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Hi tea butterfly I'm tea tea I'm simple tea I'm Den Den Den Hello friends all back to my channel dewe Adventure touring How are you friends I hope you're all fine hi hi Hi this is the 6th episode from touring Bekasi Bali-Bali Bekasi walking today is a trip with the Surabaya route to Semarang with us taking it to the city as well. Before that, we will pay first to the Suramadu Bridge before we check out from the hotel in Surabaya because we are quite curious about the Suramadu Bridge. which is a question about the longest bridge in Indonesia Hi and we want to feel like reading on the bridge that is crossing the island Looks like it's fun okay friends, let's continue hi hi yo yo friends, the view from the top of the ROM is so beautiful. those who want to go from Madura island, Surabaya or vice versa, friends have to use a ferry crossing and it's usually a long queue but after the bridge This was inaugurated on June 10, 2009 by President SBY. If I'm not mistaken, the public can easily

access Madura or the island of Java with just this bridge. First, if you want to cross , you have to pay tolls, so there are two toll roads in Indonesia that can be entered by the first motorbike. The second Suramadu bridge is a toll road in Bali, but in the end the one in Suramadu was released so we don't have to pay anymore if we want to go through the Suramadu Bridge on Friday, yo, it was built in 2003 and completed in 2009 so it was built under the government of President Megawati Soekarnoputri and completed under the SBY administration, so it took about six years to complete the bridge with a total length of almost 6 kilos, so it's 5438 kilos long, too . to the west we will pass Gresik which is where again Google acts The rhythm of our friends is directed by Google Maps through the outskirts of m punk, but we can still see it because it's easy , oh my Google, what else is the way given, the road is damaged . It's quite far if this route, if I look at Google, direct me, I see if there's a problem in front of me. If there's a vehicle in front, it means it's still safe and not at night. At night, it's a bit scary. If you're targeted by Google Maps, we can get the Corensi road from here, it's not far, we will pass to Jalan Pantura again, hi, hi , hi D'Pass from the road, friends, at 12.00 we entered

Lamongan Regency, friends, you can see for yourself that the gate is really big and the border gate between cities or between districts in East Java, it is majestic, very majestic and very big, friends, the normal seal is really big. Lamongan itself is a district n it's located quite close to Surabaya, so what's the matter, since strawberry, your friends are really familiar with Lamongan, what's up with Soto Lamongan and even this city is called the city of Soto . Soto Lamongan is so famous everywhere, of course, we I've arrived in Lamongan, I don't think it's a goal, if you don't try the original Lamongan soto in Lamongan. Hey, we finally decided. Let's try the most famous Soto Lamongan in

Lamongan, namely Depot Asih Jaya but it seems that D Fortuna is not taking sides, so Asih Jaya is really busy Hi friends, when the camera comes in, you can see that the parking lot is full. The queue is even fuller. The queue is snaking. Stop for a moment to see Odong Gagne. The Royal Air flight again doesn't eat there because it 's really full, so let's just look for food, friends, what's important is still soto So Sabil is in the direction of Tuban, so friends, the car is fully parked in front of Hai after leaving Ko ta Lamongan, friends, pay attention to the MX user in front, the orange shirt. Hi, our continent is in shock therapy as we have an accident right in front of us and fortunately, we can still avoid it, friends, sorry if this video is a bit blurry because it happened it's quite scary and hi, so this is a lesson for friends to lead when you're sleepy or tired. It's better to rest, don't force it, make sure the trading gear is used properly because it's really dangerous. Hi 1.00 times WhatsApp to Tuban City, after what happened, we continued our journey

The city of Tuban, a city that is still located on the northern coast of Java, is a regency that has given mutual friends, even since the Majapahit era, to be precise, since 1293 in the bitter era, the city of Tuban, now in ancient times was a very famous port, so Tuban was a very strong naval army. to achieve the hit Hai so Tuban this is a district that has been It's really old, even since the Majapahit era, that is, he's been standing up until now. Hey, in Tuban, we stopped to buy it. Oh, what's the name of that coconut, I forgot the name, that's where I forgot a lot . he was with you at the time of the transfer accident, he said he stopped to calm down and he also came over. He said he was not

polite Indar finally the front body hit the handlebar seems to be in the middle of the road hi he said he didn't like the brakes finally the front body broke Domani Hai because of him right behind me, because of us I don't know maybe he wants to conflict you guys see I'm wearing a box too 33 we stop talking he says The goal is to go to Pati If I'm not mistaken he's from Smart from Madura at night Sir Today he's also going to hi hi hi hi Oh yeah friends- friends like that, ban kaledo for a moment to rest at Mahsyar, have lunch at Warung Soto, the soup is really delicious, our friends can't get it at Lamongan delicious soto but we can change it and this name is soto ayam Cak Sam Lamongan, friends, I have to try this soto, it's really delicious, friends, you really have to try it . We have arrived in Tuban City but departed from Surabaya at 12.00 12.00 walking but unfortunately it was Christmas and we could get to the gender. We arrived at Tuban 1.45 MB. We want to have lunch, the group has already been cut in the

middle of the city. Yes, from here to Paralon, we will stop in about five hours. Hi Grade, use it again, after we stopped eating, we got to see the temple, Kuangsing Yuya, which is on the beach which is said to be the largest temple in Southeast Asia, it looks really big, it's really wide . we pass the highway, the left is the culprit . Hi, the right is the sea, so I'm usually close to this novel Yes, the weather is really great. Hi, we didn't stop by because it was time to go home. Wow, this afternoon because I saw that it was already cloudy. The next city we went to was the head of the sem-edx quota for Little China in or China in Central Java. really like using

Hai Jaan 1625 We arrived at Lasem, this beautiful city, edit text, is a small town with Chinese architecture that is still being maintained until now . That's how you go with gamacha, friends, how is it getting late and those who trade on the sidewalks are also being reproduced? You must enter Rembang Hai Regency, so this is only a direct kingdom, friends. In addition, Lasem is also known as Little Dampo because and Lasem is the beginning of the landing of squatting people in Java, so there are lots of Dewa villages scattered all over the place. Today we are heading to a hotel that is quite unique where he still has maintain the architecture of the building since hundreds have served the hotel, friends. Hi and here there is also a statue of a reclining Buddha or a sleeping Buddha that is plated with gold too , friends, but he's not in Lasem city, so it's a bit up in the hills so friends, hi , yo yo Hey, besides eh with its architecture, hi, what is the name, it maintains the characteristics of China, it is also a city with what a wonderful blend of cultures, my friends, now friends, you can see for yourself, on our right, the building is still an old building . right, friends, it's really good, it's really good to explore this city by bicycle Hi so we can talk it feels like entering the interim gate doesn't it seem like we are going back to past atrocities Hi real buildings Hi we are friends here we go to Lawang Ombo huh Long Ombo or known as the opium house, the house of Cando, friends, this building was built in 1861 for the opium trade. At that time, opium was legal, right? Now it's vacant. Ombo has become

like an opium or opium museum because there are a lot of relics that he left here . can't go into the next photos, the clothes are crazy, the clothes are Pati Hai city 7.51 we arrived in Pati here we are again the culinary thing, eh, do you have special culinary in the Pati area ? Mr. Multiman's Maran is the one that is recommended the most by friends, but because of Eid, many people go back to their hometowns . Hey, Hey, what's the name, Nasi Gandul, it's really busy. Hey, you don't eat because it 's really crowded, there's no parking, it's also difficult. After that, because the product was getting

hungry, we ended up walking around the city of Pati for a while and then met a fried rice cook who was quite busy and Parki The ran was good, so we stopped for a while and incidentally, friends, the parc just wanted to park, it was like that, how to eat it. We finally ordered fried rice and we got fried rice an hour later, it's true, we queued for fried rice for an hour, friends. Hi fried Hi and It's just Ma'am. Yes, it's really normal according to our tongues, maybe according to friends who have eaten well. Maybe it's delicious, but for our tongues, the fried rice is normal, but it's okay for one hour to get it done, too, let's go to Kudus.

08.00 arrived at the Kretek Kudus Friday bridge which Hi, it's really good Hey, especially if you miss the night, because if you have it that night, it's even better, so it looks like the flower of the bridge is like a bird ready to fly but I don't know, son, the shape of it What does this kretek bridge actually look like? When you look at it, it looks like a bird's wing flapping, huh? or when you see the sound is really good at night, sorry if the picture is a bit dry because I have a dark hole in the GoPro lens hi hi yo yo hi hi hi around 09.00 am starting to enter Semarang and again Google acting our friends were directed Go to the road, my friend, yes, the road is broken, it's quiet . Hey, it looks like you're getting out of traffic, but yeah, when Google gives you a road like this, it's already broken, it's quiet . because I saw that his face wasn't clean, it was actually upside down. Look for a way, find another way. Yes, it's going to the center of Semarang city , hi hi in Indonesia, hi hi hi hi , finally, how are we? The clothes are also the right way to go to Semarang city. Even going to the store, I hope now friends can comment on what path this is because I don't know the path, I really don't know the Semarang widow pad but often Markus Semarang. That's it, hi, okay, friends, at around 09.00 09.15 we arrived at our hotel, which is located near to Long Sewu. Hey, I thought, Oh, near the city, so that if you want to go anywhere, it's easy and easy to find, so friends - this seventh day travel companion on the Surabaya Semarang route and stopped at the cities we passed, namely in Tuban Lasem Pati and where I only had three cities or Lamongan Hai Regency, the total trip today was 367 KM we took and it took eight 10.00 minutes including rest, friends,

one hour waiting for fried rice Okay friends, thanks for watching like this video, your village doesn't like it, don't forget to subscribe to my channel, because for those who missed the plate, we're going to be fun, we'll have one more episode later. On our way home from Semarang to Bekasi. Thank you for watching. See you in the film, okay? Bye bye hi hi hi see you again

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