Первые впечатления после переезда из Нячанга. Плюсы и минусы жизни в новом месте.

Первые впечатления после переезда из Нячанга. Плюсы и минусы жизни в новом месте.

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Hello everyone from Vietnam! My name is Ilya. And today I continue my story about how I left Nha Trang. Today I want to tell you where I came. In the last issue, you watched how I left Nha Trang from there, on which I left. Where exactly I moved, I have not specifically said this yet.

Here, I kept a little intrigue until this issue, until the next one. Thanks to everyone who supported during this time. I already celebrated my birthday here, I was congratulated both in writing and orally, and supporters threw in donations, it was very nice. A lot of people write their guesses, guesses where I went. There were a lot of suggestions that I left for Ho Chi Minh City, a city in the south of the country, a metropolis.

There were suggestions that I even went to Dalat. There were suggestions that I went to Vung Tau, a resort town in the south of the country, not far from Ho Chi Minh City. For some reason, no one suggested that I went to Da Nang. Danang is a large and large city, it is also a resort like Nha Trang, but even larger. I recommend everyone to visit it. By the way, I had an interesting review of the city of Da Nang.

There is a very large big river in the center of the city. It divides the city into two parts: the resort area and the rest of the city. There are many different bridges on this river. They are all different, each bridge is different from each other. Therefore, look in the upper right corner for a hint for an overview of this city, I once did it. In addition to this city, there is also the city of Hoi An nearby.

That is, immediately two videos must be watched one after another. For some reason, no one suggested that I was going there. Where else could one imagine. That I went to the capital, to Hanoi. It is also a good option where you can go and try to earn money.

Well, in general, now I am ready to tell where I came, where exactly I live, show in which area I live, show the nearby streets and what cafes are nearby. Since we are constantly reviewing some cafes and catering in my videos, now I will also show it. But as for work and what I do, I will not touch on this time.

I'll tell you more in the next video. Let's start right now where we are. We are in such a beautiful park. This park is located around the lake. It is so shallow for some reason, but I think that sometimes it fills up much more. I don't usually come here during the day.

I come here in the evening, do the exercises. There is a horizontal bar, bars, you can download the press. Here, around such a lake is a park. The park is called Hoang Van Thu park.

There is active movement around it: cars and bikes, an endless stream even at night. It's such a central place here in this area where I'm located. So what is this park? And what city is it in? So, this is the city - the capital of the south of Vietnam, the city of Ho Chi Minh. In the past it was called Saigon. My first impressions of Vietnam are connected with Ho Chi Minh City, because I came to Ho Chi Minh City from the very beginning when I arrived in Vietnam by plane. I flew through Turkey with transfers to Ho Chi Minh City. And from Ho Chi Minh City, I was already riding a regular sleepbus to Nha Trang. I drove all night.

And was on the main street. I had no idea what kind of country this was, how everything looked here, how everything was. But then I was on the main streets, next to Bui Vien street, where various clubs and central bars are located and there is also such a stop, an office where you can take a bus, sleepbus and go between cities. So I just went to Nha Trang from there. Then I wanted to get here again for a long time, travel, visit here, take a walk.

I went here when we went to Bali, Indonesia for the first time. The flight was from Ho Chi Minh City. And just in Ho Chi Minh City there was an opportunity to take a walk. We came here on sleepbus too, I came with my friend Nikita. Who has not seen this issue, look in the upper right corner, follow the prompt, it was such a reviewer. Something is being sawn here, they are doing something.

This is exactly where I work. There are just a few horizontal bars here, such bars, it is very convenient here. But something is being cut here today. I just went here yesterday to keep fit, not to get fat, so that everything would be fine.

This park is interesting, there are tall trees, the old ones are already visible, small palm trees. Students study here, they also come, and they come in the evening and during the day. Well, in the video that I then shot, when I came last time, it was back in 1919, we stopped near the airport, this park is also located in the area that is located near the airport. And just then I came to this park here and tried to launch a drone, tried to shoot. But, since this place is very close to the airport, you can’t take off here, and for a very long time I was looking for a place where I could fly. And this is such a central park here. It is divided into two halves.

A road runs through the middle of this park. Right now we are walking along one half of the park and on the other side there is also a park, across the road, it turns out. To get there, there is such an overpass.

Such gazebos are located everywhere, in the evening there are a lot of people here, all the benches are occupied. There are some figures of animals here: a horse, an elephant, a hippopotamus. In the absence of a beach and a beach park, an area where you can walk, in principle, people come here and here in the shade in the thickets of these trees, in the shade of their branches and leaves, you can normally walk. And this park is located just next to my house, where I settled. Here, too, there is an advantage in this, that you can go out here and work out, do exercises. Ho Chi Minh City is a huge metropolis, in Vietnam it is the largest city.

More than nine million people live here in the entire city. This is a business center. Most air routes pass through Ho Chi Minh City. True, there is not so much time to shoot now, I won’t be able to show much and often, but I will definitely continue and show something. There are a lot of places where I would like to go too.

Well, let's start first with the cons, probably what I encountered initially. Many, I think, will be interested in what problems arise here. Firstly, it is a hot, stuffy city in which there is no sea. Fresh air doesn't come from anywhere.

It's pretty gassy in here. There are a lot of vehicles on the roads, big traffic jams even on bikes, despite the fact that the bike is a very compact solution for getting around the city. And there is such a huge accumulation of bikes that you just stand, especially at traffic lights, especially if these are some kind of intersections where cars turn. Yes, indeed, you stand for a very long time and wait. There are such hellish traffic jams, especially during rush hour, at about 4, 5, 6 pm, the crowd of people and you can’t move forward, everyone’s engines are on, gases come out of the exhaust pipes, smoke and it gets hot, and you, especially you're still wearing a mask.

Well, here you go on such traffic jams. And long distances. You can drive from point to point for half an hour and this is not even half of the city, it is just some small part of the city. And you go, overcoming such distances. Like this, for example, I went to one shopping center for a long, long, long time along a narrow street. I turned off the central large street onto a narrower one that leads just to this shopping center. There is really a huge pandemonium of bikes in both directions. So we move periodically.

But, of course, you can avoid this time. It is better to stay at home during this time. Now I try not to go anywhere at all at this time, to sit out and then quickly get somewhere calmly. Well, I think everyone is familiar with traffic jams, they know what it is. But if you are sitting in an air-conditioned car, it is not so unpleasant and stressful than when you are sitting in an open space in the open air and breathing this gas from bikes, the sun is scorching, the heat is everywhere. Bad ecology, as there are many factories, various production facilities, various emissions into the atmosphere, constant gas contamination, clear skies are not always visible here. Often it is just a gray sky and the rays of the sun break through it, but, of course, there are clouds. Now there are more clouds.

For example, when I was in Jakarta, in the capital of Indonesia, which is being transferred to another island, to another place, there will be another capital of Indonesia, but it still seems to be Jakarta at the moment, it is generally polluted there. There is such a haze in the air, even more than in Ho Chi Minh City. That is, here at least you can clearly see the sky and see into the distance, but there you feel that the air is not clean, but specifically gassed.

What's the downside here? Here the prices are higher. Vietnam is an inexpensive country in itself, and even in large cities, in principle, it is not as expensive as in European cities. But still, compared to other provincial cities, with the same Nha Trang, I compare all prices, thirty percent may be more expensive. Street food may even be twice as expensive, but something is also worth it. At least housing is more expensive, two or even three times the price even varies. I'll show you where I settled too.

Here we have reached the edge, by the way, of this park. There is such a structure here, a fountain or something here, some tall structures that are overlapped. Here, too, they ennoble, cut the leaves. By the way, I have not even gone here yet, now I am approaching this place for the first time.

Like some kind of pool is made. I understand that you can walk here, take a walk. This is what it looks like, oh, there are even fish.

Well, here, around this park, there is just the most such movement in the area. The cars move, they don't stop at all. Here, almost 10 roads converge from different sides in this large area of ​​the park. Also, of course, there is a lot of everything around here: all sorts of different shops, cafes, almost everything you need, everything can be found here, I like it. Well, what minus would I like to designate? Here, of course, more active police on the roads. They stop the bikes, check something, they can stand somewhere in such an unexpected place where you can catch people.

I've already been caught once. I left the house from the usual small path, not even reaching the normal head of the road. They specifically stood there on the corner and waited, they stopped all violators. And I just left the house. Didn't turn on the turn signal. And they stopped me for that and fined me. Well, they fined me, they just took money from me. But what made me happy? Rights are not asked. That is, their main task is to take the money, and not to pick up the bike, arrest it and formalize all this, a fine.

That is, you pay on the spot, give money in your hands and that's it, no one asks anything, that's it, good luck, be careful on the road and that's it, goodbye. Well, these are the main disadvantages so far that I have encountered. That is, long distances, traffic jams, heat ... The heat is also relative, because Nha Trang is also very hot. There you can go along the sea, of course.

By the way, you won’t get lost there due to the fact that you can move along the sea, but here, of course, there is no such landmark. Here you need to travel necessarily on the map, on the navigator. But I have already learned some roads here in my area, without a navigator you can safely drive in a straight line. Well, here are the nuances. Let's talk about the pros now, after all, there are more of them, so I'm here for the time being and I'm staying.

Here is one of the obvious advantages - this is the second capital, which has everything you need. Any products, any entertainment, activities, there are some locations nearby around the city, there are some sights where it would be interesting to go too. So far, I can’t go anywhere yet, but I plan to still visit and go to shoot. Here is an interesting mound. Here you go up and also a gazebo, you can take a walk. In the absence of a beach, at least thanks for this.

Of course, it is important that from here to any resort is actually not far. There are different resorts, one might say, nearby. It is very close to the Mui Ne resort, which, in principle, is not far from Nha Trang either. Approximately the same distance from Nha Trang to Mui Ne, from Ho Chi Minh City to Mui Ne. There is also an interesting resort town of Vung Tau. Oil is being extracted in this city.

It is generally located a three-hour drive from Ho Chi Minh City. I have never been to Vung Tau there either. The city is small, a resort, but there are also different locations and places. I would also love to go there.

Plus, from Ho Chi Minh there is a resort island Phu Quoc, which they want to make the center of tourism for all of Vietnam. It would also be very interesting to go there and to the nearby islands. There is also such an island as Con Dao. Con Dao, like Phu Quoc, was a prison island, there were prisoners, there are also these museums that show how prisoners were kept, in which prisons. It is also convenient to travel to other countries from here.

And of course de to Nha Trang here is also close. The drive is only 8 hours. You leave in the evening and arrive early in the morning. In the city itself, of course, there is not enough resort vibe, resort atmosphere.

At least here you can earn something and with this money go to any resort. In extreme cases, you can even go somewhere in the pool. There are enough different places where you can sunbathe and lie down next to the pool.

I have not been to such places yet, but I also plan to go and swim at least in the pool here on some, maybe Sunday, I will go with pleasure. Of course, it will be difficult for someone to live here, to be. Even if compared, in Russia not everyone likes to live in big cities such as St. Petersburg, Moscow, Novosibirsk. Many people want to live somewhere, maybe even on the outskirts or outside the city, to have their own dacha, some kind of their own plot, to go out there and grow something, a vegetable garden, a garden, beds ... But for me, the metropolitan movement is high . There are various events, an abundance of everything, in general, you will not get bored.

Let's talk about where I live. Now let's go and see what's around here. There are plenty of different cafes in the area. Now let's leave this park and walk along my street, which is located next to my house.

As I said, this area is near the airport and here it was very interesting and surprising for me to see the planes that fly very low. There is such a huge territory of the airport and the city around it, that is, there are a lot of residential buildings and districts and everything else. And I constantly travel here, cruising around this area of ​​the airport and see a lot of planes that fly low and in one place you can see where they land and you can see it very low. This is the first time I've seen planes landing like this. It was also interesting, cool.

When you see a plane landing over the city, very close to you, I liked it too. And there are large shopping centers nearby. There is also a large Big C shopping center nearby, where you can buy inexpensive groceries. There are other shopping malls. There is also a Mcdonald's in several places in the area at once. Various cafes, shops, shopping centers...

Basically, I like the area. The only thing that is very alarming here is that around this park, along these central streets that are here, the police are very busy. There was even news that this year they are going to actively test for alcohol. And I was even stopped once. Good thing I didn't drink. It was Friday, I was driving, riding around the city, driving to the city center. I really wanted beer, but I didn’t go anywhere, I didn’t drink anywhere.

And just outside the house they stopped me. And it’s good that I didn’t drink - they didn’t fine me, they calmly let me go. Vietnam has always been good because it was possible to drive here in any condition normally and there is simply no other transport. It is not suitable for walking here. Even the Vietnamese themselves tell me: we Vietnamese do not walk, we only ride bikes.

That is, everyone returns from the bars on their bike. And now there is already a risk that you will be caught and the police will earn money on you again. We will think, we will see what to do with it. Now we are further at the same intersection and, of course, no one stops here when you cross the road, but we will pass now.

Here is such a bridge past the traffic lights to relieve traffic. Now there are not very many bikes, but also enough. How would it be considered the most calm movement when there is no one. And here's how it happens during rush hour here, when there is pandemonium and the maximum load on the road. This is what it looks like when there are a lot of bikes here.

Here is the planet Earth. This is such an interesting landmark just where I live, right next to this circle with the planet Earth. There you can see America, Africa, all continents. Such a large concrete ball, plastered with a mosaic in the form of the Earth, right next to this bridge. When we turn off this central street, we see a small street here, where there is a lot of everything. And there are many such streets.

Along the central roads, not so much everything is sold as on these small streets. Various cafes start here. Both street food and just a cafe with Vietnamese cuisine, various restaurants, hairdressers. There are even several hairdressers here. For example, there is a cafe with bo kho soup. I really like bo kho soup, I tried it here.

This is a soup with meat, with beef. Such an interesting rich broth with vegetables, with carrots. But here I liked it less than in Nha Trang in one place where I tried, so then I'll show you better bo kho, I'll make a review from Nha Trang.

Here is banh my for sale here. Several points with banh mi. Now I will show.

First we will go to the next traffic light, I will show you a place where one kind of banh mi is made, then we will come back and see another kind of banh mi. Here is Mini Stop - a convenience store, Highlands Coffee - a chain cafe, which are full in Nha Trang. Here is another banh mi behind this car, here we will return now.

Here in this place such banh mi are sold. There are generally several banh mi on this street, and it is in this place that cutlets are made. Usually some kind of Vietnamese sausage is added, different.

And here I saw meatballs being fried on the grill. Most likely chicken. In general, spicy meat, sauce, herbs, cucumber. Cilantro is added more, spices. Now let's see how many cutlets are added here.

Four patties were added. Five. Five meatballs, vegetables.

Seven. She sold for twenty. Here's a banh mi here, it's different. I don’t know if it has any special name, that it is with such cutlets, but it is in this performance. And now we will see another banh mi with sausage. There is a bike repair and a laundry, and a watch repair, and there is even a pharmacy.

Different, different cafes in general around. That is, there are a lot of things right on this small street. Here they cook banh mi. Now I came up and here they are not ready yet. Here's the funniest thing. Here they spread it with pate.

Put more vegetables in the same way. Here is a different sausage, about which I spoke. Several types of sausages are applied, also cilantro, pepper, pickled radish with carrots, cucumber and mayonnaise are also put here. Completely different banh my, different composition. That is, instead of those grilled cutlets, completely different things are imposed here. Soy sauce is also added inside a little bit. That banh mi with grilled cutlets, like kebabs to taste. And that one was made for me for twenty, although it was written that for 15, but there, simply, they put more cutlets.

And here for 18 thousand with such cut sausages. Coconuts can be bought, in general, everything, everything, anything. Here is the laundry room, you can also wash here. They gave me a large blanket, I took it here to wash, however, it turned out a little expensive: 80 thousand dong. This is where bun ga is for sale.

I have already eaten here once. Come on now let's get a portion, let's see what bun ga looks like. Ga is chicken, bun is noodles, thin white rice noodles. Let's see now.

This is how it is thrown into the broth, into hot water. The noodles are warmed up and washed a little right away. Then the chicken confidently throws itself, there are quite a lot of it. Well, I might as well not clean it up. Then chopped onion: green onion, red, ordinary. And of course, this is the rich broth.

The broth is very rich, generally awesome. Oh, she put the mushrooms here, I just now realized. In general, such a big bowl of soup.

Noodles with chicken. Once I already tried it, I really really liked the broth here, rich, chicken. There are several carcasses being cooked. There they hang, six carcasses, from which the broth and fat flows. So meaty, meaty! Here at the bottom of the workpiece.

Lime, pepper can be thrown. Pepper, of course, is very hot. Another thing that is thrown here is this thing, it's called sate. Just like bun bo. Who remembers, I showed bun bo.

I just told all this about sate and how this bun bo soup is cooked. For those who haven't watched yet, watch the video about bun bo hue in the upper right corner. No matter how poignant it is right now. Last time I ate, I overdid it with this spicy sate. On the edge.

Here is such a soup, bun rice noodles and a lot of chicken, more mushrooms here. Here the uncle is sleeping, resting. He has a three-wheeled semi-motorcycle. And during lunch, at lunchtime, or when there is no work, they can sleep and rest like this. So relax, life in Vietnam is relaxing! Here, at the crossroads, there is also a tent with drinks open. You can take cane juice, some other drinks, orange juice. By the way, do you know that oranges are green here in Vietnam? After this intersection, there are still a lot of different places, cafes, shops here.

There is even a further restaurant with Indian cuisine and some Korean cuisine. There is also a cafe here. In the evenings, the Vietnamese sit and eat their street food and seafood.

Well, here, next to my house, where I live, there is such a museum. It's called the Air Force museum. This is a military aviation museum. Here are these helicopters from the Vietnam War, when there was a war between the north and south in Vietnam. When the US participated in military operations and the Soviet Union helped northern Vietnam.

Here are the exhibits. Here is a helicopter. Airplane. Such fighters, jet aircraft with turbines in the back.

Right next to the house where I now live is this museum. I have already shown this museum before. I had a separate video about military museums, such a small video. There is another museum here, which is well monitored and looked after. I showed two museums there in this video, so you can watch another video. In the upper right corner, you can follow the hint and see.

We will not go inside the museum itself. Google maps generally says that it is closed, does not work. Well, the last time we came here, the entrance was free, here this museum is in a state of disrepair. Let's see what's here now. Right now they are saying they are closed.

We were here in 1919, maybe no one comes here, they don't look after him, the guard just sits. And at the entrance they sit and eat seafood in the evenings, right here, at this entrance at this gate. Well, these are serious helicopters. I can imagine how much noise they make if they start their engines to turn on.

Yes, quite healthy. This is how a military helicopter can be seen close up right next to my house. Who will be in Ho Chi Minh - come, I will show you this museum, let's go in together and take a look. Or you can leave without me. I leave all links to places and locations in the description under all videos, so if you are interested in finding out where, what places - go in, pay attention to the descriptions for the video.

Yes, there are even such guns with missiles. Yes, it's kind of like a cafe here. Here the tables are set up with plastic chairs, and right here the Vietnamese are sitting under these helicopters. Here is such a museum. Now let's go to my house, see what's there and show me my room where I settled. Let's go there.

Here is a parking lot on the ground floor. There are almost no bikes here now, because it is still early, in the evening everything becomes completely full. Here is the first floor, here you can take the elevator up. The elevator is even small. But here you go up such a narrow staircase to a full-fledged first floor. This is where the rooms begin. One room, there are two more rooms along the corridor, and here is mine. All these rooms were free when I checked in, now they are all full, the Vietnamese drove in after me.

Moreover, I even have a place where I can cook here. Nobody cooks here but me. Here is a tile that used to be used to light hookah coals. Here you turn it on and at least I can cook something here, I cook soup here with chicken, potatoes, onions and carrots. At least you can eat more or less normally. Not only somewhere outside in a cafe, but you can also eat at home.

Here, welcome! Quite a small room, almost like in a hotel. This is the maximum illumination at this time of the day. It's daylight, it's sunny and it's dark enough like that. If you close the curtain, then it’s practically incomprehensible, day or evening. And not hot enough due to the fact that the shade. This is what it looks like with light. Everything here is as simple as possible.

One big bed. Here is a cabinet, a table, a small chair I took from the roof, washed it, a small, standard refrigerator. Refrigerators are everywhere in Vietnam. Well, what is convenient, here is your own toilet, shower room. Here is a sink where I can wash dishes and vegetables, a toilet, a shower. I washed everything here, cleaned everything well and now you can live, live.

I was lucky to find such housing for only three million, plus a deposit, plus electricity ... In general, it comes out to about 3.5 million. If you still use air conditioning here, it will be quite a lot to go for electricity. But I bought myself a fan, did not use the air conditioner to save money.

But the shadow is always here, because this is how the neighboring building stands right next to it. There they have some kind of staircase outside the window is visible. That is, here, too, they can see what is happening here, if you do not curtain, the curtain helps. Here such a lane is small and almost right next to the neighboring house. Thank you for your support, for positive comments, for donations. Of course, I do not relax, I actively try to work here as much as possible.

In the next video, I will show an overview of one bar where they brew their own beer. This bar is located in the center of Ho Chi Minh City. What kind of dishes are cooked there, what kind of beer is brewed there, all just sorts of beer and there was an opportunity to try. Well, there are also places in my area where they brew their own beer. We will definitely take at least one bar for review. Subscribe to the channel, hit the bell so you don't miss new videos. And see you in the next issue!

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