in China but for now thank you like And subscribe and we shall see you somewhere in the next one let's go!!!!!!

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