$3 Nepali Breakfast in The Himalayas

$3 Nepali Breakfast in The Himalayas

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Good morning from the beautiful city of Pokhara here in Nepal, everybody. It is an absolute vibe, just chillin down by the lakes. Look at the clouds in the distance, your birds frolicking about and just people enjoying this lakefront walk all along for Phewa Lake. But today, everybody up ahead.

I'm not sure if you'll be able to see but there is a big cable car called the Annapurna Cable. And it takes you up to a village called Sarangkot which you might be able to see just at the top of that mountain there. But we're going to catch up to the very top and enjoy the day overlooking Pokhara and feel like. So I think it's about a five minute taxi ride. We'll get a taxi there and then I will go up, explore the village and then see what the rest of the day entails.

But let me tell you about a little story of actually getting to Pokhara here. Yesterday, I drove from Chitwan. And boy, boy, I did not recommend driving on that road. Not only is the road just basically dirt the whole way, but tragically, there was an accident basically halfway through through the route. And we were in traffic for about 4 hours.

A truck driver had hit a couple of kids waiting for the school bus. And tragically, there are a couple of casualties. But basically the truck was just across the road.

There were police there and the people in the village, the mom, the dad of the the kids that were killed were basically like protesting for medical payments. So I'll play some clips of of that. But we basically got through that after like a couple of wait.

But it was an interesting interesting experience nonetheless. But sad, too. Sad to hear that news.

And it was only, you know, a couple hour delay. But I'm feeling for the families that had to experience that. But here we are in Pokhara.

Finally, everybody. We're going to be exploring over the next couple of days here and basically doing every single thing that we can do in this amazing city. So let's all go to Annapurna cable car and enjoy the day. The lake site here in Pokhara is one of the most famous places and where a lot of tourists visit because you got these amazing views. You can get boats across the river.

How much is it per rowing boat? Paddleboat. I think those are the big ones. So how much is it? 2 hours by itself. 1150. You can get it with a driver, but you can just sit out there for hours and just enjoy the scenic views all around.

And usually when there's not so many clouds, you can see all the amazing mountains around you. And Pokhara is basically one of the biggest hubs for trekking. So you'll notice around here, so many trekking shops, so many people and tourists that come from other sides of the world to buy all the gear. And I usually do the Annapurna Treks or the countless other treks that they have here in Nepal. We won't be trekking on this trip, but definitely in the future.

I want to come back and climb to the top of Everest or something like that, if I can make it. Maybe I'll get a helicopter up there. I don't even think you can. It's too high. But let's get a taxi up here and we'll go as high as we can today to the Annapurna Cable car. All right, let's go through. To stop all the motorbikes and bicycle is getting through to the lakeside Here we are, there's two taxis.

Namaste dai. I need to go to the cable car. How much rupee? The Annapurna Cable. The cable car? Yeah. Yeah. 500. That's good price. Yes. Very good.

Very good. Oh, you're smoking hashish. Yeah. Yeah. Nepal has good hashish no? Cable car.

Yeah. Cable car. Very good to meet you. Yeah. And you're from Pokhara? Yeah, Pokhara. Wow. Yeah. Look how good this view is over the lakeside, everybody.

There's a little theme park on the lake from there, that's just absolutely incredible. I saw a couple of people swimming, actually, in the in the lake earlier today when I was walking alongside. So there's no must be any dangerous animals in there. How many? How many minutes? 5 minutes.

Five, six. Five, six minutes. All right. But you can do 3 minutes? Wow. It's such a vibe up here, honestly. And how much does the cable car cost? No, no, no. Like, up, up, up. Yeah. How much? Sarangkot? Yeah, Sarangkot.

Price? Price? 2000. Return. Return, Return, huh? Okay, so 2000, that's around 15, $15 or so to get up and back. So eight bucks or so each way. But I think it lasts for 10 to 15 minutes and it's pretty cloudy. I hope it clears up. Up here. Yeah.

Oh, yeah. The Annapurna Cable car. Oh, we got local traffic. Wow, this is so steep.

We're really getting high altitude up here. Making sure no busses came by. Ah, there it's.

Oh, perfect. All right. The Annapurna cable car. Oh, perfect. Thank you very much, sir.

All right. Have a good day. Goodbye. Namaste bhai. What are you selling? Oh, no, thank you. Tickets is up here? Okay.

Wow. It's like a big gondola. This is awesome. Tickets.

Here we go. All right, so let's 5 a.m. to 5:30.

We got a tea break and a lunch break. Halfway through the day. Namaste. How much is a return ticket? [speaking] For two-way? I have one. One, please. 1000? How much? 1,175 rupees.

75. Okay. Thank you. Yeah, Yeah.

One person, please. Okay. Thank you very much. Have a good day All right, 1,173. Departures.

I feel like I'm in an airport terminal, but I get my tickets, put them in my pocket, and then go on our merry way. Wow. I feel like I'm in a snow village. Namaste bhai. Namaste. How are you? I'm fine, sir. I'm on time? Yeah.

Very good. Wow. Look at this. So I think that's up the top everybody that's Sarangkot. But look at the views, the hopefully it clears up and we might be able to see all the snow capped mountains coming in. Last night, we were actually able to see skyrocketing mountains with snow on the top.

Wow, look at this. So this is going to be awesome. Catching it up and being able to see all the views and it's not too busy.

I was worried a little bit about not having a cable car all to myself, but it seems like we'll be able to enjoy the experience alone. Namaste Aunty. Okay. Thank you very much. All right, here we go.

Wow, this is awesome. It goes so slow when it comes around to let everybody in, but then when it hits, the next rail is just going to go flying. Look at this. You'll be able to see surely what I mean.

Oh, it's. It's waiting. It's waiting. It's waiting. Is it going? Here we are. It's going to hit. It's going to go well, maybe it's a little bit further, actually, where the rope connects.

Wow, this is such cool technology. Here we go. It's getting faster, is getting faster. And it up goes. It's going to be up in a couple of minutes.

And then shortly after will we'll be able to top. Sorry. How long does it take to get to the top? 10 minutes. 20 minutes. 10 minutes. Okay. And then what time does it close? 5:30.

Great. Thank you. So five. I think it opens at 5 a.m.. Namaste dai. How are you? You doing good? You're good name? Very good.

All right. I'll see you at the top. Here we are.

We're in. Wow. The only other cable car I've caught. I think all my travels was in Lebanon in Juni, up to the very top. And it was absolutely beautiful. But those ones were so dinky, so small, you had to deal with the power outages that happened in Lebanon. So sometimes you are caught halfway up with not any idea of actually how long you'll be stuck up there for.

So this'll be good. The doors should be closing. There we go closing slowly. But surely. We will be the next one.

So I can't believe how quiet it is. So it's around 9 a.m. at the moment. We're just waiting here to get approval from air traffic control.

But 9 a.m. is around right now and it's not busy at all. Oh, slow and steady wins the race. Here we go, slowly picking up speed and off we go. Wow. I'm excited to see that.

I'm excited to see the views from the top here. Already we can see the lake, all the mountains around so, so peaceful this big building being built right by the cable car. Oh. Oh, my God. This is awesome. We're not even that high up. Look at

whether we can shake it. Wobble, wobble a little bit. It is hot in here, I think.

Is that allowed to be opened? I don't know. I don't want to touch anything during thunderstorm and power disruption. Cable car can stop for some time. Please do not panic and bear with us. So I am not panicking because I've got this amazing view up ahead. Look at that.

So there's Phewa Lake, there is Pokhara, the main city. It's actually a massive city. Wow. Oh, it is. I'm not going to face the camera to me. I got to face it this way because you guys are going to miss out on the view.

But my my ears are popping because it was so high up. Here we go. Wow. Oh, my God. We're so high. This is crazy. Wow.

There's such a big difference between our cable car and the next one. Like, it's only just light left landing area and we're so high up already. So they actually do come in a lot slower than I was expecting. But this is just beautiful. We're kind of getting up into the clouds now.

You can see the fog and the mist start to come in. So hopefully, hopefully at the top we can still, I don't know, have faith because the visibility is getting real low. Yeah. Wow. We're really up into the clouds now, Pokhara. I can't even see Pokhara anymore.

Pokhara is gone. It's disappeared. Wow. We are well and truly above it. It's starting to clear up again. That was just one big cloud that we were going through. But you can literally see all of the light and Pokhara again.

Wow, this is just crazy. And I think we're just at the top of the mountain ridge here. So we just went up all this mountainside and then, yeah, now we're back on to somewhat solid ground. Oh, my goodness, this is insane. Look at the view that we have crazy.

Oh, it's a dog. He's barking at me. With the cable car. Sounds like it's going to fall off here.

Hear that vibrating sound? All the mechanics crunching. Wow. This is just incredible. I'm so glad that we've gone through all the clouds here and we have such a clear view and it's such a beautiful, mystical feeling when you can see like to the clouds on the of the mountains and stuff.

You feel like you're in an in a movie or a video game. This is just so gorgeous. Oh, we got a little bit of a mountain to climb here. What on earth is that up there? It's like a swing airplane. What? Oh, I'll try to close up on this. All right.

We've been going for probably just under 10 minutes, so we should be reasonably at the top after this ridge here. But this is like the airplane thing that I was talking about. Look at that. It's like a a swinging airplane. I want to see if we can get onto that somehow.

You might be able to buy a ticket. I think there's a few things to do up here in terms of like activities and stuff, but usually this is actually like a paragliding point. So when the weather is good, which I don't think is possible today, you can do paragliding and enjoy all the Pokhara or there doesn't seem to be anyone in in the sky at the moment, so it's probably not safe enough to do so. But I notice is definitely a spot where they're launching the paraglides.

My ears keep popping because it's so high up. It's ridiculous. Wow, we've got the little guy in the watchtower there. Namaste. He's just over there as a viewpoint and a half measure. That's your job.

Getting to look at the view for 24 hours a day just in the watchtower. Wow. So my compass on my iPhone is saying we're at 1480 meters above sea level and Pokhara sits at around 900. So we've climbed over 600 meters in altitude up here. But just up ahead, I think is the final departure point of the landing.

But yeah, we're up we're up here now. I think we get off up there and then we can walk up to the top there, and enjoy it up here. It's like sort of rural up here. It's just such a different vibe to Pokhara, it's only 10 minutes away. All right, coming in. Well, look at this.

You know, a zipline or like a big swing. Oh, wow. Oh, well, the zip one's only that big, but you can do the giant swing. That'd be sick. How about we do that? We'll explore the area, see what there is to up there.

But I didn't even know that was it. That's awesome. All right, here we go, Open sesame. Namaste bhai. How are you? Good, good. You're good name?

Oh, it's cold up here. Oh, I need a jacket I can buy here? There is jacket shop. Yeah. Okay, I'll look. All right.

Thank you very much, sir. Wow. Oh, so here is the other option. So you got zip lining or, you know, bicycle, zip line rod. Is this one good? Yeah. Yeah.

What time does it open? It is open? Yeah. Uh, I, I will walk up there and then I come back. Okay. How much rupees is this? 500. 5000? 500. 500? Like $5.

Oh, very good. Okay. Okay. You're from? Australia. Oh, good. Thank you. You're from? Nepal here.

From Pokhara? Yeah. Wow. So you live down there? Yeah, I'm down here. So how do you get to work? You catch the cable? No, I'm going to Scooter. Scooter? Oh. Right. Very good.

Nice to meet you, sir. Okay. So the zipline that way swing and in the cycling That place is sick. Jeez, either I'm on foot or the altitude is actually very high up here. Where's the restaurant? Which way is the best way to go? This way? Oh, through there.

Oh, thank you very much, sir. Sarangkot viewpoint. Oh, yeah. Here look, paragliding. All right, guys, I think I finally made it to the top, so that's where we got off.

I went like this, this, this, this, and it all the way around, up to the viewpoint. And it is absolutely gorgeous up here. It is beautiful, but unfortunately, a little bit cloudy over on that side.

But what a place, man. So pretty. It's just it's gorgeous. It's also such like a ghost town. I thought this was like a major tourist point. Like, I thought there'd be so many people up here, but it seems like they're just doing a lot of construction and getting the place good.

I think when I was reading on the cable car, like on the sign, it said manufactured in 2004. So it could potentially mean it's been here for like 17 years. I quickly fact checked out everybody Annapurna. All right, March 10th, 2010.

So it's been here for 13 years. I wonder what it was like when it first opened. Like what was up here? Namaste dai. I can go in? [speaking] Closed.

Okay, where is viewpoint viewpoint? [speaking] Around. [speaking] Okay. Okay. Thank you very much, sir. We're in the wrong spot.

Oh, maybe that's up there. Look at the clouds that have come in now. Like they're so thick.

And what, just, like, engulfing the valley. But we're above it all. It is just ridiculous. The amount of mountains here, honestly, like, you can just. There's so many tracks to do here in Nepal, but you can basically trip to every single one of these mountains and then Annapurna. If it was a clear day, it would have been somewhere in the distance.

But wow, so cool. So as a couple of people just there that made it so I guess I think you have to go that way where that guy's walking up or they can just be a little bit shaky and go up this way. If we can make it up here.

A little bit of a mountain climb didn't hurt anybody, right? Let's hope it's all solid foundation. Oh, it's so wet. God, somebody is going to clip that and do something with it. You just got to stay on the rocks, stay on the hard bits and climb. Climb, climb, climb, climb. You don't want to fall here like I am.

We'll stay on the rocks. Stay on the rocks. We made it.

Oh, namaste bhai. This is viewpoint? Okay, Thank you. We just saved about 5 minutes of walking. Oh no.

Viewpoint viewpoint? This way? Yeah. Okay. Thank you. Namaste bhai.

All right. God, there's so much construction going on up here. I just can't believe how much trekking I'm having to do here. Those are going to be nice. Footpaths,

staircases, but apparently not. And this one is closed, so you got to get around here. Oh. Oh, my days.

Is this the way? It can't be. How? Namaste. Viewpoint here up? How we get up? It's blocked.

I definitely am in a construction zone. Well, here, here we can get to the platform area. There we go.

This is what I wanted to get to this place all along. Look how beautiful this is. Wow. So picturesque.

So this is what the vision is for this area when it's completed. Construction. So we have that entrance area that's down there where we were just before. And then nice stairs, stones and all that good stuff. So maybe in a year or two this will be done. Oh, here Sarangkot viewpoint This way.

I just came from this way. The this is a bizarre place, man. Wow. This is really pretty.

There's a massive town down there. So Pokhara over that way. But there is a an abundance of houses and buildings down in that area. So cool.

All right. I'm going to go to this restaurant here, see if we can get a quick little bit of breakfast. Starting to rain. All right, let's go up here and get some breakfast.

Here we go. Do you have good? You have breakfast available? Yes, sir. Oh, very good. Yeah. What is the most popular one for breakfast? Most popular? Yeah.

You can have an Italian breakfast. Yeah. Okay. Roti. Nepali roti is made out of the bread and potato, and you have some egg, which adds like a scramble.

Oh, like egg bhurji? And then you have your tea choice. Okay, very good. Can I have that one, please? With coffee. Milk coffee or black?

Milk,coffee. You want to have a milk coffee now or after breakfast? Now, please. And I need the energy. Yeah, Yeah. Sugar. No problem. It's best to best to sit inside. Wherever you want. It's still rainy outside.

Yeah, Maybe I'll sit inside. Yes. Yeah, it's very beautiful. Thank you very much indeed. They're doing lots of renovations, right? Actually, they have a scaffolding when they begin to open that because they is new, this new tower.

And today they want to remove the scaffolding that which has been there. So that's why it's closed. Yeah. Because when they are working on the engine and problem. Yeah. It's a better. What's your good name? Moran. I'm Luke.

Nice to meet you. Are you the owner of the restaurant or are you just working here? I'm the owner of this restaurant. Right. You have a beautiful, beautiful place you. Thank you Luke. Cool guy. Look at this is just absolutely gorgeous. Look, we can even actually go up to the top here.

Am I allowed upstairs? I can go. All right. Thank you. Felt the spiral staircase. These are so cool. Wow. This is better than the viewpoint. We got food 360 degree views up here. Wow, this is so cool.

There's a little bit of an opening over there, guys, and I can see snow capped mountains. I'm going to film on my phone and you'll be able to see. But I think Annapurna's over that way. But there's still this gorgeous views over there. I'll switch to my camera. It's just a shame that it's so cloudy and rainy.

It would just be insane up here on on a clear day. But it is still beautiful nonetheless. All right.

Thank you very much. Enjoy your milk coffee, sir. Look at this. This chat to the fellow behind me is from Bangladesh. Delicious. Your name? Luke. Luke? Yeah.

How long are you in Nepal for? Maximum of seven. Yeah. Where are you? Just visiting. Pokhara. Kathmandu? Yeah.

You're just Pokhara or you go to Kathmandu? [speaking] Uh, Pokhara. How many days? Uh, two days? Two days. Kathmandu next? Oh, yeah. Yeah. Mr. Luke.

All right. Enjoy Nepali breakfast. So why, what is the roti? It's like, not like, why is it brown color? It is black bread. Black bread. Yeah, you know like it look like a mustard. Oh, it is a meat. Wow. But it's very nice.

Yeah. Yeah. Gluten free. Yeah. And we make a polish out of it. Really? Very popular in Nepal this very long time before. Long time ago. People didn't need lots of rice. Yeah, Yeah.

It smells so delicious. And. And this is just potatoes. Potato, some capsicum and onion tomato. And this is a local syrup called ah- Sugar cane syrup. Oh, sugarcane, sir. Yep. And you have messed eggs on.

It's kind of like tomato onion together. Amazing. Thank you so much. Later. Enjoy your breakfast. I will, it looks amazing. All right, so this is the first time ever having roti that looks like this, and it smells amazing. Super hot.

But what I like to do with these, especially when you have kind of eggs with it, it's just you kind of like rip off a little bit. Like that. And then get a combination of the two.

So sweet. But I know it's the omelette or the egg. Or if it's the, the roti. That's delicious. It's a crispy as well.

Hmm. Is it the bread? That is sweet. It's kind of- No, it's have a little bit of sugar. Oh, yeah. It tastes so nice. Thank you.

You get a bit of that in there. It does have like a a salty, sugary hit to it. Mm. Oh, this is such like a simple milk that's so delicious. All right, but let's get our fork and get couple.

Thank you. You're welcome. A couple potatoes. Well, I kind of got a spicy sauce. Would it smell super? Wow. I have no idea how to describe that.

I have had it before. That was kind of like typical aloo mix. So how many years have you been open here? Yeah, yeah, for a very long time, actually. We had a restaurant almost 35 years.

35? 35 years. Wow. And we had open the guest house since ten years. Yeah. They then we had Google then, then again we extend the 2020.

Yeah. So now we have these guest houses. Yeah. Four, four room guest house and restaurant together. Wow. And then how do people when they stay here, do they usually catch the cable to stay? Some people catch cable and some people they come with a taxi. Yeah.

And some people they come with the bus also. So sometimes people take a hike. Yeah. How long does it take to walk from Pokhara? To get here? Almost like one and half hour, from this from lakeside.

Yeah. That if you're coming by other way, may be quite long. But this is the place to be here for a long time. Oh, so before there was no highway, it was built that site now a place called [_] You know, all these been, like, start from the bit one before.

Yeah so and this time but the rest [_] So which which way is Annapurna? Annapurna is that way? Yeah. Can you see if it's not cloudy? You can see it? It's beautiful. Yeah. Imagine. How is it so beautiful. Yeah. Thank you.

It's a shame that so, so cloudy up here. Look at the view, man, when it's clear. Oh, my goodness. this is a whole city.

See, this is a national flower woodland and the valley flower. So that is Annapurna. This is much And how high is that? 6644 meters. And this is something is gliding on the wooden rims. Basically, you could see three vents from here in the fire and the website.

[speaking] you know, Napoleon's hold on a monument up in the one in Julian apparently for two and then you have one of the rooms has moved into this Yeah who puts it 3 minutes from here? Wow. Look at the front of the most beautiful is from Annapurna. Very close. Looks very cool. It's like something that been ended in. Yeah, it's just like. Bob Ross exact.

Someone has imagined then just building that and then know like some artwork that it's looks very beautiful from here. I've looked very close even when is that is a new one is not like still coming up. Look at coming all the way down and it's looks so beautiful you know. In winter time does Pokhara have snow? No, no. But Sarangkot? [speaking] What about Sarangkot sometimes? No, I would say a long time of almost like 25 years ago.

Oh, wow. Okay. It was like most of the time we would have. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Sometimes flow helps them, but looks like it's not snow. But it hurts. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. The roof sometimes break everything and like, it was very bad for the crops. If you have a if you are a farmer and your plants are grown up.

Yeah. They're not done. Everything. Do you like hiking, trekking? This is good always. But then I don't have enough time. Most of. Yeah. Like I have to be here.

Of course. But I love to do that. It is one of the my in my hobby. But since long. Have you been to Annapurna base? No, I didn't. I went up to Annapurna from another way, but I never went to the base camp.

But it's nice festival. Yeah. I mean, one of the things that you can see. This is delicious. On its own.

Thank you. What is the yellow sauce? like? It has a. This one? Yeah.

The yellow one is turmeric. Turmeric, yeah. Yeah. And like, it would mix bit of too many because very good of the immune system and some spices like you have with what it cardamom and some of the cinnamon salt pepper everything mixed together you know.

Yeah. And whatever this is locally made potato. From Sarangkot? From from Oh, really? Yeah. But we have Yeah, I mean, where you come from Luke? Australia. Yeah. Yeah. First time in Nepal? Yeah. First time. It won't be last the one? No, definitely not. It's, it's amazing. Thank you.

I just, I came from Chitwan. Oh, you came from Chitwan? How long been in Chitwan? Like three days. Have you done Jungle Safari? Yeah, we saw two bears. Well, they we're having sex. You've been to see some tigers? No. The Bengal tiger.

Do you get What wildlife do you get up here? Like in the mountains there are tigers and? There is tigers like this model of what you call the kind of leopards. But And you have a monkeys. Yeah. You have bear and you had like you know looks like rabbits, wild rabbits like blue one. Yeah.

You have this one there and some mendicant back of course but we look at the animals because they're a zoo. Okay having my breakfast brother. All good. I'm going to finish up. Take your time.

Yeah, relax yourself. Such a nice view if you want to. Cleared cleared up.

Let me go outside quickly. I will show you guys, it's still raining a bit, but we can still see Pokhara down here. You can see the lake down there as well. So we're above all the clouds and we're getting wet I just remember that I actually do have the jacket in my bag. Perfect for the rain.

Okay. How much is the cost? [speaking] For the breakfast? 360. 360. Yeah, that's fine. No change. Thank you very much.

Nice to meet you. Yeah. Thank you so much. Take care, Luke. Good luck.

Goodbye. Okay. All right. We're going to go back out into the extreme weather, everybody.

What I actually do is zip up, I forgot I had this in my bag. I was asking the the fellow down the bottom if he knew why. I like a rain jacket. I forgot I had one already in my bag. But let's go down and explore more of this area.

Look how beautiful this is. It's finally starting to clear up, at least on this side. Well, I say that, but it always just does this for like 5 minutes and then clouds come back over. But while we have it, the view is just beautiful over the valley, which is gorgeous Namaste bhai. Where do I buy tickets for the swing? Swing down there this one. Down there.

And how much does it cost? Alone? Yeah, yeah, yeah. 500. 500? Yeah. Okay, great. Thank you very much, sir.

So 500 for the swing. So the first guy was right, 500 rupees, which is like four or $5. So go down and do that. It'll be fun swinging off the mountainside.

I want to see where that airplane thing was. I saw on the way up. It seemed to be pretty far down, though. I don't know how you get there mustn't be like a thing that you can buy here and get transport down because they're not advertising it. But let's go down here and do the swing. Namaste, where do I buy tickets for the swing? For swing? Yes, this way.

Over here. Okay. Thank you. All right, here's the ticket office, let's. see there's anybody in there. Yes, there is.

Namaste. Hello. Could I do the swing, please? Do you want to swing? Yes, please. Is it open? No video.

Can I just hold this one? Oh, no, I will hold out. Hold tightly. No, it's okay. It's okay if I drop my fault. Oh, okay. What is the price? 500. Okay.

Thank you. So it's must, I think it just goes up to. And then you swing off the mountainside. It doesn't look to too high.

Scary. Maybe a little bit. Okay, great. I just wait here. Okay. Thank you.

All right, so they're getting everything ready here. Oh, this is going to be fun. It's got a plug in the generator. Wow. So the machine's on a slowly lowering it, and I guess that'll come down. That's the thing that we're attached to.

And then it'll click up to the harness and. And not a winches all the way back up and pull. Pull the lever and we drop.

Ready. Okay. Oh I need a the hat can just go there for now. So I give you my ticket. Okay.

Very good. So it is safe? Yeah. 100%? Yes. 200%. 200%. Very good. Okay.

It's tight? Yeah, perfect. It's comfortable? Yeah. So here it is. I can't believe we can just, like, walk off it.

So I just sit, okay? All right. You're getting the leg strapped in. Yeah. Yeah. Very good. Looks extensive.

It's an extensive procedure, four people. Yeah, that's perfect. You're going to hold this. Hold this one. All right. You want to hold your GoPro? Yes. Yeah. Yeah, I will not drop. What is this for? This is for GoPro.

Oh, the strap. Yeah. Should I be scared? A little bit. Oh, I'm going. Hold this. Okay.

All right. We're slowly going up. I think. Here we are. We're above the platform. There's no turning back now, everybody.

Do you press release, so I have to? Okay. I did one of these in Sydney ages ago. Where are you guys so high up. It it went wild. But you're the one that pulls it and it's like such a crazy freefall. But we're going up and this is the view that we have everybody. The clouds are going away just for this moment.

So we're going to have an amazing view overlooking Pokhara. Oh, my days it's safe? Let's hope so. All right. Well, why does it keep clicking like that? Oh, my God. Why? You're going to give me a countdown, right? All right. Ready?

Ready, three, two, one. Oh, my God. That was so unexpected. But look at the views that we got everybody. Oh, my God. The freefall they have is abruptly.

Oh, it's crazy. Oh, this is so peaceful. So now you just get to swing back and forth. Oh, wow. Oh, this is so much fun. Oh, this is so cool.

It's so peaceful. Wow. Oh, nice swing. Just going back and forth, the drop. You kind of like full forward. So you just like going like this. That was good.

Now I just got to wait. Wait for it to finish. I can't believe how good like the view is. Like, I'm so glad that cleared up and we got the full views of the valley. Perfect.

Perfect timing. So much fun. Oh, very good. It is scary? A little bit.

It's like the freefall. You just was full so fast. But then once you go, it's so peaceful. How do I stop? How long does this go for? You get stop.

This is back and forth, back and forth. I can't believe how like little safety equipment there is. These guys are just on the edge. So this is popular in Sarangkot? Yeah. Yeah.

Okay. We're going to hold you. Okay. All right. Yep. Cool. Yeah. You don't want to hold on and fall off. Okay, hold that.

Ready. Slow and steady. Oh, it's wobbly. Okay. Okay, perfect. Thank you very much, sir. That was very good. Thank you.

All right. Thank you, guys. Oh, that's good fun. All right. I would do the zip line, but actually seems pretty like mediocre, very short.

So big swing was definitely the right choice. But I think we need a head down. We've been up here for a couple of hours. Let's head down back to the lakeside. Thank you. Namaste. Namaste, sir.

Thank you. Excellent. Thank you very much. Yeah, very scary.

Have you done it before? Yeah, Yeah, two times. It's very good. What about the zipline? The zipline is good? Yeah. Yeah.

Next, I do bungee jumping. Maybe. If I'm not too scared. We'll see. In we go.

All right. Yes, Luke Damant. What is the name of your channel? Luke. L-u-k-e Damant.

Yes. All right. Goodbye. Those are close enough. And then off we are. Everybody back down to the lakeside to enjoy some more adventures. Recommendations if be coming up here.

I think the popular time to do it is morning time, so it opens at 5 a.m.. So you catch the cable car, get out there for sunrise, and if it's clear that I can imagine just how beautiful it is saying like Annapurna or the mountain ranges around. But also sunset is really popular as well. But all is dependent on the weather. Unfortunately, it's still beautiful being up here with all wet.

The clouds are sort of like mystical, but I'm sure if we had like a clear day, it would have just been absolutely insane going up here and seeing all the mountain ranges. But off we go back in the air. Well, this one's a bit of a wobbly one, but yeah, definitely worth it. It's good to see that they're doing a fair bit of renovations and development up here to make it a nicer place. But it is still so, so gorgeous and beautiful.

Here we are coming down into the final part of the cable car here. So peaceful, just going through the clouds and then the views I'm putting out, being able to see the lake. What is that? That's a transport cart to take up all the goods and stuff.

It's actually very small for all the hotels and restaurants on that. But the guy at the restaurant was saying that they're all like busses and there's a road road track up to the top there. So this isn't the only way you can hike. You can get the cable car, you can drive scooter, whatever it is that you please.

But we are coming into the final a little bit here, All right. We're back back in Pokhara, All. right back on land. Namaste bhai. All right. We got to figure out a way to get back to the lakeside. There's a couple of taxis down there.

Thankfully. This way? Yeah. Thank you. Pokhara is super clear right now. It's gorgeous.

Namaste, bhai. Taxi, sir? Yes, please. I just need to go to Lakeside Namaste bhai. Good, good. Yeah. I just need to go to Lakeside.

Please. This anywhere near the lake? Yeah, near the lake? Yeah. Like City Center. Okay. How much for us? 500, sir.

Very good price. All right, this one? Yes. All right. Oh. Oh, thank you. Yeah, push it. How do I do go back? Is it here? Yeah.

Yeah. Yes. Very good. Long legs. Yeah.

All right. Better call Saul. Very good. Have you been to Sarangkot before? When? You? Yeah. Yeah. Nice place.

Yeah, nice place. Namaste. Very, uh, clouds. Cloudy time.

Yeah, I know. I know little, little bit Napoli. I know more like Hindi. Urdu.

Oh you like you speak Hindi? More, more Hindi than Nepali. Do you speak Hindi? Yes. Yeah. You've been India also? Yeah. India. Pakistan. Bangladesh.

Sri Lanka. Yeah. And now Nepal. Maybe tomorrow is better.

Yeah. This is the big drop. Stray doggies. Oh, wow.

Is this wild horse? Yes. Wild? No, this guy from Mustang. Oh, no. It is for riding? Yes, for riding. Other one is small one. Yeah. Like pony. Uh, here is okay.

Yeah, it's fine. This is lakeside, right? Yeah. This is lakeside. Well, maybe like, two, 200 meters further.

What is it, Nepali number? Nepali, like one, two, three. Like, like India? I just here is okay. Okay.

Thank you. Perfect. Thank you very much. Have a great day. Okay. Yeah. Thank you. Bye, bye. All right, guys. We're back at the Lakeside.

Beautiful. Just walking on the lake here. Watch all the boats go out. Tons of little restaurants and juice stands. So we're going to finish up the video here.

Everybody that was just done exploring Sarangkot on the Annapurna cable car. But as always, thank you so much for watching. Chase your dreams. We'll see you all in the next one, goodbye.

2023-12-17 07:38

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