(Japan is Opening for Tourist This Week) Asakusa, Akihabara, Ueno, Retro Omurice Katsu Curry Ep 350

(Japan is Opening for Tourist This Week) Asakusa, Akihabara, Ueno, Retro Omurice Katsu Curry  Ep 350

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[Music] [Applause] if you visit asakusa by tokyo metro there are two lions one is asak salani and the ginza line today i came here by the asak salaam if you want to visit the most popular place sensoji you can always try to go to this kaminarimon district then you can easily get to the sensoji temple yep this way so let's go usually in japan there are many visits at the station but there's an information board well this information board doesn't have an english translation well in that case uh maybe you can find some english information board or you can learn japanese this one you can read it sensoji kaminari anyway that's a4 this way if you are taking the bus there are many bus information boat like this and as you can see there are many english translation and also this is something other fans actually you can touch it that's a japanese version and if you press here it changes to english useful yep for coming only monday and the sensory this is the way as i told you in the previous video japan is finally opening from june and i realized that many people are interested in how the town looks like so in this video i will try to show you guys how the town looks like asakusa akihabala and ueno well hope you guys can see the japan situation through this video anyway let's keep [ __ ] all right so this is the a4 gate well usually in japan in june you don't have to wear the jacket i think the half t-shirts is okay however this week somehow it's pretty cold today it's 20 degree and also raining that's why i wear the heavy jacket oh by the way hey guys welcome back to ryan's tv i'm ryan saying a girl all right so this way you see that's the sensoji temple brigade it's really close i haven't been to asakusa for a while oh my goodness it's still raining now as you guys know japan has a raining season between june to july so if you're visiting japan during this season you have to be careful i decide to shoot today because tomorrow and the day after tomorrow will be raining yeah it's really tough for youtubers but uh for travelers as well anyway whenever it gets rain there is a company that you can buy the umbrella so let's go to get the umbra because i don't want to make the camera wet this way we are at the kanondori this place has the arcade roof so that we don't get wet probably we can find umbrella here at the family mart any japanese company has the umbrella but today why not let's try to go to find a folding amblera oh look at this store it's rice cluckers okay oh my goodness there are so many kinds looks pretty good those are traditional ones and they have a cute blonde smell looks like a kia oh waiter in front this place has an even bigger cat sande which is a rice packer oh my goodness so many kinds that's so cute by the way this bageling cat called manikineko maniki neko people believe that this beckoning a cat bring the lucky to your business so that's why many stores having this maneki neko oh sorry i just realized that that's not the manikinako that's a regular cat i thought that's a big one in cairo never mind oh that's a geisha cat interesting price is 40 000 japanese yen which is about 350 us dollars wow that's expensive i like it though it's 1 30 right now but i haven't eaten lunch yet maybe rain will stop if i eat the lunch forest so why not let's find a place to eat by the way this season so many school trips this side seems like more classic shotengai which is the arcade [Music] oh my goodness look at those ramens looks pretty good eh oh they have tantamount too which is a spicy ramen my favorite well this is the first option let's see what else we have oh so many people waiting in front of mameshibak cafe amishiba they are so cute well that's one of my favorite chain is pretty good if you want to try taiyaki you can find this store oh look at those gacha tongue that's a gachapon asakusa virgin they have a rich gachapon how much is the price 300 japanese yen nobody and oh that's a magnet oh sure that looks like japan and it will shake and this one is also 300 japanese yen as well snow glo smaller one this one costs 400 japanese here oh my goodness look at this hugging pokemon cable cover it will be the cover for the cable looks so cute what's your favorite pokemon well speaking of the pokemon i haven't the video yet well recently things are crazy i've been so busy uh after things gets better definitely i will try to beat the pokemon but beforehand i think i'd better do it the president of delta rest of the wild oh my goodness look at this restaurant looks so classic and looks like a success why not uh let's try here [Music] let me see what kind of menu they have those are the take out menus so they have a curry shoku hamburg steak and also it's a ramen and the beers that omukat's color looks so good prices a little bit expensive [Music] oh i like the atmosphere i won't have a corner seed so those are the menu items and they have a free wi-fi here yeah those curry and the omurice looks good and it's in the first page so maybe they are specializing that and they have a washoku and the yoshoku and the ramens plus tempura sashimi oh pretty much they have everything this hitsuna bushi looks pretty good but then i usually don't see this omukhat's curry at the restaurant so maybe specialize here why not let's order this so here small japanese lesson whenever you want to order the food you can only say the menu items and ones means please so in that case please from cascade it's simple right so maybe you can practice you can order it in japanese when you build japan and here we go oh my goodness smells so good the price is 1518 japanese yen so it's about 11 12 us dollars a little bit expensive compared to other food but you know that's how it is let's eat itadakimasu oh my goodness look at this egg it looks so fluffy i didn't realize that actually that's a ketchup to rice are usually in the oval rice they use the ketchup rice but the curry uses a white rice right and this one has to catch up the rice [Music] let me choose it it is really fluffy perfectly melted with this ketchup the lice i love that so how about with curry pork what your curly has nice flavor but not that spicy usually japanese cauli not that spicy compared to indian curry well some restaurant you can make it spicy but basically that kind of store they have a level and you can choose it from so if they don't ask the level that means the curry is not that spicy you know this place as well not that spicy usually i don't eat curry with omurice but it perfectly matches and i like it loving it [Music] according to the weather forecast the raining possibility is only 50 percent and it's starting from 2 to 4 so hopefully after we finish eating it the ring will be stopped hopefully if not i will get down below yeah um i want to save money though and it's always [ __ ] that was pretty good hopefully the rain has stopped down oh seems like rain has not stopped yet but definitely it gets better yeah i don't think i need umbrella in this small rain let's go back to sensoji and let's check the town all right finally we came back to sensoji temple in front so let's go to check the nakamise street oh whenever i pass this place i feel i'm in japan well maybe it doesn't make sense but you know if you are living in japan uh recently you don't feel japan much but if you go to kyoto asakusa those kind of traditional places you feel that you are in japan oh good to see that almost all the stores are open now even though it's a weekday because of the rainy days not so many people but on the weekend will be super crowded oh by the way that's the big one in canada it's a lucky cat eh the hangar show it's a regular card and here arrived to the gate of sensoji as you see there are so many school graduation trips now is the season and then situation gets better that's why there are so many students group tourists and now unfortunately seems like lane gets heavier again but we are moving to the next town which is akihabara so firstly let's move and yeah let's buy umbra if we need it [Music] came back to the arcade from here to the station i have a roof this jacket is a waterproof it's a rainwear so i don't need the umbrella however oh my god i definitely need it anyway uh let's go to akihabara station to check the town so that way ah let's keep walking let's go [Music] going to akihabara we will use the ginza line tokyo metro we have to transfer the train it takes about 13 minutes [Music] firstly platform number one ginza line [Music] and we are heading to ueno actually there are numbers on top so in this case to uh it takes five minutes platform number one so it took 168 japanese yen technically we will come back to ueno again so you guys feel that you should get out from here but uh i want to firstly visit akihabara and also from here to akihabara it's free if you transfer the train you can go from renault to akihabara for free you guys will see it's a hibiya rain [Music] and from here to akihabara only two stations away takes three minutes right on time [Music] and here we go as you see it costs only zero japanese yen however you have to be careful you have to transfer a train in 30 minutes otherwise it will cost double so if you want to transfer the train make sure in 30 minutes hope the rain has stopped by the way you can come over here by dj outline as well firstly you have to take the tokyo metro and the jl line it's two minutes faster however it costs double so i don't really recommend it oh yodobashi kamilar they have the local foos here so those are the nagano prefectures snacks and that's hokkaido oh seaweed and the saba makalo and nagasaki prefecture katsuobushi bonito flakes and the seaweeds again and the soba at the end it's okinawa prefecture they have kakoshima ramen [Music] black sugar plus mango jelly how is it oh you know what actually it gets better so for me this is not the umbrella level i'm happy now we are heading to akihabara electric town i like this street don't you feel that you're in the electric town for me yes oh look at that it's so cool now they have a chrono cross cafe well i haven't played a chrono cross yet everybody i love the crown trigger now they have a club cafe nice is there a new one and yeah in my bucket list final fantasy 7 remake version i want to play that and i will and here we go outside sweet ray had stopped they changed the color now it has sock map sock map is a really popular chain electric appliance store still you can ride on that escalator [Music] nice how is the sega's game center i'm wondering what it became so this place was the sega's game center but it's closed seems like no one is renting this place if you have a business idea maybe you can rent oh by the way this video is shooting by the june 7th 2022 from june 10th japan will open this place it's super noisy feels like i came back to akihabara station [Music] oh my goodness to get better how pom pom pudding is on the telephone bars i don't know who put it but it feels like so akihabara and i love it this tree was like an empty street but now even on the weekday so many people are in the town look at the scatter phone it's a machi bouquet fruits waiting fruits price is 300 japanese yang so cute and that's sn interesting it's a light good heart retreat favorite and the flavorland by the way please don't forget to hit the like button for this video too i'll get help how about here do they have some interesting gachapon a frog gotcha phone if you press it you can hear the frog i like the idea and look at this one it's a shirahadoris catching swordcat by the way the skill of catching sword by hand called and also this one is interesting too it's uh actually there are the real lighter mini lighter i don't think i can use it for shooting videos but uh it's so cute let's do this shirazuru neko 300 japanese yang so which one i got let's see so we have a new family here you guys know that one one and hot dogs yeah those are gao family and now we have a oh what kind of cat it is so there are two pieces and here we go that's so cute i'm not sure what kind of cat it is and also i have no idea how should i name her if you have an idea please let me know in the comment down below maybe he can hold my hand sanitizer maybe not sorry all right never mind let's keep [ __ ] let's go and this is the street for don quixote one of the most popular don quixote here oh now they are on sale the figure let's see so those are the figures on sale pretty much all the figures are 980 japanese yen which is about nine us dollars so those figures are 1980 japanese yen which is the rare item price is six thousand japanese yen to six thousand five hundred japanese yen so about 55 us i think by the way in front of that donkey hotel there are so many mates there well if you are filming usually they are not happy to be filmed so you should be careful i don't want to make them unhappy so yeah i skipped that part anyway if we keep straight we will get to okachimachi ameyoko and ueno street so let's keep working let's go oh that's literal looks like akihabara and here it's already next station station okachimachi station is almost there technically you can take the train only one stations away you can walk oh interesting now the apple map virtual tour is available this way it's much easier to go to find a place so seems like this is the way to go yeah there is an arrow here oh my goodness you see this one is a two-o dory the name of this tree wow so advanced yeah [Music] job nice and here we arrive to okachimachi station in front of kachimaty station there is the entrance of america is located in between okachimachi station to ueno station it's one station distance there are so many restaurants and shops which is really popular street in tokyo so if you visit japan probably you want to visit this ameokatu oh at the entrance i think before we didn't have the don quixote but now they have don quixote interesting this street too during the state of emergency most of the stores are closed and pretty much no one was here but now as you can see it's in the weekday but so many people here even it's 4 p.m there are people eating at the restaurant those restaurants are not really japanese restaurants but it's fine that restaurant's atmosphere is more like south asian country yeah definitely tree doesn't look like japan and here this is the photo spot probably you have seen many times here this street is ameoko and this street is the street starts from here and ueno station is over there oh my goodness it's so cute i want to try that by the way those claw machines too you can use the train ic card to pay money just you need to press 42k well there is no english translation so it's harder but you can just press call to k and tap it here already i paid it and let's do it i'm gonna get that totoro can i i think here it's good let's do it go oh no one more folds the kids all right let's do it i think darwin i can do it this guy yep this guy over here never mind i can never be good at clown machines so it's okay just forget it oh i think they've renewed the gate huh it became cleaner and brighter [Applause] nice i just took the photo for instagram by the way i have an instagram account if you haven't please don't forget to check my instagram account too and here that's ueno station and win a park let me give you a japan travel tip this kind of vending machine you can use the train ic card and i installed the training ic card on my apple watch but you have to remember how to use so firstly push whatever you like and here you have to choose it and then turn your ic card it's sica and the past models are the same you have to press it when blinking you can pet it otherwise if you just touch it you can't bite it come fight [Music] ah cycle luckily the rain had stopped and i didn't have to buy the umbrella you know bringing umbrella is really hard for me because i have to hold the umbrella and the camera also backpack folding ambulance that's a great idea but my backpack is already heavy with lens and the cam and the lights blah blah blah so i don't want to make it heavier so you know rainy season it's really tough season for me though and also for you guys too between june of july to end of july those are the rainy season in japan so if you are considering to traveling to japan during this period you have to be careful yeah so many rainy days according to the data only 20 percent is the sunny day and the other 80 percent a little bit raining or rainy day or a heavy cloudy day so you have to be careful this video is filmed on 7th of june and japan will open for travelers tourist stands of jung so still hasn't opened yet because firstly it's for the group tourist well i don't think it will be like after 10th of june so many tourists well i guess the government now only accepting the group tourists because they can easily control the number even the situation gets better so i believe that's a reason why so it will be gradually more and more tourist after 10th of june definitely i will give you guys a catch up video please don't forget to subscribe so that you will not miss the new video and you can easily find the channel thank you so much anyway hope you guys could see japan's situation through this video big thank you to all of the patreon because of you guys support i can keep traveling if you haven't please please please check my patreon account and also my instagram and twitter alright so hope you guys enjoy virtual travel to japan through this video so see you in the next video have a great day [Music]

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