منطقة اكسراي في اسطنبول ارخص منطقة للتسوق السياحي في اسطنبول

منطقة اكسراي في اسطنبول ارخص منطقة للتسوق السياحي في اسطنبول

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very very. Here, the mosque of Al-Lally is located in the Aksaray region. This is the entrance to the Al-Lilili Mosque. By Pchofoh from the wall of the mosque. Istanbul has a lot of things, oh, oh. You have to go down and explore it. Good morning to you, from Istanbul, a video and our tour today, we will know together with some the latest prices that are available in the Aksaray area. We will know with some dollar prices, shops, restaurants and cafes, and we will see some beautiful streets of Aksaray. But the most important thing is that you do not forget to like and share for

us and subscribe to the channel that you have not yet subscribed to. Well, let's start our tour, with God's blessing. Come on. A thousand as you are not with us, we are currently in the Aksaray area, this is currently Aksaray Square. As you do not see with me this is the famous mosque in Aksaray Square. If we go to the end of the street, we will catch the tram with us, and if we will find the Absray station for the trambay . And if we come here from this side, we will find the station of the Luxor metro, which takes you along to an area and as you do not see, we are present. Is it in the well-known area of ​​Aksaray along

the main place or the main place from which the buses come from? In the main place that is located here, in an area here, the buses come here from all the places that are in Istanbul. This is the main station that is located here in the Aksaray area. It comes from the area of ​​Zeytin Barmo or even Eminonu or Shirin Evler or anywhere that will be located here in Istanbul . He comes here at this place, and all

the buses stop at the place where we are standing now. As you do not see with me, you will also find the most famous restaurants, such as Mac and Kentucky, and of course the other shops and cafes. The prices here are very reasonable and relatively reasonable about the tourist places in front of such as Sultan Ahmed, the Bayazid area, and the Al-Lalla area. Also, here you will find a lot of pharmacies because there are people who spoke to me on the issue of pharmacies .

Pharmacies here close, guys, at seven o'clock. You must be your account agent. If there is anything you want to answer. Medicines or anything you should bring before seven in the morning. Moaz pharmacies or ninety per cent of the pharmacies that are located here in Istanbul.

It closes at seven. Today, the price of the dollar has changed. Yesterday it was seventeen fifty-six. Today, as you see. The price of the dollar ranges from sixteen to fifty. Today is a Monday night . It is the beginning of the week. As you see with me. Prices here are starting to change. The prices really started to come down. But I tell you that the prices at the present time will increase in the coming period. For the dollar price. And I tell you, at the beginning of the eighteenth month, the price of the lira

will reach twenty thousand pounds in front of one dollar. We went in front of it at the affiliated station, as you see, the place here is really crowded. But honestly , the Exgai area is beautiful. I don't have store prices. Whether the rest of the tools and clothing. The prices here are quite cheap. About what is in the Grand Bazaar area. and Bayazid region. All the side streets

will be clothing stores located in the Xday area. A really nice place here, if you don't sit there or take a hotel. Come down and take a tour of it instead of going down. In the Granda Bazaar area. Or the Bayezid area. Here the prices are really cheap. For those who think about buying clothes. Of course, in other stores or in other places. It will be much cheaper

than this or from here. Borno olives or marta. The prices are really nice. I will give you these places. You can easily find it in the Kid Description box, because after that, people know the places and go to buy their clothes in these places, the Zeitoun Borno area and the Marka area. If the dollar price goes down today, I

tell you, this will be a corrective price. But the actual price will come back again . Adekm Shayvin Stächer seventy-five Stächer eighty-seven. Prices like this change from one moment to the next. As long as the price is not stable, you will buy. It is better to buy, uh, change, I mean. Change the cod exactly, so you don't lose much if the price goes up. This is the price of the dollar currently

in the maximum opinion area. Let's go back to the other side. All the side streets you see. All along the wear shops. And shops, and you will also find hotels here. The prices are good, cheap and not expensive. Come Keda look like this on the shoes here. Not a sash writer. From the point of view of visiting the store that does not offer prices. You ask the first about something. If there is something you like, ask about it, and then try to

break the price with it. I mean, if he told you that you want to eat two hundred and fifty pounds , try to break with him or start with him on the price at one hundred and fifty pounds. I will leave and walk. I mean, if he told you, no, it wouldn't work, insult him and walk. If it was really , I would not have offered you another price or this talk. You can go back to him after five minutes and tell him another price. Tell him Kmsl Show Hecolk

what. Because here, frankly, the merchants, when they meet you as a foreigner or a tourist, in the sense of more correct, they will pay the price, and the prices will be exaggerated, even though they are in our Arab countries, they are good and cheap prices. Other than, of course, that he will be a price model, you will at least know your head from your legs. So you know that this price or this place is an exception to the price.

Thank God. Your followers commented for you and you didn't reply to me. no I swear. Ahmed Yassin. Oh right wrong. My love, thank God. Adekm Shayvin with me, we continue. In our beautiful tour, which is here in the Aksaray region. The shops are all as you see them. The prices here in the

Aksaray area are really sweet and special. This is a famous mosque in Aksaray district. As you do not see the Al-Laila Mosque, there are people who tell me the difference between the Aksaray area and the two who are already next to each other. I mean , from the point of view of Nazari, both are considered in one area. The Aksaray area

is not far from the area of ​​Al-Lali, aa, but it is not a very, very small distance. Ade here is the mosque of alli is present. In the Aksaray region. Like what you see with me. The place is really beautiful here. The mosque is on a hill. You

see the way as you don't see me like this. A way to see. from the mosque wall. Istanbul has many things, strong and strong, you must go down and explore them. I mean, we are coming and exploring together some really beautiful and new places. Here is the shape of the mosque. I mean, the mosque really looks beautiful. This is the entrance to the Laila Mosque. Like what you see with me. The mosques

here are in Istanbul. They are all really masterpieces. The mosque has as you see three gates. Adi is a gate in front of us. Wadi is another gate that we entered from. The main gate valley , which will be located on the tram road.

The place here is really beautiful. The first time I was afraid of Al-Lali Mosque and I loved showing you. The mosque. Its form factor. I do not want anyone to tell me, uh, what is the difference between the two regions in the first place, so you are considered in one region. Adi here, folks, Aksaray station Lahi. Like what you see. This is the Aksaray station, which is currently under the bridge. What you see. Allalali area or Allalali station. A little ahead. Just trees

covered it. Valattinen considered one place. Al-Lalali and Aksaray area , there is no distance between them. The distance is about six minutes to ten minutes walking. between the two regions. So, we explored the Al-Lalali Mosque, which is located here in Aksaray district or is located here in European Istanbul. As you have seen with me. We went down the main street, all the side streets that are here, between either this side or the other side. There will be stores that are clothing stores, and you will find

here the motels here with a crack, but from my point of view, take the hotels that are located from the western side, meaning when you come to see this on GPS or Google Map. When you open the map, you will find here the trams, which separate the eastern side from the western side . They separate the dirt. Try to take any hotel or see which hotel is located in the direction we are currently walking in. Because here this world will be calmer. The other side will be mostly shops, companies and factories. Ah , the clothes. You may not be happy. Strong, uh, and you are present or

sitting in the hotel. Because there will be congestion and a little stagnation and employment for workers and this talk and that. In Kaza, he complained about this topic. Like what you see with me. All the shops here are really nice. clothes shops. Here he says to you wholesale and retail. Most of the stores here, you will find stores that do not sell anything other than wholesale, but more than one piece, and there are stores that sell you one normal thing. You can buy it, not more than

what Wadi here is polo brand polo brand polo here, because almost every ten days it changes its products and its suits. Come on, let's see the latest prices here at Brand Polo. Quarterly ninety-nine fifty-five. Quarterly ninety. T -shirt fifty-two. pants. At the end of seventy. Prices are good and relatively reasonable. As you don't see people here, you come to imagine the models here all along, they imagine what you see.

Every store or every company that offers products brings it here. Do they wear their own clothes to market? We are like this. We have arrived at the Al -Laila station or the Istanbul station, Hanoriko, who thinks to come from the Taksim area from here.

He will know how to get on the metro, uh, or to get off the Taksim station or from the Chesana station, and then he will come down here at Istanbul, he will arrive at the place where we are going now, because after that You know Tigi from Taksim area. I'm walking, I'm the side street, on your right, that's how you'll find it. Istanbul and on your north clothing stores. And as you are what Malahain with me. Valley metro station is currently appearing in front of us.

Every place we are in is considered this area. And as you see this with me, people, the metro station is bright in front of you. Is this coming from the Taksim area, who will answer you here at length. If the Taksim area, it will go down exactly two stations, and this will be the third. And if he comes from the AA area, also Taksim, he will descend, meaning Taksim, it is considered two metro stations . Aa Shesha station. and Taksim Square station. Htrkb from any station in them. The station will bring you here, which is the same. Its name is Istanbul. Here

, the streets remain sideways, and you will find clothing stores. They are all really beautiful and special. Wadi here are the hotels that I tell you about. The place here would be better and quieter on the other hand. with his time They are with me. I go to the shops here, they are all very nice and somewhat cheap. Like what you see.

Thirty areas are all wholesale and retail clothing. The people who asked me which sizes are more than X-Large. You will find shops who tell you this. Shops that are considered to be located here in Lali and Aksaray. There are many strong stores of the sizes that you want

for these types. T-shirts here, polo shirts, prices here are cheap. But the one who will not be a price clerk, as I am telling you, is the rest. They start to break with him. Here are the stores that you asked me about. Cech. Cech. As you see the shops Ahi written wholesale and retail. I mean, the subject of this dress is something that no one worries about. I found

an expensive place. And you think the price is too high. He will cry from the store and fear the store after him. There is nothing here more than clothing stores. The most important thing you can find is that the quality is clean and the place where you will buy it. be really sweet. Or the material that you will buy, you will really know that this is

its value. You don't need to be overpriced. Oh, and in the end you buy it here in the shops, as you see, very strong, strong and strong. I mean, walk, roll and look at your convenience, and then decide to buy. We will go to the other side to show you the prices that are available in the dollar price. In the Aksaray area or directly in front of the Al-Lali station, we want to know the price of the dollar . It would be seventy -eight. It would have been seventy-five. It would have been seventy-five. You buy it in

seventy-five. Sell ​​to him, I mean, the dollar that you have will be seventy-five. And if you want to buy a large for the pound, it will be seventy eight. Here Stacher seventy-five, Stacher seventy-nine. You can see with me the prices. This is the best place or the best place from which you can change the price of the dollar. As you have seen with me. Really beautiful, strong, strong, the area of ​​my palace. I myself do not laugh at it when I go down and

walk in the streets of my palace, or when I have a job in the area of ​​my palace, I stay and cover the entire place. The place is really beautiful. Like what you see. Here are some of the hotels on the street. outnumber you. O Hajj abaya stores.

Net , all prices here are really good and cheap. Come on Keda Nurikm. Here you will find motels Bardo. Some restaurants and cafes. The ones located in the beautiful side streets that are located here between the X-Ray area and Al-Lalali. But we are

like this. It is considered to be entrants in front of the Bayzid area. Here, look, guys. He tells you that we have luxury tourist apartments for rent. This is what I'm telling you about. If you are coming and want to spit on apartments or spit on hotels.

You can book two nights. In the hotel if you are not sure of the hotel. The one you are going to live in during the tourism period. You book it for two nights . Liked the hotel. Complete it. What do you like? You will go to any broker located wherever you are, and if you want an apartment, you will find the apartment , or if you want to look at any room in the hotel, you will be afraid, as long as you book the remaining period of your stay. And like what you see. Here I stayed in the Aksaray area, which is where I am on the side. It will be clothing

stores, so I tell you, no one is in a hurry to buy. In every inch of Istanbul, you will find clothing stores. This is why we are entering the Beyazit area, so this is today's video . I don't want it to be long. Oh Lord, you will like the video, and if there is any question, do not forget to follow me in a comment. And, God willing, he will respond to you as soon as possible. And as usual, if you like the video, don't forget to tread on and activate the bell to get you all new. And wait for me, God willing, in

new videos. I see you fine. In other videos. Hello.

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