جولة ليلية في اسطنبول من امينونو الي منطقة السلطان احمد

جولة ليلية في اسطنبول من امينونو الي منطقة السلطان احمد

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peep Here they tell you for a whole day, seventy euros , the Egyptian market and the Grand Bazaar will open after one hour in the afternoon on the first day of Eid. And the possibility of the first day of the feast, violin, not open. This is what they are saying on the municipality's official website. Sultanahmet Square or Sultanahmet district in Istanbul, oh. Like what you see. Hey good evening to you. from Istanbul. The video

of our tour today will be a night tour from Eminonu area to Sultan Ahmed area so that we can see together. The beautiful night atmosphere that exists in Istanbul. And as usual, if anywhere you want me to go down and cover it. Just send me a comment and, God willing, I will come down and cover the place as soon as possible.

We are present at the beginning of an area in an area to show you the night atmosphere that exists here in Istanbul. You see with me the atmosphere and the places that look like them. at night time. We are looking forward to nine o'clock. Do you see how the atmosphere here in Istanbul

is how it looks. Ah, at dusk. Ah, it is considered the beginning of the evening period, which is here in Istanbul at nine. Unfortunately, most of the shops will be closed, but restaurants and cafes will be operational and open. We will walk in the places where we are now, to see with some of the atmosphere how it looks.

We filmed a night tour before. Oh, in Sultanahmet, we filmed a night tour of Taksim and Istiklal Street. Wadi Bensour night tour. Oh, in the Eminonu area and the area to which we reach the Sultanahmet area with ease. Most of the shops, as I said

, will be, unfortunately, considered a convoy, but oh, most or some of them are considered open. Ah, shops that close after ten o'clock . Clothes shops, but cafes and restaurants, of course, they will be until four in the morning. Here is the Polo Company. are here. Like what you see. There are many discounts here. Hire Polo, folks . Very popular here. The prices are sweet and reasonable. As you do not see with me these bags of the Polo Wadi brand. Here is an existing shop. As you do not see it, the shop here closes at ten o'clock. Look what you guys have the shop. The shop is big. In a branch here

and in a branch located in Beyazit. And like what you see with me. Shops are very famous shops or brands in Istanbul. Here are the fresheners. Most of the stores here are just starting to close for the start of a new day. Wadi here is the famous brand of cosmetics here and as you see it. The world is at night time. Most people go to large places like the Taksim area, and they reach the Amnono area. We are here

. All these streets look like how at night time. Of course, life in the Taksim area is very beautiful, and the two areas or Istiklal Street are considered to be in one place from Taksim Square to Istiklal Street, you can sit for a walk or walk until you reach the coast of Amnonu. We are considered to be located in front of the Sirkeci Valley station, here are sweet shops. As I tell you, sweet shops will be considered an opening. Like what you see with me. Lode Sirkeci station. The shops are closed, there are only shops, but restaurants and cafes are the ones that will be operational.

Look like this, folks, with the view of the throat , as you do not see. This is the Turkish delight, which is Turkish delight. No, he must come and eat as you are and take care of yourself. The world is salvation at night time, it will look

like this in Istanbul. This is the Eminonu Coast. We want him to appear in front of you so that people can see him. After that, we will complete our tour of the Sultanahmet area . Look, people, restaurants. How do they look? Restaurants will be the only ones that are open and operational. All these shops

will close after ten o'clock. You will find shops, but only restaurants and cafes are open. These are the most famous types of perfumes found here in Turkey. Look like this is the only restaurants that will be considered live . This is a well- known and powerful hotel. Here it is considered between the coast of Omonu and between the area of ​​Sirkeci.

Look like this, guys, with the view of the coast and how it looks. We will go and see the Sultanahmet area. The first look with me, the view of the coast is ready.

Of course, all gardens and parks will be operational. It will be closed after the hour. You will find all the gardens and parks that will be the salvation of a caravan. Malls close at ten. After ten o'clock, you will not find a mall that will be running . Wadi here this time of night. in Istanbul. Between the Eminonu area of ​​the Sultanahmet area. We show you the streets. Because

people keep knowing. It looks really nice at night. How can you go down? for the area d. But the busy vital area will be twenty-four hours, frankly. It is a division area. and the Independence District. We consider it in front of the Marmaray metro station. Like what you see. This is the view of the station. Hey guys, I have the station so people can still see it.

Look like this guys, what time is it? The time is currently. Nine and five. Look like that. It's nine and five. night time. The valley is considered the crescent. I do not know what is visible in front of you or not. Let's take a look. We walk the streets. side. Ashan see the night life. who are here. In the Sultan Baba area and wait for it, look at all the private malls with the electronics that I tell you about. This is a building where you can be afraid to get electronics. Whether

there are cameras left and this is all. All of this is a lock. Valley here tourism offices. Come Keda we know and see the prices of tourism offices. to famous places . Unfortunately here he sells you in euros. This is the fault of the tourism offices, folks. And like what you see with me. Here he tells you two hours at five euros and petals of hours at ten euros.

Four hours for five euros. What exactly is it? Phosphorous, this phosphorous tour bills you for four hours on five euros per person. As you see. Come here like this bass. Here they tell you a whole day of seventy euros, here the whole day is on seventy euros. By God, the prices are unfortunately here because these are considered tourism companies, so they treat people with such prices that are considered exaggerated. But if you watch our videos first, you will know that anywhere you can go and you can go with ease. Oh, and if you need a photographer,

I will be there with you, don't worry. Here is the prices of tourism offices unfortunately. Do not think if you come here to take a place or see tourism companies because the tourism companies are as you have not seen. Prices Aamlok but you are really Saih. Oh, and all prices are in euros. Look like this street view will be beautiful at night time. As you have seen with me.

Ah , all these shops will be closed after ten o'clock. There will be nothing left in Fadel except for nut shops and shops. Of course, restaurants and cafes. I am assuring you of this issue. I also knew that at the time of Eid, people who

think would come here on Eid. All the shops and bazaars will be. Most of the bazaars will not be open on the first day of Eid. Because I know. And during the holiday period or the feast period, the bazaars mean half of the merchants will unfortunately not be present there. Bradwa malls will open malls after one hour in the afternoon. That's what I'm sure of. And the government took it down. on the official page. I will tell you this below in the description of the video. Because people who think about coming, uh, come back to Istanbul. She will continue to work for her

account after that, because most of the shops, bazaars and popular markets will not be operational. The Egyptian market will open after one hour in the afternoon on the first day of Eid. And the possibility of the first day of the feast, violin, not open. This is what they say on the municipality's official website. Like what you see with me. Manzer tram looks very beautiful. The nightlife valley is here in Istanbul.

Like what you see with me. Tour companies deal in euros. We made a video. If you want to see a stock exchange, you will take it from the Eminonu coast along seventy lira, going and seventy lira coming, and if you are going to the Al-Malat Islands, the ticket price will be five and thirty lira, five, thirty lira going, and five and thirty lira coming. Here is Boulhana Park, folks. People are considered out of

the park. This is the most famous park. Because the park is very close by. Ah, in the most famous tourist places. But of course there are beautiful gardens and very beautiful parks. Fethiye Park, Ya Pasha, is located

in Uskudar. We will make a tour for her very soon, so she can see the view and the beauty of the garden. We will make a tour for you also in the Escudar region. Oh we worked more than one place in the region. We went to the ghetto. Its view was beautiful. A beautiful neighborhood. Escobar neighborhood. It is considered from a nazari point of view.

Uskudar region is considered a catalyst. belonging to Istanbul. Asian section. Because Escudar really found it great. Oh, and there are many hidden places no one knows anything about. Of course, in restaurants and cafes overlooking the Bosphorus, it will look very, very much in the Uskudar area. We will do a night tour in the Escudar area, also nearby. But the first is that we cover Escudar completely in the morning at noon. And we said that the Uskudar region can take it either

from the Marmaraya metro if you are in, or take the ferry that takes you along on Uskudar, for the price of the ticket is seven and a half pounds. From Sahel, and we let you know how from Sahel, and you can ride, just follow my videos first. And you will find everything you think about, you will find it in our channel . Look, the landscape of the world will look like a factor between Gulhana station and Sultanahmet area. The world will be considered closed and gifted. The place at night time is really beautiful view. And you are located in Sultanahmet district.

You see the street with me, guys, how is it shaped by a factor? Even the side streets are visible to you. People are coming out of the motels now. And look and stayed on the coast of Eminonu. Of course, the Amnon coast, as we did not come from the road. Jenna in terms of this. We arrived at Eminonu Coast. And then in our direction Aho. On the Sultanahmet area. Night time minimum Btkon salvation calm. Because most people have come back from their trips.

I went on the morning tour. Like what you see. Look like this guys with me. The rest of the cars start moving. Because the time of the tram is at night time, its working hours are also reduced. The movement in it is not crowded. Look like this guys with me.

I am frankly surprised by the shops that are writers. I mean, you do it for you in the first place. I mean, when we shoot, we do advertising for you. When you become a no-photo writer, we will be forced to leave. We will not photograph the place where we are standing. Although he has very, very sweet needs . So what is the problem when you don't lose anything when we shoot your place ? Look like this guys with me. Here is the medal for twenty-five lira here. And here he is engaged to the lira of the other side. All this is a

pound. Like what you see with me. Any need here for twenty-five pounds. The needs here are considered in the beautiful tourist places here. The prices for these small accessories are sweet things and their prices are good. Wadi here written five lira. Of course, silver and gold are better than the Bayezid area. Don't bring it except

from the Bayezid area, so the prices of gold and silver will be cheaper. Look like this guys with me de all de silver. Bicol you silver carat ninety-five . Like what you see with me. The valley here is considered like tourism companies, so people who want to be afraid and see their website can see the prices and their programmes. I will leave you, uh, tourism companies, so that people will know these tourism companies, so they will know the prices, which range from how many to how many. Like

what you see. Your news. Look like that. The cafes and restaurants here are beautiful at night time. Of course, I love what is available in

a hotel near Sultan Ahmed. Every step of the way, you will find a restaurant and a cafe. You rest in the restaurant and the cafe. You see its menu. If the menu has prices , you will not like it. You will have a restaurant instead of a million restaurants here in Istanbul. And you have a million cafe instead of cafe in Istanbul. If the prices do not like you, he will go to another place and go to another place. He is the loser, believe me, not you. You are my opinion of course. Ah, the prices here range from, uh, to meals.

And drinks, meaning a natural tea drink, is no more than ten pounds. Currently, the coffee drink will not increase from twenty to twenty -five liras. Whether you eat a Turkish cafe, Turkish coffee or even a latte.

We are considered to have reached Sultanahmet Square or the Sultanahmet area in Istanbul. Is it as you see it? Look from the air. Tourism is still present in it. We want to be afraid and see the rest of the nightlife from inside, how it will look like. Just look. As you see with me, we want to fear the first.

Look like that. They operate entry and exit gates in place. Adi Boswa, group, with the sight of the crescent , that thing two books. Valley entrance gates. Let's get keda. Psoa Keda stayed with me a view. Sultanahmet area at night time. The look is, frankly, beautiful and powerful. You come here. Sit in front of the fountain. And watch the rest of the beautiful colors Ptaatha.

You and you in front of the fountain will be in front of you the Sultan Ahmed Mosque. And it will be in your back along the Aya Sophia Mosque. As you don't see with me, the view looks really beautiful. Look, Shavin Al-Munzar, the colors change from one piece to another.

Safi Dial , Sidi Ali , as you do not see the atmosphere in the region. In Sultan Ahmed Square , in a more correct sense, its shape will be a factor. The look is really beautiful. Seats here are also beautiful. There are restaurants that will be located here in front of the Hagia Sophia Mosque. And in restaurants where you can take aa, frankly,

the best place you can take it. Bacon on the other side. Restaurants on the other side overlooking the Sultan Ahmed Mosque. And oh, the Hagia Sophia Mosque . The restaurant will give you a nice famous restaurant or restaurants here. Underneath in the middle of the video. Because people who think about coming

one day want to break their fast. Take Btaahm Bacon look beautiful shape. And you can take a sweet AAAAAA. As you don't see the seats being here, how do they look like. The world Bardo salvation became crowded. Ah Istanbul is sweet in winter time. The world will be calmer than what we are in right now. Istanbul, in general , throughout its life, tourism will be busy. Oh, I mean, it is the

cheapest place in the region. Which is considered to be, uh, a source of income for tourism for them. Istanbul is one of the special places. Or Turkey is one of the special places where you can come and work in a very beautiful tourist program. We saw some of the atmosphere at night time from the beginning of the Lahd area to the Sultanahmet area. We entered the Sultanahmet area. Oh Lord, today's video will please you. And if there is any

question, do not forget to follow me in a comment, and God willing, I will reply to you as soon as possible. And as usual, if you like the video, don't forget to tread on and activate the bell to get you all new. And wait for me, God willing, in new videos. I see you fine. In other videos. Hello.

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