Ahmedabad Best Tourist Places to Visit 2022 || Khao Gali, Riverfront, Sabarmati Ashram, Rani ki vav

Ahmedabad Best Tourist Places to Visit 2022 || Khao Gali, Riverfront, Sabarmati Ashram, Rani ki vav

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So here we're in Gandhi's room, where he used to sit and interact with the people who come from all around the world. And, you can see the Charkha of Gandhi. The way this is decorated is very beautiful. From downwards to upwards, if you see this well is made beautifully Hello Everyone !!! Welcome back to OTA Expert !!! Guess where we're now. We're in the bank of the Sabarmati River and what I found strange here is that ! River is beautiful as well but the they built here is convenient for walking and for cycling as well. If we see next side "Father of the Nation" also known as Bapu as well.

His ashram "Sabarmati Ashram'" is located in the banks of the Sabarmati river. As you all know that we're travelling to Dwarika Dhish. So first we're starting are series from Ahmedabad only. Expect, the most richest person, Gujarat also known for his cultural heritage as well.

That's why this city also known for its ancient architectures and cultural heritage. Mahatma Gandhi established Gandhi Ashram and he chose Ahmedabad city for it. We're starting are day with Bapu's " Sabarmati Ashram ". And, here is the full side map. We got a very warm welcome in Ahmedabad and recently, we done a South Indian breakfast. Tiya prefer Dosa with Chutney not Sambhar.

In cities, we feel little embarrass for keep on asking Chutney. But here, forcefully they are giving us and they're serving us very happily. By seeing this hospitality we remember " Athiti Devo Bava ". Here, what I found interesting is that this Kuti has two names as follows Vinoba Kuti and Mira Kuti.

First, I got confused to see that why it has two names. As we got to know that Bairagi Vinoba Bhave used to lived here and Once of the disciple of Gandhi's which is a foreigner. " Kumari Madeleine Slade " She used to lived here from 1925 to 1933. By looking her penance Gandhi got impressed and.... He gave her name Mira that's why this Kutiya is also known as Mira Kuti as well.

Hridya Kunj !!! This place is Mr. Gandhi and Mrs. Kasturba Gandhi where they used to live. Mr. Gandhi lived here with his wife for approx 12 years. This are the rules of he ashre4am which is very important to follow. Myself Pratiba Ben Bora.

in Gandhinagar Ashram " Hridyakunj " I'm a communicator and guide. We tells about Gandhi ji, his ashram, his life and his thoughts and we also show the demonstration of his Charkha. Recently Uk Prime minister Boris Johnson came here and we thought him how to move Charkha. With that Arvind Kejriwal and Bhagwant Man also came here and we also show him the Charkha demonstration as well. We tells about the Gandhi ji's Ashram.

Can you please so us the demo of the charkha as well. This is the portable box that we can carry anywhere. So this is the bunch of raw cotton During plucking cotton you can remove the stich in order to prepare the bunch of cotton like it. After rotating it, this spindle rotates as well and we put some thread on the cotton After rotating it, this will rotate by itself and this thread will catch the fiber of cotton.

See that's how the thread is made and Gandhi ji use to do like this to made his clothes by himself only. After holding from here and rotating 2 to 3 rounds its traps more cotton in it. So this thread will tight and strong as well because I twist it, then we collect it.

That's how thread is made and when spindle is full than we put in in collective leave..... ....to make a group of threads like the way in the Gandhi's photo and it'll be the part of the handloom. Then afterwards through this threads the clothes is made is called khadhi totally hand made. This is how local clothes are made, we should accept locals why to accept foreigners clothing. So Gandhi ji burned the foreign clothing and put locals clothing in front. Decentralization.. production by masses. He don't want mass production, so it's important that every hands get work. No one in my country should sleep in empty stomach that's why he give work to the people and made his own clothes by himself only.

In 1915, Gandhi ji left Africa and come to India forever. There is one more ashram of Gandhi ji in Ahmedabad named as Kocharab Ashram. He started from there only and stayed for 2 years as well which is just 4 mile away but...... due to infested with plague in 1917 he has to shift here. Gandhi ji stayed here for 12 years and this is his first Charkha. Gangaben Majumdar find this Charkha for Gandhi ji and when he got it, he enamor that he finds his lost friend.

Here, you can see the things related to Gandhi ji... Wooden sandal !! Gandhi ji three monkeys !! Plates !! They are many articles here and the Gothar which is store room and in the side is kitchen area... Where Kasturba Gandhi used to cook.

This is room of the Kasturba Gandhi where she used to live. Prathana Bhoomi !!! In this ashram you can feel the positive and positive vibes which we usually feels in the ashrams. As we all know don't listen bad, don't see bad and don't say bad, this thought is already famous. We can see this beautiful statues. Here, is the museum of Gandhi ji where you can see all the related things of him. His words and thoughts are very deep and meaningful at the same time.

You see this Dandi March live tableau. With Sabarmati you done great you heard this devotional song. This statue is so lively that it feels like he can speak to us. The deep thoughts in museum and peace here This place is worth to visit, if you come here do visit. Now we go ahead.

There are many places to show, so let's continue. We're in "Rani Ki Vav" and it is also known as step well because It is man made step well but the name is "Rani Ki Vav" he. As we reach the Ahmedabad we start getting messages in Instagram.

Due to people suggestion we add it in our itinerary and now we explore "Khao Gali". Where are different options for food, cheap and best. We will see it as well and the way, name of this is Rani ki vav... Why is this name let's see and it is an very interesting story... Generally, we thought that we just listen Generally, Kings built many things for there Queen but.. here queen made this for his king, let's see which type of stepwell is this.

Just by entering you can see this beautiful temple. See this beautiful cut work made by glasses. After entry front gate we saw temple and the entry of step well is from gate no. 4.

Here is the ticket counter, where Indian visitors - 25 INR and foreign visitors - 300 INR and there is 5 INR discount if we pay online. Now we entered in cameras and stands are not allowed that's why we shooting with mobile only. This huge gardens are made around step well.

In center this are the step wells which is made for rain water harvesting that what we've studied. The way this wall crafts had made is beautiful. Queen Udyamati made this for his husband who is Solanki Emperor named as Bheem Dev Pratham. Now we're inside the well and from downwards to upwards, if you see this well is made beautifully. It's made in year 1063 and if you see the condition is very well maintained It's contains under the archaeologist that's why it's well maintained.

This is our responsibility to take care of this heritage. If you come here this is one of the good place and many people come here to visit. We're in now law garden and other side is the "Khao Gali" where you street foods. I just saw the market through car and feeling greedy for shopping, so first go to market then we eat something. We're taking short cut from inside the garden.

We parked our car roadside because people usually park there. By taking the shortcut through garden, look at the crowd and the temperature is low due to cool weather.... From here market begins, where you can get beautiful traditional and ethnics wears. What I found most attractive here is the dupattas. Look at this traditional jewelry and one of this I get gifted by someone. Look at this beautiful articles... What's the cost ?

I'm very fond of earrings. Look at this huge earrings, who wears it ? This lehenga !! What's the price ? 2500 INR !!! So only Lehenga or the full set.. ok full set. There are lot of varieties here jackets etc, but before coming here one of our viewer warn us that.....

if you come here then you have to do bargaining even you get at 50 % off. Let's try to bargain see which article we get. The way this decorated is very beautiful. In what range is this? everything is in different range !! this black one !!

Ok it's 2500 of one set INR. There are lots of dupattas here and I'm thinking that I should purchase each and every one. Money is going from other pocket so he ordered me to buy only two. So we buy two of it and cloth is very good. Two in 500 INR. We've seen this in Jaipur this bags our also available in Jaipur as well.

By seeing this sweet and sour pills I miss my childhood. From here Khao Gali begins, where are lots of options to eat. Most people here eating "Gol Gappe" let's see what we eat. So this is the Gol Gappe with the filling of potatoes and chickpeas. Let's see how it's taste. Brother !! Give one plate Gol Gappa.

So here is this special "Gol Gappa" full fill with water, first have before any problems occur. First one little sour now try sour and sweet. Whole khao gali is neat n clean and approved by municipal to sell street foods. Even in full evening you can have your dinner by eating different stuffs. We heard by someone that here "Pav bhaji" is very tasty so we tried one.

This is the special Pav Bhaji with amul butter, there's a lot of butter and the quantity of bhaji is pretty good as well. Here is the two Pav's let's have it first then we'll tell what's special in it. First mix butter. Hot and crispy mix with butter. Delicious !!! I thought why it's so expensive 190 INR In generally its inexpensive but here are the plenty of cashews.

We generally didn't see street food this clean but here cleanliness is maintain very well. My mouth is fully cooled right now and Vidit, Tiya will love it for sure. Next time we'll make them it. Smoky biscuits !! No second one I'll not eat, make him eat.

This biscuits are filled with nitrogen that's where the smokes is coming. I didn't know anything about chemicals, those who knows it comment below. And tell me is it safe or not because we already have it. Today is very congested due to Eid and the park and Khao Gali is full as well. Since morning we're roaming around in Ahmedabad we're not getting the feel of big city. It's 10:45 pm and we're in sindhu bhavan road.

Actually, we got know to know from Naveen Sir and Kavita mam that this actual Ahmedabad By looking at the night life it's not look like we're in small city. So this is the night life you cannot say that this is during night. So after roaming and eating around we finally reach the NCC crossroad where we began our journey. It's been amazing to be here let us know through your comment that how much you like it. Whenever you come here you can try this things.

We will try to go Dhwarikadhish tomorrow sharp 6 am in the morning because there as well we've to show you a lot of things and from there, where we'll go ,we'll tell you in our next blog. Until then, like, share and subscribe this channel and like this keep on travelling with OTA Expert Sapna. JAI MA GANGE !!! HAR HAR GANGE !!!

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