यूथ महापंचायत के दौरान आये सभी विद्वानों को LIVE सुनिये|| दूसरे सत्र का कार्यक्रम

यूथ महापंचायत के दौरान आये सभी विद्वानों को LIVE सुनिये|| दूसरे सत्र का कार्यक्रम

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director of South African tourism in Amsterdam. Prior to that she was the chief marketing officer for a government investment agency focused on Europe, Middle East and Africa. marketing, strategic government, relations, negotiating, tourism, sales and investment facilitation are just a few of her especially at least. Thank you. For being with us. Welcome

in this youth Maha Panchay, Bhopal. Thank you. Galaxy Bhopal youth icon advocate Aditya Vijay Singh pride in it. Attitude We wear golden India. And we

have the capability and the capacity to get that back through textiles. And that is my dream. Poetry and I know time is limited. Don't mind my Hindi here.

Madhya Pradesh The Indians never harm the environment. Modi, United Nations mother E. mother key. Thank you. panelist Arushika for inspiration. We would love

to what work has South Africa done in the tourism sector. Which is also involved the youth and work towards their empowerment and also inspired them towards working for social cause. Ma'am Thank you. Um namaste. Um

So let me go step back just in case everybody doesn't know who that young man who was thrown out of the train in South Africa. I was fortunate to be born in 1970 in a way. And we came to hear about a young man gentlemen, wearing white cloth, just like the people in front.

That man came looking for opportunity. He was an attorney. His name was Mahatma Gandhi. That man gave South Africa a chance. Just like India does. Just like the people here. That

man had never met Nelson Mandela. And he gave the baton to Nelson Mandela to continue the spirit of Mbuntu. Ubuntu in our culture means humanity. Tourism is a sector. Um let me give you just a quick glimpse.

Of how history define us. I hope I'm speaking slow enough. And I apologise that I don't speak Hindi. But hopefully in

10 months time I'll be fluent. 28 years ago. Is there anybody who's twenty-eight in the room? Can you raise your hand? 28 year olds. Twenty-eight. Twenty-eight. 28 years ago. It

was illegal. For a black woman. Like myself. to come to India. Just because of the colour of my skin. 28 years later, I'm sitting here. As the head of tourism.

So for us tourism we were very blessed. We met with the tourism ministry. Chief Minister yesterday. We going to be discussing some work with the sports. Tourism is about storytelling. Tourism is about

bearing your soul. Tourism doesn't need is like you don't need a doctorate. Right? You need the people in this room. educated conviction faith belief, patriotism, love and respect. Because what it does is when I come here and when I landed, I sailed the soul of Bopal. In the people that I met. That's tourism.

So for us, very simple. You see the gentlemen that are taking pictures? Hold the camera guys. When we do tourism, it's anybody under thirty5 that would be doing that job. When we go overseas, or when people from South Africa come to Noida, Sate, we give opportunity to the youth. We

pay for them. To come and come to platforms. Cos we understand the value of a youth. Nelson

Mandela says you Are the rock Bopal. Right? Without you there is no my dear brother. There is no India. Right? Time. Time is a you've got time. I'm fifty-two. My time is running out. So for us tourism is about

film opportunities, tourism opportunities. One of your greatest assets And it's here in Gopal as well. And it's in the India, in whole of India. It's food. When I landed here, upon going to the ministry I got given this beautiful scarf. But I couldn't find a shop At the airport. That sells this. I

couldn't find a shop. When I landed and I wanted to buy something, I saw a bottle store. So for me, Take the opportunity. Use your spaces. The airport should have a youth zone retail. It's owned by them. We invest with them. So that we give

them. Most youth in my country. We have a population of 57 million people. You are 75 million people as a state. We are a country. $57 million.

You're a state of 75 million. My country could fit here. And there could be space. For us Social development has so many different meanings. We've got a very high unemployment rate in my country. It's about 40%. 40% we've got youth. You're one of

the most educated countries. Guess what? Microsoft is led by an Indian. could be anyone of you. Anyone of you. But it's

got to start here with simple things. Do a food zone. Food market. When I leave, you got two flights that fly out of India. One is at eight, one is at ten. Between 8 and 10. Your

airport is buzzing. Create a food zone. Was just watching a beautiful video. How amazing it would be for that video to be shot in Bopao. how amazing that the crew shot that video is youngsters. They provided you food. They provide you makeup.

They do the hair. What I understand and I stand to be corrected. You don't want much. You just want an opportunity, right? They just want an opportunity So tourism for us is a It's about dignity. Let me explain why I say that. Every

single Indian that comes to my country feeds 8 people. I don't know how to say that in Hindi and maybe it should be translated. Every single Indian that lands in my country So if this room was one thousand five hundred people and you landed in my country Take one thousand, 500. Multiply it by eight. Tourism is about dignity. Right? So that's what we do for tourism. Yes ma'am. Ja. Uh I

was just telling you it wasn't like I was paid to do that. Gotcha. Yeah. So I was shooting for a film with a lady called Tamana Bhaja. I was doing a small role in that film. And I

was given a little amount for playing a role for three days. And before going there. Yeah. I was very sure that the people who broke the backbone my country. Yeah. That's the place that I want to promote my handlooms. Good job. Good job. Story to be told. and I

employed 11 people who are all Indians. Nice. And all the students who are studying here in whatever amount I got was paid to the students of India out there. Students. In short in that location. Thank you. Yes. And I'm using the example because when we sat in the tourism meeting from minute when my eyes closed, I thought I was in another country. When

I saw the beauty of Madhya Pradesh, when I saw the beauty of Bhopal. here's the thing about the youth. I am a mother to a 29 year old. He's just come back from Japan. He spent about two years unemployed. And I said to him, my boy, education, patience will get you through. One of the things

that I love about your country it makes me love you. And it makes it frustrates me sometimes. But I it teaches me your humility No one in the world has the humility of an Indian. Nobody. and nobody can

take it away because it's been bestowed upon you by grace and favour. And nobody should ever take that away from you. It is a currency. Just like I was thinking this morning, what do I call the youth? Of India.

You're a currency. You're bigger than the rupee. You bigger than the dollar. You

bigger than the pound. Because nobody can trade you with. And that's what tourism is about. I don't know if I've answered you. Um I think you've answered us very holistically.

I was planning to ask a follow up question but I think your answer included everything that you wanted to know and it was a pleasure hearing you ma'am. Now can I just can you afford me two, 3 minutes? You see for me and I apologise. When we got invitation to come here, I thought, okay, this is fantastic. I'm coming and

here's a chief, it was raining yesterday. Was it yesterday Mitali? It was raining. Here's a 60 year old, you and I, I think we were there. It was pouring. Pouring with rain.

Here's a chief minister. Got his hands dirty and he went and planted a tree. My question then is where were the, where was the audience? And I know that you are busy, Some of you were here. I just want to add on to this fantastic young gentleman's statement to say, when he said respect that those who lead you. Just a few motivational

words. I want you to own your space. I want you to claim your space. India No matter what state you are in be it you are in Noida, you could be in Gujarat, you could be Swarat, you could be in Delhi, you could be in Mumbai, you could be in Pune, Ahmedabad. One of

the greatest things I also think you have is the ability to be the truth of the world. Now you're probably asking, what does that mean? There is no other country in the world and you are an editor and you've travelled. Show me a We're rich and poor. Have no fencing. We're rich and poor are not separated by her friends. What happens in most

of the worlds? Townships or shacks or slums are hidden, right? You get to London. And you see beautiful palaces. You get to even sometimes my country you can see the poverty but you can where beauty is is in the rich. You are absolute

the truth of the world. Because you live cohesively. And there's no fear. I walk around in Mumbai at one o'clock in the evening. In the morning and I'm not fearful. That's because of the people who you are. Secondly. Your humility I

spoke about. Your your entrepreneurialship. You are born to be business people. I always ask my colleague how do you do it? When I go into a meeting with an Indian I start sweating. Cos I know it's going to be a negotiation. I

sweating. I'm like oh my God. You going to outplay me, outnumber me, outdo me. That's besides the cricket that we share a commonality. But you

are born with it. Use it. Own it. But do it with integrity. But also for you guys, you have a responsibility. You have been led by your forefathers. My

question then will be, what are you going to be remembered for? Are you doing voluntary work? Are you giving to the less you have? Because there's always somebody who has less. Are you claiming your space? But the last thing I want to say, we have something that we say in my language. knows what I'm about to say. It's about humanity. We say in

my language. I will say it again. It means I am who I am. Because of others. To end of your

statement. We are a South Africa. Because of you. Thank you. Thank you ma'am. I don't think so. There is a eye left untiered ma'am. We are just

looking for tissues. Thank you for that soulful and inspiring speech. Thank you so much ma'am. Up. commissioning and panel discussion audience

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