Почем сейчас дома в Батуми

Почем сейчас дома в Батуми

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[music] today I climbed onto the halli on Charna, yes it’s called Yes, the village is called Charna Alexander My name is My name is Andrey It’s very nice, we’re going straight to the location Let’s get our bearings a little, which means we have a view of Batumi Yes, this is the Rohi River And here we have a mini cottage village Yes, I’m right about the positioning of the village, now, taking into account the third stage of construction, we are planning 13 houses after 13, now three have been raised, it turns out that we are going to put it in ex until Con November, all the willow houses are at the foundation pit stage, the retaining walls have now been filled in, waterproofing has been done, we will begin backfilling and leveling the site according to I’ll tell you the road right away, that is, from the Lower Road it turns out, which is located below above, we climbed about 9 minutes here, that is, here we get a simple way. But this is compensated by such a cool view, in general, the question is that I’ll go to the house here and from above, then I’ll show you the area below we are essentially now standing on the third stage of construction, there will be five houses along the road and it turns out that two houses will descend lower, so two houses It turns out here Yes they will be on this descent and how much is the total area of ​​the plot the plot area is about 3,000 m 3,000 kVA this is exactly the third part and first and second 1500 m in the back there will be nothing in the back there will be nothing in the back and now we are predicting whether the houses that will be built here will be closed; .5 m from the parking lot, that is, the houses of the first series are raised 2.5 m from the parking lot Uh-huh further We have a road and the descent to this section is about 800 mm and you can also see that the entire section goes downhill towards Batumi Well, yes, a support the second stage will be poured lower yes it turns out yes Yes I understand this plot of land is now in the stage of being transferred to the construction stage we plan to complete the design work before the New Year these houses are all sold three raised houses two houses sold The last house for sale - This is the first house now let's sell it with the numbers right away for now before we go look at the technical part with the numbers let's get an idea of ​​the area of ​​the houses the cost of the house of the first series the total area with terraces and balconies is 191 square meters Yeah, the cost is ready The house costs 228,000 dollars The house will be put into operation in November that is, you will not buy some kind of unfinished uh construction stage, yes, you will have a ready-made house put into operation so 220 8 228.000 228.000 and in a state without repair in a state without repair the walls will be plastered and you, as a developer, propose repairs We offer repairs we made a design project according to our for a design project without furniture and equipment, repairs will cost about $550 per square meter 550 multiplied by about 200 it turns out somewhere around 110,000 100 even according to Well, yes, I understood well, but what if a person buys a house at the stage of an unbuilt foundation pit, that is, where -here it will be cheaper Yes, of course, it will be cheaper here , but we are not selling here yet because we are not designed, we are selling houses. And the second series,

two houses where we now have retaining walls poured. And the houses will be slightly larger than the first series 201 MT and now the price on the foundation pit is 189,000 dollars 189 that is, the difference is 30,000 dollars between 30,000 dollars And the house will be 10 square meters larger with a slightly different facade But the most interesting thing about it is the large lawn in front of the house. I think it will be necessary to remove it from above [music] here these houses are about 150 dollars per square meter and that house will be about a thousand. Well, the one that has not yet been built. And if we start building it now, how long will it take to build it? It will take about 14 months to build these houses. Last September they just started excavation

work. there were no retaining walls or foundations, nothing, that is, a year ago, yes, we can now look at the total area of ​​the plot using Google Photos. Remind me what the total area of ​​the plot of the houses of the first and second series is exactly 300 m, that is, the land is owned. What plot of land is offered to the house by the way 300 km 300 m yes, that is, each buyer will have exactly three hundred square meters, the subject of the transaction is a building and a plot of land and a plot of land Yes, all the plots are separate, there are no mortgages there You can go to the cadastral map and look And the land here is expensive, the land is expensive especially after that how we built around all the neighbors the price went up starting from 100 dollars from 100 dollars now that is, view plots on the hap are 100 dollars well I just remember the times when it was still 50, those times have passed, I understood that here we will have a common road. Yes, as far as I understand, yes, there will be a road with a coating type of coating, we haven’t decided yet, it will be Brooka at the entrance where a large eucalyptus grows, you can raise it By the way, I really liked the eucalyptus, you know, we can go through the alito groves, then we can immediately look at the technical part. What the actual mood is like. I also wanted to tell you about the entrance that we will have a barrier there, the whole territory will be under video surveillance. So I’m flying from the other side. Just the sun. so that there is a barrier video surveillance And

how much will it cost to maintain this house and will there be some kind of management company? Yes, We now thought that about 150 dollars will be the maintenance of the houses. That is, it will be cleaning the general household waste of the month, yes yes, 150 dollars will be the maintenance of the house per month. So in addition to this A we are planning to make a children's playground in the third stage; the pools will only be individual bass. That is, each house can be designed. It is not included in this price, but on some patch of land. And where to put it? If the pools, as for the houses of the second series, now it is possible

to remove the series practically yes But no, how will the area between the houses be made? And what will it be done with? And between the houses the covering surface is not asphalt but tiles, that’s the kind of brut that’s the kind of paving stones Uh-huh, good, so you can see that the houses of the second stage have retaining walls in the shape of a P, about 40 there 50 mtro it will be a lawn in front of the house with quite a view Yes, as an option you can easily install a small pool here 2 by 2 3 by 3 in this place and you will swim With this [music] view [music] or [music] Agu As an option But in a year After all, no Repairs will still take the same time. That is, in fact, if you start now. Well, roughly speaking, investing in the construction of this house, taking into account the repairs, it will probably take about a year . have time to move in before the New Year to celebrate the New Year if you try really hard, accordingly, houses of the second stage can be done in time for the New Year in the first year, well, if you try, then Yes, you just need to take into account force majeure and the peculiarities that no one is in a hurry here and some materials can not be carried out on time, I have experience, yes, that is, this house was built 12 months ago, there is nothing at all here And immediately on the technical part of this house, that is, here we have a retaining wall, yes it turns out yes a retaining wall what kind of concrete is used on foundations and load-bearing structures concrete we use B2 with the addition of waterproofing calmatron good Ste We wanted to tell you a little, usually in Georgia there is a retaining wall if you paid attention Just mortgages are coming Yes and the water seems to flow through these pipes They are all a little rusty we Tim ethically good view That is, our walls are made with waterproofing, this is, by the way, waterproofing is that we have coating and coating two-component Turkish waterproofing, then you can understand here, yes, then we get a protective membrane, then at the bottom along the perimeter of the walls, we have laid a drainage pipe wrapped in geotextile, that is, a perforated pipe wrapped in geotextiles and crushed stone covering, let's go out into the sun, otherwise there's just a little bit of these here. So then all the water from the site is directed towards the retaining walls along the crushed stone, goes down into the drainage pipe and goes beyond the boundaries of the site. That is, you can come in any rain to look at the dry pipes on the site retaining ones, which are now still visible, the landscaping has been completed, water is coming out of them from the plots, the most painful issue in Batumi for all houses is the facades here. By the way, I haven’t seen this material, that is, what has been done here and how it was done. Now I’ll tell you why

it won’t flow, that’s the most important question so it won’t leak, you can see, first of all, we’ll tell you about the material, it turns out to be extruded polystyrene foam. Well, among the common people, you can say foam insulation with a thickness of 50 mm when the product is fa, that is, at the Klin factory, here the slab turns out to be clinker, which is applied to what is applied to insulation Yeah, this is a panel 1200 by 600 mm, here’s how the panel is connected to each other, they are connected to each other, you can see right here at the end due to this groove. That is, first of all, here is the correct grout is used But even if some moisture comes up to climb up this groove and reach the facade Well, almost practically flax Yes, due to this, the cellar and beyond She is already rubbing the clinker tiles Clearly Next question Actually, how are the load-bearing structures in the house made and what is the filling of the external walls of the load-bearing we can immediately look at the structure on the spot, but let’s go here, we won’t see the plastered supporting structure, but I saw it, I just noticed it enough for me. It’s unusual for me to see ordinary brick in Georgia. Yes, it’s a solid brick, why is it here on the first floor? Let’s come out into the light a little yes Let's yes in bloom here it is Yes so the external walls are also out of stock no The external walls around the entire perimeter of the house are made of aerated block this is an aerated block with a density of 500 Kg cubic meter we buy an aerated aerated block in Tbilisi VChM makes sense to use it and not the usual cinder block that is used in general - then how much more expensive is it? Yes, and what is its meaning? Yes, it is more expensive by an order of magnitude, if in absolute terms we look more accurately in relative terms, on the order of 50 mm 50 mm 50% Firstly, this is its geometry, and secondly, the quality of the material itself, that is, its heat efficiency since it is sufficient there will be a lot of spending there on cooling and heating the house, that is, the house will be [music] heat expert [music] and so on And these are solid aerated concrete blocks. Yeah, that works out for us Well, this is the standard layout of a cottage, that is, there is a living room kitchen Yes, as I understand it Yes, there is a kitchen and a living room with access to such a small French balcony and the next question is what kind of double-glazed windows did you use? Why and somewhere I have already seen them and I saw them, I remembered where I think we went to the kvariati now, I just came here Yes, I saw them on - for me to pick on Bristol and many more somewhere else. And I saw them, in my opinion, in Guru, if I’m not mistaken, they were also How many cameras are these

single-chamber double-glazed windows, why is there only one camera for a person, let’s say from the Urals Yes you Yes yes, I’m from the Urals, a single-chamber double-glazed window sounds very good, because it’s debatable that you need to look at the climate zone, yes there are special sites where you can open the climate zone, the average annual temperature, the minimum temperature and see Which enclosing structure will be optimal for you for Batumi two chambers is redundant SE F SE F alej Mi Al SE F SE [applause] F Hasta olv SE F SE F [music] SE [music] Mi just don’t need it Well, if you have a lot of extra money and you want to show off to your friends with two chambers, probably yes, but there’s no point I’m special I don’t see two-chamber double-glazed windows, but two chambers at what subzero temperatures begin to be adequate mi1 -15° Well, this is extreme, any temperature it can be, but probably once every few years Okay I agree All our translucent structures are made from an aluminum profile, a Turkish profile on the soil of the profile is located in Tbilis, we ordered it’s all there It’s clear how this wonderful house will be heated, the house will be heated with gas And now, by default, our terrace ends here, that is, there will be a balcony here, this is a small balcony on the first floor and a small balcony on the second floor. The same And this balcony will essentially be above yours There is a large parking area. Yeah, parking is essentially here, yes, that is, the end of the plot from the balcony is about 6 m. I understand everything, let's go inside. Then probably a terrace. As I understand it, it will be at the very top, that is, it is planned. Upper Yes, I

understand correctly. Well, we can just go there now also take a look and I see the electrical wiring has already been done here, it is included in the price. The wiring of the entrance is not included in the price. This house is the third house that has already been sold. You are already doing the repairs to the person who ordered it from you. In fact, yes. I wanted to show another room under the stairs, so yes here we immediately provided for a closet. No,

it’s not a closet. this room has a sewer system, and that is, according to our plan, there will be all the collectors for heated floors, batteries, the boiler is already installed here, yes, that is, that is, we have a pipe, the cost of paid gas is included in the cost of the cottage no When when buying a cottage a person will go to sakar, write an application, pay 10,000 lari, sign an agreement and install a gas meter, install it, and they are already installed in the house. Yes, you can look from the outside. That is, there is something here that is good. Okay. So the option that assumes for 228,000 dollars. So what will happen inside

without repairs? we assume it will be essentially a black frame, but as a bonus, the plaster will be done outside under the provi, of course not. I just sometimes take the provi from us, it will be under ours, and so according to the geometry the wall is quite flat, how much is the base area of ​​the floor 7 is cm of balconies 7 for That yes, if we think that there seem to be three floors here, then there are not even 190 but as many as 210 Well, we are throwing away the area of ​​​​the partitions. What generous people you are, no one is throwing away yes, you throw it away well, so the base area is 70 70 by 3 210 it turns out there are balconies here There are probably about 4 squares + 4 8 Well, that turns out to be 130 closed area, but no, up there it’s also still closed. There’s approximately how much we get for this house: 130 2 m of closed area and the area of ​​all the terraces and balconies is 59 m, the total area is 191, how many bedrooms are planned here by default? And by default three bedrooms are planned we are now in one of them Yes now Yes we are in the master bedroom and the master bedroom how many meters 12 is it No I think it is larger there is an optional partition here, that is, a dressing area is planned here in another house we can look enough more no for more 20 m yes more than 20 m I'm on Well, if anything we can just remove it like yes and yes yes we can go into the first house there is no partition there so let's go a little further Yes of course this is the layout, relatively speaking, which by default comes in this amount If you wish, you can plan it a little differently according to your design project. I understand correctly that we have a spacious room with a window. Yes, of course, there are two bedrooms and two spas, so downstairs it turns out to be one room, here we have three rooms and something else upstairs, and a room upstairs, let’s say loosely closer to the light the room along the windows show more Well, yes, how did you plan it, what is it for, in your opinion [music] you need a room for a free purpose, what will it be used for? You can use it as a summer kitchen, raise communications there You can cook something and go out to the terrace we Now we are in the third house, this is not a standard layout. But here, theoretically, we can make two more rooms

here. Just when we bought this house, the owner asked to add a room on the third floor, we made changes to the project, everything was agreed upon, and for a small additional payment, two more rooms appeared on the third floor. And by default here It would have been by default here there was only access to the roof and a large terrace, just like on the first and second houses, but at his request he added two more rooms and he ended up with five or six rooms and the seventh room of this house is already more than 200 m and well, due to these added yes Well, maybe such a large terrace is not needed because here it turned out that we still have a terrace of about 30 square meters No I 25 the total area has not changed I mean the closed area I I’m talking about the open area left Well, how many are left here? 20-25 Yes, about about 25 Well, we can see what This is what it looks like here and how it looks now here, that is, by default it’s here [music] so you expanded the floor they did this border, that is, in fact, the third third floor was completed to the end of the house Well, in principle, it’s logical if you need more space Why not Well, what else can you tell about the materials used in this house, any innovations, innovations Well, for the Georgian market Perhaps this is an innovation we are now on the terrace, anyone who has encountered exploited roofing on terraces in Georgia understands how problematic this place is. Well, in fact, one can argue because belis let’s use technological solutions to a greater extent, which, let’s say, a lot of people don’t have Batumi, that is, belis in this regard stepped further away Well, I’m not talking about d belis, I’m talking about Batumi and about the exploited roofs of the terraces and about getting wet, which turns out better than Alm Composite Am Composite is good, but the biggest yes the biggest problem is the waterproofing here, the waterproofing is clear, that is, it’s a welded TechnoNIKOL first treating liquid waterproofing with a primer next comes TechnoNIKOL, then we have it, you can stand in the sun a little bit not in the dark, there is a screed with a slope and already the finishing coating is finishing coating, so we get the rain that collects here Yes, yes, and it goes away Uh-huh grouting. We are not doing the usual, let’s say household grouting, it’s a two-component epoxy grout mope it is an additional means of waterproofing water, but the rains here are such that three layers of waterproofing would not be superfluous, so well besides this, our waterproofing goes up to vertical structures. That is, it is installed

500 mm on the wall, you will not get wet from the roof inside, well what Well, what is, roughly speaking, the economic feasibility of buying such a house for living or for renting? We are not considering these houses only for living because the distance from the sea is quite large, let’s say exactly if I say for How long is it from here to Batumi from here to Batumi I live on the new boulevard, I get 151 minutes if there are no traffic jams during traffic jams Well, maybe 25-30 minutes maximum 25-30 minutes Well, you timed it, you got 9 minutes - we took it from the lower road to the City metro station, and there’s a maximum there Regarding the road, the road along which we climbed is essentially concrete for the most part. Yes, it will be concrete after all the work is completed, we will say we will repair this concrete so that the road is good, and everything that we have just said can be written down in the purchase and sale agreement, including all obza development along the road without problems is a very important question What warranty obligations does the developer undertake during the process Well, that is, the house was built the house was sold a person moved into it unexpectedly leaked somewhere without problems how many years of warranty And what is the 5 year warranty for waterproofing we give waterproofing a 5-year guarantee And for everything else on the supporting structure Well, on the supporting structure I think 5 years but in fact the Monolith is 100 years just How long is the lifespan in general yes These houses have about 100 years about 100 years that is Mo if we don’t take some finishing elements, namely the load-bearing structure, then yes, yeah, I understand, well, maybe I ’d like to add something of my own, better, I’ll answer the question Okay Well, in principle, I found out everything I wanted, that is, we get the essence of three hundred square meters of land a house of 190 MT from which you can make 200 plus square meters Yes, no square meters 200 plus it won’t work out of it It’s 190 m of closed area 130 132 you can make a closed one 150 and 190 you haven’t increased you already the house is uh for the price here it turns out roughly speaking about 1,000 dollars if we are talking about a construction project that is just starting and 1,150 of the construction, which includes terraces as always, this is not 1,000 dollars, it is 950 dollars, even a little less If we are talking about the third and fourth houses, you can clearly see it from above So, from here you can look at what we have with Costa on the site and it turns out that we won’t be closing. And how many floors will the houses be? In this line, the houses are planned to be two-story, that is, there will be no access to the roof, as here on the third floor there will be two-story houses with terraces on the second floor, they will be lower of these houses by 3 m and plus they will be They will be cheaper due to the smaller area Yes, we are planning to make the houses of the third stage with an area of ​​140-150 m Accordingly, the cost is planned to fit into 150,000 dollars 150,000 dollars but they are still at the design stage Yes, I understand and the Earth here it has already been transferred, as far as I understand, the Land is now being registered as a construction site, it has already been transferred, it has been registered right away, what is the procedure, first you need to formalize it correctly, then transfer it to a construction site, then then demarcate it, and now the subject of the transaction What is the subject of the transaction for the first house, this turns out to be a ready-made object construction , which has already been put into operation by the Justice Department, yes, yes, if we are talking about houses of the second stage where we are now making retaining walls. That is, this will be a preliminary agreement in a year, these houses will be put into operation, we also go to the House of Justice and we have already drawn up everything. Is there an installment plan for houses that have not been built? Yes Of course , for houses in the process of construction there is an interest-free installment plan until the end of construction, that is, for a year 30% advance and they gave equal payments until the end of construction Well, yes, in principle, a standard standard scheme, yes. So, we said something about the first house, that’s all Well

that the first one with the documents Yes, everything is clear to me, in general, everything is clear to me, if you want to add something on your own I’ll be happy to learn something new Yes, I would like it to be taken down from above, thank you See you at sea

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