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Namaskar [Greetings] from Jaisalmer my friends. We are here in this beautiful city only 50 miles away from the Pakistan border guys that's right 50 miles away. So it's pretty crazy to be this close to Pakistan. Although, I haven't been on that

other side of the border this close on the Pakistan side because this is more of the desert side but nonetheless, I’m very excited to be here and first of all guys, we are going to be cruising over maybe another 10 minutes or so to our hotel where we're gonna be staying at and giving you guys a full tour. We're gonna be doing room tours. We're gonna be showing you the amenities, the food they've got to eat there and everything so I’m really excited for this. It's gonna be like a total desert safari. Chalo [Let’s go]. And guys we're arriving to the Rang Mahal which means rang palace. Namaskar [Greetings]. Dhanevaad bhai sahab [Thank you bro].

Here we go. Here we go brother there's a tip for you as well. Dhanevaad [Thank you], see you. Chalein chalo [Let’s go].

Chalo [Let’s go]. Alright, we are arriving to the palace. Namaskar [Greetings] my friend. Alright, here we go. We're entering the palace. Guys we have entered and we are looking into a beautiful place. Namaskar [Greetings].

Hello, how are you? Good, good. Me and my friend Rahul we just arrived here, we need to get a room please. Okay, you need a room? Two rooms. Alright, Namaskar [Greetings] my friends. We’re heading up to the room then? Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Chalein chalo [Let’s go].

Alright, here we go guys, we are now gonna be checking in. One more time? Nice to meet you, it's a great name. Nice to meet you Manos. Alright, guys we're gonna be

cruising through the courtyard here. Oh it's quite bright out here, time for the sunglasses on and we're gonna do a full tour of this after we do the room check-in. We'll just walk it into the premises at the moment here and it is very, very inviting. You have that beautiful yellow goldish sandstone modern environment over here. Oh we'll definitely be testing out the pool in

just a bit because that heat out here in Jaisalmer is very, very toasty so here we go. Oh we've even got a speaker they're ready for some sort of party. I like it and I think our rooms are gonna be right over here, right up the stairs.

Up the stairs, see. Alright, here we go. And we're gonna be right up here on the second floor guys so I’m guessing we're going this way. We’ve got balconies looking over

or I guess you could call more of a terrace looking over the premises here, very beautiful and welcoming. Namaskar [Greetings]. Thank you. Perfect, so we'll do a room tour here in just a moment guys. Alright, guys here is the room we're gonna be staying at, gonna take you for a quick little room tour here so right when we first walk in, we've got some complimentary coffees and teas and lots and lots of waters ready to be drank so that's great news.

Down here, I wanna say we also have a fridge in case you wanna bring your own stuff for storage. We’ve got oh a nice working desk space right there so I’ll definitely be setting up my laptop, space for the luggage here, plenty of space to unpack and put everything. Wow, huge closet space right there and a little hangout spot for the table. We also have some very nice decorations here in terms of what's on the walls we have some photos of what looks to be panoramic view of Kolkata and another view of Kolkata and some beautiful paintings right there and let's test out the bed there. Oh

guys I slept for 12 hours there very comfortable bed, pillows nice and squishy like I think they're feather pillows so your head literally just falls and morphs to the pillow it's really, really comfortable. We’ve got good airflow here. We've got the fan and the AC already running so it's keeping me nice and cool in this hot heat out here and then over here, we have the bathroom so here is the shower there. We have fresh towels ready to go. Over here, we've got

some nice amenities. We've got soaps, disposal bags, shower gels, shampoos, blow dryer, soap and a western toilet and a bum gun so we've got everything we need for a good session to get cleaned up and that's actually what I’m gonna go ahead and do right now guys because I am fresh off the bus so it's gonna be time to get cleaned up and then take you guys with us to tour the rest of the hotel. Chalo [Let’s go]. And we are all cleaned up guys, I’m feeling refreshed and ready to go. Alright guys fresh and clean, pool time. Rahul Namaskar [Greetings]. Rahul, I don't remember which room he's in. Rahul.

Alright, I figured out because it's 223. He’s working away over here. Yeah. Yeah very nice. So this is the room Rahul is gonna be staying in. He's got the two twin beddies in here, a very nice similar layout viewpoint over here looking out getting some fresh sunlight and this is his room. He has some different paintings up on the wall but

yeah looking quite nice guys, these rooms are really comfortable. It was hard for me to get out of the room because the AC was so nice and it's so hot outside then I was like but I was like you know what we're going from the AC room to the pool so chalo bhai sahab [Let’s go bro]. Your first time swimming? Yeah I’m I’m afraid to swim like- Well, today is gonna be the day where we change it. Yeah. That's the same with go with Ali

I don't know how to swim, I don't know how to swim. First of all, you just gotta get comfortable with water. Wow, we've got a military helicopter flying over that is very cool to see. But I took the bath. You took the bath yeah? My guess is because we're so close to the land borders of Pakistan, they probably have more military just because that reason I would guess but here is the pool. Oh my gosh, this looks incredible guys. We've got the marble

designs all around it and the deepest part, Rahul see deepest part four foot ten inches. Oh do you know how deep that is do you guys use feet or centimeters here in India? No diving four feet 10. Feet. Oh you do. Yeah. I keep forgetting that but that makes it easy for me as an American guys but four foot ten, I would say maybe that's one and a half meters, I’m probably so wrong but maybe it's one and a quarter meters not entirely positive. Oh yeah, guys we can feel that desert heat now that- now that we're outside here I just put my feet directly on the marble and you probably gotta wear your flip-flops to get in. Oh guys, we're not running in fully clothed this time just going in nice and slow. You know I’m in that relaxation mood

guys this whole place gives me that vibe where I’m just kinda like I’m gonna catch a tan and enjoy. Very nice water so- Oh yeah. Oh that's nice too, you feel it bro? Alright, it's gonna be refreshing guys. I really don't know how to swim. Yeah but here it's it'll only go up to here. Yeah, yeah.

I will try. You'll go in the water. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah. I’m doing crazy things with Mac. Yeah that's true. Yeah. People usually tend to say that when they hang out with me, they do crazier things that they normally don't do but that's good you know you gotta push yourself to the boundaries in a safe way. Here’s an environment where if Rahul somehow found I don't know how you would drown here but if you found a way to drown, I can pull him out because it's four feet deep.

Guys you're probably wondering why I’m not jumping in the water. I’m just letting some of this sun soak up in the skin, getting a quick tan going on and then as soon as that tan kicks in, we're going in. And it's kinda nice right now probably a lot of the guests are out on safaris so we got the pool to ourselves, I will never complain about that and by the way, you're probably supposed to shower before going in but I literally just showered a minute ago as you guys could probably tell the hair is flattened so I have checked the box. Namaskar [Greetings]. Oh here we go guys. Alright, what do you think belly flop in? Do you know what a belly flop is? No, the Mac one. What’s the Mac one?

Unique one. Oh whoa, whoa. Rahul is even worried. Oh, oh. You take stay back and come, jump. Oh, oh whoa, whoa.

Oh my God. Oh yeah, that is nice. One thing I am very happy about guys is this pool is not like super-hot. At first, I thought it was gonna be super-hot because we're in the middle of the desert but they must find a way to keep it at a good temperature because it's still refreshing and honestly if like- if I jumped into a hot pool right now, I don't think I would probably be enjoying it. Whereas, like like right now like the nice part is when you step out you're not like cold right now but you are like chilled out a bit because you have the desert sun like inside the pool, it's a really nice temperature so that is fantastic. Now we're throwing Rahul. No, no. I’m just

kidding, I wouldn't do that. I would not do that. I already had him ride in a roller coaster in one of the previous videos so a virtual reality roller coaster is the craziest thing of his life. That’s all right. Well, whenever Rahul's ready to go in then, we'll do the swim lesson. I’m very simple person.

Alright, well all you gotta do climb right on in. You can take the ladder in that's probably the safest way. You got a swimsuit or are you going in fully clothed? Alright, there we go. Now Rahul is the one going in fully clothed this time and- This is your first- first time in a pool, you can touch the bottom, yeah. Oh yeah it's the deepest part

pretty nice yeah. Many people afraid being on the heights like I afraid- of the water even though- even though you can stand. But this is that's the deepest part of the whole pool. Wow, wow, he's doing it he's doing it. Yeah. You teach me how to swim. Oh yeah, you're learning how to swim here.

Yeah, yeah. How does it feel, is this your first time in a pool? Yeah. First time in your life in a pool? Yeah I’ve been but I am afraid because I first time I like go down. Oh you've never put your head

under water. Yeah. Oh wow, are you gonna do it? No I before I do, I like I tried to swim. Yeah and you almost drowned? Yeah. That’s why you're traumatized from it. Okay.

Well that makes sense yeah usually if someone's like afraid of water a bit either they haven't had any exposure or they had an incident at some point where it made them like a bit afraid of it, you know. Getting show my six-packs. Yeah he's got yeah Rahul's got the six-pack here. How is that? Oh it's still very good. Yeah, yeah.

He’s the pool guy now. Yeah, yeah. Oh yeah, quite nice. Oh he's now he's doing a workout. Yeah. going. Oh he's getting shredded there.

Alright, Rahul is gonna be going underwater. No, no, no, no. You're not? I think Rahul is gonna be going underwater. Okay. Yeah, yeah. Remember pain is weakness leaving the body and if you- if I see you drowning, I’ll be able to save you and I’m first aid certified so I can- I can help you. The crazy things with Mac. Here we go, when the camera goes you go.

One, two, three. The way to do it where you won't get any water just plug your nose, hold your breath. Yeah just I’m going for two to three seconds. Alright, oh two to three that's longer than you think. Oh my God.

Oh my God, Mac. Alright, he has gone under. Oh water is my weakness like. I used to be like somewhat worried when it came to heights and then I climbed a lot of mountains, I went on top a lot of buildings and now I’m no longer afraid of heights. Pretty soon you'll be swimming in the ocean with sharks next to you. How does it feel to face your fears? Oh yeah, yeah. It feels very nice. Yeah guys we got Rahul underwater so

that is a first step and wow, you can already tell a hot as well you guys probably can't but I’m looking at my camera and it was just under water and it's already dried up and that was like 60 seconds ago but I really love this heat right now. It’s gonna be hard to leave the hotel today to do anything because it's just so comfortable here, it feels like we are back on vacation. Oh. Alright, guys we're gonna go under sunglasses are staying on. We're gonna show Rahul how to- how to dive in a no diving pool. It's not actually dive, I’m just gonna scoot right in. Alright, three, two, one. Oh yeah, that was fantastic guys. You jumping?

Alright, guys we are going to go and tour some more of the hotel with you guys, take you guys with us and see what we've got going on. Oh the nice part is there's even changing rooms. Oh that's ladies, didn't mean to put the camera in the ladies, no one's in there though just an FYI but yeah the nice part is you have changing rooms right next to the pool. We even got a spa right here. It's tempting to go and get one maybe, maybe later on we get one. Namaskar [Greetings] my friends. And then over here, we've got the- the pool bar. Dhanevaad [Thank you]. Aap ka naam kiya hai? [What’s your name?]

It’s a great name. Thank you very much. Oh perfect, we've got some nice air conditioning going on in here. We’re gonna hang out cool down guys because we have that hot desert heat. And yeah this is the- yeah it's

very nice in here. Oh we've got the bar with a full selection of things together. You got coffees there too for people that aren't interested in alcohol and then over here, a huge area to kind of hang out and relax so this is really nice. Wow, look at that stereo system over there. Guys we can throw a little party here. This is like the most complex speaker unit I’ve ever seen. We've got like two layers there, the deck and then like eight speakers on top.

That is awesome. Yeah they did a nice job decorating this. Oh and we've even got lights up here so they're really getting ready for some sort of big party over here and I don't think they're getting ready for one specifically today but they just haven't set up for anything so that is quite nice, really a awesome place. You got wines too, beers and all your well-known drinks there so that's great. Alright, guys so I’m taking a look at the menu here. We've got a lot of good options for basically poolside snacks over here at the bar.

We’ve got sandwiches. We’ve got some cutlets that sounds pretty interesting. French fries, cheese balls. Are cheese balls like mozzarella sticks? You know what- You know Amul cheese the taste of vinegar, you just grade and make it round ball.

Okay. It's I think best this time. Oh it's very good, yeah. Alright, alright, very nice and we've also got some appetizers in here. Italian pasta salad. Oh that does sound kinda nice too. Oh yeah, am I able to order a club sandwich here? You can. Yeah perfect. Can I please have you had a club sandwich? And if there's tomatoes, no tomatoes please.

Okay. And also we'll try out the cheese. Yeah I suggest you, you go for a good one so little bit of warmer. Oh yeah, grilled, it's good. This is toasted so this is a little bit more crispy but when

it is grilled that's something I’m sure that you would like. Alright, Alright, dhanevaad [Thank you]. Yeah tomato and the chicken and all it takes. Perfect. Dhanevaad [Thank you], that sounds fantastic. We'll do that and then do you have like a iced tea? Yeah iced tea. Ice tea too yeah one iced tea and then what about you Rahul? I’ll probably eat the sandwich as my main course. So you can order separately.

Yeah, yeah. So basically we're not sharing. A sandwich. Vegetarian. So I’ll make it grilled one but only cheese, tomato. Thank you so much. Oh yeah, I’m gonna be so full

after this. This looks like we got the fries here. Oh yeah, guys those fries are literally- This is our sausages, tomato ketchup and this is the sweet chili. Oh sweet chili yeah wonderful can't wait to try it, thank you so much. That’s why we're starting to use it. Well, I’m loving it already the first fry tasted delicious so we might have to try the fry here with the ketchup, fries and ketchup two peas in a pot right there. We'll try the other side of the chili sauce. This is more better than this. Oh that's very good.

It’s got a nice little spice for a little zing and now we're gonna just jump right in guys look at that. Oh yeah we've got that chicken. Oh it's looking amazing. We've got the chicken in there, we've got the eggs. Is that mayonnaise in there too? Yeah. Oh

perfect. Yeah so let's give it a shot here. Very tasty guys that was a big bite, yum nice hot fresh off the press you can tell it was grilled, a good mix. Exactly what I needed guys, I was so hungry. And guys fast forward a couple hours as you can see, changed again for probably the third time in this video because we had a really nice time up in the pool now we're actually in the lobby. We're about to get some food but I didn't actually give you like much of a full tour of the lobby during the day because I wanted to save it for the evening because they had said that the chandeliers lit up and like the entire ceiling so it feels like a whole different place. Obviously, during the day it's beautiful too but like when

you have the chandelier lit, you have all of the different mood lighting and then even way up there if you can see on that second floor, there is a massive painting. Would you consider that a painting or is that a tile painting? Painting. A painting yeah, yeah it's incredibly beautiful. They’ve done a really nice job in terms of like getting that desert style luxury Indian mix of all of those above guys. You know I’m just- I’m just hanging out enjoying the time here. Alright, guys we're going to now continue with this tour here. I will tell you the reception smells very nice.

It looks like they've got a business center as well here so if you gotta come print stuff looks like they have printers, computers, all that stuff. Facilities yeah it's very clean, clean smells good like there's a lot of detail that goes into here like these are yeah those are literally fresh flowers right there lined so I like that a lot like was just a lot of thought and effort put into all around the hotel and that for me is like what I really notice and one thing I always say always check the bathrooms of a place and if those are clean, you can judge its entire cleanliness and they're very clean here. Everything was like shining in like the main guest room and then of course obviously I showed you guys in the room tour now. Oh he's a pool big, pool guy

over here yeah, yeah big pool guy. Honestly, I wanna jump in again. I’m a little tempted guys, I’m not gonna lie. It does look nice. We've got the mood lighting in there too. Yeah exactly now Rahul are swimming. Yeah, yeah things change now. That’s how we say theek hai [Good].

Alright, is it bar time? We're back guys. Actually for you guys, it's only been like 30 seconds you know it's probably been like two minutes since we were just in here but for us it's been like eight hours, and we've got the kingfishers. Namaskar [Greetings] we're back. Hello. Hi. We’re back.

Alright, this- this time it's kingfisher time I think. Yeah. Yeah or as they say it's always kingfisher time right. That’s right, that's right. Oh guys as you can see, the

kingfisher has arrived. Kingfisher candy. Oh yeah, there we go that's gonna be delish guys a perfect pour too right up to the brim. Dhanevaad bhai sahab [Thank you bro]. I love myself a good kingfisher. Kingfisher candy. You guys thought I was gonna slam it nope, not today. As you guys can see here, we've got the beers to go.

We decided we're gonna change things up get a little room service so we can show you guys kinda a meal in each spot. We have the pool snacks for lunch, pool food for lunch and then we are gonna be going up to the room now for dinner and then in the morning we'll actually take you to the breakfast spot and you can actually go to where the breakfast spot is for breakfast, lunch and dinner but I figured it'd be fun to show you guys kinda like a meal in each different spots just to kinda change things up and show you different feelings around the hotel. So I believe the room service actually might have even beat us to the rooms, let's see here.

Namaste [Greetings]. Oh you got the delish stuff. Good and you? Oh theek hai, theek hai [Good] everything's theek hai [Good]. Oh this is the delish stuff, thank you so much.

Oh it smells yummy. Perfect, thank you so much. And this is for me and Rahul for both of us? Yeah perfect. Oh we got the green delicious food right

there. Alright, theek hai [Good]. Yes please, yeah. Rahul.

Four of them 794 perfect. Okay. We gotta pay right now? Okay or can we just charge it to the room? Charge us to the room and I’ll pay with a credit card at the end? This one is for our food. No problem. Yeah can we charge you to the room? Alright, guys it looks like the food has arrived so I took the recommendation from our kind friend down in the bar to get the chicken here so it looks delicious. I wanted something a little bit lighter here so that way I went to

go to bed on a full stomach and then Rahul what did you get? Like palak sabji. It’s called Indian sabji palak. Oh wow. Alright, that looks pretty delicious. Also it's very healthy. Like very healthy yeah. Oh nice, and yeah guys so for us to get all of this we've got some fresh vegetables over there and what are these? Complimentary desserts. Well complimentary dessert. It's called rasgulla. Rasgulla. Yeah, it's sweet, Indian sweet. Indian sweets yeah that's cool, yum.

So guys for all that 15 dollars and 69 cents so pretty much 16 dollars and 1200 rupees very good price to have the delivered rate to the room so let's dig in. We’re gonna try out some of this chicken here. Chicken tikka.

Oh guys they made it perfectly. This time I went for a little less spicy so I got medium spice, chicken's cooked very well it's chewy. Like on the outside, we've got a very light like almost like grill type you know this is my favorite type of grilled chicken when there's just a light charcoal on the end so you get that feeling of like you're eating something off the grill but then on the inside your chicken is still very chewy. Very theek hai [Good].

So I’m digging this then what do we have in this one? It’s chapati. A little chapati bread. Chicken also or try the Indian one like palak. Oh yeah, there we go. Let's first try the

chapati burrito. So we'll get that thing rolled up like that my friends and here we go. It's called tandoori roti. You can try it with this one also.

Oh that chapati is a nice mix. Try with this sabji, vegetarian. We’ve got the veg option now guys a nice hefty scoop there, it's got the corn all the green veggies in there. Oh that goes so nicely with the chapati guys like a chew, almost like it's definitely spicier than the chicken but a very nice spice.

Is that almost like a curry sauce on there? Yeah you can say it but it's like- a little different but it's very, very tasty guys. Yes as you can see like the consistencies up there, looks like we have some oils in there, some curries some corn. I think that's pretty much everything but let me tell you there the flavors are so loaded with like I’m just making my taste buds explode. As always I’m gonna do this is g double o d guys. G triple o d. Alright guys, we're gonna be trying the Indian dessert and Rahul you gotta remind me what the name of this is.

Rasgulla. Yeah. It smells sweet a little oily. Wow, that is full of so many flavors, it's like an extremely liquidy dough ball and there's like probably the flavor that this reminds me of would be lychee. Do you know what lychee is? Yeah. Is that what this is? No, no, no, no, no. Wow, it tastes just like I think that's the name of it.

It’s good, it's like a really exotic flavor that I haven't had too many times oily and- I don't know if you consider that oil or maybe like sugar syrup, very tasty yeah. Oh guys that was delicious you know what time it is, time for bed. Whoa, that was a quick three second sleep guys. Well, time to get up here. Alright, and here we go off to breakfast. Whoa. Alright, I guess we changed hat

and clothes let's go. Oh guys I had a great night's sleep though much, much needed. Yesterday I took a two-hour nap because the day before that we took an overnight sleeper bus so now to get a proper night's sleep, I am feeling great, just need to get that cup of Joe and bam we'll be back in business so enough time to locate the breakfast spot around here.

Namaskar [Greetings]. Alright. Oh yeah, guys by 10 a.m. it's already getting quite warm out here. Namaskar [Greetings] my friends where is breakfast? Right there perfect, thank you very much. You have located it guys it's right over

here through here. Alright. Hello, there he is. Good morning sire. Good morning bhai sahab [Bro]. Looks like we're the last ones up. Yeah. Alright, this is a new room we haven't been in. I thought you meant breakfast was by the bar area. Alright, so what is it a buffet? Yeah.

Alright, let's go check it out then. Guys we're gonna get ourselves a little buffet breakfast this morning so let's see what we've got going on here. Oh yeah, we've got looks like we got breads over here so we'll start off grabbing a little I believe that's chocolate chip and we got croissants there. We'll get a croissant to start, we'll get a butter and- Alright, we've got all types of stuff so maybe we'll try out. What are these, what's a fried idli yeah what is it? It's idly like from it's made from rice. You can try it out if you can. It's good? Yeah. It’s south Indian dish. Southern yeah. Yeah. Oh we got the

paratha right there? Yeah this is called puri. Puri. Oh yeah, I like that better than paratha, nothing like a good old puri puri. Alright, good morning. Hello, good morning.

We’ll try that one out. Alright, it's looking good. Oh we got all kinds of stuff veg rolls, rices. Alright, some chicken sausages, I’ll toss that up on the plate and they're jumping around though. I need a chicken thigh. One chicken thigh please sire and I think that should do it then. We’ll turn that thing into a little burrito. Is there a way to get- get an omelette around here? Omelet. Is that possible or no is that possible? Yeah it's possible.

Plain omelet with some green peppers, peppers in them. Yeah. Theek hai [Good]. Dhanevaad bhai sahab [Thank you bro]. Alright, then we've got it looks like a couple different juice options. Yeah. We’ll maybe set this one down here for a minute and then we will load this thing up this is- Orange juice. Alright, let's double do it.

Oh there's two down and we're not done yet my friends. We've got two more here. We got lauki Kerala juice. Oh from the state of Kerala maybe the tomato beetroot juice. This is from Kerala bro? Oh this is- Oh yeah. Oh whoa, whoa so we got one there. Perfection. Oh yeah, filled right up to the top, call me bartender. That is what we call four cups of juice my friends and this is how we do it, do it like this. Healthy breakfast.

This is time to slam these my friends so we do the proper taste testing, get your day started in the morning by taking down four cups of juice and you'll be feeling- Oh, oh man we just spilled a little bit. It was almost an epic success but it turned out one more plate here. Oh yeah, we're gonna be tossing that omelette right inside that puri and that's gonna be a perfected burrito. Alright, guys we're doing the usual so we're gonna start off by slamming all four cups of juice here in a row while we're waiting for that fresh coffee so I have actually don't think I’ve ever had beetroot juice so let's try this one out. Oh my God. Very tasty. Now we're gonna switch over to what I believe is my favorite type of juice there which is the green juice.

Oh that was harsh but good watermelon that's three out of four my friends. Four out of four orange juice, four juices body's rehydrated. Next step is a cup of Joe aka coffee. Oh some fresh coffee dhanevaad [Thank you] my friends. Oh and the fresh omlette is ready to go so that means it is time.

Oh perfect, some coffee there that is looking delicious. Oh what is this little thing? Perfect. Oh yes please. Perfect. Dhanevaad bhai sahab [Thank you bro]. Alright, let's go ahead and make this burrito then guys it's time we'll take the puri puri, we will flip this thing right over like that. We’re gonna actually slice these chicken sausages just like so we need a pretty consistent taste across this burrito my friends. So now that we have that then we're gonna switch the sides around here and we are going to tighten this thing, gonna get everything inside that puri puri and now my friends this is the hybrid of Indian cuisine and Mac.

Oh that was a huge bite but- Oh we got one popping out but it is delicious guys. I will say as I do in every burrito video, it always tastes better when it's like this. We're even gonna dip it on top of this little rice thing. That fresh omelet guys it's straight off the press. Alright, guys and that is where we're gonna conclude the breakfast session. Oh yeah, it's gotten bright out here. I’m gonna need my sunglasses from the room. Whoa. Alright, lost the shirt guys have the

sunglasses on but yeah that's where I’m gonna go ahead and end today's video guys. Really hope you've enjoyed exploring this beautiful hotel with us. As you can see, it is literally a Indian paradise so I’ve loved staying here guys, really hope you have enjoyed the journey, enjoying all those meals with us and so if you have make sure that that like button. If you want to see more videos both here in India as well as all around the world, hit that subscribe button below and I’ll see you guys in tomorrow's video. [Music]

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