Live from Rouen, Normandy, home of Netflix's LUPIN creator

 Live from Rouen, Normandy, home of Netflix's LUPIN creator

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Hello. Bonjour Welcome back everyone its bells you do oh well thank you and beyond you to all of you to a new episode of Explore Friends Live in this episode we are presenting you a collaboration with the Human rural tourism and the regional tourism board of Normandy so thank you so much for joining us. Uh we're so so excited to be back in France live. Um I'm

Tiana, your host and as usual with ex-profriends live and for those of you who haven't been with us in the in the past. Explorer France live is a series where we take you to the most renowned places of France and of the beaten path regions so we're very excited to have you today and we are we have such a pleasure to of welcoming you to all. Um so so before we start I like to always check in with you how see how are you doing today? Um where you tuning in from? Sandra it's so great to see you back. Bonjour bonjour Say hello everyone. Um let's see who else is tuning in. Bonjour. Thank you. From Las Vegas. The Las

Vegas. How are you? Bonjour Tina. Wow. Fantastic. Chicago. How's the weather today over there? So who else is here? Bonjour Patty. Oh How how is everything? Great. ah ah Reneen, hello, how are you? From Missouri. So good to see

you all. Um so as usual please don't don't hesitate to share with your friends and your family. Um oh here I see Nancy here. Uh who has lived in Roma for two years and enjoyed it. Okay so Nancy I hope you're going to share a little more stories with us right here. Uh

we're excited to to hear more about your time in home. Bonjour Anita. Oh this is so great. It's been such a long time. Um I know we all prepare we know you know all preparing our vacations now. I hope everyone has been to France since we we've seen each other or is going in in in the next few weeks, few months, few years. Uh I hope I hope this

series has inspired you in the past. So okay let's let's get started again. Uh welcome to hi everyone. This is the the

native town of Maurice Leblanc, creator of Lucta. So this famous French city is dubbed the city of a hundred bells chiming in the air. This the city is opening the gate to us today. Um when you go to every day of the hour brings a procession of colors that's constantly unveil ed a different city. So and making this city the old this French city, one of the most beautiful European cities but don't take my word for it. Uh without further ado, I want you to I want to introduce you to our guest today, Yanique Borgeon, who is from Roman, Normandy Tourism, and will share a few words with us about and where she plans on taking us on this virtual preview of this gem.

Bonjour, Yani Hello everybody. Uh it's a pleasure to see you back after those 2 years. Um I'm really glad to see you again. So I I will tell you something more about Huang today Uh and all his heritage because it's a city not far from Paris. It's only one hour and a half by car and one hour, 15 minutes from of Paris. So you can come

whenever you want. Um is new for for more for his historical heritage with all those monume nts and also this multi-colored half-timbered houses. Um naturally we have the Gotic icon of the city. It's the cathedral which is facade painted 29 times by Claude Monet at different times of the day and different times of the year. Um it is a so famous theory like but other impressionist painters settled also in Human to paint the other monuments, the other quarters of the city, but also the harbour and the industrial part of the city. Um other jewels of the city we have church. It's a really a

masterpiece of it's like lace. It are little yeah it's so nice. You have to see it in real because it's very difficult to explain. Uh afterwards we the big clock. Um the Palace of Justice. It was

also the Parliament of Normandy because the city it was the capital of Normandy before. The historical capital of Normandy. Um and not least but very important the old Market Square where you have the modern church of Genovac. Um in honor of this heroine who was burnt on the stake in fourteenhundred 31 on the same square. Uh our city is also gourmet destination. So because we the

label UNESCO of creative city of gastronomy in November 2021. We have a lot of very good restaurants with young chiefs and chiefs they transform local Norman products like scallops, cheese, cream, butter, apple, so you have the cider and liquor and yeah you have grilled to come and I know that American people are really they like a lot of French cuisine. We're going to you also along the river sand. It's called the Road of the Abbeys and the Fruit Road also because you have a lot of orchards along the river sand and there also you have some very picturesque villages where also other impressions painters like Sicile and Piscero, settled to try to capture the influence of the light on the river sand. Uh Artistic More, we have a lot of museums in the city. They're

all free. Uh it's very, yeah, it's very important because of we are one of the only cities where all the museums are free for entrance. And it's also the birthplace of a lot of very famous writers. For example, Piaconet, Gustav Labert, and also a natural writer who is Michelle Bussey. He he writes a lot of children novels and he's a specialist of Leblanc his first novel was based on the adventure of on the river sand and his book is called Godlipa. You see this one it's translated in several languages and I'm sure you know him also in the United States. Um then

so in fact he is a specialist of Maurice Leblanc but Maurice Leblanc is very famous in the city also and now more with the theory on Netflix by with Omar C called Lupa. So Maurice Leblanc is the creator of and he was born in the city of Humong. Uh and also he knew a lot the river sand because he adored cycling along the river sand until where you have the ruins of a very famous abbey of to visit his uncle and his aunt during the holidays. Um but I going to stop talking of you about Maurice Leblanc. I will

leave you with Lucy who is a she's an historian. She's just in front of the Fine Art Museum and you have to know that the Fine Art Museum have has a very nice collection of impersonous paintings. The most important one after Paris and she's waiting for you there to talk you a little bit more about Maurice Leblanc and Roman and I'm not sure but each time she's speaking about Maurice Leblanc, a strange and bizarre person comes to interrupt her. We will see if it happens again today. See you later on Good

morning and welcome here in Huang. Uh this wonderful city established by design has an incredible history. This is a place where Rollo the Viking created Normandy in the tenth century. This is a place where

Genovac sadly spent her last days in fourteen thirty-one. This is also the place where the famous painter Claude Monet painting his series of the cathedral in the 19th century. I could go on and on about all the many historical facts happening here in Hua but today we are focusing on Maurice Leblanc, the creator of Arsen Lupin or must I say the his choreographer of so Maurice Leblanc was born here in Goa on the 11th of December eighteen sixty-four from a family that belonged to the of Hua. We are right now just in front of the Museum of Fine Arts of Hua. Uh

a place that moves Leblanc knew very well because he spent his entire here. Well, well, well, well, well, I see, you know, quite a bit about your subject, lady. What you're doing? So, we are making a documentary about Maurice Leblanc, the creator of Arc and Lupin. Ah, interesting. He chose a very well spot. You know he used to live here for a very long time. Yes. In the house. Over there. Yes, that's

what I was about to say. Hmm. Hmm. He was speaking about him. Maurice Leblanc, the creator of well, my creator. That's right. It's me. Oh, Shanti. You see, everyone

was hanging on the surroundings. Anyway, you we were speaking about my creator's house earlier. Uh huh. It is well located in

front of the fine art museum. I imagine it inspired him to create my character due to the love for art and beauty. Hm, yes. Well, okay. Let's go back to Marquez Leblanc. Thank you, sir. So, this is the house

where he lived during 15 years until the age of 24 when he decided to establish in Paris to begin his career as a writer and a journalist. Uh against the will of his father. I love it. Okay. So, back to Maurice Leblanc. Uh let's continue our

tour in the city of Huang on the footsteps of Maurice Leblanc. Look at this. Wow. Wow beautiful With beautiful scriptures Oh, look, sir. Please behave. Let's go. Okay. What's the name of the street? This is Damien Street. This is a street very

well known for the antique shops. Ah, I see that. It's beautiful. What a beautiful church. let's go see isn't it? Maybe 15th century. Yes, it is. So, Magic Church is one of the most beautiful Gothic churches we have in Huon and it's from the 15th century indeed. Uh this church has inspired Maurice Leblanc a couple of times in his early first short novels. Uh in one of them

called the gates of Saint Macru in which the priest of Saint Macrew Church tried to plain down some of the sculpture decoration of the gates, the wonderful gates that you see there judging them to erotic or inappropriate. So this church appears also in the very first novel that Maurice Leblanc wrote it was called Un Femme, a woman. Uh this is a novel where a young bride tries to meet lovers in the city of Wuhan. So she's running around the city either to meet a lover or to flew from another one. And in one of this novel. Uh this lady is so overwhelmed by all her adventures that she enters into Saint Michael Church to catch her breath. Hm what woman? Yes.

And so are you. This is a reward for the quality of your tour guide on Maurice Leblanc. Where did you get that? Not ask. It's better not to know.

Over there. Whoa. You've got some beautiful houses in this city. Yes, of course. We have a lot of half-timbered houses here in Hua. From the 14th to the 19th century. Hm. Nearly 2000 of them, imagine. Wow. What a maze. It must not be

difficult for the rehab out there to escape the police in these tiny streets. Speaking of the devil, follow me. Quick. Okay, back to Maurice LeBron. Let's enter into the cathedral of to see some historical figure that inspired him.

Let's go in. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Sorry, I've just seen the archbishop of we are not very friends to each other, So, no, no. But I saw, I

just seen the statue of the cardinal bonjour who became the archbishop of Huawei at the end of the 19th century. Right before he was born actually. Well, in the second half of the 19th century was a full of promising person, wasn't it? And Bonsos. Oh, Bonchos by the way, was the one at the origin of my first adventure, the Abyss treasure. I guess life would have been completely different without him. My first adventure with Josephine. Uh

the contest of my first love. being 20 again. Oh, and I've just seen as well exploded grave over there with two men represented on it. Oh, yes. This must be the tomb of the domes, the feminine domes. They were archbishops of and the very beginning of the 16th century and George the first don't was imported renaissance here in Cuomo and then his nephew succeeded him after his death. Uh no

Yes. Don't boast. Don't boast. It doesn't spell E M B O I S E by any chance. No, you spell it A M B O I S E. Ah. Why? No.

Never mind. It just remind me of the identity I took to marry one of my many wives. Okay. But actually about this thing it was quite different. Oh. Wait a minute. This is the

historical over there. Yes. She was a very important person in my adventure. Actually, she was one of the secret keepers of the Holo Needle, the Secret Vault inside the rock alongside the cost of Normandy. Where I get my most valuable treasures. Yes, and she has also her own chapel inside of the cathedral just next to the tombs are for Rollo the Viking and Richard the Lionheart. I know them.

Both of them. They were very important in my adventures as well. They also were the secret keepers of the hollow needle alongside with Caesar, the Roman chief in the antiquities.

And the king, the famous king with a fort in France. Well, from Caesar to Lupa. What a nice vineyard. So we are now on the second floor of the tourist office of Huron in a wonderful building from the Renaissance, from the 16th century and this is more precisely the place wear a Claude Monet painted one of its most famous series, the cathedrals. The only one missing from a collection. Okay. So, look at the wonderful view we have on the Notre Dame cathedral.

I see that some statues are missing as well in the facade. I don't say that I've never stolen pieces of art like this before But when I do still works like this, nobody realizes it because I replace them with copies. Okay. Well, now let's go to discover another wonderful building of and I'm sure you're going to like it.

So this is the one of the most famous monuments in Hua. Hm I can see that. Oh, wait. This is a courthouse. Are you serious? Yes. So we are now in front of the courthouse of Huon. It's as

beautiful inside and outside. It's a wonderful building from the beginning of the 16th century from the Renaissance. So if you remember we talked about the archbishop George Don Bois the first who brought renaissance here in Wuhan. So it's thanks to him that we have this wonderful building. I see you are quite happy with yourself bringing me here and will take the best of me. but

nice try. Nice try. You're not the first one to attempt to you think the police hates me and wants me behind bars for good. But policemen love me. I work with them certain cases on several occasions. Wentex themselves couldn't. Mister Deron? What are you I'm very well-known here and there are many the same person, me, I was even once the chief of the detective service under the name of Le the president of the French council himself, Jolme in high esteem. So, nice try

but it's not today that someone will arrest Arsenal Lipa. Okay, okay. So, and let's go back to Maurice Leblanc. Uh now that we have seen his city, let's now go see where he used to spend his holidays. Wait, are you speaking about the San Valley? Yes. Yes, we're going, we're going in the same valley and as a tribute to one of the patients of Maurice Leblanc, we're going to go using bicycles. Oh, I'm coming with

you. I'm a well-trained athlete. Well, okay. It will bring back some memories to you. Hello. So. Hello. Wasn't this wonderful Oh my goodness. So Yanique Luis. Yes. Uh Liza was

commenting that you know she was really excited about having Mister Lupan with us and I was I was like just waiting for someone to comment because you know I I was so I did when when we first work on this project and when you you you told me about the story this this is one of the most fun production we've been doing and I want to thank you so much for this. This is a wonderful adventure. I I love it. Yeah, it's a

pleasure for me also of course. It was fun. Yeah, it's really fun to to talk about I like it. I adore that that history about its famous because yeah everyone knows more in with the needle and so on but there are a lot of adventure of who are passing along the river sand and yeah you will see it afterwards. I don't going to talk you too much about the river sand but you will see it afterwards. Wonderful. Uh more surprises for for us so in the meantime thank you everyone for sharing your your comments but also if have some questions for Yanique. Uh we can take them

right after our next adventure. Yeah, so now they are going to hire their bike at a tourist office because at the tourist office on just in front of the cathedral, you can rent bikes, so electric bikes, or also normal bikes, and even for children. And so yeah, do the same road that they will to, do afterwards. Um, and also if you are really yeah, in fact, with Maurice Leblanc, we also propose treasure hunt at a tourist office. So, to yeah, to try to be more clever than Arcs and Lupin. So, if you come to

Roman, with France or with groups or with family, you can do a treasure hunt in the city of Wuhan. So, and you can have it at the tourist office. So, but now I think they will have their bikes so I we can go again and see what the what happening with Lucy and Arc seno. I think. Alright.

Say it. We are now cycling along the same crescent landscapes that Maurice Leblanc knew very well. Hm. Look. He probably sold this column dedicated to Napoleon the first. Napoleon the first with a great man. Okay. Just like me.

We are now on one of the six ferries helping people and vehicles to cross the sign. We are now crossing the sign from the right bank to the left bank to the wonderful village of La Bui over there. So Maurice Leblanc knew very well the city of Labui. Speaking about his passion for bicycles, he would say, at the very beginning, I would cycle from Wuhan to Labui falling third times. But then

he became a very good at cycling. How's it saying? What a beautiful landscape. And what a souvenir. Some of my most unforgettable adventures took place here. A bit further

downstream was a place where I went victorious against my arch enemy who wanted to arrest me. And of course the river supports the whole story of the Abys treasure. My first adventure. Ha, my skill grew up alongside the river. As well as my for Josephine or Josie as I like to call her. She came to be the daughter of a famous Megas from the 18th century. We

used to spend hours together sailing along with leash on a barge alongside the river. The whole history of the river enrolled us in delightful landscapes. Where we would go working arms around one another's waist. The bottom

forest, the wind of Junior, the of Saint George. The hillside at La Bouie. As Marcus Leblanc wrote. Right. He wrote so beautifully. Uh being 20 again. What a nice

time. Oh my God. This is Junior. This is Jumiege. Thank you. Oh, it sure brings back a lot of memory. As I told you, the

treasure made me who I am today. Actually, the whole territory belong to the monks of middle ages. These bonds, these woods, even a little nice little mention nearby. The Abbey was very rich. Let's get a closer look at this superb modiment, shall we? Yes. With the majestic architecture from the Middle Ages, it hardly changes since I first came here many years ago. The square

little bit different though. Yes, sure. So, we are now in front of the Abbey of Junior. Uh that was a very important place for Maurice Leblanc. Uh

it was important because his uncle used to live in that house just in front of the entrance of the Abbey. So, the young Maurice Leblanc spent all his here cycling around and playing into the ruins of the Abbey of it's very important for him. So there is a plague on the house that is showing you that this place was important for him and that he inspired him to write his novel Countess Caglioso. Hm. It's also written that this

place was very important for him and that this is a place where he discovered the beauty of the nature in with ruins. So today in the house that used to belong to Maurice Leblanc's uncle is the tourist office of and this is a place where you can borrow bicycles. And as a patience for a mortgage Leblanc you can pay a tribute to him by cycling around Jumiage. By the way Maurice Leblanc wrote an entire novel about his passion. It's called Here Are Wings and it is a real ode to bicycles.

Wow. This is even more beautiful than in my memory. It is. The writer Victor Hugo, the

man who wrote the hunchback of Notre Dame said that the was the most beautiful ruin in France. Look at these stones. When you think some of them are more than 11 centurys old. That's impressive. Yes, it is. So the idea of was founded in the seventh century. It was one

of the most powerful abbeys in Normandy during the Middle Ages. Today, as you can see, it is a ruin. We are right now in what used to be the main church of this Abbey. It's called

Notre Dame of Jumege. So, it's a ruin since the end of the 18th century during the French revolution. During that time, people were against any form of privileges. So they would attack the King of France. They were against the King of France and also against the church. So

many churches and Abbeys were destroyed during that time. Wait. What are you doing? I'm looking for some secret pathways. You know, I didn't have the time to search extensive extensively when I came here the first time and I'm sure there's still some stuff left. The monks contacted and everything. Indeed, I spoke about the treasure earlier. It

is said that the monks here were the Guardians of one of the most fabulous treasure of French history. The ransom of the King John the second, the king of France in the 14th century. You may know him was a great grandfather of the King Charles the seven, the king who was helped by Joan of Arc and he was once captured by the English army. France had to pay

a huge amount of money. And the ransom was carried through to England, through the river here, bit by bit. And the last part never reached England. Some people thought that the monks here kicked this last part just in case. Maurice Leblanc knew very well all the legends attached to Addis Abbey of he would love the legends. He would say that

a legend is a true while a stale is a false is created. So he would use a legend in his home writings. For example, in the adventures of Mister Lupin. Hm. So he really liked it and speaking about the legend of the treasure of John the second kept by the monks. Did you find

a treasure here already? Of course, my couldn't admit Pabloki that I found this treasure. So, he imagined one, a new one, a fictional one, a huge and natural world inside the ground filled with diamonds. I remember it was dark. And I was a bit in a hurry. So, I couldn't maybe take everything. Maybe there's

still some diamond left in the ground. that was a rich habit afterward. Yes, it was. Thanks to new technologies. Today, it's possible to see how this abbey used to be during the middle ages. What a nice piece of technology. Yes, if I had this during my time, I I could have gained a lot of money just by selling it. Can we see a

precise time? Maybe we can spot where the monks hid the money. Okay. Give it back to me. God, give it back to me. Me? Thank you. So, how was saying.

It's nice to see how it used to be during the Middle Ages. We found references of this Abbey in the novels of Maurice Leblanc including in some adventures of mister Lupin. Uh more precisely in the novel count astro. In the 14th century, the king of France, Charles the seventh, used to come here to meet his lover who was named Anya Sorrell.

Unfortunately, died on labour here in a building that is not far from the Abbey and that used to belong to the monks. Uh it's called today the manor of and it's located in the hm US spoken about the Dame of Beauty, right? Mm hmm. Yeah, I wish I could travel to through time to meet the most beautiful lady of that time. Anyway, I've

just found something quite interesting over there. Um won't reveal what it is now but I can promise you a little surprise that just at the end. Okay. Well, let's move on.

Let's continue this way. This passage is named after Charles the seventh because it is said that he would pass through this corridor to go out of the abbey to join his lover Agnes Sorrell. This passage linked not a church to Saint Peter Church that is a second church for this Abbey of Jubilee. So Saint Peter Church is the original church of the Abbey. It was built during the 9th century. This church is

very old and has probably seen the Viking coming here in the Abbey to pillage it. Um so maybe the Viking s when they came here saw the fresco that is still on the wall over there. Um maybe Maurice Leblanc. So this fresco as

well. Um but yes the Viking came here and pillaged this Abbey and unfortunately they stole a lot of treasures. A lot of golden artifacts in the treasure room of the Abbey. No way. Yes. And you have the

time to investigate it last time. Let's go. Okay, let's continue and go to see what's left of the cloister over there. So, the cloister is really the heart of this abbey Uh and of course today is a ruin but it has been used during the nineteenth century as a romantic place for lovers to come and have a little walk in here. You know, I would have loved to work in this garden with Rosie. Uh free from yes, free from all the treasure hunt fever. But it was impossible.

She was shaped to be this faithful woman I met. Actually, we were we were too much alike. Always had to win. Yeah, I think it's why I was so attracted to her and why I hated her at the same time. hot souvenir. Let's talk about

something else if you don't mind. Please. Look at what I found just earlier. It's a message written in code. Yes. Yes. It's similar to the one I sold in the holoniddle novel adventure. You can see figures and dots. See the figures are

only from one to six. So, I guess it represents royals. If you put the corresponding letters and you fill the gap, you have this message Look. So, nearby is ahead of Peter Peter. Peter. Well, this is Saint Peter Church. Nearby is ahead. The head is over there.

Yes, probably. Let's go exploring. Let's go. the gates will appear on the way. A gate. Gate. Over there, there's a gate over there. Yes,

a gate. Let's go. Okay. Okay. Gate, okay. See the left bar and pull up harder. Wait, the left bar. Over there.

what do we have here? What a beautiful room. Late middle ages I think. Look, there's a tunnel over there. Let's go exploring. Where are we? I don't know. Is it the banner of no way? The place where the lover of the King Charles the seventh died? I think it is. I think it is

too. Should we back some memories to you? Yeah, it brings back some memory. This building used to belong to the monks of the Abbey of Junior. Wait, what was the Enigma saying again? The stone in the backyard? Yeah. What should we this way? Let's go. It's good to see.

Right? Wait, where is this stone? I don't know. The stone that used to hide the treasure of the monks. It used to be here. I've read it in your adventures. Yeah, I know. Should be there. Where is it?

Wait a second. Come with me. I know where the stone is. Really? Yes. Here it is. It's a care stone entrance to the fabulous treasure of the monks. This is it. This is the stone of the

queen. Exactly. Look here. There's a hint. It's a cube to find it. It's written in Latin.

At Lapidame, Coheba, Audi, Morgana. What a foolish way to expect the fact that the queen used to run to this stone in the past. Anyway, I was smart enough to solve this mystery. Look if you take the first litre of each world, you've got a new world. It gives A, L, C,

O, R, Alcore. Alcore, exactly. Which is also a star. One of the star of the constellation of the big deeper. Thanks to

that, as I was, I was able to locate this stone. Anyway, my adventure, my first adventure ended here with this stone. You know that now, my new life, my life began. Wagler, thief, deceiver, cheeky, player, but also a diplomatic John Leblanc. Well, Arsenal. I want to add too much about that. If you

want to know more, just read the the novels from my creator. He wrote very faithfully on my adventures. During he created you. Exactly. Anyway Thank you very much for this nice visit. You deserve a reward. For the quality of your guiding.

Wait, this is mine. Exactly. Thank you. Well, I hope you enjoyed this journey in the footsteps of Maurice Leblanc and with an unexpected guest and I hope to see you very soon here in Wuhan and in the Sain Valley. Wonderful.

Thank you so much, Yanik. What a, what a wonderful tour. We, we have it here. Um, great, great, great comment Liza loved it. Absolutely mommy. Well we

hope to see you there soon Liza. This was, this was fantastic and yeah, I, yeah, I hope you enjoyed this time past with you see an and I I hope everyone who looked at it had some inspiring ideas to bring their clients to Human because yeah, we have Maurice LeBron, Arc Saint Lupin but we have a lot of other ideas to to bring your clients to our city. For example, in the footsteps of the impressionist the highlights of the city. Um also more on gastronomy. It's called Human Gourmet. So Huang

Gourmet. Um and we have a English speaking guides that can that we can provide you to tell you everything about the city and our commercial department and of course also me we're it will be a pleasure for us to give you some ideas and to help you to come to our destination. Fantastic and we had a question I think from Andrew who was asking about about the bike rentals. So do do they all offer helmets as well at yeah. Everything is

rent with it so the helmet and also the bags to put on the bike. Uh everything is included in the rental. You can rent them online on our website. So

in and also in so you can go with the bike to and then leave the bike in if you want to and then go further on or come back with the bus if it's too far to go to go return so yeah everything is possible. Fantastic. Uh today I've also so how is how is the terrain? Is it mostly flat? Do we have hills? No it's it's mostly flat. So yeah it's all River

Scent. So yeah the only thing was a little bit more difficult is when you arrive in when you go from to the outside of to have the it's called it's a cycle road expect to go back to Duclair. There's a little hill to but if you have electric bikes it's no problem. Alright. Oh so you're renting electric bikes? Yeah. Yeah of course. Yeah. I love them. Everyone can cycle on the centre below.

Okay. Deborah is asking how far is it from to Ro Um it's about 20 kilometres. Mm hmm. From yeah and when you cycle from homes to you have also Labui who is very nice. Uh you saw it

when on the on the video. So it's very nice. So a little bit over 10 miles. Okay. Yeah. That's yeah. That's it. Yeah. That's wonderful. Uh so when

Yes, go ahead. I was just going to. Yeah, I just wanted to say also that if they want to, yeah, come at certain moments of the year, we have a lot of events also going on and this year, we will have at the end of May but it's every year.

The festival of Joan of Arc because Joan of Arc was burnt on the stake in the city of Wuhan but we commemorated every year and the old city becomes again a medieval city with with yeah all kinds of activities for children, families, for older people. Yeah. During four, 4 days, the city becomes media level again and with the Joan of Arc also. So, that's at the end of May and if they want to already to program for next year, next year, we will have from from the eighth until the 18th of June. Um a gathering of

the most famous doll ships all over the world. They will come to the harbour of during 10 days. Um and there will be festivities everyday and for people who adore Impressionism in two thousand twenty we will have again the festival Normandy Impressionism. So, it goes from about April until November and with each time a very nice exhibition at the Fine Arts Museum in Hongwong. I'm looking forward to that so everyone I was before we started I was trying to convince Yanik on doing another live on impressionism. Please

help me here convincing her that we'd like to see Impressionism in that would be a wonderful. But all of this is wonderful. So I'm not sure if you all noticed but we posted all the links to this events that I Yanique mentioned the celebrations, the Juan Ahmada, the Impressionist Festival and we also put links to the bike rental and the send by bike. Uh right there. So, yes, I, Liza is saying, yes, Lizan Precisionista. Great

idea. Lisa says. No. Yeah and you you even can come and try to paint like Monet in the place where he was settled to paint the cathedrals of Monet. So there is an artist who yeah tries to tell you how he painted the the fashion of painting impressionism and then after you can try by your own to paint in front of the cathedral. The cathedral of

Claude Monet. Isn't that an experience wonderful. Wow. Yes. And in the evening, yeah, you can eat because we propose also impressionists dinners because Claude Monet was a very good painter but also he loved to cook. So, we have also menus inspired of the recipe book of Claude Monet. Yeah, you like Impressionist? We have all you need to be glad to be to come to Omo. Fantastic. Uh Patty is asking what are the dates for 2024? I think it's throughout the year, right? Or you have starting date for the yeah I don't I don't have the exact dates but it's from yeah it it's going on from April most of the time until the end of October. So it's during several

months. So yeah. It's easy to plan. Uh a coming during that period. And the exhibition most of the time is during all that period. Wow. So much going on

in the city of I mean the heritage, the culture, the gastronomy, someone was mentioning earlier about Calvados and Um I mean that is a a staple in itself in in in Wuhan so and all these events. I think you know I think I I mean I'm going next. Who is coming with me? Let's let's let's all go and visit Yanik. Um yeah no problem. Because

she's there. I will be there. Yes. She's a wonderful host. I don't know if you all agree with me but this was such a wonderful presentation Yanique. Thank you. So much for welcoming us to Wuhan and bringing us this superb adventure with mister where he's he will wait for you. Come and you will see him. So we're

waiting for you really. And if you need some more information or pictures for your programs just send me a mail. Uh I will be glad to send you everything you need. Thank you. Um one last question by Mary. Do you have Calvado's tours? Yeah also. you can have Calvado's

tasting, cider tasting also and also we have sort of visit inside of the centre of the city because Huang has a lot of good addresses also to to do some tasting. Uh and you have yeah tasting of cider, calvados, but also cheese. We have the cheese not far from Humant. So it's in a hard form. So and it's very good. Yummy Yes, this is a very yummy cheese. Okay, we are moving to

to one. Harvey, I hope you have space for us, yeah, Nick. No problem. No problem. We have everything you need. Thank you

so much again for everything. Thank you, Yanique and your team at Mondi Tourism. Uh thank you as well. Um to the team at Normandy Tourism, Valerie and thank you to your production team Yeah, Nick, they were wonderful. This was such, like,

how am I going to top this off next, next? How am I going to do it? So we have to all go back to okay, no, no, but just, if you need something, like they say, just whistle. Okay? Thank you all. Thank you everyone for tuning in with us. I hope you enjoyed this. So, I will publish soon the date of our next event and we are going to Notre Dame, not exactly the place where Notre Dame is located in Paris, but to another to another secret place where we can find notes for them, so I hope you tune in to our page for the announcement and I'm looking forward to see you again, and in the meantime, take care of yourselves, and enjoy the rest of your day, Mercia to merci bouquet, merci unique Bye. Bye.

2022-11-25 19:37

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