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- Friends, a long podcast with me has been released on the channel "The king of your city". Link is in the description. - Today is a big day for our friend Lafa, it is his birthday! And we are going to celebrate him! We will show how Lesha wants and eats a birthday cake! We'll buy a cake and eat it! He is 54 year today, a grown man, a grown man! * Dmitrii Gromov productions * - This is Kyiv baraholka! - A green coat! - What a loyal, educated dog! * Noise * - What shoes! - Olekseii, happy birthday to you! You don't need to take it off! With happy 54th birhtday! Congratulate you with Lafa's birthday! We'll buy out the whole flea market, and we'll go to celebrate. * Music * - Okay, guys, it's all cool and all. But today is my birthday, and we're going outside of Kyiv to celebrate!

My birthday! * Music * - Lafa, are we buying it? - Yeah. - Is it spoiled? - No. - It's fresh. - Just looks a little unpresentable?

- Ah, don't worry. - It will do for the salad. - It's okay? - Yeah, of course. - Don't want to get intoxicated. - We won't. - Where do they get all this stuff? - Somewhere.

- Stolen? - I don't may be stolen. May be just expired. Either way, every time I bought here, I had no issues. - We should buy some kefir for the cats. - Kefir for the cats? - Yeah. - Where do these products come from if that's no secret? - I don't know, the owner gets it from somewhere. - From fires? - The owner gets it somewhere.

- Lafa, we bought the half of this place. That'll be a quite a celebration! - I think yes! - What else do we need? - We need mayonnaise, also some alcohol. - Say what we need. - Alcohol, mayonnaise and probably some herring. - Alcohol, mayonnaise and herring. And all of these wonderful things can be found where? You are right! On Kyiv's flea market.

- Happy birthday to me! - That's good. * Music * - So Lafa... Let's go to celebrate your birthday? - Let's go! - Lafaaaaa, hapy birthdaaaay! Finally, it took 3 hours to get stuff! * Ringing * Woooow, a mobile phone! - Guys, it's all good and stuff. We are having fun, and celebrating my birthday... But we shouldn't forget that we are currently at war. The place where we stand right now had a huge crater 5 m in diameter no less. It was a missile strike, for sure. Thank god it didn't strike somebodies house.

But the blast wave did its thing. Destroyed everything. - Was it shahed? - No, it was missile 100%. No shahed leaves such holes. - You heard the explosion? - My dishes shattered in the night. At 2-3 am. * Music * - Guys, here lays the stuff we moved from the previous residence.

Of Lafa. Under a thick layer of polythene, that protects these valuable belongings. - Birthday boy, Lesha. - Well, yeah, 45 years! * Advertisement * * Music * - We are your guests today! - This is a Lafa's house. Hey Lafa are you pooping there? - No, gathering water! - She is a sputnik. - She is catching Starlink.

- She is searching for Wi-Fi. - Are you treating the cat? - Yeah, she is a female. - What happened? - Well, she is an old lady. And she was bitten by a rat, causing an infection. She constantly scratches this wound. It's behind the ear, you see?

And on a paw as well. - How old is she? - 17 years old. - 17!? - Yeah. - Wow! - Where do we wash our hands, Lafa? - How many cats do you have Lafa? - 4! - Who is your favorite? - I like all of them! - You made it yourself? - Yeah. - It's made from a motorcycle? - Uncle cord, still sober! - This lamps is also working. - Did you do it yourself? - Yeah.

- Do they cut your power now days? - Nowadays they don't but in case they will, we have an accumulator. - So it works. - Do you want to eat, or get a little drunk? - Both. * Music * - Did you see such thing? - Is it clips or a concert? - I don't know. - It's an album.

- Without a video? - I don't know, we'll see. - [Unintelligible] - Wow! Moon records. - What's with the mattress? - It's just... - Maybe there are mice inside? - Nah.

- Are we watching a TV or a disc? - It's 2000s. Intros are longer than the footage. - What do we pick? - It's from a concert you get? - Is it a concert from Kyiv or the on in Zhytomyr? - In Zhytomyr. - In Zhashkiv. - Gaza Strip. - What a life has been back then... - For you to understand, we've bough this disc today at the flea market.

- It's exploited vocalist. - He's famous, right? - Yes, very! - Did you know him Lafa? - No, I don't know him. - Who did you know personally? "Ugol" (Corner). - No, I didn't know him. - With a spider. - Oh, yeah, spider. - Oh, that's actually the food we bought at the flea market. - So it's Psyche now? - What Psyche? - It's a Gaza Strip.

- Lafa, what is our schedule for today? - What schedule? We'll just have fun, and chill. - Eating first and then dances? - You can dance first if you want. - So it is... How much? 10L of alcohol? - Yeah. - Where did you get it? - We bought it today at the flea market. - We bought it today? - Yeah. - I bought named bottles. He was writing "Lafa" before now he just writes "La".

Like nominal bottles. - How much 10l of alcohol cost nowadays? - 2k. - 2k dollars? - No, UAH. - Do you mix with compote? - With syrup.

- Is syrup also from the flea market? - Yeah. - Is it hot? - Yeah. - Here goes the alcohol! - Syrup goes in alcohol, yeah? - Yeah. - It will be a lemonade. Birthday lemonade. It's thick as shampoo.

- Here it goes into the mix. Invigorating drink! - #!#!@iting, not invigorating. - *noises* Moves the crowd. Listen to the sound. - [Unintelligible] - The delusion is working? - Yeah. - What's your favorite group. - Old corrosion. (старая коррозия)

- Old corrosion? - Yeah, I should have a tape with them. - It was released in a year 1993. That's when I bought it. - Коррозия металла (Metal corrosion). Year 1993. - It's an official release. - Can we watch it?

- My VHS player doesn't work. - I bought it back in a day. - In 1993. - I received a payment, so I bought it. - Payment? What was the payment? - I don't remember. There were coupons back in a day. - Converting them, it was like $15. - For a month?

- Nah, I was receiving around $100 a month back in a day. - Was it enough? - Of course. - There were even some money left. - $100 back in a day, would be like $500-600 today. May be even more.

That was a great salary. - Look, the cheese is inflated. Year 2020. - Butter, till 2025. This should be fine. - Vika, are these good or not really? - I don't complain. - The herring, here, is really good. Check it out, Vova!

- Check it out. - Take it with your fingers. Why are you like a baby? - Pull it, man. Pull it, man! It really bangs! -Do it! - A herring is the thing! - How is it? - It's okay.

- Good one? - Why not? - It has expired. 3 years ago! - It's fine! Why are you scaring a man? -Turning on the gas. Hopefully won't blow up. Let's go.

- Serb how is it? - It's okay. - What is this mega lighter? - Show me, do you know how to cut it? Here we go, another one, another one... Wait, wait! There is a worm inside! Look! - Something lives in the sausage look. - It's pepper!

- What? It's Silicor... - Look... It's some kind of molecule. - It's some pepper. - No, it's some molecule inside! - What molecule? - Ha-ha-ha! - Tricked ya! Do you have meat? * Sings happy birthday type of song* Happy birthday to you, and with a day of spoiled sausages! - Susanin, as an experienced man. What can you say about the purchases we have made?

- Sour cream. Had -20% off in 2020. In 2020.... What's up Vika? - Sour cream, cheese... - Seems okay, yeah? - Called "friendship". - With mold? - Oh, it's a cheese with mold. I got it. - Look, Vika it's totally screwed.

- Just put it... - Where? We should throw it! - On veranda? - Got ya! On veranda, it goes! - Cheese? Then we fart with cheese as well? - There is a diarrhea after cheese! * Laughs * - I'll take the light one. - Lafa, what is the story that you have caught some SRG guy here? - I didn't catch him, unfortunately. - What did you want to do with him? To strangle? - Cut him. - Cut? - With a knife. - What would it look like? - I would catch him and cut him.

- He just went by? - No, he was sneaking in my vegetable garden. - Was this territory under occupation? - Well it wasn't, but there was SRG here. - A lot? - There were 3 of them, then they caught another one in front of me when he was enrolling to territorial defense.

- [Unintelligible]. - When we lived at Verka's place. He stole my phone and German flashlight - And he went into SRG? - That was long ago! - And the destiny brought you back together, right? - Yeah. - So this cat was bitten by rats? - Yeah, she is a female. - Lafa, the cat is pissing on some cloth. Right in the middle of the room! - Lafa, cat has pissed himself! - Cat is pissing. Is it normal, Vika?

Is he not trained? - It's smoking... Cat is... - Vika, look what he is doing! - Cat has pissed! He made a little river. Vika look, it flowed from there to here.... Is it acceptable, Vika?

- No. * Music * - Lafa, is it some kind of homemade antenna? - It was a TV antenna, I made a radio one out of it. So I rolled the cornice with copper. It was a little better that there was still some noise. And when there was a hit like 200-150 m from us. I took this piece. It's a piece of a missile. - You have attached a piece of missile to your antenna? - Yeah, now the radio works, no problems. - There is no noise at all. The radio here is really good!

Thanks to russian missile force. You have gifted me a cool antenna for free. - What would happen if you caught a Russian spy in your garden? - I would be like... - You would cut him? - Of course. - Of course.

- It's a light attack. - Wow, that's rough! - It literally takes away a surface of a nail. - Really? - Well, if I catch somebody, this will happen.

- Lafa, to the table! Lafa, Lafa! - Lesha, for your health! - Thank you! - Lesha!!! (all of them) - How are you, kitty? How are you, nasty kitty? Meow! - Lafa! - Imagine when he shouts like that in a bunker. You can hear him from the other side of the earth! * Chatter on the background * - In this special day, we are in a hurry to congratulate you with your birthday... - * Ring * Somebody rings again...

- Policemen are ringing! - Nah, don't say that. Let's have a drink and I'll open the door. - For now we drink, and then we'll deal with it... - Yeah, that's how they come when it's a New Year. - Good day, everyone! I see all you are already drinking, but we have just arrived...

- Did you bring the gifts? - There are no plates, right? We can grab with our hands? - Yeah, take whatever you want. - Lafa, here is my gift for you. From my heart. - Yes, book is the best gift. - You look in the book and see the formula! - Wow.

- It's very cool! - I wish you to discover things, check some things, and always remember it. - I still do outing once in a while. - Turn it on! - You'll figure out the modes later. - Haven't you had the same? - Look, it's metal. - Well, yeah, it can... - It's alumni. - It's an aviation aluminum.

- That's very cool. It will last for eternity. - Soon this book will become even more expansive! - "Happy birthday Lafa, from Sus and Dima Gromov. Always be yourself. You are a unique and interesting person!". - Thank you guys! It's very heartwarming. - Thank you! - Happy birthday (x6) (All) - Oooo, Lafa! - Here is a little birthday present from us. Some T-shirts, MERCH. It says "Evolution of digger".

- Here, weart it! - Cool! - [unintellegible] - Cool internation tourism. - Cool! - It should have been drawn that the guy is looking for something and finds a bottle. - * A lot of chatter * - Do it. - Thank you guys. I'm very happy to know that so many people have come to my birthday. I didn't know that there would be so many people.

When we were inviting for a new year, nobody came. So we would prepare salads and eat it for a week. - Lafa, everyone loves you! - Thank you guys! - You look very fine for your age, Lafa. So don't fool around, and eat salads. - We have come all here to congratulate you with your birthday! - We should drink... - Lafa, son of god. You have cheated death. Happy birthday to you!

Happy birthdaaaaay! Take it man! - Guys, can you imagine. All of those precious things Lafa has gathered throughout his life are currently here. In his yard. Sitting in their honorable spot. When somebody comes by, Lafa says "Yeah, these are my things". It's all stored here, and will be stored for a god knows how many years... - Be careful because there are rats underneath. - Be careful because cats have bitten a rate here. - Really? That with a lip?

- Yeah, rats here have bitten him. - That's a shame. Poor kitten! - Interesting thing is that we accept Lafa as he is. We don't impose anything on him, nor he on us. So we live in a very tolerable society. - Just you wait, they'll get drunk and will get into a fight. - I have come here to specifically see that, to be honest. - To be honest. That's what I'm waiting for.

- Igor, we are happy to see here. How are you? What do you think about the party? - What can I say? By some chance, I have arrived here at this interesting party. I'm very surprised by the surroundings. You can judge for yourself how mister Lafa leaves here. It's a natural habitat for him. It's a little wild for me. But from some point of view, there is something to this. But that's not the point. Hey, wait. Let me work! - I'll tear your shirt! - Wait, I want to share with viewers...

- Go on, guys. Give me a minute to shine! - I'm sorry! - I apologize. Anyway, it's my minute. - Anyway, thank you... Oh yeah, due to work of one person... - Olivier! Here! - Olivier, that's great. Well, it's kind of wild to me.

- Eat it with a shovel! - I'm not used to this. I'm a regular human, from a city. It's weird. - Eat it with a fan. - Well, what I wanted to say... Yeah, that with your help dear viewers. I was able to truly open up. Which I wish to you too! My friends, have shown me the way to you! Recommended you. And you have put strength in me. And I want to put strength in you! I want you to believe in yourself. I know it's a convoluted drunken thought, but I think it has a place to be.

Believe in yourself, create, realize, don't stop, and never become isolated. Here will be a link to my Instagram. You can follow my life, I will show it to you. With the help of certain tools. Maybe it will give you some answers that will allow you to open up.

Something like this. Everyone enjoys the video, and we are going back to celebrate this wonderful birthday. - Dima! - What? - Enough! - What? - People want to see life! - Woooh! - Yeah, yeah! - Polina, what do you think about olivier? - Yeah, yeah, I've never seen anything like this. - Okay, I'm gonna argue with her. Enough!

- Herring under a fur coat I did as well. - That's great! - Well, I apologize, but it's first and foremost for... - Yeah, we understand for Lafa. - Vika, tell us, are you Lafa's sister-in-law? - No, I'm just his very good acquaintance from year 2010. - Lafa, happy birthday! - Lafa, give a ball! * Chatter * * People having fun * * Chatter and music * - Why did you do this? - What? - Why are you stepping on it? - What did I do? - Why did you do this? - It was just laying. - Then why are you pressing on it?

- Chaos. - Do you remember how I asked for 3... And you asked the roach... - You sent him in... - Yeah.

- Anyway, you are cool dude and stuff! - Lafa, we had a great cooperation! - When did this happen? - It happened, happened, happened. - And always will be. - Igorek, maybe you'll try for all of us? - Here... - Thank you! - Who wants as well? - Pour it for me. - Wow! That's our way! - It's a digger way. - Yeah. - Diggir? Oh, digger. - Fighting! Fighting! - Cats? Cats? - Somebody stepped on a cat.

- Vika, what's up? - It's a tiger way. - Go in, it's crazy out there. - Get out from here. Get out!

- What the hell. - Exactly. - Look, it's smoking. Yeah, okay. - Be careful not to burn it. - I tried my best not to make a mistake, but...

- But had no success, right? - Yeah. - Happens. - A bullet! - For you! - Thank you! - House is partying! - [Unintelligible] - If you have drunk, you shouldn't drive! - [Unintelligible] - Yeah! - Wow! -[Unintelligible] - I never even...

- I don't care! - [Unintelligible] - [Unintelligible] - Dima, do not! - That's funny. - You shouldn't. - Here! - Wow, what's up? - He is blackout drunk! - Carry him out! - Go, go, go! - Everything is okay! - Salad, be careful! - I'll take it. - DVD player, be careful! - Lafa, I'm very proud that I know you. You are my friends. You are the center of Kyiv underground.

Like... Like... Everyone should look up to you. You are like a standart. You are a person who helped me to become who I am today. - How many years, how many years! How many years, here, how many years! And we with Victoria Sergeevna.... We begin with good and ending... Dumpling, I won't be able to hold you.

And all of us love you and respect you very much! Lafa, I very much treasure... Lafa, allow us to congratulate you as well. We have to go in 5 min. Lafa, I don't drink alcohol, I'm eating sweats. So I wish your life to be as sweet as this cake. And be like, hey, I want a cake and opa... - And ate it... - Opa, be careful.

You've been asked to lay it. - Something goes... - Show it. - Mayonnaise, mayonnaise! - Miss, what is your name? - I'm gonna hit you in your life and you'll know. - I just don't quite remember you, remind me, please. - Don't touch...

- Bring it in! - Happy birthday, Lafa! - Happy birthday to you! - Happy birthday, uncle Lesha. Happy birthday Lafa! - Dear Lafa, we, the whole Kyiv digger group, congratulate you with your birthday! - Thank you guys! - Congratulate you! - Let him extinguish. - Please get rid of this fire. - Yummy, yummy, yum! - Hurray! - Don't eat from a knife, or you'll be angry! - Herring? - That's fine. He'll be kind to his people and... - Lafa, look here. Look here. Look in the camera and stand still.

In the camera. Lafa, don't move, stand still! In the camera Lafa, in the camera! * Calling a cat * - Happy birthday! - Hurray! - Thank you guys!

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