【Ninja】Staying at Amazing Hotel in Ninja city |NIPPONIA HOTEL Igaueno-Castle

【Ninja】Staying at Amazing Hotel in Ninja city |NIPPONIA HOTEL Igaueno-Castle

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Hello today from Iga City, Mie Prefecture, a town where ninja live. Great hotel and a wonderful experience. Please watch to the end. Please subscribe to our channel. This is Kintetsu Osaka Namba station. This is the train we will take today. It is called "Urban Liner" and connects Osaka Namba and Kintetsu Nagoya Station just like "Hinotori". There are regular and deluxe cars. Today we will board the deluxe car.

Here comes the "Hinotori. It looks like a seagull and a firebird. We got hand towels (one for each person). Soft-looking chair With footrest Here's an introduction to the car until departure Electricity and the reclining is automatic. When using the footrest, the Take off your shoes to use it like this.

The display is for Nagoya. Today we get off at a station called "Nabari. We use the string to pull out the table, but our hands are shaking (heavy) Try not to swing the table around and hit your chin hard. We have arrived at Nabari station. We are at the Nabari station. Regular train from here. We are at Iga-Kobe. We are changing trains again. Since this is an unmanned station, I bought my ticket on board.

I came to the station called Hirokoji. What kind of place is it? I walk to the hotel based on my intuition. In conclusion, I arrive at the wrong place.

It turns out that this is an annex to the hotel where I will be staying today, and that check-in is in another part of the hotel. I cannot rely on my intuition. This time I will do my research and walk properly. The place has a nice atmosphere. Here we are! NIPPONIA HOTEL Iga-Ueno Castle Town. Check-in is just to the left after passing through the Noren. Here is today's room. Fantastic!

Renovated herbal medicine wholesale store that has been in existence since the Edo period. The atmosphere is very nice. Seating for one person only.

Bathrooms look like this Amenities are fully equipped. The bath, it's huge! I haven't filled it with hot water, but I'll go in. There was also a washbasin here. Here is a toilet. Clean. The type that does not open even if you wave your hand.

You just have to open it with your hand. It's classy. Was it like this in the Edo period? The bedroom is on the second floor. Going up the stairs... Wow, neat.

Behind the shoji screens is a view of the city. Complete with cat pathways (there were no cats). I have a feeling I'm going to have a good night's sleep I found a stylish book. It was stylish inside too.

Shoji here shows a staircase. Be careful not to fall in! These sweets are from a long-established Japanese sweets shop near the hotel. Let's have it later! There is still time for dinner. Stylish kettle and local water to make coffee, etc. This lever was at an angle, not sideways. These are reported from the site.

This is the dinner room. In front of us is the garden we saw when we checked in. Iga is famous for its sake, and the pairing of sake with food is very well received. All in all a delicious dish. It is late at night. Everything was great. There are other hotels all over Japan where you can enjoy this kind of experience. I would like to go there.

It takes about 40 minutes to fill the bath with hot water. A hand-drawn map of recommended spots in the neighborhood. Here we go! We will have sweets. Yum! Hello, ninja.

I was away today. Do you think we can get in here? There was only a wall. Wi-Fi was okay. Was this also from the Edo period...? The bath is also very satisfying. Perfect to change into Japanese clothes.

I also got earplugs. We also received a local ball. Good night. The lights do not go out. It was here.

A new morning has arrived. Since we're here, let's go for a walk together! This is the Ninja City Station (Ueno City Station). Cute ninja.

Real ninja? They seem to be watching the station all the time. You can see your friends in the back. The vending machine is also a ninja.

Kunai, the shortest sword of the ninja, in front of the station. Mater is wearing a mask. This is what it looks like when you take a cab from this station. This train was also designed by "Galaxy Express 999" Leiji Matsumoto. A walk at a shrine.

We take a bath in the morning as well. The hot water goes out at a great rate, I was surprised. Breakfast starts with amazake made with local sake lees. A superb view. Thanks for the food.

The atmosphere changes again in the morning. Coffee is served in a seat reserved for one person. I don't want to leave...

Thank you very much for your help! Checking out and heading out for lunch. This steak is made from local "Iga beef". It was delicious! Ninjas were also in the restroom.

This is not the end. We were able to experience a rickshaw ride. You can enjoy the townscape of Iga from a high place.

This seems to be a public bathhouse where the locals congregate. You can also drive through Japanese sweets on the way. It was great! We are back near Ninja City Station. There are still many sights to see. I'm here to meet a real ninja.

Here is the procession to meet the ninja. These are real ninjas! The castle in the neighborhood is famous for its high stone walls. It says "dangerous"...

This is bad If you falls, you won't just be injured. You can see the whole city. The ninjas at the station saw us off on our way back.

We take the ninja train to the JR station. The wooden interior is very nice! Ninjas everywhere on the way back Ninjas entertained us until the end. Thank you for watching. Please subscribe to our channel.

2022-07-12 15:29

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