Algarve's Largest Sandy Beach! - Olhos de Água, Armação de Pêra (Ep.2 Van Life Portugal 2022)

Algarve's Largest Sandy Beach! - Olhos de Água, Armação de Pêra (Ep.2 Van Life Portugal 2022)

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Cheers Faro. See you next time. We're Andre and Lisa full-time travelers  and nomads since 2018. Last year we bought a campervan in Europe and we're currently traveling along the coast of Portugal.

This year we're on an epic 20 000 kilometer adventure making our way from the south of Spain to the north of Scandinavia and back to southern Italy. So subscribe and follow our adventures. Last week we finally entered Portugal. Portugal baby! Portugal! Notwithstanding some bad weather and a Saharan sandstorm We got our first taste of the Algarve. This week we experienced a Portuguese cloud burst We drink some beer.

We fix broken stuff. Alright, it's the moment of truth. And we find ourselves on the largest  sandy beach of the central Algarve. After a great stay in the Faro  airport parking lot we hit the road towards Olhos de Água a mere 30kms further west along the coast. It took us all the five seconds  to get lost in the jungle What was that movie? The movie of the youngsters getting  lost in the jungle in the forest   And they only discovered these tapes. vhs tapes What is that movie called ?

We're making a documentary. Not about us getting  lost we're making a documentary about a witch   I just want to apologize to Mike's  mom and Josh's mom and my mom If we're lost admit that first. Now I know we're not lost. The Blair With Project. They're only going to find this recording   have to decipher what happened to us..

hmm that seems official hey yeah Oh nice! Beautiful! Just don't go too close to the edge! No, I feel very nervous here wow this is no jokes man, look at the crack  forming over here that's just going to collapse Don't do it lady don't do it! Look at the foil kites out there! The wind definitely makes me excited! Beautiful beach Cross, onshore wind conditions   I'm feeling, it I'm feeling it That airplane is going to Faro! Our last home. Tomorrow we might just get lucky Look at this cliffs hey! They're incredible. It's beautiful! I guess we found summer at last. At least a day of summer! beautiful beautiful beaches Right up here is a town called... Olhos de Água. Olhos de Água It's a little bit further actually.

But we're gonna hang around here for the next day or two bad weather is coming in in two days I think We're gonna enjoy a little bit of sun and the beach Not a bad spot for sunset It's not sunset yet is it? Well no not yet All right shall we chill out? Wow what a spot! Beautiful. Look at this ! We're gonna try a little drinky, and try not to fall down the cliff how many beers are we having? only two, promise I will actually show  you we visited the Algarve brewery today Algarve Rock Brewery it's like a micro brewery, they do eight  different craft beers at the moment   And it was actually quite cool as you can do tasting, and we bought eight different beers from them which we'll be tasting hopefully over the following few days Not all at once! No because it's big beers. It's actually draught beers. We're gonna try two today so we'll show you just now what we're having.

Very good head. I also want a big head good head to you We're on our next beer.  And it's really good. This is a Portuguese pale ale Not sure what makes it Portuguese> But it's a pale ale. What more can you ask for? A beautiful sunset. Nature performing for us and a nice cold craft beer in the hand. okay Portugal you're redeeming yourself for the past few days of rain Sunset time, see you guys tomorrow. Cheers the sun's up, the wind's blowing   and we've got a long walk to the beach if there's wind it's gonna be beautiful and the wind should pick up a little bit We'll go down and see if there's a spot where there is no people Well it looks like he's having fun out there and I can't ask for a more beautiful setting to be enjoying  the sunshine day in Portugal look at these cliffs behind me Good to be back on the water! You're turn.

My turn? Oh no, I'm happy here thanks. Look it's me chilling on the Algarve having an Algarve Rock Raspberry Gose no it's not hail it's just rain make sure everything's closed Yes I closed everything! Look at this! It's hail! It's hail! No we don't wat hail. It will break our bloody solar panels@ okay I think we're glad we stayed here Brilliant weather day. Very very very very very very wet so we actually decided just to stay put catch up on a little bit of laptop clubbing actions and the place you're actually standing at is luckily fairly gravely so it doesn't get too wet but it's not super exciting doing some video editing tomorrow hopefully we will be moving on to the next spot and hopefully hopefully hopefully getting some  Amazon deliveries so that we can fix bike mike suddenly not having bike mike we realized just how  much we missed the bike and so we've decided we can't just wait for the rad bike replacement tyre to arrive we've got to make another plan Right, but today laptop clubbing! We're gonna  make some coffee just now and just take it easy   What about chocolates and churros you  promised me? what about chocolate and churros? all right, chocolate and churros coming  up Yeah the rain stopped! Still looks dark out there but... Time for churros and chocolate!  Everything's better with churros and chocolate. oh yes the consolation prize for the day if the weather holds we'll still walk to the beach We'll see you guys later What wonderful uh weather we're having  here At least the rain took a break, taking a break. Brief break.

We're not convinced it's a long break But we're just taking a walk quickly to see what the ocean looks like And just get the legs moving for a few minutes the sun's peeking out You want to go for a swim? No thanks! All right. I think we're going to go back and have some snacks That sounds like a good idea Eat what we've got left, because we are running out of food! Okay, see you guys tomorrow! Unless something happens. Good morning! It's another day and the rain has stopped so we've left our campsites and we're making our way  to the place that we've got our amazon deliveries arriving so that we can hopefully make a plan  to fix Bike Mike fingers crossed And another good news the price of diesel is coming down it just turned at two euro here In the meantime we are having issues with our starter battery of the camper we got stuck at a campsite had to ask our friendly neighbors for a jump start and it would seem that the starter battery has really just seen better days so we are on a mission today to see  if we can also find a replacement starter battery the last thing you want is to get stuck somewhere  random without being able to start your vehicle If you live in your house it  needs to move when you want it to move! we can't get this one out and we want to get a  bigger one in! yes! okay. Bad battery, bad battery! So we have two options here this is our battery and we have one that is similar sized, little bit taller or one that is a little bit longer but lower it gives us a slightly better starting power Well there you have it! Brand new battery, 112 euros later   Expensive exercise. But we sprung for  the good one! We did. and they gave us a bit of a discount and let's hope it fits inside Milli! We'll make it fit dammit! unfortunately Oh I think it's in! That's what she said. We must write the date on it.

All right it's the moment of truth! Turn the engine Okay back in business! that was short for sweet and  I think very necessary and probably a good thing Next stop, shops! Thanks to, these guys. thanks guys Next stop, Lidl Okay, shopping done! awesome look how cute this is pretty cool spot we got for Milli here at Algarve Camping Park or Elodie and Romi somebody is already chilling out! It comes with ice cream Not for you. What? You didn't level event properly. We annoyed all the neighbors for half an hour by revving the van No wonder our battery is buggered! Must I open it for you? No it's cool I will switch off to  eat ice cream Sorry guys, priority ice cream okay so what's going on over here? oh right now not much the whole wheel's got to come off to change this tyre we're gonna try and fit a motorcycle  tire to it so... this is after scouring the interwebs but everything's a little bit vague so it's  a bit of a leap of faith at the moment right now   I'm gonna pull this whole wheel off we're gonna  take the tyre out to just have a look and right now we've only got a tyre we don't have a tube yet bicycle tires have generally.. like a nice soft bead so it's quite easy just to pop them off

opposite beads will just come out like this I don't recommend this if you don't have any  experience removing tubes This is the old tube but it's completely buggered There's a massive hole in in it Let's see that. it's completely ripped put the opposite side of the bead into the rim like this Wow, so pro! There's actually a hole here. You can stick your whole hand through here. That's not normal.

Next to each other, you can see they're actually very similar sized this one's obviously a little bit more.. flattened because he hasn't got air in. But imagine he looked like this He weighs about double what this one weighs unfortunately But you will hopefully get less punctures as well this thing is useless, useless It's not just the tyre. I think the  problem is this is quite a sharp little rim. And the wall is just weak and  everybody's complaining about  these things failing I mean this is crazy. I'm not the only person with this problem.   The first thing to remember is that this is a  bicycle tire size So it's 22x3 that means 22 inches, but it's actually the diameter. whereas motorcycle tyres are completely different motorcycle tires are measured in rim size so this is an 18 inch, although they're the same size and the way you find that out  is you actually look on the rim this one's got a code that says city ETRTO 457-45 and that's actually the size in millimeters of  the rim so it's 18 inches, 45 millimeters, which is the width of the rim which is 1.8 inches

so you can figure out what tires will fit on your rim Amazon delivery for Lisa! That's pretty cool timing. Hopefully if we're lucky our tube's in here. Oh man let's rip it open. There's a tube! There's a tube. Ooh there's a mirror, I forgot about that. I have no idea that looks something ...

Oh it's heavy. What did we order? No idea. 12 volt.. oh that must be the solenoid Ooh... that's a project for another day all right let's continue so a little bit of soapy, no tools got this guy on, halfway this is what he's gonna look like Man that looks so awesome  I am so excited. so with a little persuasion a little bit of grip And a bit of soap. I didn't use any tools because I'm scared of damaging the rim. or the tube so..

Tire's on and it's looking good! and we'll put pressure on it and see. so far super, super stoked! So far so good. I just inflated to about 2 bar well just what? 30 psi? and it's looking very good and if you put the old tire next to it you can actually see, it looks the same right     this just looks much more hardcore this is just a lot more aggressive, and it's a much thicker tire this could give you slightly better grip I think  as well because this one is not good. And puncture protection. Looks awesome! Pirelli city demon! Can you be more dramatic? Come let's take it for a quick test ride.

How does it feel? Feels good. Obviously the tire is a little bit heavier. Does it feel different? No. Well it's the next morning and Bike Mike's  tire still got air in it, so that's a good sign. We're gonna head out and go for a little ride, see  what it's like.

And hopefully also see some of the cliffs and the beaches of this area because today the sun's shining and it wasn't expected to shine So this is a bonus day! hopefully everything works out,  this is like a little test ride with the new tire and I'm hoping it's not gonna rain   well our laundry is hanging outside so let's  hope it's not gonna rain beautiful day in Portugal! We're in a town called Armação de Pêra Armação de Pêra, it sounds like you're chewing pears here very noisy big waves here! but this is actually close to where we're staying we were hoping to get to these caves but the weather's been bad I know it doesn't look like it but it's actually been uh raining for a few days and as I'm saying that I see a guy on a SUP there behind you he's SUPping to the Benegil Caves!  That's where I want to go !  We just gotta cruise around a little bit, have a  look at the town and see if it's possible to go for a SUP maybe but I'm not sure if we're gonna figure it out holy moly big waves! I think it's high tide That wave just keep going. Wow beautiful here. Okay shall we cycle around a bit? wow that's pretty Are you changing your mind about  the Algarve yet? The Algarve is beautiful I will give you that, and what makes it so special is that it has these sand-stone clips and these tiny little bays of beaches there's long stretches of beaches and then there's these little almost private beaches that you can get to in the caves. Stunning yes.

These waves pack a lot of power. That's this time of the year, in the winter months the waves  have got quite a lot of power. Good news is I think our tire is checking out.

We did about 10 kilometers now on it, I would say. But anyway guys we are going to sign off this video We were hoping on getting some better weather here but unfortunately You can see the sea is quite stormy We wanted to take the SUP and go into these caves.. we're hoping maybe in the next couple of days we might  still get a chance but I'm not sure.. We're actually going to head further west towards Sagres try and find our way to the westernmost point? Westernmost point and hopefully have a stop to  do something fun on the beach and maybe visit a cave along the way and from there we're going to head up the coast of Portugal. To Lisboa! Towards Lisbon, that's right.

So if you guys liked this video smash that  like button subscribe if you want to follow our journey through Portugal remember we got a whole year ahead of us and a lot more to come as always thanks for watching and leave us a comment below yeah it would be nice to get a bit more interaction I think we put a lot of effort into these videos but.. you know. We'd like to really like to get a bit more views. but that's the way the game works But we'll catch you guys next time

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