[JTBC 특집 방송] '대담-문재인의 5년' 2회 다시보기 (2022.04.26 / JTBC News)

[JTBC 특집 방송] '대담-문재인의 5년' 2회 다시보기 (2022.04.26 / JTBC News)

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Viewers, this is Son Seokhee. Continuing from yesterday, I'm saying hello again. Moon Jae In Right after the president was elected, In May 2017, in the U.S.,

Time magazine covers President Moon I took it as a character. The title is "Negotiator". I mean negotiator, coordinator. When it comes to relations between North and South Korea and the U.S

As a negotiator in relations with Japan, Was President Moon's role successful? Or failed, extremely controversial These are inevitable issues. Today's meeting with President Moon is It's about issues. The path that he took was not for his successive government But he'll be a teacher How does President Moon know about the current situation? I wonder if he's accepting it. And anyways, all of that Give it to his successor, and President Moon I'm leaving Cheong Wa Dae. Also, Cheong Wa Dae is also going to the back of history It's going to go up there. There can't be no regrets or regrets.

That's the last story of the day it is. I guess these pine trees grow more It's special because it grows. rare to see That's amazing. The color? - We came in this part. Because you blocked everything? -I think I can see the traces of wiping.

And then I went back to using natural paint. I think so. There were a lot of national guests from overseas. Please sit this way.

Can I sit here? Should I take it off? - Whatever's convenient. That's why you pay attention to it It's same. I know. Strangely enough, why do you care so much? I appeared a lot on the screen. Most of the foreign guests are here We stopped by and talked.

That's right. Do you have anything to say? Personally, right now... Moving the office is a national centennial The public opinion about where it's written They don't converge. Security crisis is the most important Just March during the escalating regime change Get out of the Pentagon by the end of the day, leave the room.

From May 10th, I'll get to work this sort of thing I think the push is really dangerous. If you need to move somewhere, I'm sure there's enough to know where it's going to be If you think it's not enough, I'm going to make sure that the Pentagon and Joint Chiefs of Staff are relocating more stably and make a plan as much as possible I'll move my office according to the plan I think we need a ritual plan. I can't stay at Cheong Wa Dae even for a day This kind of decision-making and the way things go It's hard to accept. But the new government has the will and it's like Like the first national project, I'm going to push for it' In the yard, whatever old or old power it is, We can't have a big conflict The government at least needs to take care of national and security gaps The cooperation that can be done in a way that minimizes You can't help but do it. That day...

President Moon promised to move the office I've been saying that I'm jealous that it's not appropriate Is it Yongsan? At that time, I was the president of Gwanghwamun I made a promise. The reason why I couldn't do it was because I explained it. It's all out. What I had in mind was the president The office and the secretariat are in Gwanghwamun It was to move to the Government Complex. The reason we can move them is because the Ministry of Public Administration and Security If we move to Sejong City, You can enter that space But since it's close, I'll go to the main building There's a protocol space like a guesthouse or a heliport Underground bunkers, crisis management centers Even after opening it to the public, Cheong Wa Dae uses it when it's needed It was an idea. As the elected person is doing it's totally It's a little different to say that you're going to move.

In the end, I couldn't keep my promise While watching this situation, There were a lot of things that were hard There were objections that it was possible, but just once I wish I had been a forceful personally Anyone? No, I made a good decision I think. I'm not bound by the promise I think it was a good decision. Because the promise is Park Geun Hye the Government's Old Palace Blue House Even the chief of staff knows where the president is I didn't know because of this image I want to get out of it and become a part of the people I meant to go in. But I don't know if you forgot everything I don't know, but at least COVID-19 In 2017, before this trend, During this period of 18 or 19 years, He was active in the field, so-called low I prefer KYUNG HO or open KYUNG HO. I want to

We held hands and took selfies We filmed it and went home several times I eat with young people Hope, or eat with market vendors I do that, too. It's very direct with many people Thanks to the communication, it was the Gujunggung Palace Cheong Wa Dae's image has disappeared. So, during the Gwanghwamun era, We made a commitment, but the people made it It's a very important task I'm not thinking about it If you have to move it, the cost will be It's bound to happen, and it's bound to cause administrative chaos I have no choice but to go through it Is it worth the priority, people? from one's point of view I decided it wasn't, and I thought it was the right one I think it was a judgment. - Going to Yongsan, where the Ministry of Defense was sent out, No, I'm moving to Gwanghwamun You don't think it's right to do it? Gwanghwamun is a bit different now. The difference is When the Ministry of the Interior and Safety moves to Sejong City, the rain falls It was based on the premise that there was space. So you can minimize the cost.

Now there's already another government in that space Since all the institutions are here We need to get them out again You can do it anywhere. The situation has changed, but still Rather than transferring the Pentagon or the JCS, When it comes to security concerns, It's going to be a little less. Q: But what came out of the military... It came out in many waysYou're so I don't think it's a big deal There are people who say that there's no impact I saw it.

-I think so. The more he does that, the more They'll be prepared for security. So I'm practically good at it I think so, but you can't see it KYUNG HO is not likely to happen It's very low, but in one case, There's security, there's security. I don't know today, but I came yesterday At the time, there were a lot of people watching They came in. The promises you made to the citizens There are quite a few. That's right.

So, in the past, they just I'm going to show you what I've been doing It's covered with frames. HJ: But there are a lot of people here whether the citizens come to see us or not It's not a problem. It's a problem of communication That's what I'm saying.

So, the president-elect said, Didn't it come out? Space dominates consciousness. The moment I put it in here, I said that it's hard to go out, but for the past 5 years, How do you feel about your experience? That's why I said it earlier. Think about before COVID-19. For the past 2 years after COVID-19, I couldn't communicate with you, but considering that, In terms of time, any history in the past, I met more people than the government I visited the site a lot Press conferences, conversations with the public It was as good as it was.

At the end, because of COVID-19, the whole country I'm keeping my distance Or lack of communication The Blue House of the Old Jung Palace was recreated If you say so. Why didn't you have a press conference this year? I wonder if you made a lot of things come out. Why didn't we have a press conference this year? Why didn't you do it? Who's not here? Because of the spread of omicrons after the tour, He said let's postpone it. That's right. And You wanted to postpone it, but you didn't Because That's right.

And I ended up doing it before I left office. COVID-19, our Cheong Wa Dae The press corps is all off. I filmed with the Blue House press corps And I also did open house We invited them to the greenhouse I had plans, but whenever that happened, COVID-19 is spreading again Things have happened.

Then it'll be postponed and the situation will be solved And then I do other things There are a lot of things that I couldn't do this way. I'm trying to get the most out of the environment we' our environment I think I was able to communicate with you. I'm going to set up the schedules that I've been doing I want you to take a look.

As the demand for communication goes on, It's going to be higher than the previous administration If you think you did a good job, There's no way. That's because there's more to expect. As you can see, It depends. Even if I didn't explain it well, It's just that I didn' What does it have to do with Cheong Wa Dae? What I've said is that Cheong Wa Dae I didn't say it with space Whether it's communication through media, Whether it's direct communication, based on that, That's what I said. So what does that have to do with Cheong Wa Dae? I don't think so -I didn't connect it to you.

The Blue House, the space of consciousness, You can't communicate because you dominate? That's a bit... -What's the answer to that? Do you think that'sorry? The elected person is also communicating well He's showing off his skills I hope we can communicate as much as we want. -All right. But for example, meeting the media It's because you know the big limitations of COVID-19 You could've gotten it. So for example, if we get COVID-19 I thought it was work for a while. For example, if you do it for a month or two like MERS.

Then it'll work again. This continues Let's continue. Then when the situation gets better, I wanted to wait but I couldn't Things that have been passed will happen. So it's never about that will I didn't mean that I wasn't good enough I'd like to give it to you, and it's also a willingness It's a problem. The problem with where I am right here is

I'd like to say no. -All right. The structure of the Cheong Wa Dae space Tell them it's because of the communication I didn't give it to you. That was earlier I'll accept that you're done talking For example, when it comes to communicating with the media, The last Government, and the last Government. So Lee Myung Bak government and Park Geun Hye Government talk. And then press conference There are people who have similar or higher numbers, That's the situation, but there are opinions like this.

With the previous governments that said there was no communication, why? Do you compare? Roh Moo Hyun Like the former president, we've done 150 shows Don't we have to compare? As for President Moon Jae In, We're going to communicate a lot I had high expectations Because my expectations for that have been dampened Disappointment and disappointment in the world The criticism of him I'm saying that there is. Anyway, the more you communicate, the better I think. Just like in the past, It's not just a press conference No, I'm going to visit the site and I'm going to meet the people Communication in the way we meet. or through a national petition, Listen to the petition and answer it yourself communication in a way They put a lot of effort into it I thought about it, but on the other hand, COVID-19 The situation interferes with communication There were situations, but communication I don't want to be evaluated as lacking We should have put in more communication I did We can't deny that.

I'm just asking you to know the situation. - For example, what we talked about today and yesterday In the middle, I've been thinking about There are many things that you wanted to let people know You said that a lot, too It's not just me during my term of office Even if you do, you can meet other media Of course, the fact that there are many restrictions I see. But I'd like to give you more chances I think it would have been nice if you had a lot of them It makes me think about it After talking like this. The outgoing regime and the new inauguration The regime might have conflicts without knowing it knowingly I think so. For example, before Roh Moo Hyun, The president has never been public We held a press conference The transition team is trying to reorganize the government He criticized me very sharply I remember.

Why? I don't know if you're saying it's a conflict. - Anyways, the current president is the next president sharply criticizing the transition team It's not a smooth situation. Then I'll do whatever you want You can't do this. As someone who's run the government, There's a reason why we need a government organization I mean, I don't know much about the Ministry of course That's a little right to say that we're going to abolish it It's a duty to say that it's not a story.

It's just what the new president wants. Mouth Close it and stay still. I don't think that's what it's supposed to be I don't think it's a good idea to say the opposite I don't think it's a conflict.

It depends on the definition. But in the eyes of the general public, it's what we call a "so-called The old and new governments have to be reorganized or whatever We had different opinions, so we wanted to show it to the public If you criticize the other person, that's Isn't it natural to be seen as a conflict? - Elected in a normal democracy The Ministry of Gender Equality and Family If you think you've fulfilled your mission, you should abolish it As you can say, it is not You still have a very important duty If you think about it, it doesn't fit Opposing that it is an argument is that I think it's a given. That process is like an abnormal conflict If you think like that, that's too I like a uniform quiet. HJ: It's a conflict I didn't presuppose that it was abnormal. It's a possible conflict Because I do. Anyway, what it's going to decide is It may be the legislature, but for our government, The Ministry of Gender Equality and Family needs to develop more I think it's better to do it but it's not right? I think it's natural to pay.

So maybe the Congress will be able to make the case for both sides I think we should take a look and make a decision. -I think it's a difference in methodology. Former President Roh held a press conference in personally, That's what President Moon said The difference is how you didn't.

That's because that's a good situation. So, the winner of the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family In the beginning, I was a bit stubborn. I mean, that's what you're talking about in a campaign Let's just say that's what we did. If you're the winner of a government organization, If you tried to reform it like that's all If you need to go beyond the opposite Maybe we should have a press conference. But now, the president-elect is I think I'm thinking about a lot of things They formed a cabinet along with the existing government. -All right.

when the transition team is inaugurated There's always talk about that, and if the government changes, it's going to happen There's more. It's about personnel management. This time, the controversy over personnel issues There was. The presidency and the presidency of a major mission a phenomenon that occurs because it is not the same It's kind of like that, but it's a fundamental solution Do you think there's no way we can do it? What's the fundamental solution? The president exercises the power of the president The winner can exercise the power of the winner. Until the last day? But the same thing as politicians is a little bit So for example, there's no term If you postpone your appointment to the next government, I think it'll be good for your manners.

Next, the person who has a term of office I can't. I can't leave it blank after my term ends I have to say hello, but in the midst of that, For example, if you're from a power organization, If possible, I'd like to hear your opinion I'll refer to it and make it smooth for both of us It would be morally good to resolve It's the same. - But this time, we're going to say hello to both sides I know there were a lot of differences. That's true, too.

So I told him to move on to the next government It became a problem. These days, audit committee members I have my share. For example, two of us have been together for a long time It's been vacant. One of them is the Board of Audit and Inspection It's a job where you come from. Then another person from the Board of Audit and Inspection If you become a member of the Board of Audit and Inspection, you can breathe It's a good thing. You can leave it to the Board of Audit and Inspection.

Then should we wrap it up like this? If you have a term of office, you'll have a presidential term of office I'll exercise my right to say hello until the last day. The new president will end his term anyways Because I'm getting hit. That's right. If there is no term of office, after discussion, Put it off. Yeah, well...

-All right. - So if you follow common sense, it's not a big deal I don't think there'll be a problem. - Regarding his performance in office, You think it's underrated Isn't it? or not being evaluated at all I think that there's such a thing Do you have it? First of all, it's not to underestimate I mean, the distorted frame worked of the so-called imperial presidency Was I the imperial president? I have the authority, but why isn't there an event? But what kind of king? These days, President Roh Moo Hyun Was it an imperial president? He was a very civil and easygoing president. The power of this president is either our Constitution or It's stipulated in the law. They're important powers, but they' The power to wield it It's not there. That's exactly what you have to do within the law.

- But anyway, the president It's centralized. It's presidential system It's called the imperial president for the authority to act. No, it's not. - About the President's individual.

- Our country's presidential system is imperial It's not a presidential system. It's a very democratic presidential system. But in the authoritarian era of the past, In the legacy of authoritarianism, beyond the powers of the Constitution or the law He exercised his extrajudicial power.

That's the imperial presidency. It's a framing attack That's what I think. And then, the parts that are underestimated To tell you a little bit, Income-driven growth, minimum wage increases, The reduction of working hours It had a bad economic impact I've cut back on jobs like this kind of like this The assessment is that I'm wrong. I've said this many times. That's what happened.

Today, employment has increased dramatically Our economy has grown a lot, and finally, National income exceeded $35,000 the world's 10th largest economy for record exports All the economic indicators are good, and on the other hand, The distribution has improved dramatically So, regarding that part, to get a fair evaluation I really want to do it. We talked about it a lot yesterday We revealed the job situation board at first He said that, but he still manages it Are you there? -Didn't you see it in the interview yesterday? I didn't see that. I think you're too focused on the conversation. But I have this question. You suggested 5 principles of greeting.

Stay where you are and every time to time It's always an upgrade. So, I'm always working on the amount of jobs in real time It's not about the quality of jobs and trends You can find out. -You're talking about the office of Yeo Min-kwan yesterday, right? That's right.

-All right. Let's get into the relationship between North and South America. The weather was similar to that day In the inter-Korean talks, the footbridge scene was very It became a hot topic.

I don't know if you remember all the conversations that day I don't know, but mostly Kim Jong-un I think I asked a lot of questions What did you usually talk about? Whenever we have a meeting, the person sitting in attendance always So, we're not here with the audience. Just the two of us It's what I wanted, but what's planned for a long time is It wasn't. About 10 minutes It got serious and it got longer. All in all, Chairman Kim Jong-un said, They're stuck in the nucleus for safety reasons That's why we need to make sure that you're safe If possible, we can denuclearize as much as we want There is, but about their sincerity If the international community or the United States were to say, There seems to be a lot of distrust. How can I resolve that distrust? If we talk to the U.S., I've never experienced this before I don't know if I can do it There were a lot of questions.

Things are not going to change now Kim Jong Un at the time The chairman of the committee said that President Moon said Did you agree a lot about that? So what North Korea wants is I mean, I'm willing to denuclearize That and lifting sanctions Step by step, exchange at the same time I think that it should be done in a way I was strong. If I can keep those conditions, They're going to denuclearize and Yongbyon I'll include it and fulfill it I did. - After that, some parts of the North Korean side Exploding facilities I showed the shape, but in the end, That's how it goes Why wasn't First of all, North Korea will test the nuclear test site in Punggye-ri Blow it up and tell foreign journalists I showed them to make sure. While the conversation continues with him, Additional nuclear tests or ICBM launches I promised that I wouldn't take the test. Indeed, denuclearization, lifting sanctions, and peace agreements How can we do this at the same time? to agree on a road map I failed, so in the end, You can say that I failed in the details.

Later, when you go to Pyongyang, You've already had the inter-Korean summit There are a lot of scenes that drew attentionIt's Like the scene at Neungrado Stadium I think it'll be fresh in your eyes. 150,000 people from Pyongyang gathered. In the first place, I was going to meet the citizens at Neungrado Stadium Did you have a plan from the beginning? -The Arirang festival performance there. It had only the opportunity to observe North Korea Please say hello to the citizens of Pyongyang I'm jealous. Chairman Kim Jong-un suggested it I did.

It's something we've never seen before It was a good opportunity and I hope that opportunity I decided to talk about denuclearization I included it in my speech. Pyongyang The citizens are cheering for us with applause.k.a I gave it to him. What was surprising was that Chairman Kim Jong-un Whether it's time to speak or the content of your speech, I don't interfere in any of the parts I thought it'd be nice if you just did it I trusted him and left him to me It was unexpected. After that, for the first time, I don't know if there will be another eventIt's He was the first person to speak in front of Pyongyang citizens Kim Jong Un became the president of South Korea How can I put it? I don't think it's a good idea to suggestions like that I don't know how to express ita rolling gibe Wouldn't there be an and take? So to President Moon Instead of suggesting something shocking, There must have been something you wanted.

At that time, North Korea and the U.S It's the same. The U.S. will eventually persuade us to think

It's our first North Korea-U.S. summit The U.S. also wants North Korea and President Trump and all the staff around him, He had no experience in talking with North Korea. But with North Korea, we're going to do it in practice Negotiating and reaching an agreement Because it's impossible, North Korea will go to North Korea A lot of things about America Through our messages I wanted to send him to the U We're going to deliver it to North Korea through us He wanted to.

So naturally, in the middle He was acting like a mediator. So many things that Kim Jong Un showed The Department of Justice said that it would help improve inter-Korean relations It's about how much I guess On the other hand, I'm looking forward to the U.S.-North Korea talks I think it was that kind of sign or message like that.

In that regard, the Korean government How should I say this? I paid too much attention to the U.S Some people say that it's not. For example, Kim Junyoung In the case of the National Diplomatic Service, He said that. Unconditional reopening of Kaesong Industrial Complex in January 2019 And the resumption of Mt. Geumgang tours

When the Korean government said that, I was too self-conscious about Trump He said that. -Well, it's got a lot of inside People from the liberal side who can't do it That's what I think. It can be done within the scope of sanctions between the two Koreas We've done almost all the cooperation we have.

Even a railway connection between North and South, a road connection. After the opening ceremony, the sanctions As long as it's released, everything you can do I'm all set. In the process, this is some kind of Trump I don't know what he's up to There was no need, and the key was How can we make the North Korea-U.S. talks successful? Will the sanctions be lifted? The Gaesong Industrial Complex issue or Mt. Geumgang The tourism problem is solved by itself It's something that's separate between North and South Korea Gaesong Industrial Complex or Mt. Geumgang Tourism I'm going to make a separate effort to solve this problem North Korea didn't think about it.

So I'm going to take a step closer to that So I went out and thought, "Driver theory on the Korean Peninsula" Even scholars who criticize it as fictional I do have one. - But then Trump's North Korea Diplomacy is all a failure What the whole process has gained is A nuclear test in the early days of the Korean government in 2017 ICBM launches have been going on and so on the crisis of war on the Korean Peninsula Through those efforts, To resolve the war crisis, to speak of dialogue, It turned into a phase of diplomacy. In that regard, I and President Trump I think we should get a fair evaluation.

But in the end, it's not going to work again It's become the original position Because it's done. So where's the peace for five years? It flew away. The situation right now is actually Hanoi's second round After the summit no-deal, It's a good conversation between North Korea and the U.S No. So, no inter-Korean dialogue

There's a situation where we can't see each other anymore It's been a long time Even if it lasted, until now, We've revealed our will to talk. -We've had a lot of conversations before. That's right.

There was a North Korea-U.S. summit on June 12th There were many ups and downs It was here. What was the most difficult part? What was the moment? As expected, it's the beginning.

Also early on, North Korea had missiles Doing a nuclear test. - Let's say Trump won't have a meeting. - Between President Trump and Kim Jong Un There's a very dangerous horse bomb coming and going The situation where it's about to explode It was the most difficult situation and after that, The difficulty that I faced just now As you said, we're going to have a U.S.-North Korea summit I've already decided that Libya is a high-ranking official in the U.S

I talked about the model. The Libyan model is now pre-nuclearized It's a good reward. I remember Bolton doing it The person who said it. -Was it Bolton or it was Bolton or Pompeii. Anyway, that's what the high class did. That's why we talked about North Korea I had a backlash.

But the way North Korea is protesting is a statement It's very dangerous if you give the same thing Beyond the usual diplomatic grammar Isn't it? What are we talking about in the US? That's how President Trump I declared that I wouldn't talk That's it. I worked hard to connect the conversation again I did a lot. It was a tough moment. - But actually, the North Korean statement said, We're quite used to it I'm sure a lot of Americans saw that, too U.S. President Trump can't stand it like that Did I? Anyway, in the U.S., this was It's something that comes out of talking I think that's what I thought.

As you just said, These are the expressions North Korea uses all the time. That's what I explained. Fortunately, One Point Talks with Chairman Kim Jong Un The U.S. will respond to North Korea through this program I'll try to understand and then I'll start talking again I'm trying to persuade them to continue I did it.

Q: What did Chairman Kim Jong Un say? Did you answer that? - Chairman Kim Jong-un came with him at the time Right, Kim Youngchul, the manager of course There's something a little unsophisticated about it. You want me to purify my words? We need to take that into consideration That's what I agreed with. So, Kim Young Chul, head of the current affairs department, With Chairman Kim Jong-un's personal letter, I visited and ended up with Trump The president is having a meeting again. Let's do this

It's done. - About former U.S. President Trump What do you think? -I think it's good. Is that so? - Leaders in the United States or global a leader's evaluation -It's tough. No, I don't want to.

It's not appropriate for me to evaluate I think so. But when it comes to relations with Korea, I thought it was really good I am doing. Actually, the U.S.-North Korea summit is in the U.S I don't think I've been able to understand It's not friendly. Like I said earlier, Without any practical process of agreement, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in a top-down manner I'll meet the chairman in person and convince him I thought I'd do it It was a very bold idea, and through that, The situation on the Korean Peninsula turned 180 degrees That's it. Since we're talking about it now, Everything was good, but for us, one thing is There was a burden on the cost of defense It's 5 times higher than that It was.

Of course, I refused. -You were out somewhere this time. Mr. Trump, I'm sure you'll be able to understand The person who likes it the most is President Moon.

That's how much I can do unacceptable to us That's what it was What I liked about President Trump was Even if I ask for it, for a long time, I will never Even if you don't accept it, She takes the part very emotionally I'm not doing it. So he has to run an election "I'm a human, so please raise the defense budget." As I demand, you'll be able to vote He's the one who won the election He's the one who needs to fight It's only natural for both of us to unfold. That's the difference between arguments I'm not the only one of them I didn't mix it with the problem. I mean, we can't talk about defense Like retaliating against trade or other problems I don't think it' case by case without I was pretty good at that. Of course, it's the criticized From my perspective, it's been 2 to 3 years After a conciliatory period, Like the inter-Korean liaison office being blown up After going through those things, I'm very sorry for being back in position You all know it's critical.

No, but that's a matter of criticism It's not. Why are you criticizing it? Actually, I didn't say that. From the standpoint of the president-elect, During the election process, that kind of thing It came out, but in the meantime, inter-Korean relations It doesn't mean much I don't think so. So until the end, a lot of things that didn't happen It's a bummer. The process It's not something to be criticized. We can criticize our lack of effort There may be.

That criticism is probably a difference in methodology I think so. As you know, Moon Jae In so far Will you go with the government's methodology? The new government is talking about. I don't know if it's going to be policyIt's There were very strong comments. Will you go with that methodology? There was even talk of a preemptive strike. - Think about it this way. Roh Moo Hyun government, then Moon Jae In government During the two governments, there was not a single case of North Korea and military There was no conflict.

On the other hand, the Lee Myung Bak government and the Park Geun Hye Government. Cheonan, Yeonpyeong Island, and Mokham Mining There was a conflict and a lot of us soldiers and even civilians I had that kind of sadness. It could turn into an all-out war That's what happened.

Which methodology is correct? Who knows how to make our peace and security better? Will you keep it? The progressive government did much better. What our government didn't try to do was Our government has done its best until the end in plain knowledge of the facts It doesn't fit. For defense spending alone, the Roh Moo Hyun government, Moon Jae In far more than the government high enough to be criticized by the high progressives There was an increase in defense spending The defense capability has increased. On the other hand, in the Lee Myung Bak, Park Geun Hye governments, That's a lot lower defense spending. Security, defense, and so on.

Shall we talk more? I was going to ask you this question I did it, but since you're telling me in advance, I think you can just do it. - And there's another axis of security and national defense It's called "Bohoon" Even from the perspective, for example, Korean War Veterans' Allowance, Vietnam War Remuneration or various rewards for defoliant Honour, special duty meritorious people are rewarded, honoured. Something like this. Or we'll be discovered Worked on excavating the remains that couldn't be done.

This is all done by the progressive government. The Conservative Government make these efforts It's hard to pay for not looking at it's hard to pay I'll take care of you better, and progress will be more about security labelled incompetent That's it. That's the kind of frame that really exists.

In that context, Yoon Seok Yeol from before The winner talks about a preemptive strikewith a forked tongue or very North Korea's ICBM launch very crude in expression I'll fix my habits die hard The expressions are expressed by the Secretary of Defense I don't know about the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff As a national leader, that is appropriate It's an expression that I couldn't express it well. Because one day, the new government will be able to get rid of North Korea You must restore the conversation. I have to work hard to restore it. And someday, we'll be talking to each other It could be, but if you think about that time, A word can make conversation difficult And that's how much we can raise the tension That's what you should always keep in mind I think so. Maybe that's why he's the only one with North Korea Have you ever had a conversation or a diplomatic relationship? I think it's because I don't have any experience If I were to say that quickly, Like a president, in a presidential mode We have to go back quickly.

Since it was an election phase, what I said was more It could have been that strong. That's right. So, the mode of the candidate and the president I think the mode should be different. - The evaluation of Kim Jong-un, Chairman of the State Affairs Commission, Are you still positive? As for U.S. President Trump,

You said it positively. -I won't evaluate it. This isn't the right time to evaluate I think so. Isn't it appropriate? In the past, we used to evaluate positively Because they gave it to me.

That's when you were a good conversation partner. I can't give you that positive feedback right now even if I understand that they'll give it to you, Will it work? -It is not appropriate to evaluate at this time It's a phase. Because I said it earlierin the first place The ICBM was fired, and it was clearly a sign of a fire It's over the red line. And maybe it's a sign that we're going to end the conversation There is. But it's a complete conversation I don't know if it's going to be disconnected It's not clear.

I believe that the new government should be able to communicate We're trying to restore it to a close relationship with the U.S We have to work together Let's think that we're going to do that. North Korea, too I think we should come back to the intestine.

It's a situation that's on that path Because Evaluating North Korea? - North Korea makes a reasonable choice of dialogue to Kim Jong-un I would like to withhold the evaluation of. However, there are many people who point out this kind of thing I've been here. So, President Moon Jae In, you have to be strong Don't you need time to tell me? Same thing with the ICBM. The liaison office was blown up

It's the same for the time. If it comes out in a strong tone, There were a lot earlier As you said, the next government I don't know what to do, but at least So far, I've done it in a very strong tone We're talking about it He's very happy about it It is frustrating in that respect. -I'm really frustrated. A confrontation between strong words, so to speak.

The consequences of that were in 2017 Didn't we witness it vividly? For months, in the midst of a war crisis of war, I sent it to you know. North Korea's harsh expression President Trump's another kind of horse bomb The same attacks. These are the things that quickly escalated the crisis That's it. We're going to talk about North Korea, and we're going to talk about it Punish or sanction without conflict It's here I don't have any feelings at all It's wise to express it as it is Would it be a road? If you insist, it's It's a frustrating story. -All right. There are definitely those opinions, too We're going to give you questions You don't think my question is too frustrating Please don't.

So, it's really In the past, we've been working on Mount Kumgang or Gaeseong Industrial Complex The parts that I stopped It's a bummer. Based on that, there's a lot of inter-Korean relations If the partnership had developed, Then each and every one of them is about North Korea Like a means of pressure It might be a way of sanctioning it, Now we're going to have our own There's no such means at all. If the president says it's very rough, Words, expressions. If that's the only way, it's just pathetic Aren't you in a position? As you know, the world situation is It's not going to be easy. If North Korea fails to give up its nuclear weapons program, Korea needs to have nuclear power The argument can be as good as it gets.

There are still some arguments like that. But physically, It's possible. Because we have enough technology. But it's practically impossible.

We need to withdraw from the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty right now If you do, you'll be subject to international sanctions And the Korea-U.S. alliance is in jeopardy. And even if you endure all that, the so-called nuclear competition between the two Koreas If we do that, we'll go to Japan or Taiwan It's completely dominoes in Northeast Asia There's going to be nuclear proliferation. that is. It's not realistic? It's not realistic It's something politicians should refrain from I think it's a captain. an absurd argument I'd say that's a good argument. -I think you're getting stronger and stronger.

You have to blame me for that. There's really no point in blaming that claim I have it. The media needs to blame me, but the media It's just simple delivery.

through the words of President Moon Isn't there? You've been pushing for the end of the war Until the end of his term. But it didn't happen in the end, and some of them The declaration of the end of the war is nothing more than paper What's the point of President Moon's term? I'm not sure if he' There was a point. This isn't a frustrating question, is it? That's that, too. Anyway, I can say that he's a tactless captain There is. First of all, the declaration of the end of the war is justifiable. The war really needs to end.

And as you said, the declaration of the end of the war is in the air I can't stay afloat. The declaration of the end of the war ended in a peace treaty as peace negotiations for the conclusion of It's the so-called entrance for entry point It's that. And peace negotiations are about denuclearization It goes with negotiation.

So we're going to make peace and denuclearization It's the entrance to get there About the road map after the end of the war, If there's no agreement, the declaration of the end of the war You can't reach an agreement on that. If the declaration of the end of the war is agreed upon, it will be Agreements on the subsequent process together It means that it will come true As for the declaration of the end of the war in North Korea, Expressing interest and supporting the U.S So to speak, the declaration of the end of the war to North Korea Even the content of Korea and the U.S

There's a consensus on the liver, but the path It's far away and the day is dark. - So, the reality of the declaration of the end of the war I'm asking you this question The reality of pushing for an end-of-war declaration is It also includes the meaning of "have" It was here. I don't have much time right now It's a shame. But this regime change is something that we can't afford It could be a time when you're very vulnerable to security So I'll try my best to go to the next government I hope that the tone of the conversation will continue it is. Let's wrap up the talk about North Korea here I will do that Moon Jae In the five-year relationship between Korea and Japan It was very difficult.

I'm in Japan right nowIt's Maybe the Japanese government, the Moon Jae In government, can't wait Maybe the government is the one that's waiting to end To the point where I don't know That's what the public opinion in Japan is like in political circles - But then you have to look forward to the new government Did you walk? -I don't know that much. But according to the poll results, But it won't be that low There are more polls, though. - First of all, in the relationship between Korea and Japan, the Korean government Nothing has changed at all I have it. The old Kim Dae Jung Obuchi Declaration on the basis of bilateral relations So, I need to develop more from there It's going to work. The Korean government is ideological and Regardless of Jinyoung's position, I kept it.

But what has changed is Japan. Japan is getting more and more to the right Japan's attitude has changed. Japan still says Kim Dae Jung-Obuchi It's about inheriting the declaration It's not really inheriting it. Will it be different in the next government? I'm not that optimistic I don't think you can see it. -All right.

Japan's economic retaliation Didn't you? a so-called minor general Subtracts, parts, equipment. The Declaration of Independence by him was announced in July 2019 It came out. As for the progress, in the meantime, There were a lot of positive reports. How do you evaluate him? Are you there? That's right. We're going to talk about these three items I achieved my independence. Not only that, but also that we depend on Japan There are a lot of small managers like that, so 100 It's very important to depend on Japan We're going to continue to make them self-reliant It's been strengthened.

The dependence on Japan has been greatly reduced. So, as we planned, I'm so proud that I succeeded. It's hard to say it's complete yet, right? That's right. Number 2 is Japanese The warden is way ahead.

And complete independence It's not desirable. There needs to be a back-and-forth. - Because of division of labor in international relations, If we go to the finished product, Japan We'll go towards the general manager There needs to be a division of labor It was Japan that broke. You have to point that out. I think this was better than the major general's plan It's a kind of crisis that we're going to have to deal with It's not just that we overcame it How can I succeed? I learned how to succeed I think it's very important.

-All right. These things actually happened under the Abe administration It's something that happened, actually I didn't have a very good relationship with Abe. What assessment do you make? - Prime Minister Abe and you. - What? Of course not.

That's right. Personally, whenever we meet, Polite But we haven't met a lot. -We've met a lot. Is that so? I was just a polite Japanese person. About his leadership, I don't want to evaluate it.

- As for U.S. President Trump, That's what they said. During the Abe administration, Korea-Japan relations were more Japan's right-leaning trend has gotten worse It's getting worse, I think that's clear.

I don't think he's trying to say anything bad. I don't have much relationship with China either I get on top of course. That's why I think about relationships with America It's a situation that I can't help but. And China right next to me I can't help but think about relationships. So, people are asking if we're close I've been there a lot.

HJ: But you already said all the answers What if I conclude that it is pro-Chinese? So you're not going to answer? No, I'm not. That's exactly what you said. The U.S. is very important

It's the only alliance. The Korea-U.S. alliance is the foundation of our diplomacy. But China also has borders And it's our biggest trading partner. I want to have a good relationship with China You have to maintain it.

There is no other answer than that, is there? - What answers do you have in international relations? I don't think there's anything you want me to give you, but I don't care if it's me. But under the current circumstances, the U.S Don't get too far from China You can't be close to either side a difficulty This dilemma is what you always felt Isn't For example, are we on the American side? Is it on the Chinese side? When asked to choose between these two options, I don't think so. And that's the only dilemma we can think of I don't need it. What I think is a dilemma is a sense of victimization It's the same thing, but we're stuck in the middle It's a presence.

Isn't that realistic? But it only works bad Is it? It's not necessarily like that. We believe that China is the largest trading partner and individual The United States is the second country It's a trading nation. In the meantime, we're going to export to the U.S I've increased it.

Didn't our country develop? So now, I'm stuck between the superpowers Don't just think of me as a shrimp It's as big as a dolphin in Korea. - For example, the U.S. defense strategy and China's There's definitely a conflict of defense strategies The Korean Peninsula will be on the border anyway For example, last time, the THAAD deployment issue was the only issue Even so, after that, China is also a Hallyu (Korean Wave We're going to stop them and take a lot of economic damage I gave it to him.

In that case, what choice should I make? the question of whether or not to do so I'm sure there's another one in the government Do you want to share your concerns? That was the gist of my question. - Really practical for the national interest We need wise diplomacy to think. And so far, in general, we've been I think I've done a good job.

As I said before, in Korea, I've grown up. But now, like the THAAD issue, sometimes, I ran into a difficult problem It's not just the THAAD deployment itself the process of deployment "Was these things wise?" There's definitely a problem. Even if it's necessary, we need to defend ourselves Even if we put THAAD in place, I'm not sure about the inevitability of China If you've explained it enough, China I don't know if you understand, but why are you so I wouldn't have protested I said I didn't have that until a few days ago One day, he suddenly announced the deployment of THAAD It's that. Those processes are problematic That's it.

-The next government in the election phase We could deploy more THAAD I said it. That's just an election statement It'll be different in the presidential mode I see it. That's a question to watch I think so. I'd like to move places. Sure.

Let's move it together. Shall we go? My mouth hurts when I talk too much. Is that so? Just physiologically. I don't get tired of talking because of my job I don't think so. This way, too I guess you're on your way to the outskirts.

This is a natural fabric, right? The water is very clear. You can go to the official residence for a walk Because it's a long road. This is the way to the official residence. - So, I don't want to ride a car. I want to relax When it's time to walk down It's a road where you can walk up.

The Republican Party was originally very active in North Korea It's called the axis of evil and the so-called neo-con The forces are very negative, aren't they? I mean, pressure North Korea You have to break it down. What kind of negotiation is this? It's on the side. In that atmosphere, I can trade Yes, if the conditions are right. That attitude is very It was good.

In the U.S., there are a lot of curses We ate it, but from our perspective, It must have been a good opportunity I wanted to do something at this time. -When I first met President Trump, It's a world-historical achievement And you'll get the Nobel Peace Prize We have nothing to do but talk comfortably There isn't.

It's moved to the invasion angle. This place is really nice. You can see the thatched cottage in the back I think it has a lot of Korean style. I see. - Five years of Cheong Wa Dae life, plans for retirement How do you set it up? -I don't have any plans after retirement It's a plan.

- You got nothing? First of all, if I put it this way, I don't know what it's like, but it's like a complete It feels like a battery I don't have any plans to. I did it yesterday and today The lighting I don't know if it changedMa is a bit You look comfortable. Every day is more like that. Didn't you say that? When I was a student, I wanted to be a historian You said that you should study history after retirement Like you're going to do it or something like that? I'll just read a book. I put a lot of effort into it I don't want to do it.

garden and weed the yard I'm very busy to do this. So, I've been busy I'll live and take a walk around I haven't been to the place I want to go A couple can go there together We go to eat something. I'm just living calmly. - Many supporters came to see you We meet once in a lot. I'm not going to do that.

Roh Moo Hyun You're gonna have to do it once a day Since a lot of people are coming. It's inevitable that it won't come out, so it came out. Thank you. I'll go out once a day and say hello Divide it. Makgeolli glass with neighbors It's tilted.

Put her on her granddaughter's bike. - Isn't that really nice? That's what a retired president needs to show I think it's a role model. And after doing that, the people who came to see us Sometimes, I can't wait for that time President, please come out. Like this.

-I remember. HJ: It's hard to sing together and go out after And on the other hand, I liked it, but I became obsessed with it What's that? It's hard for you I did it. I'm not going to do that.

You're not going out at all? No, I'm not. Sometimes, I take a walk and go hiking I'll do it after I go out, but by chance, I'll meet you, but I'll set a time and go out I'm not going to meet them or anything. -I understand what you mean. Then for those who support it, They'll understand what it means That's what I think. I don't know.

Anyway, as a retired president, in politics, out of one's way Especially in real politics. I'm just an ordinary citizen. I'm just a retiree I think it's a good idea to live your life It's meaningful and it can be an example I think. I'm curious.

What life will be like after retirement. I'm also curious as a regular person. There's one obvious question. What kind of president do you want to be remembered as? Anyway, I'll work hard If you think that I did a great job I'd appreciate it. If I were to be greedy, We've been through a lot of crises again It wasn't what our people wanted It was a given crisis The most challenges I hope you overcome it successfully successful in becoming a leading nation I can't believe I was such a president It would be the greatest honor for me if there is.

Let me add one more thing. President who opened Mt. Bukak and Mt. Inwang. We've actually opened up a lot. In the beginning, the road in front of Cheong Wa Dae was opened I did it. Although Cheong Wa Dae is limited, It's open. Inwangsan Mountain is open

I opened Mt. Bukak completely. -Thanks to you, I've been going well. -Yes. Someday, I'll be your host Call anchor Son to the program and do whatever you want I once said I wanted to ask a question. It's a really interesting question.

HJ: I'll wrap it up thinking you don't have any I will do that You were the chief of staff then. As the president of Cheong Wa Dae, What do you think about the last night? I don't think I'm sad. I don't think we need a retirement ceremony. - Retired as much as he served here A new life that you will live anew later. I have high expectations for that. -I can understand what it means I think so.

It's time to wrap up. Lastly, to our citizens, Please say hello. Anyway, from the moment I first entered politics, Until the moment I retired, I'm so thankful for the love from the people I think I got it. I want to thank you very much. Inauguration, which we didn't want at all a lot of crises from the beginning to the end of one's career As we overcome the situation together, the people You've been through a lot of pain.

I'm not sure if you'll be able to feel that pain I'm going to endure it, but I'm so happy to be able to to the people who have recovered and improved, I'd like to thank you for one thing To tell you this, We're proud that we're a successful country I hope you can have it. From President Syngman Rhee It's been a long time since I've been on V LIVE The presidents have their own way There will be merit. I think someone had a lot of majors Someone had more balls. And one of them is a job change I'd like to thank those who were deprived of their respect as president There are people like that, but All the presidents at that time The people have achieved this together The total sum of history is It's become a successful country. Now, Korea is in many ways an economy Democracy or culture, quarantine, military power In many ways, Korea is ranked 10th in the world I'm getting recognized as a country with a certain degree. During that time, we were with the people It was a great honor for me.

-All right. Thank you for your hard work. Thank you. Thank you for the two days of comment.

Thank you. Thank you. You can take a picture here. I'm going to film it here. Sitting here. Standing up? Sitting down? They want us to sit down.

Let's sit down. SJ: The way you sit next to me I think it'll be good. Look at me. - We'll film it. Are you ready? Thank you for your efforts.

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