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hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hello hello extends to the morning neng again with me arm arm touring this is the 4th day of our trip our first day from Bekasi to Jogja on the second we Rezky Jogja on the third day departing from Jogja to Malang which Fourth, we're already in Malang. We want to go to Bromo. We don't want to see candrasa kepayon, but I want to ask the same thing as the word 12.00 from here to our morning. Departs a little in the afternoon, wants to watch Trans, enjoy the magazine early in the morning, look at Maps for an hour, but I don't know Let's say what time will we continue on our way because we still have about two to three days left for our trip to East Java, I am East Java, we also didn't know where we were going, let's continue later on the motorbike . this starts the journey around 08.00 we will start the journey to Bromo so the trip to Bromo is about an hour. Actually, I didn't travel to Bromo, so I walked Here we are just getting to Jemplang, so we just want to trade in the name on the Teletubbies Hill in Bromo because I see the area there is really good, if for example we KYT are together and ask this the weather is very sunny so we are greeted with Morning Sun It's warm in the Malang area, so we're still in the Malang area. I'm still looking for a way to get out of Malang city to go to the Brilliant area

. Not ahead of us. Here we will pass through Malang square which we wanted to pass the night before but it didn't happen because it was too late. the night from friends on the right was the night square so we circled around the Malang square, Malang city is really nice, so the air is cool and there are a lot of nice buildings in the Malang area too and of course there are lots of what's called Hi delicious foods that are also available in the city of Malang, we are still in this city area, I'm looking for a way to get out of the city of Malang Hey guys, friends Man, in front of us is Malang City Station, so 10 Malang is very close to the square. And we turn right. If you can see on my right, it's Malang City Station. So if your friends take the train from the Jakarta area, maybe it will drop here, yes, we are still in friendship, ok, now I'm heading to the area towards the east, so the city of Malang this morning is the first day of the last day of fasting, so tonight is the depth of takbiran . This SMS net is here, I'm still at the party shop, there 's something going on like that. Okay because the body is scared . around Hi, if we look at the right side, the colors are all blue, while the left family is colorful, the house will be seen, actually when the moon is up ri Bromo I want to drone here only because I only have one Drone The battery has run out in Bromo finally not so I flew the Throne here to see the beauty of this tridi village, actually I really wanted to come here when I came back from Bromo, hurry, because we are busy 02.00 the target has to arrive at the hotel again because tonight is my takbiran night,

we don't want to be stuck in traffic in the city of Malang, so 2.00 we are at the hotel again for a friend's rest tomorrow. It's a trip to the east Okay friends, we have entered one What's the name of the small road ? ask what? So from here as we are thorough, I follow the road, you really don't have to turn left, if I turn right, just follow the path. we meet some actually along this road we will meet sugarcane plantations so sugarcane plantations here are left and right yes and there are also many people's gardens in this area through here a moment it's already closed from here we are right I'm called The road has started to climb also never mind feeling the cool air of the mountains, it 's good if we ride a motorbike to areas that want it So we can accompany that cold feeling what is it called Hey body first Hey Germany we have arrived at one of the villages yes overlap if I'm not mistaken this If I'm not mistaken, correct me if I'm wrong, friends, because to be honest, I don't really know the name. Well, from here, we'll go straight up

and we can even see the recording of the name, Valley. friends who don't want to take the car up to the top can put the car here and what is it called and to find hardtop rentals there are also many here so mobi l put it there, what hardtop rental do you go up to Bromo from this Aryan race Hi, after passing through this base we will be treated to a very unique view of the mountains, so what is the name of the sky, the tree is already open, the tree is already Menjangan. it 's a chasm, yes, the abyss is really deep on the left, it's also a chasm, the air here is really good, it's good to use the exhaust, it's good to use the air exhaust . about a place to eat Oh yes as a left and right rhythm This is a place for food if his friends take a rest it can be here So here we are still continuing to follow the streets, just go straight, actually, in the middle of the cave, I turn left and right, this keris journey is really it's really good, hi, the asphalt is smooth and the air is cool, the scenery is also good It's really good, no, it's not that far from here. We will already meet the famous Brown climb. Yes, the design is extraordinary, that's why there was a ban at that time. because Mendes is a criminist, discrimination is automatic

, yes, if you have friends with me, Bromo, maybe you will know what the incline is like, maybe if the incline isn't that big of a problem, so we want Wasallam when we go down because friends, OK, matic, it's definitely in the way. the ravine is really dangerous Hi Okay friends so by walking ahead we will meet the Rainbow trial, namely the waterfall that is here called the Rainbow trial, only he slightly descends to that the water doesn't come to us because he's afraid that if we walk down our stamina drained because We feel the progress of the journey as well tomorrow we will head east again right Yes, to the city of Banyuwangi and to Bali, continue walking to Bali, my friends, because it's really absurd that our trip back , friends, just wait for the episode where you might ask for drinks. Hey, we're still walking on Jalan Raya Bromo, right, bro, just go straight, actually just keep being very careful with insects because one road here is narrow, yes, the descent and the incline are decent and also here are some points that are prone to landslides, so friends here really have to be careful and if you find the trick, it will break like this is the horn first because sometimes the cars from above go down fast. Hi So if you find a broken incline like this, it's better if

the taxon first, this is still really good, the road is real . In front of that they don't know that this morning there is no convex lens . it's a turn that really breaks, not the elship, it's a broken turn, this turn immediately breaks like this, wesbag friend, the left is the way. Yes, Dani, if we can take pictures from above, that's really good, but that's a shame because my drone only has one battery in the end . We are enjoying this fourth purpose without any protests. Drones on this trip.

Hi Nikita, the engine feels like it's climbing, what's the name, it 's not finished yet, even though it looks straight, it's actually with a trail and as long as I went to Bromo, I met questions like this Opa is really good with him. 22 /23 nm, yes, it's power, I'm called the torque, with that much left, I'm really good, I'm going uphill, I'm in 2nd gear, 3 and just climbing the incline at Bromo . 02.00 12.00 they go up so waiting for the roast until morning 07.00 08.00 They have gone down now while I 8.11 road from Malang city at least because I really don't want to meet a lot of people actually that's why I don't want to leave in the morning. Hi reflection, we have arrived at home. only until the front . Ok, let's continue, okay, after we are at the entrance, we will take sharp photos soon. The journey is not so far from the entrance, from the entrance gate to the Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park, we will meet the counter which is located On the left, the turn has to be online, so the ticket is 74000 for one motorbike and two people and friends at the level of buying online shop, hi hi hi too Oh my goodness, hi hi Come on, what do you think , hi hi , our acquaintances have arrived at the top. So, that means there,

we seem to have the motor for a while, we'll see if we reach the limit or below, we want to try to take it Hi, it's really fast yes he said hi hi Oh yes friends so Wrong Jomblang yes Now to the right we will go downhill before we go down we will go down if we want we don't keep meeting before the promo but I fuck the motor is fast but I won't arrive I went there because this one oppa was quite heavy because I was carrying a box and that there was a cloth in the tub and the lady was also in the back so it was a bit heavy if for example I forced her to walk on the sand we finally decided OK, let's take some pictures below what's the name That's the case but everything is in this area because he is also very good. How about we also don't have any plans to get to the mountain. The promo is because our time is limited and we want to take a break on the day of shimada . the clutch motor, we have to use a small gear, the legend, I use 22 gear, assisted by Edinburgh, if I apply the brakes, I'm afraid it will be hot. Eh, we're still friends -Friends Hi and Akrani on the 14th, it's the last day of fasting and Brom's Agenda is still very busy. If we look, there's usually a lot

of hardtops, right? The motorbike is very small, yo Wedi watched, admit that I met MT friends here, maybe one person if Taeyang's friends watched it, maybe you will meet me here, I'm just saying hello and please comment below, because I don't know what it's called, so I know it by heart also recognize that Nagita hasn't stopped having sex with this friend, Gita, is still going down, this area is still going down , it's here and the view has started. Yes, but we can see from above that the jemplang is really pretty and here we are going down and to the place that we saw from above. above , friends, we are already under see friends, Bromo's authority is very suitable.

Really, for friends who have never been to Bromo, ride a m tor, try an accident , don't ride a motorbike, don't ride a hardtop, because if your friends go there, ride a hardtop, I think it's lacking in everything, if you ride your own motorbike from Jakarta, you call from the clock, thank you, thank you for riding your own motorbike. Photo design with our own model I think we have our own satisfaction, so I take the motorbike to Bromo and the photo also wants to take a photo at any Spot in Bromo, this is really beautiful, friends, finally one of our wishlists for motorbikes until Bromo is reached, this is Bromo, friends, with an amazing view if I said that even though we haven't been to Mount Bromo, it's still in the Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park. Hi, in one area, there's Bromo Tengger and Semeru. So if you want to go to Semeru, go right at Cemplang because we're going down to Bromo Tengger. the Tengger tribe

who live in the Bromo and Semeru areas both Daisuki's friends just ended up walking millions to Bromo Thank you b for Simbolon friends until now like this video district If you don't like it don't forget to subscribe to the financial channel miss the next outing adventure at TWRP Turen touring Okay friends thank you once again for watching And here is Bromo hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi Come on you think hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi in Indonesia hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi

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