“The road is bad like this everywhere?” - Mexico |S6-E89|

“The road is bad like this everywhere?” - Mexico  |S6-E89|

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Wait You look like you already paid Oh It's for the tunnel? - They charge you With this you can pass - Oh Thank you! Viva Mexico hahaha! Good morning Internet, it is seven o'clock in  the morning and welcome back to the channel   The church bells.. see, seven o'clock.  I am here in the San Miguel de Allende   I've been of course mispronouncing it earlier when I completely forgot that two l's in Spanish   Are not pronounced as two l's. Silly me. Anyway, I am walking to the parking again to pick up Alaska   And then bring her back down and load her up and off we go. There she is, with my parking paper So today is going to be another 400  kilometer day, over 400 kilometers, I think   That'll keep me busy for the day. It's  beautiful weather. Moon is still out as well

Let's go! I forgot to take out the map again but uh.. I'll show it later but basically, I'm finally riding   pretty much north. I know I've just kind of been zigzagging through all the countries but I should   be riding north towards Alaska and today I'm riding pretty much in a straight line for.. for once

And I'm going to a place called.. .. Real de Catorce but first I have to  ride out of San Miguel de Allende   And this town is pretty famous for the Spanish architecture   It's a colonial town and these buildings  are built in a style called Mexican baroque Seems like most uh.. most of the houses are dark red   and yellow. I don't know if those are original colors, I would think so

It's pretty cool I have a feeling I am heading straight for those mountains ahead of me so that looks good The road's getting smaller and smaller Ah It already begins with the dirt Oh look, baby cave.. or no, this is See there's a very small shrine here. Oh wow, this goes deep Would it be.. would it be a mine? Let's investigate. Oh wow Oh, I can just stand up straight here, that's massive.. this keeps going Wow, I can't see anything. It gets very dark. Okay, let's head back

I just left Alaska out Okay, that was rather random Not sure what to think of that. Anyway, off we go Here's another one. This one has a.. .. Gate in front, improvised gate Hello Up I go, up I go I want to look at the view but I also have to look at the rocks in the front of me but wah, look at this And that aside Oh, almost didn't see it there. Just blend in

It's a chameleon cow That looks a bit eerie. Look at these trees The trees of death. Now I have no idea, I'm just making that up   I don't know what they're called. They look  pretty uh.. they look rather sad don't they?

There's loads of them here I think it's just, it doesn't have anything  to do with the tree, it's just some sort of..   .. I don't know parasite.. something  hanging off these trees It seems like it's just hanging.. off the trees See, it's not.. it's not part of the tree, is it? It's like a.. .. like a vine or something or I don't know. Anyone, please tell me.. what's this? Where's it come from?   Why is it hanging on all these trees? I wonder Alright Oh, am I wrong? Ah no, I'm wrong or am I? I don't know Do I need to be up here or down there? That's the question I don't know. I think here

Yeah, this must be it There's a tiny little river down below, it's not  much. Not a lot of water but there's something Ah, look at this I do not expect a church built here.. on a place like this Incredible Why is he walking his bike? Hello - Hello Everything ok with your bike? - Everything ok, I have a flat But here, they can patch it - Oh, ok, because I have air Ah, no, no, it's just over there. Where are you going? - Ok, ok Where are you going? I am going to Real de Catorce Ah, you go this way - This way right? This area is safe right? - Yes, it's all safe Yes, okay nothing happens Very good.. good luck!

Careful doggies Oh see, that car is in trouble Is is bad over there? Sorry? - The road is bad over there as well? Or not? I don't know. I'm not from here - You are not from here! You are going to Real de Catorce? - Yes, we are going there Yes, me too. I have no idea, it's my first time here Ok.. go on Come on, you can do it Oeh, a lot of wheel spin But he did it, he did it Let's give it a go It's a lot easier on Alaska Uh.. is this the road still? Oh man

Oh dear, this is.. very rough Yoi! Madness It's like you get rewarded with a piece of this   And then it turns really rough and then you  get rewarded again. It's bit hard.. this feels We made it to the next level, you get some  relaxing time and then the next challenge comes up Oh, that car is gonna struggle here as well I think they made a mistake coming this way Maybe so did I No, I'm still fine.. but no, you have to be  careful here.. because it's quite narrow   With cliffs on the side and then all these rocks   Okay, I am again on the other side of the mountain. I crossed another one

See, in the meantime I have climbed to almost 3 000 meters   You wouldn't think that hey? But I'm pretty high up Riding through.. I don't know some type of forest Wow What an area This whole limestone here again.  See? Same like the mars landscape Very similar, except for those beautiful red dunes Wooh! I think, I need a breather. This is hard  work, especially now that I realize  

I'm quite at altitude, you can hear it from my breathing as well, it's pretty high up What an amazing ride! I'm loving this ah.. it's amazing Oh oh. Oh, that dog is gonna go for  me. Yeah, you can see it.. or not   You're gonna go for me? Yeah yes, I knew  it. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh there's another one Go away, go away They looked like they were going to be the biting type so Remember the dog in Argentina that bit me? Since then..

Oh, there's horses as well Hi beauties Mules I mean you can't feel this but I think  it's a combination of the thin air   the temperature which is low here and just  this landscape that.. ah, it's just amazing Amazing to ride here This remains very, very rocky. I just really  hope those people in that car.. turned around   quick hey, after I met them because  they are gonna take forever, I think And that's the risk with places like this. Sorry, it's very windy here but uh.. you think ah it's  

only 25 kilometers but if you can.. if you're  crawling five kilometers per hour that's 25   kilometers is gonna take you five hours and I mean, it now it's already two o'clock in the afternoon So yeah, you can really underestimate that Beautiful horses I'm entering a small town but it's not yet.. Real de Catorce I think it's five or six more k's Ah, look Here is the normal road I'm here I have made it Ah, this is the famous tunnel Ah ha So this is the..

..Ogarrio tunnel it's called and it runs  for almost two and a half kilometers   And this tunnel is pretty famous  because it is drilled through..   .. Solid, solid rock and it's a one-way thing  only, I think so just waiting for the traffic Wait You look like you already paid Oh It's for the tunnel? - They charge you With this you can pass - Oh Thank you! Viva Mexico hahaha! Goodbye! Good luck! Okay, entering the tunnel I just met a whole bunch of uh.. bikers.. Mexican Harley Davidson riders. Ah, that was fun They just came from this side. Oh,  look there's even a shrine there I can't really stop and check it out, I think   'Cause probably on the other side the traffic is waiting to come in Just look at this piece of engineering work, hey What an insane tunnel I gotta say the Mexicans know how to build a tunnel Wow, this uh.. it's even like wooden.. how do you call them? The wooden pillars See up there? Here as well Incredible *Speaking Spanish* Danger.. yeah It really feels like I'm riding through a mine at the moment   This does not feel like a normal tunnel..  where you just ride through to get to a town

I see a daylight at the end of the tunnel Ah, the streets are amazing Hotel Hotel Yeah okay, maybe not. Oh, it's here Let's see if they have room. I got myself a place to stay so that is good news and now I am off to find   me some food because.. well, I'm starving. I did not eat it's uh.. four o'clock so.. it's interesting right?  Took me.. well, three and a half. Three  and a half hours to ride 50 kilometers   And then a little bit of searching for a hotel.  Oh, look at this. There is.. well, what is this? A robot That's cool Look, the hair is made out of chain And then oh, maybe they have a sprocket that fits Alaska, I can just pick it off this one That'll be nice. Anyway, this town is quite famous, it was built in or founded in 1776 so it's proper  

old and uh.. well, there was a royal mine here. Royal mine so that doesn't surprise me seeing all those   mining tunnels everywhere but yeah, used to be a mining town not sure if they're still doing some   mining in the area, wouldn't surprise me. Yeah, these.. these houses are proper old around here So we got some vegetarian tacos over here So I am going to end this video. I'm going to go back to place I'm staying, prepare all my things  

for the next ride and get some rest because  it was another long day. Um.. but awesome though   I absolutely loved it. What a ride, what a  ride really. It was just fantastic yet again   So that was it for today. I really hope  you liked this video, if you did please   give me a big thumbs up. Subscribe down  below and then I'll see the next video

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