Airstream Rangeline Walkthrough Tour | First RAM ProMaster 3500 Camper Van

Airstream Rangeline Walkthrough Tour | First RAM ProMaster 3500 Camper Van

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Welcome to Airstream, I'm Justin Humphreys, VP of Sales, and I have a real treat for you today. We are launching a brand new motorized product, I can't wait to talk about this. Airstream is always built on the Mercedes-Benz platform. We love the platform, it's been a great product for us, Interstate, Atlas motorhomes, it's been fantastic. We recently built a new factor, we've got more capacity now and we're adding another chassis to the stable, this is the Ram Pro Master chassis, and we're excited to announce Rangeline, our brand new model here at Airstream and we've got just a lot to share with you today and before I do that, I kinda want to talk about why Ram Pro Master and what is Airstream up to? Well, I don't think there's any secret the growing van life out there in the United States today is really taking hold and a lot of that van life and, and just really the growth of that segment is on this chassis and it's something that really caught our eye and something we wanted to build on and offer to our customers as well. The chassis is a 3.6 liter V6 engine,

280 horsepower. What's different about this chassis versus the Mercedes-Benz is this is a front wheel drive. So you don't have that drive axle going all the way back to the rear tires so it lowers the stand so you'll notice it's a lower van overall in height and as you enter the van as well, but why that's important for a manufacturer like Airstream is we don't have the drive axle to build around when we up fit this and turn it into an RV. So we really like that. The other thing that's different on the, on the Ram Pro Master is the width, it's wider and that allows us to put the bed side to side, is opposed to front to back. So on our Interstate, on the sprinter chassis, it's much narrower so the bed goes front to back and it takes up more of your floor space. Because this is wider, now we go side to side so we can do some

different things with floor plans on this too, which is really nice addition and you know, uh, as we look ahead to the future, we really see this segment growing. I like to call just this category, which the industry calls a B van. Um, so basically a B van is, the entire show is built by the vehicle manufacturer shipped to us and we upfit it. But this segment is the fastest growing segment in the RV industry by far. And I think there's a lot of reasons for that. Really

the biggest is its flexibility I like to refer to as like the swiss army knives of RVs, you can kind of park it anywhere, you can go into cities, you can go into campgrounds, you can go on some beaches, but you can get out in the woods in the mountains, it's just a lot less to handle versus the big RVs, but it has all the benefits of those big RVs and we've, we've really done some unique things to this product. Our engineering team did an outstanding job of packing a lot into a small package. So get ready, we're gonna cover a lot of ground, we're gonna start on the exterior, we're gonna go into the interior, we're gonna cover the chassis components and I can't wait to get started. Let's show you the outside.

There are two exterior colors on the Ram Pro Master for Airstream Rangeline. This is a granite color. The other one's gonna be a silver metallic, it wouldn't be Airstream if we didn't have a silver option, but we're gonna cover the granite here on, on this unit. You will notice that on the Interstate, we paint a lot of these body pieces, We do not on the Rangeline, but these are also to protect your unit. Um, your, your motor home, if you're in parking spots. Uh, this is not metal. These are, these are made to be nice and tough.

So if you're clipping a corner, you don't have to worry about chipping paint on it, you'll notice it, say the running boards here are set, they're not power. Um, so they're always out, that's a little different than the Interstate where it's a power step. Um, but you also have a little bit actually quite a bit more surface area than the than the Interstate. This is gonna be a very dog-friendly van. We know many of you are dog lovers and uh and in these vans are ready for that. In fact, you'll see here, this is a leash tie down in the shape of uh of a paw.

But if you are camping, you don't want your dog to run away., you can tie your leash right to that in your campsite area. Uh nice and conveniently. Look at how clean the body lines are. You're not seeing a lot of cutouts. I encourage you to go look at other manufacturers. You're gonna see a lot of exhausts and a lot of water heaters and furnaces, it's very clean. You're not gonna see that on the range line.

And in fact, you're not gonna see any LP because there's absolutely no LP systems on this van, we're gonna talk about that more as we go around. But you do not have that connection point out here. In fact, all you're gonna do is fill this thing up with unleaded gasoline and it will run the entire coach, gasoline generator and then your water heater and furnace is basically a gasoline fired um appliance as well. Now for cooking, we have an induction cooktop, we'll get into that later. But it's really cleaned up a lot on this coach because we don't have a lot of exhaust systems from all of those LP fired appliances don't have it. So we use on the Interstate, we use a carefree awning. On the Rangeline,

we're using the Thule awning and it is a manual awning. I'm gonna put that out here in a bit. There is a light over the door, which is nice. We do replace this rear window, we're replacing three windows. We, we get these vans from Ram Pro Master their their window van, but we replace three of them so that you can actually open and get a cross breeze. This is gonna be the bedroom in the back, so it's kind of nice to open that window. Everything else comes from RAM and we've kept

that in place. So I want to share a couple of things up here on the front. Uh one thing in particular that we do differently when Pro Master when RAM Pro Master ships these these are silver on the front, we thought it kind of clashed um, with the black bumpers and and the and the granite paint. So we actually painted that black. That's something a little differently that we do. Really blends that in kind of understates the whole presence of the van, I can't wait to share with you all of the chassis um features a little later in the video but we've loaded it up, airstream has always wanted to take all the options and this one is really no different. So as we come back to the side of the coach,

a couple of things, I'll point out, you know, we are using aluminum rims, but they come from Ram pro master. A lot of people ask where the fuel fill is. It's right here next to the driver's area. And what's nice about that is when you are driving this van and you go into a service station, you know, right where you are because it's right next to you, right where you're sitting. If you're next to the pump, you know, this is right next to the pump. Some vans, you know, that'll be a way in the back and it's kind of difficult to navigate.

We use the same um, step design on this side for the driver's side. And again, look at this. How awesome is this? This is super clean. It's not your typical RV with all types of systems. Um, cut into the, to the side wall of the van.

And then here are the other two windows I was mentioning on the other side, One up here in your living area that you can open and get a breeze. Um, and then one again on the other side for the bedroom. So where do we put everything? I'm glad you asked. So I mentioned that we're not painting these um, scuff protectors here on the van, but we are utilizing them. So I'm gonna share this with you basically under this. There's a magnet in here.

All right. So this is where the utility um compartment hides all of your connections, which I thought was really smart that our engineers did this. But the first one here's uh your hook up for a shower.

So if you want to wash off, wash your dog off, wash your equipment, your bikes, your surfboards, you can do all that exterior, city water fill if you're in a campground and then this does have a black tank. A lot of these vans will have a cassette toilet and folks don't particularly like to to dump those. They would rather have the tanks and this one does, and then this will spray out your tank after you dumped it to keep it nice and clean.

And then this is where the tank is. You got your black tank um dump and your gray tank and you just connect it right here to the sewage. Uh, this also has a smart plug which really protects your electrical system, gives you a really safe connection. Um it's a really nice plug that Airstream started using a few years ago and we included it on the range line as well. So what I love about this area is,

you know, the utility compartment, all of those things that stick on the wall. It makes an RV quite frankly, a little ugly unsightly on this. You can just close the door and you don't have to look at it and then instead you can look at the beautiful van as opposed to that.

You know, I love the attention to detail to on the timberline exhaust that we've done a chrome tip. We just not throwing an exhaust pipe out there that's ugly and doesn't have any type of appeal from a design element-wise. So the engineers did a great job of selecting those exhaust pipes. And then, you know, the last thing I wanna mention is um, you know, we're pre-wiring this van um, for a lot of aftermarket antennas. The one that you see here is the Airstream connected uh, antenna. And this will get you online. This will give you a whole wifi signal. Um, you can actually select multiple carriers,

AT&T, Verizon that's on, uh, that's your choice. But then we we supply the pre wire. So if you want to add this with your dealer, it's easy to do. It's already wired.

The dealers not having to cut holes and try string lines all the way through the coach. So now we're gonna circle around to the back here because this is a really great space. And one thing I believe the industry doesn't do a very good job of separating the outside space through these doors in the interior space for living when you're in there and you're sleeping. But yet also giving it a good flex space where you can put storage, we've got a lot to show here. So let's open this up. You'll notice right away that the light came on. That's a motion-detecting light that will light

up as soon as you open these doors so that now you can access what you need access at night. Um so that's the storage and the utility part of this area. But how cool is this whole canvas area here to keep it really closed off from the living space? So you really want that privacy, Not only does it give you that privacy through these rear windows, but it also keeps um very, very clean and they matched it with the laminate on the backside of those cabinets. There's a few things to show here. Obviously, these are the motion detector lights that I mentioned, but the potable waters here I mentioned, I'll mention on the inside and I'll show you where the tanks are underneath this bed base and this is where you fill it up. It also removes a cutout on the side wall of the unit where a lot of the industry will put the possible water. So if you're not gonna go to a campground and

you're gonna need to be pulling water off of this van, that's where the water goes. There's a water pump in there. So you can utilize that water off the grid. Um Also you'll notice some panels here were really conscientious about where we put these panels for servicing afterwards and maintenance.

And then also back here is the disconnect so if you're gonna store this unit. Um all of the electrical components are under this bed, the big battery and all the other electrical components. And this is where you would just um turn off the entire coach and that way, you know, there's no power going to that battery. So it's what we call storage mode. We've got some outlets here, So if you need to utilize those for kind of a working area, you know, lots of storage in here that will cover on the inside, you can access your equipment, your tools and then you can um have some outlets to power them. And how about these storage areas on the rear door? A lot of manufacturers just put a little plastic cover.

They really don't think about these areas. This gives the airstream or the flexibility to manage storage as you want. You can you can hang things all over these, all over these molly panels and gives you a lot of flexibility to do it just as you like. And then in addition the engineers added a bottle opener here for your beer or soda.

Um, you can just crack a cold one after a long day out on the trail. Clearly too we have a rear camera here, that camera goes to your rearview mirror, so it's very natural place to look and see everything behind you and you'll notice this little bar, this is for the awning that will open up, but it's nice to be able to hide away. A lot of B vans, they're tight and a lot of our other competitors, they just put these bars in closets or under beds where other storage could go. This is just nice out of the way. You'll never even know it's there and it's easy

to access when you have to open up the awning. We have a hitch 3,500 pounds capacity so you can tow a trailer along with you on your adventures and then you'll notice there's an an antenna on the other side of the coach. What we've done here is we have pre wired this and there's a bracket up there. So you have three options with your dealer. You can put a satellite antenna up there for a

T. V. You could put it over the air tv antenna just to get your local channels. Or you could put a cell phone booster antenna which will boost your own reception on your cell phone. Um and it's your choice or you don't do anything and it's pre wired, it helps your residual value later on. There is no TV. It does not come with the TV We find a lot of people using tablets and other devices but it is pre-wired for a TV too. So you can get that with your dealer as well and then it's easily installed and and the reason we're doing this is everybody uses these vans differently so you can set it up exactly the way you want it.

Pretty simple. This is manual fits right in comes out nicely gives you great coverage. One thing I like about the manual awnings over the power is you actually have more flexibility on, on how far it comes down to block the sun. There's a few options you have here, there's these arms, these legs that will come out and you can either attach them to the van to secure it or you can actually plant them in the ground, whichever one is better for you.

So, if you're kind of setting up for a while and you really want to get them down into the ground or if you just want to on the coach either way because you're on cement. It's it's really your preference, but you can see you can actually adjust these quite a bit. We've adjusted from the factory. So the water will run off to one side. Obviously the side that's not closest to your campsite, but a great awning from Europe. Thule's

got a great name, easy to operate um, and really gives you a lot of coverage and ability to move it as you need. All right, let's take a look inside. There's a lot of things to point out here right away first is just how beautiful is this? We've got the raised floor here with the back lighting, the classic Airstream aluminum with some pop rivets there. Um, just absolutely spectacular. This is actually a custom-made handle to get in and out. This isn't off the shelf. We got this from the marine industry.

They always have very difficult shapes, so we utilize them. What we like about it for all shapes sizes. If I'm tall, I might be coming up here, if you're a little shorter, you might be grabbing here and then if you're not using it, you can use this as a towel rack, which we think is really great. Another thing to look in right away is we got a shoe cubby. A lot of folks say, I don't want to take my dirty shoes from hiking inside the coach. So we've got an area in there for that and there's a little rubber mat in there that you can take out and clean over time.

And then we have some other areas where we can hide um all kinds of goodies that you might have, including a little key rack here where you can hang your keys when you come in. So it's nice and tidy and out of the way. And of course you don't want the bugs to go in, but you might want the air to go in. So we've got just a wonderful uh screen door that will actually cover the entry. Okay, so there's a couple of features that

right away I want to share with you. So, you know, RAM Pro Master has several hundred options. One of those options is a swivel chair. That's really critical when you're camping because these are great when you're driving but they're also great when you're camping because now you can entertain, it's actually right here on the left corner, you just pop this up and then it it swivels right around. Um The Rangeline comes standard with the swivel seats.

Now it doesn't look like a seat from dodge, does it? It's because we have actually recovered it. So Airstream took the time to find something that will match the interior. So we cover the seat with our with our own decor items. They do have all of the airbag features. You'll notice that their side airbags um and Thorax airbags on the on the Ram Pro Master. So a lot of safety features. This seat, the driver's seat will also swivel around. Here's why that's important if you'll notice

there's two layers to this table and there's a little locking mechanism you pull down and then this comes out. Now, why is this important? Well, number one, we stopped it here, there's three positions but we stopped it here because if you're preparing food, you can use this as a secondary counter. How about that? So it adds workspace.

However, if you have somebody, you have a guest traveling with you and they want to join in the meal. That kind of points to that seat. So what's great is, you know, you can have two people sitting here, The driver's seats turned around, the passenger seats turned around, you can feed four pretty comfortably here when you're out on the road in this tiny little van. So I thought the engineers just did an absolute outstanding job along with our interior design group to utilize every square inch. Now, what I also love is the lights here and

there's two of them, but what's cool is they lean down so if you're reading and you want to move those around, it's pretty, pretty awesome feature there. Um that really helps. Um the cabinetry, great design and what I really like about these cabinets too is these whisper latches. These are now locking mechanisms, so when you push these in it is a positive lock to make sure that that's gonna stay close. So if you have things up there and they're bumping around a lot of RVs don't lock it so things can fall out and that won't happen here. And then look at this, we've got two steel hinges, you know, the RV kind of standards one plastic hinge. Airstream doesn't do that.

This is something that we add on all of our cabinets to give you that longevity as you open and shut these things when you're out camping, it's gonna stand the test of time. It's got our got our name on it. So we want to make sure that that we do it right, I just love the whole interior design elements here. This is a very comfortable chair. Um and it has seatbelts, there's two seat belts here and it has child tethers. So if you have a child and you need a car seat, we've added that as well.

Which not a lot of RV makers do. A lot to cover in this area. But first off let's just take a step back and think about how beautiful this was designed. You know when you look at a lot of RVs, it's kind of a hodgepodge of drawers. This is nice and balanced. All of the drawers are locking,

it's got a nice tone on tone um decor and then it's just highlighted with this floor. This is actually a woven floor. We use it in our really our higher-end products here at at Airstream. It's from the marine industry. So you know vinyl can tend to be a little flat without texture. This gives the texture carpet but the benefits vinyl, easy to clean.

It's got a nice touch um to it and you'll notice there's no cooktop on the on the countertop. So what are we doing about that? I mentioned there's no LP, so we don't have any cook burners. But what we do have is we have an induction cooktop that you just pull out when you need it and you put away when you don't and then when you do use it we have a plug that pops up here on a little tower on the countertop. But what's nice is,

is when you don't need it, you can just tuck that away and um now you've got counter space, which is great. So you're not navigating a cooktop all of the time. A few other features here that I really want to point out, we've got a really nice bamboo sink cover, um you know, it's a sustainable product, you can also cut veggies on that and then you can also add more um storage by placing it on the sink. You know, Airstream has been building RVs for 91 years and we try to utilize absolutely every single space for storage. The bench that I was sitting on, their storage underneath back here, there was dead space. So the designers put storage all throughout these little cubbies.

So spice racks or kitchen tools, whatever you need, you've got a space for it. And then we also have an overhead storage as well um for those things you want to get out of the way. So, tons of storage. And then when you look here, not only are these locking doors that I've mentioned on the overheads, it also applies here, but they got the self-closing doors, which is great and check this out, you can hide away your garbage can. So you're not looking at your trash, you got a little place here to store your trash bags to place in it and then we have more storage throughout. So just abundant storage in this tiny little van, I would challenge you to find this in some of the larger RVs, just abundant. Um, so really,

uh, really awesome kitchen here. There's just a lot to sell here and we're not, we're not done yet. Actually here we have the JBL speaker that gets mounted right under here. We didn't put a big stereo system in because

what's nice is it'll be mounted here when you're inside. It's got great sound. But then when you want to hit the trail or you want to go fishing or do whatever you want to do outside. That's the reason to get one of these vans take it with you. It hooks right up to your bluetooth speaker and you can hit the road.

A lot of RVs will do a fabric ceiling, not Airstream. We're known for aluminum. So not only does this look great, it opens up the space with the reflection, but it's, it just wears well, you know, you're not getting the odors that you get in a lot of RVs, it's easy to clean. Um, and it's aesthetically pleasing.

One thing I failed to mention when I was sitting at the bench, but this table will actually move up and back, depending on the size of the occupant and you can actually remove the table altogether if you wanted to store some things here, just not have it in the way. So tons of flexibility in this space and, and we're not done yet because you'll notice there's not a lot of switching on this, not a lot of monitors when you go into an RV, a lot of the B vans that you see the Winnebago's and the Pleasure-Way's, You'll see a lot of monitors on their, on their walls. We don't have that on the Rangeline, so where are they? Well, we've integrated them all into one monitor. Airstream has been using Firefly for some time, but with the Rangeline it gave us an opportunity to add more functionality to it.

So let me explain that um you'll notice there's really just two monitors here. Obviously we're looking at the Rirefly. Now, then we also have the Timberline system for the heating, but on the Firefly we now have the generator, which is fantastic. So we basically replicated Onan's generator panel to integrate into Firefly, it removes one more monitor that you have to manage.

And because it's talking to the generator, we can actually do some diagnostics. So when you take it in for service are our dealers will be be able to pull up hey, what, what happened, what fault code did it have another thing about the generator is it has an auto gen start and what the auto-gen start means is you can actually set it up, ags, you can set it up, I'm not gonna set up in here because we are indoors, we don't want the generator going on, but you can set it up on voltage. So if your batteries are going low, it'll know to kick on and charge a your batteries. It will also trigger on the H Vac system. So if you're out hiking and you got your dog in

the unit and it's a hot day as the temperature rise, it will monitor the temperature and we'll turn on the generator and then of course your air conditioner to keep it cool. So something that you would find in a big class, A expensive motorhome is found in this um Rangeline. It's fantastic. You have all of your light switch, your tanks, state of charge for your batteries.

Obviously all of the lights have its own section, generator H Vac. Um so you can control your climate and then you can do a lot of diagnostics um here as well and then set the settings for it. Now, what's cool about Firefly is everything you see on the screen, you can actually replicate on your phone. So if you're in bed it's getting warm one night you don't have to get out of bed, come to this screen. You can actually pull out your iPhone or smartphone and change the temperature or if you're out in the campsite and thinking I'm gonna cool down the unit before I go inside, you can turn on your generator, you can turn on your H Vac, you can check what your tanks are. It's a local remote meaning it's tied to the unit.

It's not smart like, you know, you're in a different city but it is nice and convenient when everybody seems to have a smartphone in their pocket. To the right of that monitor is the Timberline system, This is going to be your settings for um your unit in the wintertime and then also your water heater. So you can, and what's nice is when you're plugged in, there is an electric element, so when you're in a campground you can actually use some of the electric element to also heat unit. We have two zones in here,

you can set them at different zones. Um and then um everything pulls off of your gas tank, so really slick system, the over the road trucking, you know, the big tractor trailers, they have little um cabs in the back with little showers and sinks. Um they want to use that big diesel tank on a big truck. So this is the same type of technology that those over the road trucks have had its tried and true technology and we're offering it here on Rangeline and what a huge benefit of not having to worry about finding a place to get LP, now you're running right off of your unleaded gasoline. So look how clean this is, it's right here in front of the door, um easy to access and really simplified the, the electrical engineering team just did an outstanding job of making sure um it's intuitive, easy to use and reducing clutter, which we like to do here at Airstream. Okay, so we're still not out of the kitchen area.

This is the refrigerator cabinet, it's a great refrigerator, It's all-electric, so it doesn't need any venting on the outside. That's one less cutout. You notice we we made it, we bought it in the gray color which matches the design element, but it's also kind of cool because you have a um dry erase board. I need to buy some milk so I can write that and then um obviously it'll erase off as well. So that's kind of cool. So you can write yourself some notes again. Multifunctional. And then the inside of the refrigerator is

really nice. Lots of storage, 3.2 cubic feet of storage for the refrigerator and 0.4 for the um freezer. So lots of space here. Nice um refrigerator then above it is a microwave. Here's the cool thing about the microwave now that we have that bigger game changer battery and we've got a 2001 inverter, awesome. We can run your microwave. So instead of having to run your generator to run your microwave, you can actually do more off of this battery, you can't run your air conditioner, like the big systems, but you can run your refrigerator, your microwave and all the other small appliances here off of that storage up top can never have enough storage in an RV. And the Rangeline is no exception for Airstream.

And then here's a nice little added bonus. I showed you the leash tied down on the patio for your pet. Well what we gonna do with his dog bowls and put them right here so gets out of the way when they're not used. Um and then but your furry friend has a place for their food and water very easily can be removed if you don't have a dog that can just be another drawer for additional storage.

We've also added a pantry with adjustable shelves so you can place these exactly at the areas that you need to be able to store which you have to store. And we added another one up here to add some additional storage. Alright, so now we're hitting the bathroom area, I like to say these vehicles are really uh a support vehicle, so when you're out doing your hobbies or your lifestyle, it allows you a place to eat, sleep and use the facilities. This is important part of it.

So one of the things that has always driven me crazy in this segment is a lot of bathroom doors that open up just like your house. Well, if you've got your partner in here, you're constantly bumping into each other, you have to get out of the way of the doors. So the engineering team did a great job of adding a tambour door. So it's all contained in the bathroom that way you can slip right in very easily and you don't have to navigate a door coming in and out inside the unit. Um The other nice thing here is they're tight. Listen, this is the part of this category where

things get a little tight so we really need to utilize our space wisely. It is what we call a wet bath, everything is inside this enclosure. Um So therefore we do have a toilet paper holder that is covered.

So the tissue doesn't get wet after you've used the shower, it does have a vent in it and um so it's really gonna move a lot of air. So whether it's steam from the shower or you just want to get some fresh in there in there for a lot of reasons understood. It's got a great vent in addition to the tambour door which is aluminum gives it that Airstream look.

And D.N.A. We also added aluminum on the top and bottom of the of the shower surround. All right, so this is a multi-use room. Clearly we see um cushions here mattresses. So it's your bed. This will come over and we'll demonstrate that here in a bit and it will connect in these holes here. So you have a nice bed and before we do that. So you can see it, you think, wow, that's kind of up a little bit, that might be a tough bed to get into. Don't worry about it. Our engineers are on it. So down here is a drawer with um

step tread, so you can hop up into bed and get in and out easily. And then if you're not using it you can actually use it for storage as well because we want to use every square inch now. A couple other things here to point out, you'll notice that we have a phone holder here, it's a wireless charger, so it'll charge your phone while you're sleeping.

And the other nice thing about it is is there's a there's a space here for a second phone. So if you and your partner are back here, that phone can actually charge into a hook up right on the end of this wireless charger. You'll also notice we have a panel here for um switches, this is going to turn on all your lights on your bathroom light. So consider it's in the middle of the night and you want to get out of bed and use the restroom. Obviously the lights are on now, but you can turn them off and on.

Um you can actually turn on the bathroom light right here, you can actually stop the generator or start the generator from this switch. So we recognize there's some things when you're back here. Just it just makes sense on adding a switch. Now, these are actually an RF switch, they're not hardwired. So if you don't like it here, you can move it and same with the switch up in the front that turns on the patio lights and you'll notice a temperature here. So it's measuring what the temperature is to keep you nice and cool or warm, depending on what you need. It's a thermal um sensor here to help you.

Let's talk about that real quick. The insulation that we're using on Rangeline is something that Airstreams never used before. It's called lizard skin and basically, it is a film that we spray to all four sides of this um motorhome and it's it's nice because it does a couple of things it allows us to upfit it still easily because the spray lays on the metal, but it also, in addition to thermal qualities, it has sound dampening. I challenge you to test drive a range line. This is a quiet quiet ride and if you think about a sink in your house is how all metal sink.

When you go underneath the sink, you'll notice it's sprayed because because they don't want that hollow sound. Well, these vans are hollow metal vans. So what this spray does is not only is it insulated but it also really helps the acoustics and when you're driving down the road, it really helps the sound dampening. So awesome insulation. Can't see it.

All the cabinets are on top of it, but it's something unique in this space that Airstream is doing that. O=0thers are not. A couple other things to point out is this is a great garage. You know, you've got a lot of equipment, you're doing things in your active lifestyle. You have the track here, the aluminum track, so you can actually store bikes in here. You can put all types of kayaks or you know, that will go up to the front, whatever you want. It's, it's flexible space. You can set it up exactly how you want it.

There are some motion censored lights at night, those will come on. So when you do get up or moving or when you open up this area at night to grab your gear, those lights will automatically come on as well. So it's nice and lit up for you. And then tons of storage, you know, you look over the beds, both sides. Um, four doors of storage back here for some added gear. We've added some drawers in the bed bases as well. So let's talk about these bed bases. There's a lot of equipment under it. In fact,

underneath this one is our water tank, it's above floor. There's a lot of coaches that we've built where the water tank is below floor. Um, so what's nice is whatever you've set the temperature on the inside of the coach and your water tanks protected. So for those of you who like to to go into cold temps. Um that's what's going on. Under this side too is the new Timberline system. This is a panel here that you can access it if

you need to adjust the fluids in it or just do maintenance or any type of service work. And then on the side over here is all of our electrical components, the game changer battery is under here um you can have access to that and then um all of the wiring um comes together back here as well. So for servicing, that's what you do. And then in addition you do have two windows that open up so you can get a cross breeze back here right now we've got the blinds on but within the blinds at night if you're sleeping you can actually put some stuff and stored in here whether it's cellphones or books or whatever else that you're using, tablets. Um whatever you have close to the bed, so you can see bed folds down the mattress goes across. But look at the storage you have underneath down here.

That could be a doghouse for your furry friend. And if you look underneath this mattress, you'll see some springs. So it really does give a lot of comfort for a little van. Um It does feel very residential and then you can see where this has hooked into the other side to uh to make it nice and secure. This is the other option you have, which is the Silver Admiral um, color for the decor that we're gonna show you.

But before I do there's just one more thing, a new pop-top option. This pop-top comes from Italy. It's been in the European market for several years. So it's really tested and tried and true and it offers sleeping for two. We've gone and also added a fan up top to give

you a lot of ventilation to maybe pull some of the air conditioning up from the coach. Obviously, this canvas opens up as well. So we're really excited to share that with you. So if you have a family and a couple of small kids or if you're just wanting to get up there yourself with your buddy who's on going to travel with you, you've got lots of options. So, awesome feature, let's check out the inside color here for the Admiral Navy. On both colors, the laminate will say the same, but you do have an option of the seating covers to change the Moonstone Gray is the other one. And then of course this is the Admiral Navy

option that you have available. Okay, so now we're inside the cockpit of the Rangeline and this is really the RAM Pro Master portion of the video and there's a lot to show here way more than I can probably even covering this video. The dealers will do a great job But we're starting Rangeline out with the model year 2022 Pro Master um, and there's a there's been quite a few updates to their, to their chassis. The first is it's a push button key similar to

your car, so you have these in your pocket, you don't have to get them out, you can just hit that button and things will start. There's a holder for your phone that's also wireless charger right here in the middle in the center console, how convenient is that? So you just place your phone there, it'll charge it and then it has all the connectivity and their infotainment center with um carplay navigation and all of these items. So we, a lot of these things are our options, there's bigger screen is an option, Airstream um, selects and um it's just a great infotainment center, you'll notice you can do dual screens, you know, if you really want to just have all of the navigation, you can just increase the size of it so you can determine what you um wanna settle on. You know, lots of media opportunities, you can put in satellite radio, obviously FM, but then you can connect with carplay or bluetooth has all the comforts, so your climate, everything can be controlled here and they add some real smart features. If you're looking for a gas station, you can actually just click that button and so that's a pretty cool feature and then clearly device manager for your phone and then um, a lot of your settings for this. Do you want it to beep when you're clicking this? What's your profile look like? You can manage your trips up here and then they have availability of a lot of apps that you can download as well um, and also tied in to Alexa, so you can start to do some voice commands when you're driving down the road. So the electronics here in the 2022 Pro Master

Ram Pro Master is outstanding. You've got all your charging points. USB, USB C, and 12-volt chargers as well. You got this really nice feeling steering wheel. It's nice and thick which I like. Um, and you have all of your controls for cruise control and volume and voice activations. In fact, if you even look up here in the cluster, it's all now digital.

These aren't just your traditional gauges. Um, these are all digital gauges. It drives fantastic. It's a 3.6 liter V6 engine. So it's got some go in it and it's got a 9-speed transmission which is new to uh, the RAM Pro Master as well. So that's Rangeline I really appreciate you joining us today and learning more about this exciting new product and I have to say there's a lot of advantages of buying from Airstream, you're part of a group that's been around for 91 years. We have a great club that you can now access. We have factory service,

not a lot of B van manufacturers will do retail customer factory service in Jackson Center. And then of course, we have the best dealers across the nation that are willing to service you as well. Make sure you go to, check out your closest dealer because nothing beats getting in one in person and drive it, touch it, feel it. Our sales people will walk you through every little feature and then you can really appreciate what we just covered here today.

So again, thank you for your time and I hope we see you soon at a dealer near you. Thank you.

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