Above the Clouds in Thailand / Chiang Rai Grand Tour / Thai Food Adventures on a Motorbike

Above the Clouds in Thailand / Chiang Rai Grand Tour / Thai Food Adventures on a Motorbike

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Hey hey hey! Welcome back to our hungry adventures! And welcome to amazing Chiang Rai! Chiang Rai is the most northern province of Thailand located in about 800 kilometers away from Bangkok.. it borders with Myanmar and Laos.. and here we can find the legendary Golden Triangle.. you probably have heard about it..

Chiang Rai is one of the best choices for everyone who loves riding motorbikes.. and for everyone who wants to experience the real Northern Thailand.. here you can find authentic and delicious Northern Thai food.. here you can find numerous tea plantations..

and also there are many amazing mountains where we can witness the most breathtaking views in the country.. anyway today we begin a long journey around Chiang Rai.. in other words "The Grand Tour of Chiang Rai"..

and if you got some time and empty space in your stomach and you are ready to waste your precious time together with me.. then you can join me in this hungry adventure.. let's go! hello.. is the restaurant open? yes, it's open.. okay, I'll take this one for 150 Baht.. you should eat it with these steamed buns..

or can eat it with rice too.. can try this one.. this one and that.. We begin our today's journey in a place called Mae Salong.. it is a small mountainous village with a very strong Chinese influence..

because many people living here (most of them) have moved here from Yunnan Province in China around 60-70 years ago.. I will tell you the history of this place a  little bit later.. and since there are many people from Yunnan - it means there are many restaurants with mixed and Yunnanese food.. which is why I've come to a place called "Salima Restaurant" right here.. and ordered a Yunnanese style beef curry with some steamed buns..

and I feel incredibly hungry which is why I just can't wait to try it! oh looks very appetising.. smells nice.. what is this? potato.. beef curry Yunnan..

just look at the texture of this curry.. beef curry with potato looks just amazing this is so tasty! probably this is the best beef I tried this year.. it's so tender and so fragrant.. the smell is amazing..

so flavourous oh... now I know why she recommended me to try it with these buns.. because we can take one bun.. maybe just half of it..

just look how amazing it is.. wow! this dough is so creamy.. okay I think I'm gonna move to Chiang Rai and stay here..

and eat your Yunnanese food every day.. I'll be fat and happy.. today is friday.. and there is a risk that some of the hotels might be fully booked.. because Friday and Saturday is the weekend time and many Thais love to visit such villages in the mountains..

which is why I decided to reserve a room first and then continue hanging around in this village..   Last time (two years ago) I stayed here in a place called "Little Home" right in this room on the second floor... and the night here cost 800 Baht..

it was lovely.. it was quiet at night even though there is a road next to the hotel.. actually all the hotels and restaurants are located along the road here.. However today I decided to check out the first hotel ever built in Mae Salong - 50 years ago in 1970..

because I got an information that beds here are really comfortable.. let's check it out together! do you have a room available today? yes, we have available rooms.. 500 Baht.. with private shower room.. and 300 Baht for a room with shared bathroom and shower..

I don't want to share.. are the beds soft? the bed.. sleeping place.. soft or hard? you can check it up..

okay, may i see the room, please? clean toilet, shower with hot water.. here is the hairdryer.. two towels.. two more towels.. yeah.. no air-conditioning though, but in Mae Salong you don't need air-conditioning, because at night it's going to be really cool..

there are two windows with mosquito nets which you can actually lock.. so at night you can open the windows, close these mosquito nets, lock them and sleep.. and a fan of course but the major thing.. the major thing is of course the bed.. oh oh yeah..

this is just paradise for 500 Baht.. I just can't believe it is possible to get a room in a relatively popular place for 500 Baht with soft bed.. it's just one of the best mattresses you might need on the road.. oh yeah.. 500 Baht.. hard to believe! it means there is a chance that tomorrow in the morning I'll be able to get up early..   to see the sea of fog.. if there is the sea of fog of course..

maybe just the entire village is covered with fog.. but it's just beautiful.. soft bed, clean bathroom, a fan...

I feel extremely satisfied.. Sun is going down.. maybe we can find a sunset spot somewhere.. we can try..

Mickey Mickey, wake up! It's not a time to sleep yet! You know, when I said it is a small village - I wasn't exactly correct... it's a pretty big village.. hello.. it is popular with foreigners coming from Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai.. popular with Thai tourists..

however I don't see many cars here.. but it's Friday - let's see what's going to be tomorrow! it was raining all night - surprise surprise! and it was raining early in the morning.. which is why I allowed myself to sleep a little bit more.. besides that the mattress is a really soul-sucking mattress - it's hard to get out of bed.. and now it's around 10 a.m..

I believe the rainy clouds are moving away which is why we can explore Mae Salong village a little bit more.. there is a beautiful temple on the hill which is the highest viewpoint of this area, and which we can explore.. and then there is a market, which might be a little bit touristy but yet we can taste this authenticity of Mae Salong village.. and then just ride to Chiang Rai because today is Saturday, and today there is a Walking Street..

Chiang Rai Walking Street which I haven't visited yet.. It is going to be an exciting day with lots of coffee.. this body needs a lot of coffee.. I feel it..

it is a little bit foggy this morning.. which is why you don't get to see that clear view of the village as it's supposed to be on a sunny day .. however even now after the rain - it's just magical.. all right guys, it is a history lesson time..

In the first part of the previous century there was the Civil War in China between nationalist party KMT (Kuomintang) and Communist Party of Mao Zedong eventually Communist Party have won and KMT members had to leave.. Many of them left to Taiwan.. however there was one army division and KMT members in Yunnan province of China - they fleed to Burma..

however Burmese were not happy about it.. so after a few years of fighting with them - these members of KMT fleed to Thailand.. and what is interesting - Thai government allowed them to stay here.. if they will be policing the territory and helping them to fight against communist infiltration..

and they did.. there were really brutal battles and many soldiers have lost their lives.. and for this sacrifice Thai government has given  them Thai citizenship.. so everyone you see around.. almost everyone has got Thai citizenship.. which means they are the people of Thailand.. and what is more interesting is that throughout so many years they have saved their original authentic culture..

because we can see original Chinese architecture, we can see they sell tea, they sell coffee.. there are shops with Chinese products and so on.. which is quite amazing.. however now it is time for coffee, because I'm feeling my brain is not working yet.. Mae Salong coffee.. let's try it! light roast, dark roast, medium roast..

I want strong.. dark? okay, dark roast is fine.. double shot of coffee..

very strong.. and this is probably green tea.. and there is a reason for this..

Mae Salong is the heart of tea production of Thailand.. the best tea is being produced here in Mae Salong.. I love green tea.. and there is another interesting moment about this village and about many mountainous villages in Northern Thailand.. you see there are many beautiful colorful dresses for sale.. dresses, t-shirts, shirts, accessories, hats and Etc..

vegetables, honey, fruits and so on.. however people selling these things - they don't speak Chinese, they don't speak Thai.. they speak a bit different language and they look slightly different..

which makes me think that they are tribes people - maybe Karen people, maybe Hmong people, maybe Hill tribes from Burma.. and you can find them in many Northern Thai provinces - Phetchabun, Lampang, Mae Hong Son, Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. excuse me..

do you have a men's shirt? yes, i have.. do you like it? this one is hot.. I don't want feel hot.. this one is beautiful.. the white shirt.. can i take a look at this one..

it's beautiful.. Thailand i like this one.. how much is it? long sleeve - 250 Baht 250 Baht.. short sleeve - 200 Baht long sleeve - 250, short sleeve - 200 is it L-size? I think it's small.. it's a little bit small.. so we're waiting for the bigger size it's not that colorful so maybe I can really wear it in my daily life..  

because something like this is just too hot.. the fabric is very thick.. oh it's so big! can i try it? where can I try it? right here.. okay..

who's this sexy man? I'm that sexy man! really for free? choose which one you like.. oh it's beautiful.. handsome face..

blue one.. thank you so much.. can attach keys to your backpack.. all right then..

now I finally look like a decent local man.. it's time to find a wife! hello.. good job! okay where is the TV remote? I think it's better to change my shirt because it is too dangerous! tender beef.. wow! deliciousness! Hello..

coffee? coffee coffee.. fried pork! grilled pork.. hot! smells nice.. do you want to eat together? really? eat eat.. have you eaten yet? (in Chinese)

this one.. it's chili.. okay okay.. I've stopped to get some coffee because this is what you do in Northern Thailand..

you ride on beautiful roads, you drink coffee and enjoy local food.. and they decided to share with me this grilled pork  which looks very juicy and is covered with chili seeds.. so juicy! I forgot how to say "tasty" in Chinese.. eat eat.. is it tasty? it's tasty.. thank you.. your coffee is over there..

a cup of coffee and the priceless view.. very strong coffee here in Mae Salong.. strong and tasty.. Chiang Rai Walking Street - only on Saturday from 3 pm till 10 pm.. I had to spend some time looking for a hotel..

because it's Saturday and just like in Chiang Mai - most of the hotels in the city are fully booked.. except for the expensive ones.. so I spent some time looking for something comfortable and affordable, and I found a place in 10 kilometers away from the city..

but it's okay.. just in case you'll be traveling to Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai on weekend - book your hotel in advance.. that's a really great advice.. anyway it's dinner time! wow what a busy place.. I didn't expect there are going to be so many people.. really a crowd.. and it's probably like this every Saturday..

Chiang Rai is alive.. amazing.. Guys, the music is very loud and it's kind of uncomfortable to walk with camera in the crowd.. plus all of the vendors are pretty busy..

so I'm just gonna buy some chicken and eat it in a hotel room.. let's save the energy for another time.. we can fry another time.. maybe in a less touristy place somewhere in Chiang Rai.. but yeah the variety of food is amazing.. and the music is pretty loud but unfortunately I don't know the lyrics of those songs..

I'll see you in the morning! hello.. do you have Khao Soi? you can take a look at the menu.. we have khao soi with chicken, pork and beef..

I would like to order Khao Soi with chicken "special".. and Sai Ua (Northern Thai sausages) too.. we don't have them..

we have different type of sausages.. and what is it? is it delicious? yes, it's delicious! okay, I should try it! I'll take it too.. 2 dishes.. will be eating here.. drinking water is over there.. please feel free to drink.. Of course, guys, I am not going anywhere without trying some Khao Soi.. because this is not hungry adventures.. these are Khao Soi adventures..

we're in Northern Thailand and I've got Khao Soi diet.. oh yeah it's good.. I wanted to try Northern Thai sausages called Sai Ua..

but this lady - she's got something different.. this one is called Moo Mueang.. and this is tamarind sauce.. Tamarind in Thai language is "Makham".. so let's try it straight away..

very juicy... interesting taste.. very hungry! some peppermint... mojito! mojito with pork! very concentrated.. is this made of strawberry? what is this? black rhigone.. I don't even know what is it.. not fruit, not vegetable.. looks like ginger but it is not..

is it mangosteen? may i try it, please? okay now I'm gonna ride a little bit slower.. I take it.. Better I'll take this one .. this one is better.. mangosteen.. it's tasty..

thank you.. excuse me.. are you Akha people or not? we are not.. we are Thai Yai people.. Burma, Thai Yai..

Originally from Burma, right? Because I've noticed you have Burmese style make up.. thank you.. I'm pretty sure that sooner or later, today or tomorrow.. there will be a moment when I will be very happy about buying this bottle of fruit wine.. there's gonna be cold and windy place I'm sure..

because we're going closer to the mountains.. as you can see.. hello.. I am going to Tachileik.. May I see your passport? is this one okay? yes, it's okay.. So many tourists here... Guys, this is the most northern part of Thailand..

there is no Thailand beyond this point.. if you walk 50 meters in this direction you get to say "Minglarbar" which means "hello" in Burmese.. however here you still can say "Sawasdee Krub" to everyone..

there is a Walking Street where you can buy all stuff that you don't really need - some mushrooms, some knives, some lights and Etc.. actually what a great idea to sell knives on the border! you can take a picture here and there is nothing else to do.. but the road was pretty awesome.. there are so many military checkpoints so I decided not to risk and not to fly my drone.. I don't want to make people with rifles, people with guns (the army) to feel suspicious.. who is this European guy? is this Russian spy flying over the border, huh? no no no, we still got many places to see..

next station - the Golden Triangle.. let's go! let's go! yeah it was the Golden Triangle.. the legendary Golden Triangle which now has become a very popular tourist destination.. probably one of the major tourist destinations of Chiang Rai province..

however in the last century it used to be the major center of "brown sugar" production.. you know certain sort of "brown sugar".. "brown sugar" that you are trying once and then you just can't live without this "brown sugar".. you just can't live without it! anyway..

it was just a place to stop to take a few pictures.. because our next station is located in two hours drive from here.. on the border.. in mountains on the border with Laos..

probably we will arrive after the sunset because.. Sun is going down now and it's almost sunset time.. what time is it? 5 PM..

but it is really worth it, so you gotta continue watching, guys.. because this next station, the next place is the highlight of today's episode.. it is the highlight of this Chiang Rai tour.. Grand Tour!

let's go! and here is my dinner.. in the middle of nowhere.. deliciousness.. deliciousness.. 45 size of my shoes and here is the size of the new friend.. Chateau Bordeaux 1998..

Guys, you probably want to know where are we.. well, actually me too.. unfortunately there is no internet signal.. there is no 4G.. it shows me 3G and only one bar.. but I can't update my Instagram feed, I can connect with Google..  

we are somewhere in mountains of Chiang Rai very close to Laos.. and tomorrow early in the morning we'll make an attempt to see the sunrise.. if I'll be able to get up at 4.30 AM to see the sunrise, to see the sea of fog.. to see the Laos from Thailand..

however for now - it's Moo Kata time! so what is this place, guys? it is a huge mountainous range stretched along the border between Laos and Myanmar.. it actually forms the natural border between the countries.. and there are several mountains in the area which  are open for visitors.. the major and the most popular one called "Phu Chi Fa" - it means "pointing to the sky".. its height is about 1440 meters..

however since it is popular with tourists I decided to choose another one, which is less known.. and it is called "Phu Chi Dao" - it means "pointing to the stars" or "reaching the stars".. its height is 1800 meters.. and it was unforgettable! for a moment I really have forgotten that I woke up at 4.40 AM - which is just unbelievable for me..

the sunrise was amazing.. and the entire area really reminds me Phu Tab Berk in Phecthabun, however there are not that many resorts here.. there are just few of them and I booked this place.. I paid 1000 Baht for this room.. there are big rooms cost 2 000 Baht, in case if you come with a group of people..

the bed was soft, thick blanket, soft pillows.. the balcony where I've eaten "Moo Kata".. and a really nice view.. there are many places to put a tent if you want to.. camping areas.. however this area is not that developed as Phu Tab Berk in Phetchabun province.. and it looks amazing.. all right..

This lazy man must keep moving, because someone brought rain to this area.. and guess who did that? let's grab some coffee and this is the Phu Chi Fa area.. A little bit more resorts.. but still it looks pretty beautiful..

and it's very quiet in the afternoon time on Monday.. chicken, chicken, chicken.. hello.. May I buy the half of chicken? how much for the half? 80 Baht.. do you also have coffee? coffee is available over there.. where can I park? chicken, chicken, chicken..

it's chicken time.. hello.. what do you have available? fresh coffee? don't have.. maybe ancient coffee? no ancient coffee? we have latte, espresso.. okay, Nescafe..

a little bit sweet, and some milk, please.. beautiful chicken for 80 Baht.. and Nescafe with milk - 30 Baht.. I kept riding on this beautiful road hello.. and then realized that it's a little bit hot..  

because I moved away from the mountains.. and in fact we're in Phayao province, we have already left Chiang Rai.. which means it is a completely different story..

we have to end this episode.. and it is a time for you to hit the like button if you have enjoyed this journey!   it was pretty exciting.. and I feel like I need a little bit of sleep.. a little bit more..

share this video with your friends, subscribe to the channel if you aren't already.. and I'll see you in the next episode pretty soon somewhere else.. but yeah you gotta hit the like button if you want to see more adventures like this! more motorbike journeys..

yeah Mickey goes to sleep.. bye-bye..

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