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Today we're delving into the world of Georgian  Bath. One of the most famous residents was   of course Jane Austen and her presence is  fell to this day. At the Jane Austen Centre   we enjoying a scrumptious cream tea, we're  visiting the Roman baths, a fantastic shop,   a gin bar and of course we walk around to  capture the breathtaking architecture for you. Good morning! Good morning! Now this morning  we're stepping into the world of Jane Austen   because we're going to the Jane Austen Centre.  Yes we will discover Regency Bath. Yes. Jane  

Austen lived in Bath from 1801 until 1806 and it's  always so nice to be here. I think the last time   we visited the Jane Austen Centre - how long ago?  6 years? Yeah, I believe 6 years. It was lovely. So this is the original costume -  Sally Hawkins played an Anne Elliot in   'Persuasion'. It's such a lovely film  in case you haven't watched it. And  

I'm just realising how short Sally  Hawkins is. I'm just average size.   I feel like a giant. Incredible. It's  great that they have the costume here. Which one do you prefer? Who's the original? Now, he looks a little bit disheveled,   doesn't he? He does yeah. All smiley. Good  morning Mr Darcy! How are you? Not bad,  

not bad. I'd like to do this all over again -  yeah - like when we did the Jane Austen Festival. We need some groceries and I need to write a  shopping list. What do we need? I'm using a quilt   as you do. Okay because we are German we write  the shopping list in German. Knäckebrot. Bananen. So what are we having? The Lady Catherine's cream  tea. I'm having the gluten free, Jörg is having   the regular version. Then I'm going for the Jane  Austen tea blend. What are you having? I'm having  

a Russian Caravan. That's the one I can't deal  with. Isn't that really strong? Yes, it's strong   and smoky. Yes. I love it. I really like the the  view from here. A lovely view into Gay Street. Are you hungry? Yes, I'm very hungry.  How do you like the tea room? Very nice  

and cosy. And still very quiet which is  great. As always I had to check what kind   of china this is the brand and I don't  know it seems to be especially made for   the Jane Austen Centre because it says  'Jane Austen Netherfield Collection'. It's beautiful beautiful, isn't it? Really lovely. Let's try the Jane Austen  blend. Smells nice. Very nice.

Gluten free cream tea so two gluten  free scones and Jörg was like okay   why are yours so big and mine so he has  the regular scones are that small! Yeah,   that's strange. You should have gone for gluten  free Jörg. Usually it's the other way around so. So this was our second time at the Jane  Austen Centre and we really like it because   it's a smaller and very intimate place. Yes  and people are so nice. Yes. Mr Knightley,   you know who you are. Yeah. Thank you so  much. It was amazing to meet you. Yes. It   was really a pleasure. Yes. And also we mustn't  forget, I was going to say afternoon tea. No,   it was cream tea. Yeah. Lovely. Really lovely  so - the scones were really good. Yes. Now  

we're going to wander around a little bit. Now  in 1799 Jane Austen stayed here in this building   which is 13 Queen Square for 1 month together  with her mom before she moved here in 1801. When Jane Austen's dad died she moved  here with her mom and sister. This is  

25 Gay Street which is quite close to  the Jane Austen Centre so this is the   house and the Jane Austen Centre is  down the road about 100 m from here. What's your favourite place Jörg because we're  now at The Circus which is so beautiful. It's   my favourite part of Bath of part of Bath. To  be honest I don't know. Do - I really don't   know. Do you prefer the Royal Crescent over  this? No. I think this is - yeah - special  

because it's a circle. Mhm. The other one is  just the Royal Crescent is just imposing. It's   it's like - yeah - like wah, it's big and  it's wow. That's so true. Yeah. Very posh.   Yes. I mean this here looks very posh too but  it's so beautiful. I I think this looks a bit   more elegant. I don't know. As you said  the the Royal Crescent is just wow. So big. So this time we're not staying in a hotel  here in Bath but in a little apartment here on  

Norfolk Crescent and it's really good because  it's only a 5 to 10 minute walk into the city   centre. As I mentioned outside this time we're  not staying at a hotel or a B&B because I stumbled   upon this small apartment online and it was such  an amazing deal also because there's currently,   there's scaffolding outside and you don't  have any view right now. We said you know   what? That doesn't matter because we're  walking around Bath all day long anyway.   And it's actually a great base because  it's only a 5 minute walk so what could be better? Good morning! Good morning! I think  you might be able to tell where we are this   morning. If not I'm going to tell you. We're  at the Roman Baths. Yes. It's Jörg's first time   here. I came here with my American friend when  I studied in Cambridge. I think it's coming up   23 years. It's crazy. It's great to be back.  Yes and I always wanted to visit the Roman  

Baths. Yes. I mean we we went to Bath several  times but - yeah - it's finally time to visit   this place. Yes because think about it.  It's 2,000 years of history. Yes. Well,   this is what gave Bath its name. The famous land,  it's a famous landmark. Yeah. And behind us I   think that's just iconic. So I think this here  is just a famous picture. Yeah. Yeah? And just   think about it 2,000 years ago the Romans were  dipping their toes into this water. Yes. It's  

great to be here. Yeah. Finally. This grand  Roman bathing complex was constructed between   60 and 70 AD. The ruins were excavated during  the Victorian era when the public became more   interested in Britain's Heritage. Bath is the  only place in the UK with natural warm springs   which is probably the reason why the Romans  were attracted to it. Roman bath houses were   not just places for leisure and relaxation  but also places for socialising and worship.

So you can taste the water here from the  spring and Jörg is going to do it. I heard   that it doesn't taste really nice so  - it's warm. Yeah? Yes. Well, that's good. Tastes really old. It tastes old.

Just like regular water? Yeah. A little bit like, I don't know. Now this  was very fascinating. I think seeing this old   site you just think how advanced it was. Yes  and we still do these kind of things today.   It's like a like a spa. You pay a lot of money for  it nowadays. Yes yeah because you've got a sauna,   you've got a pool, get massages - yes - and even  you can have something to eat. Yes you can, well,   that's what they they showed. You could buy  oysters. Also something nowadays incredibly  

posh and expensive. Yeah. So you liked it?  Yes I like it very much. Yeah. And so it's   Saturday morning. What we can recommend is  going first thing. Yeah. We went there at   9:00 o'clock and it was so quiet. Really nice.  Yeah because now it's full. Yes. It gets really  

busy. You know what? We didn't have breakfast  so we're going to have breakfast somewhere.   We we didn't book anything. We'll just have  a look. Yeah. So we came to a place that is   almost just opposite the Roman Baths.  It's called Square and Jörg is having  

pancakes with nuts and honey. And this is  Avocado Bénédict with or on gluten free toast. Okay, we're now going into a shop  called Berdoulat which I stumbled upon on   YouTube. It's supposed to be really nice. It's in  a Georgian building and was remodelled during the   Victorian era by three eccentric Victorians.  Let me show you the front. It's really beautiful.

I I somehow fell in love with these ceramic  fruits and I think we're going to get one pear. Guys, just to let you know this shop is  absolutely, I know I keep saying it all the   time but it's absolutely stunning and so special.  Look! This looks like a Swedish clock, doesn't   it? Yes. It's like a Mora clock. So I think the  downstairs used to be for servants. That's what  

I read. How stunning. So it seems to be French. I  love this. Such a special shop. We can't believe   that we've we've never been in this street.  No. We always walked past it. Unbelievable. So this is the street where you find  Berdoulat. Yeah, Margaret's Buildings.   Yes. Margaret's Buildings. Hope you can hear  that. And it's got a lot of nice shops. Yeah.   Independent shops. And the funny thing  is. So we walked past this street like  

a gazillion times and never visited this  street. It's so beautiful. By the way,   this is what we bought at the beautiful Berdoulat  store. This gorgeous porcelain pear. And it will   live in our new kitchen once it's ready which  will probably be the end of the year but we   really fell in love with this and it's also  a fantastic reminder of our visit to Bath. We are at the Bath Gin Distillery because have  a look here. You just have to. Jane was here. So, well, this is a non-alcoholic  Cosmopolitan and yours is - a Negroni. Are you tipsy? The music in there was so loud. Was, what  was the name of your cocktail? Negroni. Negroni.  

Yeah - which is - gin with campari and something  else. Okay. The important thing is gin. Well,   mine was the best because there was  no there was no alcohol in it. Non-   alcoholic Cosmopolitan. It was nice. It  was nice. Sounds very posh. I think you  

have to come here. People in there are  quite, well, I think most of them are   quite tipsy. Yeah, a bit. You can even take gin  tours. You can book them. It's a nice bar. Well,   you know what? As always we just leave the  link for you down below in the info box. Yeah. The sun is out now. Finally because we  had heavy rain all night and it didn't   look good at all this morning.  It feels like spring now. Yes.  

I think that's the first day actually  that it this year that it feels like this. So Jane Austen lived here in this  house from 1801 until 1805. This is   number 4 Sydney Place and she moved here  with her family when her dad decided to   retire. And and just a few meters away  from Jane Austen's former home you find   the Holburne Museum which a lot of you  might know from the series Bridgerton. This is the very first time that we're exploring  the former homes of Jane Austen. We've been to   Bath I think three or four times and we've  never done that so that's actually quite   exciting. Next to me is another home where  she lived and well, let me show you first.   This is 27 Green Park Buildings where a short  lease was taken after Jane's father died in 1805. So she moved around quite a bit and  all the places are in different corners of  

Bath. That's really interesting. I just said  Jane moved around in Bath quite a bit. Yeah.   Everything is I mean you can walk to these places  but - still it's - yeah in - one, two, three. I   know. Now that was quite some walking today.  And yesterday but we enjoyed it. We always  

enjoy Bath so much and we hope you enjoy the  video. Yeah. As always thank you so much for   watching and we'll see you again very soon  so until next time. Bye. Bye. Bye bye. Bye.

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